MINO Machine: IRS Ethics

by Firepower

The fascist tyrants who make you bo2 and sniff their ass… actually have “ethics” attorneys; all Affirmative Action hires of course, to ensure their fellow colored cubicle cunts are “honest.” Right.

Why shouldn’t MINO Machine Fascist Tyrants of Liberal nazism giggle while you lick their ass? You all do it when they command. And to think this once was called “America, Land of the Free” LMSAO…

Toldyaso: Even if Dead Ted Cruz wete elected with Sonogod G-Ziss as his veep, he couldn’t do squat to change the corporate culture of a BIGov dominated for decades by established MINO Affirmative Action hires who flout the system because, well – they are The System. They are The Establishment now.

If you make a $50 mistake on your taxes, you know the IRS will attack you with a jive-talking, mushmouthed uppity black bitch AA hired Gubmin~Aimployee who – by the demonstrated Lois Loina Standards – can use bigoted epithets against your White Name, take naked photos of your…… kids, masturbate drunkenly on her desk – and then get a promotion.

If you file a complaint, both her boss and the rest of Dem Gubmin Workaz will be other jive-talking, mushmouthed uppity black bitches AA hired by the jive-talking, mush-mouthed oogabooga uppity black HR bitch:

Ms. Takisha Brown … told co-workers she was confident that her boss would support her and she would escape any punishment even if auditors proved she did leave the file on the bus. Her boss was Karen L. Hawkins Female nazi, the head of the ethics office, formally known as the Office of Professional Responsibility.”

The MINO Machine status quo would not only go on as before, but respond with a retaliatory vengeance upon all NON-MINOs making the IRS/Lois Loina TParty persecution look insignificant by comparison.

But hey! It’s IRS Tax Time. And nobody gives a shit…

18 Comments to “MINO Machine: IRS Ethics”

  1. Ha. Yes, I too have seen “ethics” spring up, which is a new bureaucratic thing. Another layer to the cake, more make-work jobs.

    I like it. Problems tend to create their own solutions in time. If the gov cheats a man, he will cheat them back eventually. Screw a man long enough, he’ll want some payback.

    Apathy is a step up from caring. Deep concern – apathy – hostility – revolution. But things move slowly when we deal with millions of people. The great thing is, the working man is used to getting shit on. But it’s new for the middle and upper classes. They aren’t going to like it much.

    • Yes, well said, Ryu. I there is a class drift at all levels, a tell tale sign that Murka is just going to rot!

      I try to search meaning in life beside the money and work culture that ONLY matters in Murka, and nothing else.

    • The 5,357th round of show trial GOP hearings commenced.
      Michelle Leonhart is the acting henchman of that DEA.

      Her ethnicity is perhaps Migger, but it’s also hidden what her marital status is; either way, she’s a TWOFER – Feminist and/or spick/lezbo.

    • I saw another story in the paper, where the DEA was having sex parties staffed by whore paid for by the cartels.

      • You have to wonder what the hell is going on in these guys’s heads, if anything at all. These aren’t the girls down at the local strip club, they’re whores bought and paid for by the (nominal) enemy. It’s like how Petraeus gave his CIA email password to his mistress, and, even worse, the guy in charge of nuclear command was gambling with fake chips. These are things you’d have to be pretty dumb to do – but once these guys get up to the heights of power they think the law doesn’t apply to them anymore – and it doesn’t, considering the slap on the wrist punishment the guilty parties have gotten.

      • I don’t think the DEA views the cartels as the enemy. Neither is ISIS or Osama are the US military’s enemy.

        The real enemy is us, the American people. If the DEA eliminates the cartels, it loses funding. The DEA shrinks and people are laid off.

        I visualize a star. At the end of its lifetime, it expands and becomes a red giant. Then, it reaches a maximum, shrinks, then goes supernova. What is left after that is a smaller, super-dense white dwarf. The destruction of the USG mimiks the destruction of a star.

    • Gee, I wonder why? Being paid to spy on Americans is the NSA’s mission now.

      Soldiers have an excuse for being stupid and uneducated. But the NSA is supposed to have an elite workforce. THEY are creating the police state that will spy on their neighbors, their friends, and eventually…themselves!

      • The logic of radical autonomy is the destruction of family and friends FIRST.

      • Another effect of radical autonomy is the adherent’s penchant for giving rise to imaginary forces while feigning obliviousness to the forces at hand. This has the “advantage” of being able to be ruled at a distance while still maintaining local radical autonomy.

      • Why are you against RA, TD? It is a step on the way to WS. Even you have admitted this.

      • Ryu…

        The gap from RA to wS is not a stepping stone, but rather, a unbridgeable metaphysical schism. The logic of RA is self-annihilation AND ALL THINGS leading “up” that logical chain are then seen at Final Liberation as the small coherent acts of spiritual, intellectual and physical annihilation. White Supremacy is a repudiation of the entire logic chain starting with the indeterminate origin of self in both space and time and ending with the absolute annihilation of the self.

        This doesn’t mean I don’t practice mild forms of RA (and even extreme forms on occasions… I never promote RA). I absolutely do because there is indisputable utility in such an approach when immersed in a radically autonomous environment..

      • There is no other way to WS. One cannot logic or reason people into it. This is why only a few have grasped your philosophy.

        Only by pushing and taking things to the physical, objective limit will one learn that there is limitation. THEN, one sees that a few rules are necessary.

        I found a book once, TD. It was about Chinese monks who lived in the mountains. Some spent their entire lives up there. They did not know the name of Mao or what Communism was.

      • Ryu…

        I don’t want to belabor the point. Perhaps you are right. “Stepping stone” just isn’t the word I would use. Modernity is identity crisis for those who embrace it. “White” male embraces modernity and is consequently mired in an identity crisis that he must then euphemistically transforms into beneficial “mutations” he calls self-creations (in order to hide the primary act of annihilating the last hated self) or vehemently prohibit all around him from imposing their own particular perception of his created self. This is the vicious cycle of radical autonomy.


        It simply starts with bad metaphysics. It simply starts with the rejection of Perfection. It simply starts with the dismissal of the only solution to the infinite regress and General Entropy. It simply starts with the universal equality of a redundant phenomenon. It begs for a poolside view.

        Good metaphysics is the true stepping stone to white Supremacy.

      • Ryu…


        He who will do all right…


        He who will do anything?


        He who is Perfect…


        He who is perfectly transgressive?

      • Perfection, for man at least, is a process. One never quite reaches it, or holds on to it for long. I have been perfect for brief periods of time. It is an experience worth having.

        I would say the “best man” is the one whose lowest day is not that low. The difference between his best and his worse ought to be a minimum.

      • Perfection, in the absolute, is a Singularity and thus not procedural. This is the white Supremacist’s metaphysical origin. It is not his path (step by step procedure), but his psychological launch pad. The goal is not replication of Perfection (an impossibility by the First Law of Perfection), but the experience of genuine free will. “Nothing” is the “white” liberationist’s metaphysical origin. The worldly overlap finds itself at (p)erfection IN RELATIVE TERMS. On one side of white man’s mind is functional metaphysics and on the other is dysfunctional metaphysics. In the lack of definitive origin and the procedural nature of life IS the social engineering of the radical liberationist. The fraud lies in the idea of “perfecting” man WHILE rejecting the existence of Perfection (evidence of radical autonomy). The concrete conceptual conflict involves a definition of Perfect that pits “he who will do all right” versus a liberated concept of “perfect” that coincidently mirrors the dispiriting, deracinating, homosexualizing and bureaucratizing agenda of Liberalism. The “perfect man”
        Is a “white” self-annihilator.

        The prohibition is clear-cut. No white man, whether as an individual or as part of a collective, may strive towards Supremacy. The prohibition is clear-cut. A collective of white men who strive towards Supremacy cannot claim to be a superior race. The prohibition is clear-cut. White men who strive towards Supremacy and therefore necessarily separate from the integration are de facto outlaws. The prohibition is clear-cut. The rules of Radical Autonomy extend to all EXCEPT the genuine white Supremacist.

      • There is no existential crisis without genuine free will. And it doesn’t matter if one is monocausal, bicausal or believer in inherent white pathology, ALL DENY white man’s genuine free will.

        “Our” entire war is the struggle to experience genuine free will. Just once or a million times.

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