Claude Dallas

by Ryu

Who can count the number of direct action guys who have fallen? There seem to be an almost unlimited number.

Dallas was a mountain man. Fish and Game, yet another BigFed agency, came a-calling. They rolled in heavy and he fought back. It took the USG a year to find him. They stuck him in prison and he escaped again, only….….. to be re-captured.

8 Comments to “Claude Dallas”

  1. You will like the story of Albert Johnson, The Mad Trapper.

  2. There was a Charles Bronson flick called ‘Death Hunt’ about Albert Johnson. As usual, it bears no resemblance to the actual story except using the names and a few details.

  3. It could help if for every real hero there were ten thousand men acting as if they could do the same thing, even if it was only online braggadocio.
    It would make it harder for government profilers to identify resisters at an early stage.
    That could be their only contribution. Or maybe there are other ways to contribute

    • If you’ve ever seen the cult classic ‘The Prisoner’ some prisoners did something similar and it was called “jamming.” The idea was to keep the warders busy by planning fake escapes, which they were forced to check out, running themselves ragged in the process. Eventually, what happened is they made a list of ‘jammers’ who they then ignored. However, this does present an opportunity, for at least one op, where you could plan and execute an operation right out in the open for all the world to see and no one would stop you.

    • On that note I overheard some suspicious characters on the tram discussing a plot to crash a blimp filled with elephants into the IRS building sometime in the next fifteen years. I recommend it be evacuated as a precaution.

  4. It takes rage. I have enough hate for a planet but most folks are bricks in the wall, evolutionarily programmed to adapt to any evil. There are stoolies in hell.

    • The general divide is man with free will and human-like suboptimal A.I.. The particular divide is the white Supremacist and “white” self-annihilator.

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