The IRS KNOWS You Are Scum

by Firepower

Murkans accept getting buttfucked by BIGov. If I were Dagon, I’d test The Sleeeple to see how much they’d put up with.

Kids do it to Mom for candy. They toss bags in the cart to see if she’s looking. They don’t relent, they escalate; they fake-cry to see if she capitulates. If that doesn’t work, they scream and throw tantrums. They are always pushing…until you break them.

Just like that hot chick you’ve been dating the hell out of…every time inching your dick closer to her butthole. She may cry “NO not EVER!” but just keep testing that balloon knot.

A people that tolerate the IRS’ behavior are stamped by BIGov as USDA cattle that’s easily manipulated; then UncleBEAST plans worse.

Andrew Concha is el jefe! If he’s a fag, that’s a……. twofer! Maybe his madre mia is a colored.

An IRS staff of a dozen sees seventeen taxpayers a day and answers questions. That’s 1.5 per BIGov Employee! The coffee breaks mus be arduous.

Nationwide, only 4 in 10 callers to the agency’s toll-free help line are getting through to a real person. The number of “courtesy disconnects” [lmao]— a euphemism for an overloaded system hanging up on the customer — has reached 5 million so far this year

The whipmasters don’t even bother to mail the forms to Taxleeple any more! The Taxleeple just take it up the ass:

The 40-page P-17, the bible of tax-return preparation, now costs $23 and must be ordered online.

Twenty-three bucks for a cheap, shitty manual of filth printed on Grade C toilet paper.

Forget about storming DC with assault rifles then “taking over” and marching in snappy SSS uniforms. The Sleeple won’t even rebel against getting raped by contemptuous, careless BIGov employees. They won’t even cause enough trouble to force Dagon to mail them the forms that Dagon demands they fill out to give Dagon money to send IRS SWATZIs in MRAPs to their door for failing to fill out the forms.

Even in an era of shrinking government, conservatives’ antipathy toward the tax-collection agency stands out. It is punishment for a string of missteps: an extravagant conference for employees in Anaheim, Calif., the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exemptions, $1 million in bonuses given to agency employees who didn’t pay their federal taxes.”

Lois Lerner’s IRS persecuted the TEA Party and the result is Lois Lerner’s Crips got raises and fatter BIGov pensions. Why NOT buttfuck Murkans?

17 Comments to “The IRS KNOWS You Are Scum”

  1. Some nitwit Millennial Jen a few days ago came by and asked me why Murkans generally know nothing of the tax laws, they should be teaching it at the colleges. I then asked her, if she thinks Murka is a bad country. She said not at all if you follow the laws.

    She just answered her own question!

  2. Aw I feel so sorry for you w-2 slaves. Seems like a bunch of childless men could have figured this out by now. Take some risks for gawd’s sake. STOP FUNDING YOUR ENEMIES

    • Worse, the IRS is the one of the most grossly inefficient and dumbass organization out there. Just read up on all the recent surge of identity theft because of them. Every transaction with them is a SS #. Millions of frauds, millions of victims being burned. And they do nothing to help. Call the IRS and you get a MINO rep who will reprimand you for telling about your problems.

      This country is a joke!

    • All your hopes and aspirations are based on delusion.

      Your children will live as white minorities in 2045 majority colored Murka.
      The only salvation is if you prepare them to eradicate coloreds.
      But, you don’t even get them started by getting them to read Eradica.

      Instead, you bless their going to Miley concerts and growing fat.

      • There’s no salvation in America, especially for the White majority. The country is set to rot in hell. Do we just facilitate it, is the issue. It’s only when they become the minority is when the coloreds become easy targets of eradication and the White minority awakens!

      • It would be good if we could accelerate it. Americans are ignorant, but they do resist if things move along too quickly.

        I try to help make things worse for the system, and better for wns. The best at accelerating the decline were men like McVeigh or Kaz.

      • I find this nation and most of its people almost unbearable. There are 2 kinds of Americans, some with a combination of being both obnoxious and credulous. You know what happens when you try to convince obnoxious individuals to tone down their repugnant behavior, it rarely works. Further, many individuals are so brainwashed by the LN propaganda, that unwinding them from its effects is impossible. This nation is essentially lost, as we speak repeatedly again.

      • js :You know what happens when you try to convince obnoxious individuals to tone down their repugnant behavior, it rarely works.

        Do you persuade dogs to not shit on your lawn?
        Persuasion does not work on animals.
        They must endure a costly punishment.
        Then, send an anonymous letter warning them to stop their offenses.
        Works every time

      • Accelerating also means destroying property and defecating on it, like what Minos do their own neighborhoods. Half-assed city planning and crumbling infrastructure are now the hallmarks of American wasteland urbanism. Most of our cities are just rotting and left to crumble.

  3. People get the gov they fight for. Nothing more. If they don’t fight, the state will push as far as it can. It should be interesting to witness the new methods they will come up with to fleece the people.

    • Worse, a gov that is ruthlessly inefficient, laden with bureaucratic incompetency is not there to benefit anyone, except those who want to harm it. So one would ask, why no one has harm them yet, the question is simple. It takes people’s tax money to pay for its mercenary pig protectors.

      • American apathy is exactly the same as the apathy of the 3rd world countries I’ve visited. And I know of no 3rd world country that has had a revolution that actually changed things for the better. Rulers come and go, wars happen, but nothing changes for the people.

  4. And in other 1st world countries, their tax system is much simpler and saner. But because America is all about the money junkies, tax prep companies like TurdoTax and H&R Crockshit fought hard to keep the myriad of byzantine tax laws in place, because it means more money for them and their shareholders.

  5. I urge anyone with nothing to lose to fight back.

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