The Crossing

by Ryu

This movie is the story of a forgotten revolution…the American Revolution. Americans today have forgotten in what manner their country was founded.

8 Comments to “The Crossing”

  1. Today’s Murkans don’t even gripe enough to their local (highly accessible) property tax politicians to enact real fixes on the average $8,000 a semester grade school edjukayshunn.

    That “shitty murkan skool sistim!!!” storyline NewsScoopTEAM 9000’s pelted us with for the past 40 years hasn’t changed. Murkans are impotent sheep bleating about Miley Kardashian: So, BIGov knows you are scum.

    Fools only care for Malaysian Airliner Crashes and Hillary’s Scoobyvan.

    Thus, merely explaining the value of The American Revolution to a people that value sports teams and texting does not even budge them.

    PoolSide, fast approaching…

    • A large percentage of urban millennials also don’t work. Mom n Dad, if you’re White or Welfare Uncle, if you’re colored.

    • Perhaps they want to change everything at once, rather than fight tooth and nail for every little thing. Many times it is cheaper to go all the way than piecemeal.

      FP, have you studied history yet and found your equivalent? Perhaps before the American or Russian Revolutions? What was their fate?

      I have heard something interesting. Is some of the information provided to the IRS public and free? Like tax returns, or the form 990s?

  2. I respect the minorities right to vote, but not the minorities right to tax me or impose their bullshit bureaucracies.


    A post by a liberal Redditor about a guy who stupidly wasted his only suicide.
    He could have poured gasoline against a courthouse where fathers are condemned to lifelong divorce theft and alimony slavery, tossed a match, and immediately shot himself before the cops could do it, but he was TOO DAMN SENSITIVE.
    It’s not that hard to become less sensitive.
    It’s the easiest self improvement there is.
    No excuses.

  4. I read washing breeches watched the battle of bklyn from the other side of the east river in manhattan and that he was a loyalist that wanted to remain a bloody brit colony but with home rule (eg dictator in chief)

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