America’s Work Camps

by Ryu

Don’t lie to yourself – we’ve got them too. The USA is no different than Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or Communist China.

The USA has the biggest prison population and most prisons of any country on Earth, or in all of human history. This is purposeful – they can either fill up or empty their prisons by manipulating how they write the laws and how they enforce them. They have complete control over the “crime problem” because they define the crimes.

Americans are capitalists rather than communists. Therefore, they pay their gulag workers. Naturally, as little as possible. 50 cents per hour is typical. Also, as one would expect, the prisoners have to ….……pay taxes on their earnings.

There’s been surprisingly little backlash from prison employees. They seem content to work as capos for the capitalists. “Criminal Justice” is big business today, and the prison industry has powerful lobbys. In many states, the captive prisoner works for cheaper than the Chinaman.

Everywhere you turn, there is tyranny is America. The Americans just use more innocent-sounding jargon. The “war on crime” will never be won, nor is it intended to be.

13 Comments to “America’s Work Camps”

  1. So true. It has also been pointed out that this ~great nation’s” unskilled workers are treated worse than the earlier African slaves were in that they do not recieve medical care or earn enough to obtain any. Also the vast majority of slaves were cared for intn their old age. Some were even given opportunities to purchase land and their OWN slaves! How many capitalists today help their workers to rise above their circumstances!

  2. I disagree.
    There’s no comparison between a political prisoner like Timmay McV and the 99% of the rest who are career criminal coloreds.

    Fuck that trash. Better to pay them $2 for a day doing laundry than taxpayers footing the bill for a private company while Tr’Avontae & Pedro pump iron.

    The problem IS the money saved is wasted on paperwork and pencil pushing MINO a/a hires’ 29 hour workweeks ending in their golden pension when they retire at age 55.

    • Or even better they could be used to dig the Trans-Florida Canal or some other type of huge public works project, instead of washing their own linens. Or deported to a hostile country like Cuba or Mexico.

      • My plan for Miggers is to create the world’s largest chain gang. By executive order – just like how Our Historic Black President buttfucked the Constitution.

        Stuff them in cold sonoran tents and hand-dig with pickaxes a trench 50 feet deep to hinder tunneling. The wall itself will be an East German kind of thing.

        I’d use them as slaves with six-day workweeks – 12 hours a day – for two years. After eating beans and pigslop for that long, we’d see how badly they’d want to make return el veeseet to Estadas Unidas.

        The wall would be less an impediment than the fear of two years sentence to hard labor constructing it.

      • I believe it. And it would work.

        Few can oppose “the law.” There seems to be a hardwired obedience to it. Especially in whites. Then, we could sit up on the throne and watch the mino leaders try to get their men to rebel, hopelessly.

      • FP…

        Excellent idea!

    • One can tell what the USG really fears by the sentences it hands out. The politicals get the really long ones, where the system throws the book at them. Then they go to ADX Flourence, which is one of our gulags.

  3. That may be true FP but I think it is important for Murkans to realize that Murka is NOT the land of opportunity that it is purported to be.

  4. HA HA very funny

  5. FWIW. I had a relative who spent some time in prison. He came out ripped.

  6. Most of the thugs are too dumb to see the big picture. Low IQ recidivists should be paid to be sterilized.

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