MINO Machine: Chinee Engineer Girl Brilliant Shining!

by Firepower
Never Boned Anybody Below a "9"

Never Boned ANYBODY Below a “9”

Heard of Xiafen “Sherry” Chen, an employee of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) office in… Ohio? No kidding: Ohio.

Even in “The Murkan Heartland” the loyal twofer AND triple-hyphenated Asian-Chinese-American  – and imported gookette – still finds the time to sell secrets to the ChiComs while busily juggling setting birthing house appointments in LA for her 457 family member-sans.

Ever wonder “how” RED China leapt from 3rd World 1999 Shithole to high tech Super-giant EXTREEM!© by 2004?

If Bill XXXlinton founded a financial empire with sacks full of commie~cash night deposited on the back steps of the White House, why not an enterprising Migger…cuz he’s prolly fucked her, too.

It’s doubtless Dark MINO Sith Lord Sir Eric The Holder shalt discover she was a large “campaign donor” to King O and will be quickly approved by now elderly Deliverance Banjo Boy Mitch McConnell’s Senate as the next head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission cuzz THERE’S a guy with a weakness for the Asian poontang…

5 Comments to “MINO Machine: Chinee Engineer Girl Brilliant Shining!”

  1. Niggas hate the gookers. A dumb whiner and a cunning cheater don’t make a good combo.

    • God forbid, or maybe god willing, if niggas ever became ruling subjects of gookers, they wished the Whitey devil would come back and save their asses!

  2. This Asian infatuation really started with Bruce Lee and his “controversial” newly liberated martial arts. It seems no migger has gained more advantage through the propagation of carefully crafted stereotypes as the Asian migger whether it be the male Asian as studious law-abider or the female Asian as epitome of femininity. And there is no collective more accountable for maintaining these semi-truthful stereotypes than Neo’s reaction. Butt, this isn’t the fugging Matrix. It’s tic tac toe.

  3. Bu-but, I thought she was here for a better life!

    oh em gee!

  4. So at least SOME immigrants are female. Bo-bomb Bros and 30 million fruitpickers and nerd drones were turning the country into a penis festival.

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