Detective Theater

by Ryu

There truly are multiple standards of morality in this world. The rich and powerful are allowed to do things disallowed for the people. The police, as agents for the USG, are allowed to do virtally anything they like.

PUAs are accused of being cold-blooded manipulators. What they do is NOTHING compared to what homicide detectives do on a daily basis. AFter a long search, I have found the routine stacks of detectives. Everybody runs routines. These are canned, memorized scenarios for common goals.

“Look, you can either be a WITNESS or a SUSPECT. It makes no difference to me.”

“Stop bullshitting me. That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. Either you tell me the truth, or so help me, I’ll be on you like white on rice.”

“This is your chance to tell your side of the story. I just want the truth.”

Everything a detective does within public view is an act. Amoung friends, he acts exactly as an….….. average American does. Cops watch American football and basketball, they place bets, they take vacations on the lake. They bitch about the hours they work and the rotation they get.

If the police had everything they needed, they would not be talking. They would be kicking down the door and arresting. The very fact that they are talking to you means they need something more. They are human too and want to make their jobs easy.

This movie has my favorite interrogation scenes. It’s all bluff. Just like a poker player with nothing who takes down pots with crazy raises.

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  1. One would think that shutting up is the easiest thing to do, but people just want to sing.
    Maybe it’s conditioning, on TV every time someone asks for a lawyer he is deemed guilty.

    Speaking of TV, a commenter over at heartiste has a fun fact:

    “The NYPD Blue TV show had more White murderers than there were actual White murderers in New York City.

    In real life, a Black woman hit a White man with her car. He was stuck halfway through the windshield, pierced by the glass. She drove home to her garage, didn’t help him, just watched him die. She had sex with her boyfriend in the garage while the man was dying. In NYPD Blue they had that crime in an episode – except now it was a White man hitting a Black woman with his car.

    In real life, an Indian drove his car into a crowd of Whites to kill as many of them as he could. In NYPD Blue, when re-creating the crime, they showed a White man driving his car into a Black crowd in Harlem.”

    p.s. have you heard of the valkyrie underground? A WN podcast by a WOMAN!
    Something to add when you do the blogroll spring cleaning, it’s really low on wn stuff now…
    The main podcast on that network is the might-is-right-power-hour and of course the classic favorite, aot.

    • Interesting observations, but NYPD Blue and its racism is old news.

      Eradica is not a wn site. It is for those who’ve moved beyond wn, because wn is a failure. Thus, I am not a wn.
      There is no longer a valid reason for wn when wns believe Thomas Sowell is more an enemy than Bill Maher and his white followers.
      How wn can you be, when you’ll need to first eradicate more whites than MINOs?
      Infiltration and imbedding is easier facilitated: Put on a pair of hipster glasses and a Hillary Button and you’d look just like one of them. Infiltrating a Black Panther or La Raza meeting? Forget it.

      It is explained here: Why White Nationalism Will Fail

      You see, Eradica an N site, with a healthy dose of R. It is about eradication.
      It is not TDO and especially not VRW; it is for leaders

      We once had an entertainment/media author who was supposed to keep us updated on current MM racist media events as a fix to the sloppy ass who let the blog Bias Against Whites [sp?] lapse. He too lapsed and was shitcanned. Then, pussed-out on even commenting.

      What kind of wn is that?
      The kind I boot in the ass.

      99.875% of all wns I’ve ever met are only fit for screaming at the TV.

      It is simple: LNs must be eradicated or they will eradicate whites. The Rule of Thumb is, if you eradicate only 50% and spare the rest, in 50 years you will need to do it all over again.

      • I’m sure you know about this guy and his blog: Believes MINOs are intellectually inferior, but then caves into his White guilt.

        Sad, Sad, Just Sad!

      • Look for what I write about “spades” here:
        Why Blogging Will Fail 3

      • I have heard of him, but there is a more fundamental truth at play: He uses his real name.

        The US is a police state NOW. You cannot use your real name and state the full truth. Every blogger who uses his real name, to a man, has moderated his approach.

        So many writers, and that NSA guy a few days ago, use “the out.” – The US is a turnkey police state. We’re almost there…almost…getting closer….not yet…wait a few more years….

        If it’s that close, just pull the trigger and say it: the USG is a police state. We can say it because we are anonymous. They cannot, because they are knowns.

        [ed note: a good observation. note how Freeeeeked-out LNs are when a hacker pubs their home address. FIREPOWER SAYS: When MMMinions are proud such info is on a goooooglemap, I may use my name]

      • I’ve been around niggas for long as I can think of, and Whites in this country are supporting a lost cause. They’re even saying that black immigrants who are slightly better than the Murkan bred negro, do better. Well, everyone does way better than niggas regardless of their origin and class.

      • Also, the West is now paying the price for thinking that the killing of Qaddafi was a good thing.

        It’s now a pandora’s box for niggas entering the continent.

      • Squirrels in the park are fun to watch, just don’t let them come inside your house and gnaw your things. Eurots are feeling agitated that nigga vermin are doing just that!

      • And FP: Yes, the Arab migger knows what the nigga migger is all about. The Muslims were the first ones to deal with the niggas heavy handed. Eurot Christians never learn.

      • Proponents of the rehashed “cathedral” meme/theme cream giving us the “newsflash” that

        “Proximity breeds hate!”

        No shit Catheter-ites. HATSOFF: Anybody who’s lived in an apartment knows this. That’s why UncleBEAST rid himself of the colored Projects – the nigger factories. It’s been known in Manhattan since 1870 when they had tenements.

        There is a lot of Grecycling going on lately.

      • The best example of eradicating ALL of the enemy is the holocaust. 6 million wasn’t enough.

        Hitler did a great job. Maybe as good as was possible. Yet within a short time after WW2, the jews had their own state, Israel, and had firm control of many things.

        I often wonder why he resorted to gas chambers, if such things were real. A bullet is cheaper and easier. Perhaps his men could not bear the honesty of shooting a man. It was too direct. They had to make it more clinical and “clean.”

      • Historic research shows gas chambers were used because of their efficiency.
        Bullets were too expensive, noisily disturbing to nearby villagers and eventually repulsive to those pulling the trigger. The Nazis did research and found there was a limit to the number of crying, whimpering people executioners could kill before burning out. Killing women & jewkids by this method was even more difficult. Many gunshots did not result in death and the jews had to be located in the bloody pile and shot again.

        Nazi research noted an immediate, large increase in bodycount when they switched to gas. First they used carbon monoxide from a car exhaust, then Zyklon-B; petrol was needed elsewhere and the rat poison was again, more efficient.

        Most of the gassers were jews themselves. When they burned out, they got gassed and a new crew replaced them.

        Don’t listen to Erin, her ovaries are amped-up from reading to much StormBlunt spew promulgated by Niggerspickiking hicks.

      • Have you ever seen this, FP? You may find it useful. The information is contains is consistent with what I have found other places.

        [ed note: yes. you showed me before but it bears repeating. it is excellent. you must write a piece about it so it is searchable on Eradica]

      • So few can use this sort of information. I almost feel that it is a waste. I will write something on it though.

        There is an element of work in WN. Improvement and education take work. I feel most wns are being entertained, rather than investing their time and money in their own abilities. It becomes clear who is doing the work, and who is not.

        It is to such a point that one can lay out a great plan, but no one exists to carry it out. What wonders there are out there! So few to take advantage of them.

        [ed note: I USE them. Your work on it is some of the deepest, valuable stuff. make it brief then, with some editorial commentary and pub it on a Saturday or weekend when lighter readership choose less challenging material]

      • It is simple: LNs must be eradicated or they will eradicate whites. The Rule of Thumb is, if you eradicate only 50% and spare the rest, in 50 years you will need to do it all over again.

        I can safely tell you that niggas are set to return to Manhattan in large numbers, once this place implodes and White flight takes hold. The only reason why many money hungry Whites came here after the cleanup of the 90s by Giuliani was because of the Wall St Jew money, which is now all drying up as the kike has lost control of his bean counting and his MINO pandering.

        The salvation for some sanity, happens only if racially conscious nationals like the Ruskies, Chinks and Oil Sand Miggers decided to take Noo Yawk for themselves as their own private “members only” Las Vegas. They have no tolerance for MINOs and the Kikeberg’s incessant liberal BS.

  2. Great stuff Ryu. Thank you.

  3. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “And FP: Yes, the Arab migger knows what the nigga migger is all about. The Muslims were the first ones to deal with the niggas heavy handed. Eurot Christians never learn.”

    “The salvation for some sanity, happens only if racially conscious nationals like the Ruskies, Chinks and Oil Sand Miggers decided to take Noo Yawk for themselves as their own private “members only” Las Vegas. They have no tolerance for MINOs and the Kikeberg’s incessant liberal BS.”

    Always informative.

    • The Muslims, unlike Christians, had a realistic approach when it came to universal brotherly love. They understood early on that niggas are excluded from this principle, just because of their more animalistic nature and lack of human insight, which is why Africa is still the most underdeveloped continent in the world, that gets the most attention from the Western world due to its insatiable greed for its resources. There are other groups of primitive people living in other regions that do not get the same attention because of this reason.


        “One issue often discussed by English-speaking fighters and supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) on social media is race. They emphasize that Islam treats all Muslims as equal, regardless of race or color, and tout the multiracial nature of the ISIS forces as proof that ISIS implements this principle. To further underline the non-racist character of ISIS, they contrast it with the West, particularly the U.S., stressing incidents such as the events in Ferguson and Staten Island. They also frequently point out America’s history of slavery (brazenly disregarding ISIS’s own record of slave-taking). It is the West, they claim, not ISIS, that is racist, discriminatory, and backward, and African-Americans and other minorities there should all migrate to the Islamic State where they can live in freedom and dignity.
        Also frequently circulated is the claim that the West is harassing and persecuting ISIS and other mujahideen for racist reasons.
        In their messages, ISIS and pro-ISIS media frequently appropriate icons, slogans and memes used in the Western debate on race; for example, featuring Malcom X as a symbol of empowerment of the oppressed, and using slogans and hashtags associated with race-related incidents in the West, such as “I can’t breathe” (Eric Garner, Staten Island), “Hands up, don’t shoot” (Michael Brown, Ferguson), and “Black Lives Matter.””

        It is obvious Arab Muslims take advantage of the fact that Black people do not learn Arabic before they convert to Islam. Others should not make the same mistake.

      • Slogans are used by movements on the rise. The usa did the same when it had power.

        It utilized the “all men are created equal’ slogan and shouted “liberty!” during The Alamo – in a South with slaves.
        It kept it going until the post ww2 era, using Washington & FDR as glorious symbols while the latter was a grasping Federalist ignoring Communism in America – as he himself was intent on Socialist programs for the State.

        Murka’s Elite Ruling Class take advantage of Murkans not even reading their own close history from a century and less ago.

        Ignoring the repository of electronic information, made available on every device, means Murkans are more guilty of stupidity than an African colored who has far less, though Murkans are more Africanized/Niggerized with every generation.

        This is exactly what the Ruling Class want: Stupid savages controlled with words – slogan.

      • Maybe it makes sense to ignore the Murkans and learn Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese ourselves.

      • Murka, and a growing number of euronations, have plenty of native-speaking Arabs and Chinese miggers. They do not want (or need) WhiteEyes encroaching on “their” territory.

        In fact, they hate whites speaking their tongue. They see them as a threat. They know what you’re up to. They are insular and openly exclude whites from their society in completely the opposite way stupid whites promote “Diversity” and “Vibrancy.”

        This, sadly, makes MINOs wiser than whites, as this is the natural way of human group interaction.

        If you want to be the first public execution by a Colored Regime, learn their language and ingratiate yourself into their secluded society. You might as well be an Irishman trying to get into the Italian Mafia in 1925. They’ll use you, then when you know too much, you’re dead.

        The smartest way is becoming an expert speaker, but telling no one from that clan.

      • “The smartest way is becoming an expert speaker, but telling no one from that clan.”

        And that is why I conceived of the idea of underground language cells. Groups that learn languages, BUT DO NOT LET OTHERS KNOW THAT. Instead of publicizing your discoveries, and be called a racist etc. take action yourself.

        Maybe it is a good idea to develop secret languages ourselves…

      • Secret languages always existed among warriors throughout the ages.

        Muzzy polymaths of Medieval Islam were the 1st ones to advance cryptology, by learning the different languages that came under their domain. Greek, Phoenician, Coptic, and Persian were just a few languages studied by them. To be able to conceal messages in unique ways and learning to decipher them is something they achieved and we could also learn.

  4. @Ryu
    “I often wonder why he resorted to gas chambers, if such things were real. A bullet is cheaper and easier. Perhaps his men could not bear the honesty of shooting a man. It was too direct. They had to make it more clinical and “clean.”

    You don’t really believe that gas chamber story do you? How about the lampshades and the jewfat soap? Can you find a soap made of jewfat at a museum? No you cannot. Do you know why? Because the bars of soap can be dna tested now.

    @Ryu The US is a police state NOW. You cannot use your real name and state the full truth. Every blogger who uses his real name, to a man, has moderated his approach.

    Even if you moderate your approach you may die young like JT Ready and Tyler Cole who died this past Friday. Once the USG/AntiFa has you in their sites, you’re toast.

    • I don’t really know if the gas chambers were real or not. Regardless, I approve of the actions. I saw that many have devoted their entire wn career to this topic, and decided to move on to what I think are more important things.

      WNs speak too easily of being assassinated.

      Do you know how hard it is to commit murder and get away with it? It is not easy. Very few people on this planet are capable of it. One has to study homicide investigation for a few years to truly appreciate its difficulty.

      No matter how close one cuts his calculations, he cannot eliminate all risk. One witness can throw it all off. Then what? Kill the witness? It is very, very hard.

      Can you find me the MSM piece on Tyler Cole’s death? Location, time of death, manner of passing?

      • Breitbart died at 43 of “natural causes”. That’s what the msm says. Here is some speculation (with links) about how a person can be killed by injection.

      • I don’t know if I accept that. What does he have that is so good, so shocking that he would be killed? NOTHING wakes the American people up. Even the Snowden revalations are not enough.

        Assassination really isn’t necessary. But maybe I’m wrong and the USG is just paranoid, despite the evidence that they’ve got 300 million suckers on the line.

      • I’m wondering if groups like the Tea Party think about racialism issues like we do. They’re more willing to show patriotism to our USG that don’t have our interests at heart and pander to MINOs, than to understand why racially and culturally unified nations like Russia, Iran and China are worth emulating, which are currently viewed as enemies by our sheeple masses as a result of mainstream media brainwashing.

      • js; I’m wondering if groups like the Tea Party think about racialism issues like we do

        tps are the most likely to become Jordie (and make their sons Jordies) and Fahtfurmurka!™ – while foolishly forgetting it’s Obama’s Executive Orders they’ll swear to obey when Our Historic Black Fuehrer commands they wipe the asses of Ebolafricans. Or get blown up for Somalians. Or chauffeur newly amnestied miggers around to the free housing of their choice.

        They’re mainly rural hicks who’ve not seen a colored in 26 years and thus: CONJURE UP THE FANTASY that every colored is “Dr. Ben Carson” because Bill0 & Shamity like to have him on their FOX Showboats to show how not racist they are.

        tps do not think of race and racism as we do for they are more like ryu’s nemesis, The Oatweepers.

      • The Tea Party is just like the survivalists. They don’t see race, even though they are virtually all white. Put them in change, and you’d get what we’ve got now after a short time.

      • Ryu said:
        The Tea Party is just like the survivalists

        They suffer from the same variant of disunity I showed you that murmz at SpoorHead do: While the murmeez tackle “Evil Women!” as their mis-perceived sole enemy, they totally ignore coloreds & Miggers who stab them from behind as they’re facing one enemy.

        Tps tackle UncleBEAST and ignore both Feminists and coloreds and are likewise cut down by the enemy they ignore.

        wns tackle Coloreds but completely ignore Feminists they revere with White Knight Syndrome. They also, are cut down and defeated.

        Liberals are united. For example: Coloreds attack the same target as faggots, even though coloreds despise homosexuality. They are a united Five-Fingered FIST of Liberalism.

        It’s why they’ve won, and “our” side still argues about the “successful GOP victory” in controlling the US Senate…that bends over to Obamao and likely confirms a BOTH colored AND feminist LN, Loretta Lynch-Whitey…;

        Here at Eradica, we fully comprehend and acknowledge we face multiple enemies: The MINOs.

        This is what differentiates us completely from wns.

        [ps: btw, i’m firing Eradican, unless you can give me a good reason not to]

      • Ryu…

        That is our justifying conceit for tempering our radical autonomy. In terms of advancing the radical autonomy of Uncle Beast, there are no real threats that are not simply other radically autonomous entities (ISIS, communism, Jews, Chinese, Russia, miggers, SO76 whites, etc.) who simply exist as rationales for Uncle Beast to advance his radical autonomy even further. One cannot not solve the infinite regress with some other exotic regress. One has only possibly provided up until then an unknown “radical” element. Perfection is the ONLY solution to General Entropy and infinite regress. This is just a factual, mathemetical statement. In other words, Perfection is the solution to a collective descent. But for most “white” males, this solution is absolutely off the table not just in the real term, but in its mere conceptual understanding. There is no white man who will do all right. This is the default psychology of the “white” self-annihilator.

    • @eerin: you should* be promoting Eradica to your NewsreelNazi pals on StormFlunk; maybe you’d enlighten folks with new Eradican ideas – instead of their foolishly awaiting Hitler’s Actual Resurrection, killing time shopping for Iron Crosses at gun shows…

  5. Murka, and a growing number of euronations, have plenty of native-speaking Arabs and Chinese miggers. They do not want (or need) WhiteEyes encroaching on “their” territory.

    Given the fact that these 2 migger groups also dislike niggas, and have low opinions of them, I wouldn’t rule them out yet. You need to understand how Anglo Whites, especially those in America operate, ignorance and arrogance, which is why Murkans don’t have any allies or friends.

    [ed note: murka is the Byzantines and former Great Britain; it buys its allies. as i’ve written, Miggers ally with coloreds out of pure HATRED for ONE common enemy: Whites – and further specified, White MALES]

    • Hence the failure of the WN movement in America. We have no allies, no friends, just guys with a computer who become keyboard Storm Troopers. The alt-right is reactionary intellectual, but it isn’t proactive.

      • Perhaps.
        Every organization depends on quality intellectuals and effective propaganda; these are the primary tools attracting adherents and followers.

        The problem is: Murka – and all the Western Societies – have successfully degenerated the masses (from which troops come) with pathological, yet effective, dis-education progams/pogroms in BIGov Skoolz.

        There’s simply no one left to answer the clarion call, unless it’s a dinner bell or latest Kardashian sexcapade. This is what they planned. It’s why Obamao feels so immune to act with such arrogance.

        PoolSide Approacheth

      • I believe Murka needs to rot to the core, before any housecleaning of LNs and MINOs takes place. Most people don’t clean their home until it looks very filthy!

    • As much as I agree with the ed of this site: WN’s foremost enemy is the MINO – and that means the nigga. I personally don’t find other miggers to be as odious as the nigga. I’m sure most would agree.

      [ed note: you don’t have to agree with me to comment. disagreement doesn’t scare me. still, others would say jews are the most dangerous oponent requiring immediate eradication. i still say white libscum is the main problem; they’re are the most numerous]

      • If you count Joos as Miggers-non-whites, then yes, they are the most dangerous. white libscum of course are the most problematic due to their numbers, and niggas go with them like a hand and glove.

      • Doesn’t matter. All anti-Whites gotta go.


    Zakariya Ali Sher • 2 years ago
    Actually, if you’ll read his blog its quite amusing. It’s only three months old. He posts that westerners need to learn Arabic, Turkish, Albanian and other ‘Muslim languages,’ apparently in the belief that we are trying to keep these things secret. Never mind that one could walk into any bookstore or library and find books on any and all of these languages. He also posts an awful lot of white supremacist crap, including of course the idea that Muslim men are trying to ‘steal’ white women and/or outbreed whites. And of course there’s the obligatory Loonwatch stuff.

    I’m not exactly sure what he thinks he is accomplishing, especially since anyone who actually READS his blog (and I doubt that would include anyone from the Middle East) could easily see he’s just another Islamophobic white supremacist piece of shit. Then again, white supremacists have never been known for their intellectual prowess. At least one of his readers seems to have cribbed from Evola, the much vaunted hero of white supremacists everywhere. The fact that Evola was a cheap continental knock off of Crowley at best, and didn’t have an original thought in his life, seems lost on them. Hell, its even funnier since Evola stole from Eastern mythology and idolized the Indo-Aryans. Persian, Kurdish and Pakistani immigration to Europe goes hand in hand with that…

    Now with that out of the way…

    افغان بیر قیز مهاجرت دوریدن رپ قوشیقی اوقیگن
    افغانستان کبی سنتی بیر اولکه ده، بیرینچی مرته بیر افغان قیز رپ قوشیقی اجرا ایتگن.

    سوسن فیروز بیرینچی قوشیقی نی ثبت قیلگن و افغانستان پاپ موسیقه سی نینگ یولدوزی صفتیده تانیلیشینی امید قیله دی.

    افغانستان ده عیال قوشیقچی لر گه قرشی لیک کوپ لیکن سونگی نیچه ییل جریانیده، بیر قنچه افغان قیزلری موسیقه صنعتی ده حرکت قیلیش گه قادر بولگن لر.

    رپ موسیقه سی افغانستان ده اونچه لیک هم طرف داری یوق لیگی ایتیلسه ده بیراق، سوسن فیروز تازه لیککه بو یولده قدم قویگن.

    “بو قوشیق نینگ بیرینچی مرته استادیم یاردمی بیلن اوقیگنده، انچه یخشی احساس تاپدیم. اوزیم بیلن اویله شدیم که اوشه بغریم گه احساس قیله یاتگن تاش نینگ اگر بیر مرته بولگنده هم اوزاق گه تشله سم مینگه یخشی احساس تاپیله دی دیب ایتدیم. مینی باله لیک دوریم انچه یورتداش لریم دیک یمان وضعیت بیلن کیچگن.”

    سوسن شونگه قوشیمچه قیلیب، آواز خوانلیکگه دوام بیرییشی اوستیده تاکید قیله دی. او، موسیقه آرقه لی اوز احساسی نینگ رپ قوشیق لری قالبیده بیان ایتیشگه قادر ایکنلیگی نی بیلدیره دی.

    بیرینچی رپ قوشیقیده، ایران ده مهاجر بولیب حیات کیچیره یاتگن وضعیتی نی انه بونده ی تصویر قیلگن.

    “نانوایلیککه کیتسه ایدیک بیزگه آخرگی صف گه کیت افغان کثافت دیب ایتریدیلر، بیزنینگ جایی میز نانوایلیک نی آخرگی صفی ایدی، حتی قولاغی میزنی کشه للب صف نینگ آخری گه ایلتریدیلر، هیچ نرسه ایته آلمیدیک، اگر ایتسه ی ایدیک، مورچه دیک بیز نینگ ینچه ریدیلر، مین او زمان کیچیک باله ایدیم، و بو ایش لر مینینگ روانیمگه یمان تاثیر قیلگن ایدی، اونوته آلمه یمن.”

    سوسن گه کوره، تنله گن مذکور یولی انچه قیین چیلیک لر بیلن یوزمه یوز بولیشی ممکن. اما او بو یولگه موفق بولیشی اوچون سعی قیلیشی نی هم ایته دی. سوسن بیش نفر لیک عایله سی نینگ مالی خرجتی نی تاپیشگه هم مسوول. سوسن نینگ آته سی عبدالغفار فیروز ایسه قیزی دن هر دایم آرقه داشلیک قیلیشی نی بیلدیره دی.

    “سوسن قوشیق لریده، مردم نینگ یوره گی دن گپیره دی. شو اوچون مین قیزیم دن حمایت قیله من. بیز واقعیت لرنینگ ایتیشی دن قورقیشیمیز کیره ک ایمس. آنه سی هم اونی آلقیش له یدی و بیز اونی افتخاریمیز دیب بیله میز.”

    سوسن اوییگه هم قوشیق اوقیش نی تمرین قیله دی. و رپ موسیقه سی بولیمیده بیرینچی افغان عیال صفتیده اوزی نی تانیتیریشی اوچون سعی قیله دی. شو نینگ او، غربی رپ موسیقه سی نی تینگله یدی.

    اما افغان قیزلری و عیال لری برچه سی نینگ حیاتی سوسن دیک ایمس، شونده ی قیزلر هم بار که حتی موسیقه تینگله شیده هم عایله ی تمانیدن رخصتی یوق. اما بعضاً بیر قنچه قیز لر شونده ی قیین چیلیک لرگه قره مه ی، بو یولده یوز کیلتیرگن لر و اسم لرینی افغان قیز صنعتچی لر قطاریده ثبت قیلگن لر.

    • Which is why the Murkan leaning right is a failure, made up of loony tards like the left, but of a different sort, and hardly influential.

    • There’s really no pressing need to learn the languages of Muslims festering in Europe, especially one like Albanian. The Balkan states, for all of their disunity and pointless bickering, hate the Albanians with a passion. The Serbs would’ve wiped them out if it wasn’t for NATO intervention.

      [ed note: albanz HERE in the usa are criminal filth. no better than gypsies – and probably worse]

    • Okay, that’s about you, Oogy.

      Remember how fast amusement turns to fear. The public can turn on a dime from funny to “oh shit!” That guy may find you “funny” now, but he’d turn and run to the fuzz in a hot minute if you made the wrong move.

      • He started with hatred. He made a comment in which he divulged that there exists a specifically Muslim Antifa-like organization specialized rooting out in “White Supremacists”. That comment was removed by the moderators of the site (likely for telling too much).

      • I think that would be effective, a Muzz antifa org. Of course, Muzz don’t blend in as well as regular antifa, who are blindingly white.

        You must have some interesting commenters, as your WN style is far different than others.

      • Interesting commenters like who?

      • I have never seen a Muzz antifa on here. Your style of WN is far different than most. It should bring out some different commenters.

      • Oogenhand…

        Can you not “see” the psychological hijinks that must only deceive the dullard masses? “They” call you a “white supremacist” and you reflexively deny the label and SO YOU MUST BE an anti-white Supremacist JUST LIKE THE ENEMY…

        You say, “Nooooooo!!!”

        I’m not an anti-white Supremacist AND I’m not a white Supremacist…

        What are you, Oog? Radically autonomous?

      • How come it is so hard for the anti-white Supremacist to CONCEIVE of race as being something MORE THAN an all or nothing proposition? The answer is two-fold. He is lacks the requisite intelligence to conceive such an idea EVEN when made aware OR he just plain desires self-annihilation AND race as all or nothing serves that very purpose.


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