BIGov Spying Stops Little

by Firepower

No less an active-activist than Sir Edward Snowden – with deeeeeep inside info – tells you Moloch is impotent to prevent its haters from stuffing a hot pepper up its ass.

As the MINO Machine grows, increasingly grasping totalitarian power over its meek slaves – it gets nicer, right? It’s what you all think: Goose-steppy hunks in snappy uniforms suddenly materialize to restore White Order. It’s magic!

There’s hardly anybody left on the watchtower anymore. They can’t even stop loonies from treading over Our Historic Black President’s DC Palace.

Nationalists must therefore tread in fear for what they say.

Omnipotent, omnipresent SWATZIs are scanning YOU, waiting to pounce this very second!

28 Comments to “BIGov Spying Stops Little”

  1. Probably future generations will laugh at how much we esteemed the USG and its power. Of course, they work a lot to enhance this reputation, feeding the media tales of their success. And I continually see the police say “crime doesn’t pay, we WILL catch you!”

    • Magic, fortunetelling and sorcery work on the ignorant.

      Most Murkans are Manipulable Morons
      Susceptible to easy threat

      I’m suspect FutureGENMurka won’t even read English.
      All PlayStation will be in pidgin spanish.

      • Yes, just as most Americans are afraid of the IRS. How do I know? The most confident guy, who makes a lot of money and popular among his friends, will cave into the fact that taxes is his calling, once Uncle Sham demands him to pay up. He will not budge an inch of resistance or rebel.

  2. It was never intended to stop anything, that’s just the smokescreen…

    Here is how William Binney, a former intelligence official turned whistle-blower puts it:

    “We were coming into conflict with what I refer to as ‘feasting’ by the corporations that were leeches on the side of NSA and other agencies of the government, the ‘military industrial happiness management complex’. They were keeping each other happy: officials would retire from government, go to work for those corporations, the corporations would send people in to manage the programs, they’d get the contracts back and they’d feed some more.

    It’s a circle, it just keeps going round. The entire leadership at NSA was focused this way and they wanted no creativity, no innovation, no problem solved, “keep the problem going so the money keeps flowing” that was their vision statement, I just didn’t realize it.

    They didn’t want success, because that means you solved the problem, which they need to ask for more money to feed the corporations.”

    That’s from a talk he gave at Hackers On Planet Earth.

    The war on drugs, poverty, terror, mass illegal immigration… it all keeps the money flowing.

    • guest; It was never intended to stop anything, that’s just the smokescreen…

      Here is how William Binney, a former intelligence official turned whistle-blower puts it:

      This is quite a good contribution.
      That Murkans still continued grazing after Snowden left me more surprised than it should have.
      His revelations showed what UncleBEAST really is like inside.
      It’s really not that intimidating; it’s petty, weak and Elitist.

      • Snowden could be a ploy stooge is all I can say. This being said, we need someone like him who could just tell the Commie Chinks in their own country that we have a MINO worship problem and most American women are self absorbed – dumb airheads. I expect the USG to come after that person in full force.

      • Snowie is no conspiracy; Occam’s Razor.

        I’ve read many granules of the mountain of dirt he dug up. It’s impossible either a Bushite or Obamunist would want that shit known.

        What is odd is the picture it paints of the venomous, grasping Killary isn’t even mentioned – not even on FUXNews.

      • I too have heard things about Killary. But what do you think would happen? Nothing. Bengazi, Fast n Furious weren’t enough to kick off anything. It would have to be truly biblical to get America’s attention.

        I guess she’s got a dot staffer that’s a dyke too. Not bad looking. Huma Abedin.

        [ed note: huma is most noted for being married to Anthony The Weiner – during his sexcapades. still is]

      • Snowden’s gripe with America, wasn’t even important in the grander scheme of things.

        I would have seen him as a smart guy, if he said America had a nigga problem and LNs are destroying the country. But then, most non-Americans, especially the foreign coloreds could give a rat’s ass about Murka. Maybe the USG doesn’t care, they’d STILL be controlling and manipulating the sheeple anyway.

      • You must remember Class: Snowden’s cushy NSA job meant he likely lived in a fancy Virginia or Maryland suburb a level or two above roissy and even Teh Rooshi.

        The only nigger he met in his entire life making less than $500,000 a year was his Affirmative-Action appointee boss – who probably lived in his neighborhood.

      • Snowden IS a “smart guy.”

        He is the type who sold his brain to the NSA. Smart enough to work a computer, but stupid enough to spy on his neighbors, and eventually himself. This is the type who built the atom bomb for the USG, but were then shocked when they used it.

        But he stops short. He is not revolutionary, and is still pro-system. He’s too “clean” for the dirty work of revolution. Look at him and feel it.

        I don’t have pity for these smart men. We’ll take their information, but they are second tier to us.

    • Good find! I will look into him.

  3. And while I’m at it, another interesting talk is Seeing The Secret State.

    Where secrecy is demystified as a way of doing things, rather than voodoo, pointing out structural contradictions to identify various aspects of it.

    • I now believe the mass of Sleeeple prefer voodoo to ugly reality.
      I’m sure the Indians wept when they realized
      Their “Great Spirit”
      Left them to rot
      In reservations

      • Most Americans are mindless sheeples, sleeples, shopples, and frivolous consumerables. Just mindless activities, where they work ceaselessly on mind numbing tasks just to get to that point. All Western Civilization has become of this sort, but we are on raging steroids, so to speak.

  4. The masses DO NOT DESIRE privacy for anything other than their most degenerate acts. And even those are politically rationalized.

    • That’s THE big mistake Snowden made, thinking that people care.
      And that once out, it would magically turn into a 2nd Watergate…

      Instead it went away like the IRS thing, not a smidgen of corruption!

    • Other than a few female younglings who thought Snowed-In was attractive, no one really gave a damn about his antics about the USG spying on its citizens. They watched, listened and then forget.

      • The issue is still: NSA/BIGovSPYING couldn’t even stop Sexy Dzjhokzkjar and his MUZZBro. It didn’t even stop Lil’ Snowden. It does not stop me, and I can think of only one who writes more damning stuff about UNCLEBeast: Lil’ Snowden

        Do you think it would stop 10,000 dedicated wns? 100,000 like McV and Katz?

        What do you think that would do to the U$ economy with all that oil/utility infrastructure rotting out in the open as if Murka were still safe like it was back in Brady Bunch Era?

      • And the USG is weaker than it was in 95′ when Timmy performed his action. Tim stopped the USG cold with that.

        I don’t think 10K wns would be needed. Today, the slightest transient sends the stock market flying. The more complicated they get, the more sensitive their system becomes.

      • I do not like that William Binney guy, FP. His information is good, but he’s not anti-system at all.

        He’s showing off in that talk. Look at me! Look at the great system I created to spy on Americans! Weeeeeeeeee! He’s got that smart-badge shined up and pinned to his chest.

        He reminds me of why the Communists killed the intelligentsia. Someone like Billy needs to see that he can’t just sit in the lab while real life happens outside. Scientists are servants. Admire their minds, read their work but the revolution does not belong to them.

      • Ryu: I do not like that William Binney guy, FP

        Just a day ago, I heard of an alleged, self-proclaimed CIA “hitman” who claimed to have offed Marilyn Monroe.

        All this tool of the piggish Kennedys did was kill a dumb whore because The Great Men fucked her. He killed a citizen because she got in the way of his Imperial Democrat Gods’ notch count.

        Too bad somebody didn’t drown the old withered turd in his bathtub.

      • Exactly. He did what he was trained to do, which is take orders without question. 50 years after the fact is too late. But he still wants us to think of him as a “good guy.” All the good guys work for the system.

        These sort of men, even more than us, know the nature of their masters. They serve with loyalty as long as the checks clear. Then, the Benghazis shock them.

        White scientists and white soldiers are stupid in their own way. I cannot imagine what this type tell themselves in South Africa. The cow is inches from the knife, with other dead cows in sight, but still loves the farmer.

      • Ryu; the USG is weaker than it was in 95

        Know also, the stock market hasn’t been run by humans for a decade. It’s all run by logarithms designed by Berkeley jews on super computers paid for by Manhattan Wall St. jews. It’s more susceptible to tampering; it’s on autopilot. Jews are too lazy now to even show up at their $5 million NYC offices and trade.

        The system has weakened from simply being operated by the corrosive LN.
        You can’t expect an engine to run smoothly when you fill it with dirt and shit. MINOs have eroded the efficacy of the fascist LN Bureaucracy. You see it daily; you can’t run an operation staffed by un-fireable, uppity fat nigger bitches.

      • Fair enough! You have good points and made my day. LNs and MINOs, 2 main points of eradication!

      • There are 3 groups of people who work for the USG: lazy and dumb as in MINOs, chumps for the White demographic and mercenary as in the law enforcer.

        The same rule applies to those who work for the big bureaucratic corporate pigs, except this time the private sector pays better for more work, with the exception of MINOs who do better in the gov’t.

  5. Out of topic: Here is Joo suing the French Canadian Gov’t for not preparing him for the real world, instead of the Kosher nutcases who raised him. What the Fuck!

    A loser like him should come to Murka and join the rest his Joo folk: he’ll get a job teaching at $100K year at Harvard, lecturing for the Clintons. Only in the Anglosphere, especially Murka, where the Kike boys and niggas get treated like little spoiled brats!

    • And of course if the Quebecois took him out of his backward, superstitious, degenerate community it’s be anudduh shoah.

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