Why Liberals Like HIGHER Taxes: Simple Explanations

by Firepower

It truly is the definition of incredible: Liberals really got Americans to love – and want more – taxes.  Well, they’re not actually Americans anymore; they’re Murkans.

Getting americans to want more taxes once was like getting them to like…more bosses.  Hmm…that too now works. Murkans LURV BiGGov.  Murkans now are colored. Whites were transformed into whites and even they now applaud their colored gran-gran-babies when awarded their 46th place Soccer Mom Ribbon.

This is The Big Lie as learned by America’s post-World War Two manipulators.

Then again, today’s Murkan is a slave, a stupid turd. It was…… not so when I was a kid. It’s impossible to feel pity for those who only Tweet.  Patrick Henry would not Tweet.

Liberal nazism must propagandize white murkans (and all murkans) into applauding BiGTax™ because it means more money for colored babies and less for whites…who pay those taxes.

That way, the Mino Master Machine kills two birds with one stone: They weaken NRA Whites while simultaneously strengthening their favored MINOs & coloreds into a force capable of eradicating all vestiges of White Culture, from TV to irksome genetic phenotypes.

The MMM must eradicate those irritating little puddles on YouTube, blogs and NRA membership rosters.

If not, one heavily-armed party clashes with Their One True Enemy and the resulting spillover is total collapse and destruction of Murka’s Economy.

But, O! The Elite loves its $450,000 a month gilded Manhattan Playpens.

…see ya in 25 years!

17 Comments to “Why Liberals Like HIGHER Taxes: Simple Explanations”

  1. Hmm. I don’t know many who enjoy paying taxes. The problem I see is they won’t shaft Uncle Sugar when he shafts them. They won’t even try to find an angle.

    These people need more anger. It overcomes the fear and the morality.

    • Then you are painted into a corner with an ever-stupefying, degenerating source of allies and followers.

      The trend says so….

      I now see the internet as an early warning system – that failed. If all that anger expressed to like-minded fellows culminated with “tweeting” then even that is a degraded form of shortened blogging.

      The trend says after Twitter, Gruntter© comes next – followed by Fartter™

  2. Rising taxes are less important than rising regulations as a top-down control tool. Even small businesses have to hire bureaucrats to comply with the endless profusion of inefficient mandates. The government knows and controls more and more.

    • This article is about higher taxes.

      Regulations are also important, but less so, as not everyone pays directly. For example: a regulation on handling and canning caviar.

      Everyone pays an income tax or property tax.
      The public’s increasingly docile acceptance of all taxes proves to BiGGov that it has won complete victory.

  3. FP says “eradicating all vestiges of White Culture from TV” – Here in the bogs they’ve taken off our Walt Longmire TV cop show and given us Nigger Ironside – FFS .
    I’m told there’s a Nigger Kojak waiting in the tubes. What’s next a nigger Magnum with a white guy in the helicopter?

    • It’s grown apparent to me the MMM must eradicate all vestiges of White Culture no matter how insignificant they appear, even to us.

      The 3rd reich never tolerated even one lingering speck of Jewish reference in its self-created culture – if it had the power to erase it completely. So, the MMM copies this Total Cleansing/Sterilizing mentality.

      That absent-minded idiot running the “war on whites in media” – the one who never updated it – made a great observation I gave him way too much credit for.
      To improve the explanation of his thesis: The opposite value frequently manifests itself from truthful reality, i.e. TV shows nig families sitting around the xmas table discussing matters of high culture when in reality, they don’t even know who their daddy is.

      To perfect that lackadaisical slacker-idiot’s half-baked thesis, I declare this opposite presentation of propaganda is pushed because to a stupefied, degraded populace nursed strictly on MLK Mythology instead of STEM – the opposite provides the quickest lesson.

      Symbolism is used to teach even illiterates in the 3rd world.

    • Breaking Bad main characters had surnames like “White” and “Pinkman”… The Death of White Amerika isn’t going unnoticed in the media if you ask me

  4. A comrade once told me that the only difference in ten years, is that things would get worse.

    Looks like you wrote this about a year ago. It’s contemptible. The attitude of a large population moves like an iceberg – very, very slowly.

    I wonder if anyone actually cares if Murka collapses. The survivalists are the only ones even thinking about it, but they have their own mental blocks.

    • By leaving this place, you could see the cesspool at a distance. Often it helps to step back and think for a moment, before acting. Most people leave and never look back. But some us want to tackle the problem at a distance.

      America’s police state is correct, at least, from the border endpoint perspective. Americans who visit Canada by car, will tell you that their border guards are nice guys, relatively comparing to ours, who rough up their own when they return to America.

    • The greatest lesson I’ve learned writing for Eradica is: You can do everything right. You can do the noblest deed possible – speak Total Truth to a people – and still fall.

      • When you compare Murka (which is a fitting name for a cesspool) to other 1st world nations, we do not show, win, or prove to the world how great we are. I’m just very surprised how the rest of the world has any ounce of respect for us. Maybe they don’t, and I’m a typical American exceptional-delusionist.

      • Guns N’ The Second Amendment mean nothing if not acted upon.
        Free Speeeeeech & The First Amendment mean nothing if not acted upon.

        It just all crumbles away like sand castles.

        Murka is like…Kardashians. Half fuck niggers, some don’t.
        Some make more money than others (delighting their Chinese Merchants) and buy more crap.

        It’s what it’s come down to: Do you really want to recycle or enlist in the USMC to save…Kardashians?

      • I don’t think the rest of the world respects America at all.

        They do, however, respect our guns and our military. They know if they step out of line, the US will bomb the hell out of ’em.

        When the money runs out, and we run out of bullets, America will find few friends. We’ve burned up all of our credit, financial or otherwise. This is in part why I hesitate to expat. They don’t like Americans – why impose myself upon them?

      • I have learned that one also. You can have the best manifesto and the clearest plan. If not followed, it is useless. This document already exists…in several forms already. The Turner Diaries, the NW Republic Series, KD Rebel, your material.

        Action is what decides things on this planet. Not intentions, plans or any of that. Whoever has the audacity to act upon what he wants. The others – will have to be happy with what they get.

      • Ryu: You have to play a Machiavellian game of turncoating. Whether Ed Snowden is a real life traitor or a stooge, I haven’t seen any other Murkan overseas come to the fore and shit on this country in public.

      • Ha. Probably they are too busy poolside to give a rip about America once they leave. I’d probably do the same thing.

      • FP: Its seems like Neew Yaawk is the perfect example of a sand castle. Literally it is, after the collapse of 3 house of cards of late. Chumps who pay $3000 in monthly rent with their dog for a rickety apartment that was once a residence for dirt poor immigrants who had their own little friends of cucarachas and rats.

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