Sabotaging Tiger Woods

by Firepower

Tiger has way too many lickspittle PC whites eager to suck his cock and pat him on the back for batting a ball around.

Liking tiger equals some white dribbledick pinning the “See-I’m-NOT-A-Rayciss!” medal on their flabby bitchtits.  Mostly, it was Golfaggots too rich to live near coloreds.

Now that tiger’s insatiable craving for white pussy (go figger, a colored jock addicted to white gash!) has sapped his dirty niggaballs of those once Magical Powers, I like to sink the knife in and give it my usual twist – for sheer shits n’ giggles, mind ya.

Hot white women lined-up to spread their legs for this monkey. I had such immense, profound delight in assassinating his…..….. slore-hungry monkeyshines – amongst my “racist” pals who tolerated this glorified field jiggaboo because he played gawwwwwwlf – that I never want it to end. Believe me, nobody brings up tiger woods around me without getting a pepper shoved up their ass.

Mating Scream of The Monkey

Always kick a negro when he’s down. Perhaps it wasn’t white pussy that clouded his mind; a negro gets mighty distracted pondering his 168 foot yacht.

I find this nasty observation plants the seeds I always seek to plant. Bigshot fads of the moment quickly fade when they’ve nothing to offer. What once was so promising and “hot” fades to abysmal depths and the fake fans leave the sinking ship like the stupid, scurvy rats they are.

Think of public figures who were so hot – so topical – that it seemed they’d never disappear. There once was a boy who was the equal to Jonny Depppp. Whahoppen?

Tiger Woods is a hasbeen. Liking him now – with his failure – makes as much sense as still being a Richard Greico fan.

Grieco seems to be the most cringe-worthy generational touchstone among old-fart fans. If it’s an older target I want to destroy I use Jayne Mansfield. If younger, I use Limp Bizkit – those losers work on a wide range of cockslobbering golfaggots.

8 Comments to “Sabotaging Tiger Woods”

  1. 99% of niggas are stupid and resentful of Whites. Play nice with them, you’ll understand that most of them, if not all, are dumb, childlike, uninsightful, and a liability You really need to sink into their level of low intelligence to genuinely tolerate them. But it’s not always their fault, blame the White imbeciles (gradually becoming the majority) who treat them like equals. Blame the imbeciles who only care about the bottom line and hire them, which is why, America needs to self implode, before it could ever correct itself.

  2. Tiger likes to throw little fits on the green but it’s never reported on because he’s a nigga (or at least half of one).

    • The propaganda media hides The Scream of the Monkey to instill in gullible upper-class viewers the myth that “some coloreds” are civilized and thus, not prone to the typical colored instinct which is gross sexuality and violence.

      It taps into White Guilt to justify the false belief that coloreds have value.

      • Which is exactly, what purpose do these animals serve, other than to become athletes, entertainers and other useless roles, usually animalistic in nature?

        True story, a bunch of arab muzzies hired a black muzzie (out of brotherly love in Islam) to work in their halal food store. Turns out they fired him, because of work ethic and rude behavior, and had to get an illegal cucaracha spic, as a helping hand whom they had no problems. You’ll see, even muzzies get caught up in the PC indoctrination in Murka and fail. They should have listened to their Qu’ran experts who wrote not so nice stories of black slaves.

      • Both the nigger and the muzz forgot that muzz first enslaved the nigger. So, they hired a colored muzz first, instead of a Roman Catholic Migger.

        You do not see coloreds in Saudi nations today. They had the good sense to castrate or outright eradicate them a century ago. They wisely never allowed this scum to breed.
        I enrage LNs by hammering home this: There’s far less crime in the entire Saudi Arabian nation than Chicago, the Motherland host to Our Historic Black President.

        You Spaniards also knew how to eradicate the Moor – totally – and rid your land of the pestilence of the colored.

      • LNs will never to listen to you, which is why it’s best not to say anything to them. You either find ways to eliminate them, not to send them words that fall on deaf ears.

        [ednote: no shit lol; LNs are not to be persuaded. they are to be taunted and mocked. they are to be ERADICATED. Alinsky himself said mockery is the most potent weapon. to me, it is 2nd to eradication]

        Yes, the Spaniards eradicated the Moors, but that was then.

        Note, the migger scum in Morocco today are not the Moros of yesteryear. A lesson to be taken but not heed of course, dysgenic breeding with blackies turned North Africa, and much of the Islamic region into an utter wasteland, and Murka is heading that same path of negro filth breeding. Look no further to the Middle East and Islamic history, and its devasting effects of scum breeding that is a large result of the failure you see today.

  3. Tiger is nothing now. He’s gotten old as all athletes do. I think it will be a blow to just be another rich ex-sportsman. He’ll have to be happy to wear suits and hand out money, like Jordan does.

    • I have to say that FP thinks Tiger gets attractive White women to take of their panties off for him, is not entirely correct. With the exception of his Swedish wife, I wouldn’t touch any of those dirty dogs with a 10 foot pole.

      [ed note: anecdotal, personal taste is a non-issue: I may see Kim Kardashian as a pig, but millions would fuck her]

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