The Diamond Bullet

by Ryu

Thordaddy pioneered the radical liberation concept. A white supremacist must be absolutely free; free enough to do what is necessary to win. The stronger a WN becomes, the less restriction he feels.

How many people know the full depth of USG control, what we are up against and what it will take to win?

The CIA has its finger in most American journalism and they routinely plant fake stories. The NSA weakens the security of the internet for its own devices. USG propping up the stock market. The war on crime, the war on terror, the war on drugs. Abu Ghrab and Guantanimo Bay. The USG will do absolutely ANYTHING to maintain control.

ISIS are not monsters. They and Boko Haram have their ethnostates today. They succeeded where….….. Quebec, Texas and Scotland failed. Money is no substitute for the realization, and the will, to do what is necessary to win.

The holocaust was Hitler’s response to Jewish crimes against Germany. This occured over 70 years ago. How much do we owe them today?

It will take oceans of blood to correct the present situation. Once, rivers of blood might have sufficed, as the Enoch Powell speech foretold. We need people who can do what is necessary without faltering.

Most WNs today have already been defeated. It is good that they have not done anything yet. It’s safer that way. A man who doesn’t believe in himself and what he’s doing is lost.

The difference between Willard and the others is clarity. Never lie to yourself.

8 Comments to “The Diamond Bullet”

  1. “ISIS are not monsters. They and Boko Haram have their ethnostates today.”

    Their states are anything but ethnostates. They are as multiracial and multiethnic as you can get. Their states are explicitly propositional, i.e. religious.

    It is easier to say that The Netherlands are a Moroccan ethnostate.

  2. They have ethnostates.
    ISIS consists of Arabs of different tribes, and Boko Haram of Nigerians of different tribes.
    Where did you hear otherwise?

    • Oogenhand means that ISIS and Boko Haram’s countries aren’t homogeneous, in the way we imagine them. Regardless, they both have a chunk of land, a military, institutions, and they are educating children. Whatever you want to call that, it’s what we also want.

    • ISIS is like Singapore in reverse.
      Instead of Chinese immigrants, the Sunni Arabs are on top, with compatible tribes (Malays or caucasian Muslim converts) alowed to become like them.
      Failure or dissent are not accepted.

  3. Shedding self-imposed limits is something I’ve been working on with a modicum of success. “You can’t….” is a challenge, not an ironclad decree. It took a long time to realize that.

  4. When you say free, do you mean in the Nietzche way of not being chained to slave morality/? Because I definately agree with that

    As an aside, any ideas for WN on how to make money? I need to gtfo of this system and fund my own camp.

    • Yes… I have a comprehensive economic model that I desire to see come to fruition. Not for profit. For perpetuation.

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