Liberal Nazism: IRS Abuse of State Power

by Firepower

Today’s Liberal Nazism is just like TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Nazism.: It uses Imperial State power to intimidate and eradicate its enemies.  As the lovable (PC) fascist once said:

By Any Means Necessary!

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner the Irish
Douglas Shulman

Liberal nazis enforce their regime publicly with naked violence such as Clinton and Janet Reno did when they Ruby Ridged and Wacoed state enemies.  Like German Nazis, Clinton and Reno made no apology for their actions and were instead quite pleased at exterminating enemies and sending an intimidating threat to their right-wing political enemies.

Note Ruby Ridge and Waco were exterminations of white people – the majority of State Power is.  In the Boston SWATZI house-to-house clearing drill, if colored “terrorists” like Mexicans in Drug Cartel Los Angeles were rousted, the riots would’ve been delectable.  White Sheeploids took the opportunity to serve Master, docilely posing for updated DHS targets outside, in their driveways, wearing comfy pajamas.

Today, The Five-Fingered Fist of Fascist Liberalism builds Janet Napolitano super-sized DHS ammunition dumps to shoot at its…

White People Targets while patrolling in its massive fleet of MRAPs.

The IRS targets the TEA Party for liquidation in its latest Maobama-decreed pogrom; it all will be forgotten as quickly as Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Koufax – and Ereich Von-Holder’s dazzling Will Smith smile.  Because of what Big Fascist Government once did to them, that 3% Jewish population in America controlling 80% of power, is always dutifully concerned to limit Imperial State Power and muzzle their US version of the SS – and the GESTAPO.  Schulmans & Holders & Napolitanos & Lerners are all The Colored (mino) Liberal Master Machine.

A kind, lovely, sweet lady says:

About 75 groups were inappropriately targeted for additional reviews because they included the words “tea party” or “patriot”  said Lois Lerner, who heads the IRS division

It vass all chust vun teenzy kaput!:

Mistakes were made initially! But they were in no way due to any political or partisan rationale!

Gee. that rascally scamp IRS has apologized for routinely making teeny-tiny mistakes – 75 times – so it’s alright n’ okey-dokey now!  If the New York Times (Sulzburger Publishing Corp.) and MSNBC were as fond of Lil’ Heiny Himmler as they are an Obama Regime, hell, even he could’ve gotten away with that cute Lil’ Gas Chamber Thingy he was workin’ on…It’s just that this time around it’s OK because it’s their SS and their GESTAPO and they’re the ones operating the state machine of tyranny.

The Liberal Propaganda media Falange of the FFOL need you dead, which is why Chris Matthews & Co. went ballistic early on in The Boston Manglers Caper, inciting more hate-whitey by blaming the finish line fireworks on snarling, evil “White TEA Party NRA types!”

There is a concerted, deliberate move toward Liberal Nazism enforcing additional political controls over its tax-paying white herd of cash cows:  The FFOL and today’s US version of nazis need that lifeblood of white taxpaying blood money to pacify, feed and Welfare-Ize the growing litters of city-colored breeding and waves of new illegals.

Told ya so.

40 Responses to “Liberal Nazism: IRS Abuse of State Power”

  1. “….hurricane sandy, Sandy Koufax….” I like your sense of humor and mockery. Keep it up!

  2. The lust for power is so naked now on the left. I saw the St. Obama speak last sunday. “There are those who will warn of tyranny around the corner, dont listen to them”, thanks for giving people a perfect example the very next week.

    The cartel violence is one of the great unreported stories of our time.

  3. You beat me to it, FP. What an incredible story – at least it should be. If there was a free, unbiased press in Murka, Benghazi and the IRS mad-dogging for the liberals would be front page news.

    The same thing is happening in Greece. Soros and the current government are paying illegals and anarchists to attack Golden Dawn. Not a word of it in their MSM, or ours.

    THere is a point where dropping out and resisting becomes cheaper, becomes the smart choice, versus working and paying taxes for one’s own destruction. I wonder when that will be. Certainly if the US were like Russia or the Ukraine today, the point is reached. But they do not have as large a vibrant population.

    • well ryu it happens when an entire generation cannot feed itself due to unemployment at the town’s “brawndo burgers and beyond” which controls the entire service sector, but they could be fed perhaps with extra printing of zog tokens, so hmm. i think they can only play the print more shit gameplan until the number of people recieving welfare outsizes the number of people paying into it. but tell me if im wrong.

      [ed note: remember, I wrote of Corn Syrup & Corn Starch as the cheap Soylent the elite can and will utilize to pacify hungry bellies]
      Feudal America: The Soylent Green Card

  4. It will be indicative of the state of Murkan Mentality to see how long it takes
    “The Greatest Country in The World!!!”
    To completely forget this story.

    I have new, unsettling apprehensions that the Citizens of The Greatest Country In The World are now so stupefied by Govt School Propaganda, they consistently ignore serious problems.

    The FFOL now continually abuses power because they’ve made reality that The Frog IS now boiled. They saw Murkans elect a Black Fascist – twice.

    Obama just appointed a colored mex as Head of Labor. If you look, most BigGov rulers are minos. I want readers to see beyond JAN and understand how the FFOL operates.

    THIS IS a superb story to show all those dim, dumb Murkan Jordies WHAT they actually “faihtfer“: The right for a black fascist dictator to use the IRS and ram an audit up Pvt. Clodhopper’s uncle’s ass back home.

    The FFOL will overplay its hand and ignite 40 Million armed 2nd Amendment types – both noble and moronic – and for better or worse, that will change all.

    • It’s a great insight. I have never seen reference to it anywhere but here.

      So, we’d like to understand how the FFOL really works, not how it appears to. My interest is how to use it, can we start rolling the dice and gaining some real information.

      • That is precisely the education I seek to provide people. The tools to recognize Liberal Nazism – before the ruling colored nazis ship every White off to New Aushwitz. I want to teach the Men how to fish, and not GIVE them the stinking ‘grecycled fish of repeating how to re-invent the wheel via TDO and NAJ ala Piggy/Welmer/Mangan.

        I want everyone – especially our regular readership – to recognize FFOL tactics and operation.
        Then we must discover a new way, together, in how to eradicate it.

  5. Benghazi is no big deal. I barely even saw any outrage over WMD lies. No major congressional hearings, no subcommittee investigations, no apologies, nothing. Tens of thousands were maimed and killed from the Iraq invasion yet a couple of dead Jordies and a SWPL homo ambassador is what everyone is worked up about? The only difference I can see is that with Iraq a lot of people got paid as billions somehow went “missing” so poof nobody cares.

    [ed note: bush was/is an evil buffoon. lol, your cool, cavalier ‘tude is one only the luxury of youth can operate – until it owns property and has savings in a bank. it is not just Xlinton, Bushie or Obamao – it is all of them. They are Elites who will enslave you and your entire bloodline forever unless you eradicate them – totally]

  6. You can add Catholics and Evangelical Protestants to the list of State Approved Targets .


    The Defense Department came under fire Thursday for a U.S. Army Reserve presentation that classified Catholics and Evangelical Protestants as “extremist” religious groups alongside al Qaeda and the Ku Klux Klan.


    More than half of all Americans identify themselves as members of those two Christian denominations.

    Also note that “Islamophobia” is listed as a form of extremism to be eradicated:

    Retired Col. Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, said:

    ‘It also appears that some military entities are using definitions of “hate” and “extreme” from the lists of anti-Christian political organizations,’ he added. ‘That violates the apolitical stance appropriate for the military.’

    The list of “extremists” was taken from a Southern Poverty Law Center report.

    [ed note: good post – let’s see how you do after your next 40 beers 2nite. NOTE: “targeting” groups means bringing State Force against them. Fine, power must be bloodied in all WARS. Also, you provide us more proof that Jewish Hate Groups like SPLC support racism against whites – the prime members of Catholic & Evangelical denominations]

  7. The editor of the Aurora Sentinel, Dave Perry, openly calls for NRA members to be sent to prison camps:

    No more due process in the clear-cut case of insidious terrorism. When the facts are so clearly before all Americans, for the whole world to see, why bother with this country’s odious and cumbersome system of justice? Send the guilty monsters directly to Guantanamo Bay for all eternity and let them rot in their own mental squalor.

    Note: Perry also riffs a riot on the Nazi bogeyman:

    But more than anything, the last few days have stumped me. I am bewildered by the number of people who are paranoid about the U.S. government coming to enslave them. So many people are convinced that if they were forced to pass background checks at a gun show, or if Congress outlawed a list of guns that act like military assault rifles, that goose steppers would be knocking at their doors demanding papers and their weapons.

    Why? These folks often point to Nazi Germany, as if the German people were taken over by their government and — weaponless — were unable to regain control. The scary part about Hitler is that the Germans went willingly. It wasn’t about guns, it was about fear, paranoia, the economy and an unhealthy sense of righteousness, entitlement and patriotism.

    Nazism = fear, paranoia, the economy and an unhealthy sense of righteousness, entitlement and patriotism.

    It’s your Nazis versus the NRA’s Nazis.

    Water, water, every where,: And all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, every where,: Nor any drop to drink.

    Nazis, Nazis, every where,: And all the Nazis were dead;
    Nazis, Nazis, every where,: They still exist, in your head.

    • clear-cut insidious terrorism-yeah THAT makes sense.

    • BAD Post: 41st beeaahh kicked in. FTFY

      “The editor of the Aurora Sentinel, Dave Perry, openly calls for NRA members to be sent to prison camps”

      Editors are Commandants of the Media Falange of the FFOL. You provide more proof, and I thanky-wanky you, dear.

      I take this opportunity to call for ALL Liberal Media to be arrested and sent to concentration camps and punished for treason until they recant. In my world, they’d all be showered 4x a day.

      Nazism/LIBERALISM = fear, paranoia, the economy and an unhealthy sense of righteousness & entitlement

      Do you finally, finally fucking get “IT?”
      That describes OUR Joe Biden, Chris Matthews, Jon Stewart – ALL our Nazi Liberals.

      Here, so simple even a wallaby-wanka can figger it out:
      German Nazis = whites rounding up nonwhites to create a Perfect National Man: White
      Liberal Nazis = coloreds rounding up whites to create a Perfect National Man: COLORED

  8. Do you finally, finally fucking get “IT?

    Oh, I get it all right, I got it from day one. It’s not hard to get, it’s been done to death, it’s just an extremely poor analogy at best.

    It’s poor because everyone uses “Nazi” as their bogeyman. You can’t get through a day of MSM without someone denouncing someone else as a Nazi. In which case, what good effect is it to use Nazi or fascist as a descriptor? It’s useless, dumb and a diversion.

    What’s next, decry THE HOLOCAUST!?

    You don’t have to pretend that Biden is your golden book Nazi in order to hate him and revile him. Just deal with him.

    Btw, re. 41st beeaahh kicked in. It’s time to move off this fixation of yours on alcohol, or take it up so you can think yourself through to some new cliches. Sheesh, your starting to sound like an old Puritan grandmother gone senile at the nursing home, dribbling and spit-cursing Nazis and the demon drink for all the world’s sins.

    • Ugh: You fail to grasp the significance of the IRS attacking political groups via Official Government/State power as tyrannical regimes have done, while preferring to go off on a confusing tangent of anger.

      Here, figger it out:
      German Nazis = whites rounding up nonwhites to create a Perfect National Man: White
      Liberal Nazis = coloreds rounding up whites to create a Perfect National Man: COLORED

      You don’t know that a US Fascist Regime oppresses us differently, harsher – because we are HEAVILY ARMED.

      You are repeatedly (mystifyingly) more incensed that Your Handsome WW2 Poster Boys are being contrasted with the likes of Obama, Jon Stewart and Hilary.
      In one post, you grasp the concept, then in the next – rabid incoherence expounding & damning the complete opposite. Jekyll & Hyde’s been done before and there’s no value in these wild, teetering contradictions, just distraction.

      • I’m not failing to grasp anything,
        [ed note: you repetitiously make wrong presumptions (from 10,000 miles away) based upon your proclaimed expertise of current US Gov – but make glaring mistakes in its fundamental reality]

        …nor am I going off on a tangent, let alone with anger.

        The govt of the U.S.A. is not fascist. Fascist nations are premised on their people’s preservation (the blood), their people’s traditions, and their people’s land (the soil).
        [correct: THAT “people” – as I’ve stated – just happens to be a new BROWN People]

        Western govts are under Judeo-American hegemony and as such none are allowed to even think *of* their people, let alone their soil. Your govt is not fascist, it is a totalitarian plutocracy with an inner core of Jews.
        [NO. We are ruled by an Elite – as are you. they are NOT all Jews]

        I am not “incensed” about you doing the typical MSM Nazi themed criticism. Nor does it bother me because I admire the Nazis, the real ones. I find it frustrating that Western discourse has devolved into one White man calling the other a Nazi as the epitome of argument.
        [you know more about WW2 German Fascism, less about WW2 Italian Fascism – and still less than you know about current US government]

        The terms Nazi and fascist should be banned from all commentary unless the commentary is specifically about Nazism or fascism, imho. The terms are road blocks on the path to truth.

        Biden and co are tyrannical because they hate and despise you and want to eradicate you, and profit from your passing. He and his like are traitors. The Jews whose bidding he performs likewise hate and despise you and want to see you genocided for the same reasons, but also because they aren’t traitors to their people.
        [ed note: here is a clear example showing you plainly misunderstand US political fundamentals: Biden isn’t even on our radar. he’s powerless as a VP and simply a buffoon.]

        They won the war, and we should not use their terms of victory, like Nazi, or fascist.
        [nazi is a German term. Fascism, Italian – from Mussolini who invented it. Your constant fixation on the ubiquitous Kanga-Jews fails to explain how “they” get ahead by Obama helping Muslim rebels in Egypt, Libya – and NOW Syria. That…is a Jewish Plot?]

        I’ve been consistent on this topic for at least a decade. I don;t need to call the people who oppress me Nazi in order to deal with their oppression. Would that they were Nazi we wouldn’t be in this mess.
        [you come from a disarmed, defeated and thus, helpless people. your road to Liberal Nazism is certain slavery, ours – an uncertain war or capitulation]

      • ^zzzbbzzznnnt – clik..buzzzt*

        [ed note: Regrettably, I now realize I never should have left Hirschibold in your (and Cameron’s) silly clutches.

        I should’ve supported him more – and swatted you as you deserved – like the drunken, neurotic and pointless jester you are.

        I publicly apologize to Hirschibold. Had you complained, I would’ve made pat put his clothes back on, get off the coffee table, take the lampshade off his head and personally mopped his piss off the new carpet.

        Pat: You are the greatest single disappointment in nationalism I can think of.
        Your pointless, reprobate agitating is the folly of pure anarchy.
        You are an expert on a defeated, dead German regime of 80 years ago – but with zero knowledge of current conditions.
        That, makes you sadly useless.
        Your future success in organizing a coherent following – based on your disheveled ideas – shall mirror that of your umpteen blogs.

      • I wouldn’t worry so much about coloreds now. Once you get pass the WLNs, then eradicating coloreds is an easy ordeal. White folks who work for leftist organizations are the prime targets.

      • And targeting 3 or 4 birds with one stone is possible. Usually WLNs hover around niggas and kikes as colleagues.

  9. There are currently 88 drafts. Just saying.

    • As long as BiGGov soldiers obey dictators, the “free” America we once knew is gone forever.

      Even that, has fallen so low, teens perceive Bill Clinton as a Founding Father.

      The standards have plummeted so deep, an evil alien lesbian monkey elected in 2099 will be ehshrined on Mt. Rushmore.

  10. Hey pat! That’s a very stupid run of ‘comments’ why don’t you just shut the fuck up and take your CRAZY over to MATT FORNEY’S blog you dipshit.

    [ednote: hmmm…pat, worshiping once more at the feet of ferdinand bardamoo (gaah, what a name) – it must be why ferdi’s pants is so big: for pat to fit inside them. Little Spies… keep me informed muahh-hah-ha]

    • Female Senators Caught on Tape: “CONFISCATE ALL GUNS, Confiscate, Confiscate!”
      Three women and…our media-government-feminist faction of FFOL:

      Second Amendment advocates are fuming today over three Democratic state senators caught on tape plotting.

      The three female senators, Sen. Loretta Weinberg, Sen. Sandy Cunningham and Sen. Linda Greenstein, are heard.

      “We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate.”

      Three females
      Two Jews
      ONE Leader!

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  12. Two years since this was written.

    A wn I know says we need a mandate from the people to fight this. I told him, you are male, mandate away. What are we waiting for?

    • What is a “mandate?” It sounds like permission.

      Chances are taken, not given. The People respect audacity and daring. One should undertake enterprises without hesitation or fear, once the table is prepared.

      Women like a man who just makes the move, and doesn’t ask. The mass of the peole acts like a woman. They must be seduced. I’m not above a performance if it helps the cause.

  13. As if more confirmation of where this is all going is needed, check the article out at this link!

    • the woodsman:
      As if more confirmation of where this is all going is

      This type of government/police oppression is what coloreds had to endure during segregation.
      But, they were a minority; freed slaves and inferior to whites.

      Today is made of strange stuff: Jackbooted government fascists oppress whites – the majority – and their superiors. However, it appears that “those type” of whites are actually the distinct minority and in fact, quite powerless if UncleBEAST’S SWATZIs can invade their home to the beat of TDO headlines.

      If you go along with it and obey the SWATZIs you will play by their rules and lose.
      Thus, the only proper response to engaging in Revolutionary Behavior that threatens the beast is first, prepare yourself for the inevitable looooong before the SWATZI storm troopers attack your home. Then, give them the Davidian response, but with twice as many sparklers; there’s a reason we use firecrackers for July 4th.

      Such LN fascist attacks on citizens are a deliberate attack on Liberty. But, as soon as the fireworks die down, they transform from Thug SWATZIs into Huggy SWATZIs and reflexively start negotiations. A colored 5 times convicted bank robber with hostages now has more rights than a law-abiding white TParty family. If you acquiesce to fascist police, life is not worth living; you’ve acknowledged that the Olde America is indeed, gone.

      Patrick Henry said: “Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.” TParty people forget – he got death.

      The first thing to be done in your friendly chatty-chat with the SWAT Nazi negotiator is to contact your lawyer and have him act as your negotiator to counter theirs – and have him formulate who you’re going to sue the christfuck out of. Your model is to Nifong the fuck out of them. You want LN Persecutors disbarred – cleaning toilets. Local county Persectors and their staff are fortunate they have round-the-clock SS-Secret Service protection.

      Then, donate a sizable chunk to the TParty. The rest is your poolside reward while you go on speaking tours.

    • Ugh, the national review. Sounds conservative.

      They take 5000 words to explain a simple thing. The USG kicked down their door and stole their stuff.

      The solution is simple. Tim McVeigh knew it. One action like his and it stops cold. Nothing changes in this world without a body count.

      Cops just want to cash the check and watch football today, like every other American. They lack conviction. The more a man believes, the higher the risk he accepts. They don’t move unless they’ve got a 20:1 advantage, body armor, and total control.

      • National Review was always about making conservativism respectable (to liberals) and getting that old mick slob Buckley invitations to cocktail parties with the smart set. Then he croaked and the beta bitch boys and kikes he invited in took it completely over.

      • I gotcha. Everyone wants to be clean and respectable today. But all the “good guys” are pro-system.

      • Ryu wrote:
        Ugh, the national review. Sounds conservative.

        NR has been griping about “Eeebill Librulz” since…Bill Xlinton and Tip Fucking O’Neill.

        fwiw, they’re run by Rich Lowry – the simpering Conservagina who
        Derbbed The Derbbb.

        Conservagina* Versions of PC
        Derbing the Derbb: Rich Lowry Prophesies
        The Whiners of Derbyshire

  14. I guess the race for 2016 is on, the battering rams are officially out!

    “This is one of the creepiest articles I have ever read. It reminds me of my experience being SWATted — having armed police rush into my home in what looked like retaliation for my speech. Yet in the case described in the article, the SWATting is actually being carried out . . . by the government. In Wisconsin, citizens had cops bust into their homes with battering rams. Property was taken from their homes, in full view of the neighbors — and in some cases officers mocked them. Then the citizens were told that they could tell nobody about what had happened. If they did, they could go to jail. All for exercising their First Amendment rights. Essentially, for being conservatives.” – via

    • “Creepy”.

      He’s not worth reading. He should be breathing fire. Creepy is a weird dude hitting on a girl. Not men sticking a gun in your face.

  15. do any of you still deny that the jews are nazis


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