Your Tax Dollars At Work

by eradican

It’s that time of the year again. They say two things are guaranteed in life; death and taxes. Your taxes once payed for worthwhile stuff but nowadays go towards Shaniqua and Maria’s ghetto brood. Your neighborhood is also destroyed with section 8 housing payed for by none other than YOU. Taxes also pay for your children’s MLK brainwashing. Kids today can’t get jobs, write well, do arithmetic, or even grasp history but they sure can tell you about “racism”.

If that wasn’t bad enough the shysters in the financial industry are also enjoying cream and caviar at your expense. Your money also pays for 500 pound smart bombs and…

…special forces missions, but not to reconquer our fallen cities instead ensuring the elite maintain and expand their power abroad.


Mafia protection rackets work the same way. You pay “protection” money to the very same people you need protection from. In Mexico, drug cartels make enormous money shaking down farmers, businessmen and townspeople. Using coercion, threats and force to extract tribute is the oldest profession in history. It’s also been the game of imperial powers for ages. No bully ever picks on someone who can fight back though. Make no mistake Iraq was invaded precisely because they lacked WMDs. How come the US elites never tried to “liberate” the Soviet Union? Oh, that’s right: Manhattan, San Francisco, Orange County, Boston and DC would get really hot – like a million degrees Fahrenheit hot.

I remember the run-up to the Iraq invasion where the “liberal” media couldn’t stop slobbering on Bush’s cock after 911. Every time a Bush/GOP scandal made headlines a terror alert was announced. Questioning the the justification for war got you labeled a traitor. Every idiot was waving the flag to support the troops. It was then I realized that the rabble can be convinced of anything if the elite support it.

I became conscious of big government during the Iraq war as well. Contrary to what is believed here in Murka, the elites achieved everything they wanted in Iraq. Saddam is dead and US/UK energy firms have long term leases on the most lucrative oil fields on Earth. Anglo-American oil giants had no access to Iraq due to the international sanctions but they were set to end soon.

After a decade of US no fly zones Iraq was going to open up itself only to French, Russian, and Chinese interests. Rising oil prices with the second largest reserves in the world (mostly untapped) meant that Iraq was the biggest prize of all. It’s no coincidence the US invaded when the entire Bush administration was dominated by people with energy backgrounds. When you’re unemployed it’s due to “market forces” but when the elite want work they make a few calls to the right people in Washington. Vast sums of money also went into the pockets of contractors. That 50,000 dollar toilet must be made of gold. Then you had billions of dollars somehow go “missing”. The USG meticulously counts every cent you owe them but they mismanage everything else? Sorry but only an idiot believes that. I suggest you start looking into the overseas Swiss bank accounts of Murkan generals, politicians, bureaucrats, diplomats and Fortune 500 executives.

Have you been to your local government office like the DMV? A grotesque display of every third world Democrat constituency. Don’t get me started on the women working behind the counters. Drivel like “I’m not fat I’m Latina” is the most demanding text they ever wrote an essay on in college. Yep you’re paying for their annual 60K salary plus another 60k every year after they retire at the age of 40.

Even necessary government work like law enforcement has become riddled with affirmative action and government pension scams. Recently there was a story about dozens of NYPD hero cops ripping off taxpayers for years in fake disability claims. I always knew that cop/firemen hero worship was nothing but propaganda. Most people killed and injured on 911 were elites who otherwise loath small town and rural Murka. Meanwhile flyover country idiots were crying and holding candlelight vigils for Manhattan. The real heroes of 911 were the freedom fighters like hijacking ringleader Mohammed Atta.

Then the big mother police state that remains indifferent to MS-13 but is ready to pounce on you for any infraction. While the FBI actually does important work (unlike the useless Homeland Security feminist jobs program), the history of the FBI’s origins are worth exploring. When the bureau was first proposed there was a lot of opposition. It was well understood that this new agency was going to be the national political police. As a compromise the FBI would have regional headquarters from where its operations would be directed. The problem is that every state in Murka has its own ruling clans, gated communities, private schools, etc.

In other words just because the FBI doesn’t exclusively serve the interests of eastern elites doesn’t mean it’s not serving the rich and powerful in your own local area/region. Obango wanted to appoint a cop killer’s lawyer to the justice department but that was resisted by the FEDCOP community. Your life however doesn’t mean anything to them. These various alphabet soup agencies are stockpiling weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles to use against someone. I suspect it’s not going to be anyone named Tyrone, Pedro – or country club Johnathon.

Americans revolted against taxes once but being a good patriotic Murkan today means paying for your own slavery!

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18 Comments to “Your Tax Dollars At Work”

  1. Democratic party is the Third World party. A visual, the white libs are traveling up a steep incline on a great blue sky day, to them its all sunshine and hope, but over the crest is Soweto that awaits them.

    Of course our essayists bray on and on about details while lacking any ability to dethrone the authority of Libtardism.

    See that is the secret in politics, crush the authority of the other side not quibble the details. I tried to explain that to the genius at Occidental Dissent and to MW but their script is that if they play the college undergrad game they will get a smart badge and then move up some ladder that today does not exist for white men.

    The word “Racist” has more authority than their essays, no matter how correct their essays on gay judeo bolshevism or Haiti’s population are they simply will not challenge the authority of the holy libtards.

    Think of it this way they and the others play bad boy who comes up to be lectured by Big Momma, hoping to get a smart badge from BM so they can go back to their crews and bray about them being celebrated bad boys with smart badges.

    Better to go upstairs tell the good kids that Big Momma is a freaking idiot that teaches them stupid shit that if they try to inflict it upon the bad boys they will get their face broken.

  2. Say what you will about America’s radical autonomy and her willingness to tap into an energy outlet LARGELY of her own making by any means necessary, but don’t claim Atta a “freedom fighter.”

    No, no, no.

    In an act of self-annihilation, he mass murdered infidels with the desire to obtain 72 virgins for eternal usage.

    He did not get what he sought…

    Therefore, he is a damned fool, “enjoying” a genuine radical autonomy and contemplating how “Allah” did him wrong and God did him right.

    • No one knows whether there is or is not an afterlife.

      So, Atta’s motivation is rendered meaningless to the one it mattered most to: Atta.

      He is neither hero, neutral nor villain to himself. The view he held at his last moment is all that mattered.

      Thus the only entity that can claim him a positive or negative is the present world.

      By that measurement, his life for thousands others is called victory.

      • Inducing mass delusion is no victory even if it “looks” like it to the delusional. Atta created jihadists, i.e., self-annihilators seeking radical sexual autonomy. So if two self-annihilating “forces” collide then the path to victory is in destroying the mechanism of “perpetuation” of the other side The jihadist reaches “apex” Islam when he self-annihilates in submission to Allah in a mass murdering of infidels. Ideally then,a caliphate will require prolific breeders of jihadists. But because Islam already embraces radical sexual autonomy, the only avenue left to the radical liberal of the West in destroying the prolific breeding of Islamic females is increase in their material wealth. All Americans have to do is buy their oil.

      • Atta and his 18 buddies each created more destruction than Bill Gates created wealth. He would still have been disappointed, hoping to have killed ten times more.

  3. Good stuff. It has to be understood that many BigLibs also work with our secret police, aka FBI. Al Sharpton did of course.

    There’s only one way to earn your freedom, one way to liberate oneself from a bully.

  4. Atta boy! Merkins always root for the underdog.

  5. Oh, what a shame.

    And to think you thought you were at the bleeding edge.

  6. I personally know people who pay 1/2 of their million dollar salary into taxes. It’s ridiculous. But do you have sympathy for them? They live the Wall St life.

    I’m smart to realize that I will never work for an employer in America ever again, at least to the point, where they hit me with taxes at the end. I don’t want to see money going towards MINOs and other undesirables.

    A self employed person in NYC who earns more than 100K as a non-corporate entity, pays taxes to 5 different authorities. Just wonderful, and some of you can go to Lion of the Blogosphere and tell him that’s the price you pay for being a status whore in Neeew Yawk!

    • Do any Noo Yawkah’s ever decide to get out? NYC is a revolting, humid, Orwellian shtetl of a city, and it reeks of trash – some of them must get tired of it eventually.

      • High taxes and colored filth are everywhere. People tolerated it for one reason. There’s money everywhere. If you can get it!

      • I see a few New Yorkers who leave. They get tired of the cost of living. Also, they get tired of all the laws, regulations, and gov interference. NYC has a tremendous amount of laws, and many roads are toll roads. And they always have to field questions by people who have admiration for NYC.

      • They field people who have admiration for NYC, because it is full of much ado about nothing young people who move there and live in the ridiculously high priced shithole at the expense of their parents or work on Wall St. Further, if you don’t have responsibilities and loads of cash to splash, NYC is a great place to jerk around where everything is at your finger tips.

        And now that NY has very high rents, only a select few will be able to pay, whether to do business or live in it. Besides the regulations, high taxes, and migger servants everywhere, parasitic landlords make it unbearable for people by raising their rents, such that anyone with a sane mind would leave in a heartbeat.

        The naive admiration for NYC is everything with what’s wrong with America. The disparity between the lesser cities and the big cities in Murka is so great, that the cost of living is so high in big cities, and the lesser cities are stuck with losers with no prospects.

  7. Ryu
    April 10, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Would that chimp hurry up and die!

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