Elite VS You: Their Vacations & Your TAXES

by Firepower

Actual Pic of Obam-Elite’s Hawaiian Summer Mansion

Obama & Fam take another $20 Million vaykay

and your $30,000 yearly slave pay gets taxed more.

Enjoy that $1,500.00 less this year, and the next, and the next…

I know, me buzzkill.  So it’s ok then!  It gets better in 20 years!  Right?

Of course it will – Hillary will make it all better.  Then, future President Chelsea Clinton and Vice-President-in-waiting Michelle-Malia Obama II will be even better than their parents.

Good thing both his separate vacation palace and his future retirement mansion(s) aren’t..


….McMansions – that’d really get The Commoners upset.  Fealty, to M’Lord.

Keep on getting fucked up the ass, sleeple™ – you’re beginning to really scare ’em!

Numbers N’ Stuff? Meh. Don’t Wanna Read It!

17 Comments to “Elite VS You: Their Vacations & Your TAXES”

    • I warned you copycats thrived.
      Now, the dimwits at rok get further rock-a-byed for the sake of hits to enrich roosh’s dating seminar cashflow.

      The disgusting part is: Roosh is such a fucking hypocrite. He always BANNED commenters for posting that ideology…now, he co-opts them as “authors.”

      Justice happens when rooshi capitalizes on their re-workings of what I already wrought two years ago on Eradica – and six years – if counting the exact same warnings re: The Daily Outrage! I/we gave to The Sleeple* at The FearHead.

      *ht: bringthereality

      • Our ideas will almost certainly be moderated as they become popular. An imitator can’t do it as well as the original. All of wn will be more moderate if the public ever picks up on it. This is probably the golden age of wn extremism.

        [ednote: moderation gets you what you have today. moderation gets you lil’ Boehners, RINOs, NeoCons – MooRMZ]

  1. I read about this in the National Enquirer. They said Michelle has a list of world sites she wants to visit, also that she’s this diva gold digger. She wants to divorce him but she’ll wait until after his term is over.

    [ed note: murkans, having long ago accepted a King, deserve to be ridden & whipped like royal subjects. like bleating peasants]

    • Murka = matriarchy. Sluts getting fucked non-stop today will later raise loser sons who “respect” women.

    • IIRC Michelle had divorce papers ready to be filed, but then the Chicago Jews discovered Obama and decided to make him president. In a few years she’ll shack up with some rapper just to piss off Barry.

      • I keep seeing that in the National Enquirer. They say Michelle is ready to walk out of there, and will after 2016. They also said Hillary has big health issues, and she’s gonna pop if she runs for prez.

  2. You Muricans can whine all you want about Hillary. Only this weekend,. I was reading about a hot lil right wing girl, who’s got a lot going for. I’m talkin about Condee. Hell she might even be a dyke. What’s not to like?

    [ednote: that little Hawk-screech thingy called iraq wmd’s]

  3. That Ape must be related to O’Bummer’s wife. She’s a lighter fatter version of her.

  4. I thought you downgraded WMD’s to mean pressure cooker ball bearing bombs so as to make Bostonians feel better about their victimnhood and world class suffering.

  5. Just a minute ed.. Wmd’s and Condee? Are you sure you are not thinking of “Coal in” Powell?. They’re both American uber niggers but one’s a woman.

    [ed said: um, this posts not about your bowner for condi, but happy vacations for happy Elites]

  6. It may be difficult to get angry for those who are scared.

  7. Have you been following the news, FP? Connecting the dots?

    There was an event at the NSA entrance. Power outage in DC. I think there was a mall shooter too. Almost feels like something.

    • Yes, it seems like people involved, read FP’s blog. I say disrupt public facilities, put waste management to a halt, and throw in a few castor beans into the public salad bar.

      Peppering bullets into civilians however doesn’t get things done.

  8. The greatest scams are the most transparent ones, all the theft and wastage properly documented in triplicate.
    That is where the lawyers really make a killing.
    Example the F-35, and whatever Hillary orders up to replace Air Force One.

    • hyperpest
      The greatest scams are the most transparent ones

      The Sleeeple do not care. “Big gummin EXPOSES” on $507 Pentagon hammers have been fully documented on 60 Minutes since your granny bitched about Vietnam.

      The only issue the herd seriously pondered was to either elect Our Historic Black President or Our Historic First Female President.

      The Sleeeple have dropped trou and proven themselves stupid to Dagon – so Dagon, promptly fucks them silly with his enormous horned cock.

      • I think we’re early, FP. Success is a matter of opportunity and method. I do not think any program would work right now.

        Just imagine what the generation of WNs before us experienced. George Lincoln Rockwell knew all of modern WN in 1950. It must have been maddening.

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