Too Lazy To Do Taxes

by Firepower

While doing the taxes for an elderly relative, I noted differences on one hand between unfair tax biases imposed by the US Government against old folks – and biases against “regular” folks on the other.  Americans are trained by their Master not to do their own taxes – the process exposes the Evil.

Old retired folks were the ones wisest to Obama’s lies:  They’d seen his lie act often before – repeated dozens of times previously by yet more dozens of vile politicians.  So now, the oldtimers’ Government-controlled Social Security (which they earned, remember) gets no raise to even keep pace with inflation.  The Obama gets revenge and punishes a constituency that dared deny His Sacred Right to Unimpeded Ascendancy and total glory as first African-American-Halfrican President (blah-blah) and Sacred Cow of Liberal Nazism.  Oh, pensions are re-re-taxed, too, just in case you didn’t salute quick enough to please your Socialist Democrat Political re-education Commissar.

Even if Americans are too lazy to do their own taxes, it is easy to …

…compare the completed form to past years – and they should*.  Why Americans do not, is a great disappointment.  Here is where revulsion should* set in. People get the government they deserve.

(*Note proper usage of the word “should,” instead of mrm¹ fantasists fap-screeching “all women should be forced to stay at home and pay their fair share of child support! Wah.)

Americans are forced to keep financial/tax records for seven years.  This is important: By comparing these past records, one sees the evil, grasping government taking ever more money out of your pocket to feed its Golden Pensions for Imperial Senators, shrimp treadmills, SOLYNDRA and free money to supply colored babies and immigrants.  It’s a money-orgy for minos: You pay more, and buried in the text are more loopholes for Welfare Pigs to feast upon.  Free cars;  Free houses; Free food; Free college; Free Holocaust reparations; ObamaPhone; Minority only, please.  Still you won’t check your past returns to see this for yourself; I know.  People get the government they deserve.

Young whippersnappers like me get to pay MORE in property tax, but can deduct the cost of moving to a Section 8 home paid for with Free Obama Stimulus Cash …if I’m the right color.  His kind of people can deduct expenses for Occupy Wall Street Protest travel and lodging. I also get to deduct the welfare check and baby food for my third new baby this year – oh, but again, only if I’m colored.  Cash For Clunkers…was last year.  Cash Fo’ Coloreds is EVERY year, now[ed note: ObamaPhone was so 2013]

New Bread to buy colored votes is doled out by Big Brother this year under newer, always expanding alphabet soup government jargon agency programs designed to throw you off the track of last (and previous) years’ programs – programs that enraged you so much you demanded their end.  Well, they did end in a way:  Food Stamps are now called SNAP.  Look it up. Fly-by-night renaming of BiGGov Program$ does indeed dupe the slaves. It works, so they keep doing it.

Americans have lost the moral high ground of noble, justifiable action and are willing accomplices of bread and circuses.  It’s why the Individual Voice has grown silent, in fear of ALL Government: The brainwashed majority capitulates and sides with the oppressors.  Until that insanity ends expect the fat, giant retard your Federal Government now is to forcefully extract more from you.  Unless you believe spending miraculously decreases because you’ve “wished for” it – or the next Bible-Thumper Republicrat Presidential candidate somehow stumbles to a victory.  If you foresee spending decreases, please post your bullshit now. There’s nothing so magical, as the tinkling laughter of Happy~Wishies!

The young are taxed on their specialties; the elderly, on theirs.  Each area is designed by the grasping, greedy government to be mined to the fullest; UncleBeast is wildly twisted to its evil addiction of spending on trash.

Compare your taxes to last year.  To seven years ago.  There is no excuse not to do so.  If hard numbers can’t sway you to take your head out of the sand – then you are one of the doomed, too unworthy to even waste mere words on.  Still… you won’t do it. People get the government they deserve.

Americans are trained by their Master not to do their own taxes and they obey – like the slaves they are. If Murkans play The Daily Outrage!™ for a fortnight – regarding getting fucked up the ass from taxation – then forget about it when a Malaysian airliner crashes, then forget about even that when a Puerto Beaner shoots up Fort Hood – they deserve the whip lashing their back. People get the government they deserve.

The ups & downs of every year’s return is viewed like the results from a casual lottery ticket found in a pocket.  Win some, lose some…

39 Comments to “Too Lazy To Do Taxes”

  1. Come on now Firepower – Bombing Arabs for Israel cost money you know.

  2. Its tough being an American. Do I do my own taxes to be a rugged individualist, or do I take them to H&R Block to support capitalism?

    ed note: be like most american gals n’ go for the win-win; get a guy to do it for you.

  3. My knowledge of the tax code is very limited. I want some slick jew who knows all the dope and loopholes to do mine. H and R Block is BS though; they just hire people right off da streets to fill out the program.

    I’m curious Mr FP. Income taxes are illegal and paying them is voluntary – why do you do it? The sovereign citizen movement is correct about that. It’s just that USG has the guns.

    [ed note: why pay? SOMEBODY’S got to buy concrete to make prisons that house the coloreds until we make de-browning camps]

  4. I felt the same guilt I felt last year reading this article 😦

    [ednote: once a truth, always a truth]

  5. Some people I know work for themselves, having cash only businesses where they don’t pay taxes. They aren’t rich but they like that their blood, sweat and tears isn’t paying for anti-White programs and wars.

  6. Wow! 2 years already. Time flies.

    My feeling is that whites should jew the system as much as they jew us. The tax system is just another straw in a big pile of hay. We’ve got alot of grievences. Our actions decide if they are taken up or not.

    • Whites(and whites) need become as slick as the jew in manipulating / thieving the system. If not, they play with a handicap.

      That entails paying a jew accountant to learn the tricks.
      Until then, wealthy jews move about us in shopping malls and jewelry stores… fully guarded by the US Secret Service and immune from confrontations.

      • My initial visit to Southern Europe, especially Spain, changed my perception of Jews in America, and the Askhenazi variant. They’re influence and power aren’t even important in the grander scheme of things. Spain had her royalty, much tainted with the Jew blood of the Sephardi Nobility, who by the way, dislike much of the Juden Proletariat of Northern Euro and the Anglosphere.

    • I like to mark the time
      A yardstick for 2 actual years
      Of whining as thick as shit in a pigpen.

      Think of the events that have passed
      Six HUNDRED QuadRILLION “tweets”
      intended to use them as tools
      To “fix things”

      Sound & Fury

  7. The economic “system” has been blown wide open. It has been liberated. If you can imagine “it” as taking on a life of its own then our “economic system” seeks its own radical autonomy, i.e., “it” does not abide ANY rule or bear any consequence. What this means is that we are ALL free actors in this system.

    At one time, the original “capital asset” (land/man’s domain) was valued in at the credibility of the man who would kill/die to keep it.

    Capital = Man’s credibility

    So that Capitalism is a system where Capital flows to the most credible men, and conversely, the most credible men were the ones with the Capital.

    We now operate in an anti-Capitalistic “economic system.”

    Meaning, capital can flow (and does quite often) to the least worthy “investments” and the least worthy are the ones with the most capital.

    Capital –> capital –> “capital” –> anti-Capital…

    This is the “progress” in the liberation of Capitalism.

    The point is…

    TEA Partiers BRAG about feeding the BEAST because they have no real concept of the fiat system and where and where it is not legitimate. They still erroneously operate in the capital –> “capital” phase of the economic “progression” and are largely illiterate to both the Capital –> origin of an indestructible “universal economic system” and blind to the anti-Capitalistic “economic system” that they NOW braggadociously feed.

    PS Filling out that FFOL breakdown. Trying to simplify for easy digestion.

    • Capital flows not from the most credible, but the most connected in a network of Elites.

      Modern Murkan Mercantilism has less in common with “The Invisible Hand” and its efficient means of producing good & services
      And MORE in common with Despotism and Nepotism

  8. *You* have an elderly relative? 😉

    There it is: my comment for 2014. See ya next year. Same time; same place.

  9. Update: My non-taxpaying friends haven’t been summoned by the IRS as of yet.

  10. Most people are surprisingly good at normal activities, but surprisingly indifferent at the big picture.

  11. For most, the IRS moves like “global warming” so that even after economic catastrophe there isn’t any recognition that one had too ample time to do “something,” i.e., negotiate a lowered settlement on back taxes and “penalty” owed.

    • Exactly…

      Busy being scammed and busy alleviating their egos when others push them to act…

      A backlog on tax fraud cases involving a 2 million baseline and the IRS drags its feet because the case originates with external sources. Lol.

      For the average white man, IRS should equal ABC.

  12. The process of paying taxes could be automated, but dread of bureaucratic errors is useful to the rulers.

  13. You need to become crafty or clever like the Bolshevik Jews and white Marxist bastards, people.

  14. FP: Great to know that you’re in the business of taxes like I am. The affordable care act is the biggest modern day scam that makes robber barrons like JP Morgan turn in his grave.

    • A word to wise is to think like a MINO, how can I get something for nothing.

      But why complain about the modern day sheeple who status whore, frivolous consume, and love paying more taxes?

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