Boston Bombah! ~ Liberals Are The Kind of People That…

by Politically Correct Liberal

Judge Jury & Execute threats to Kennedy City…


…NEED thrice as long for a Muzz stacking 4x a hillbilly Jordie bodycount!


Ryu’s hot daughter

7 Comments to “Boston Bombah! ~ Liberals Are The Kind of People That…”

  1. THAT’s who he looks like. He’s real pretty for a turrist. The Muzz should print up posters.

    Good article, PCL. I’ve never seen such a fast verdict. It’s astonishing. Boy, the Murkan justice system can jump if it has the right motivation, that’s for sure.

  2. UNCLEBeast tried and killed Timmay McV even faster.

    The Beast only cares when you mess with its toys.

  3. For the radical autonomist, the key metric is scope and not speed. And not just maximum scope, but minimum scope as well. It’s not just what Uncle Beast can do, but also what Uncle Beast won’t do. There are no REAL contradictions in radical autonomy. One always practices and plays to a self-annihilating end. Pleasurable annihilation is the logic of Liberal “white man.” Them jihadist boys did a number on a day of pleasurable self-annihilation. And the “speed” in which it appears Uncle Beast has maneuvered to subdue this particular threat is actually a recognition of the scope of scenarios in which Uncle Beast’s enemies can strike with maximum effect and subsequently force Uncle Beast to mete out an equally swift degree of punishment based on the murderous event itself.

    Kill government officials as a white male and get quick death penalty at “white supremacist/fundamentalist Christian/far-right winger.”

    Kill fellow American soldiers as covert jihadist and have the system move at the speed of snail hailing the inscrutably lengthy process as a necessary thing.

    Kill a bunch of bread and circus spectators and be prepared to be hunted down quickly with Uncle Beast moving briskly to protect his prophetable system of perpetuating self-annihilators.

  4. In a real country the mad psychiatrist would have been executed for treason in a month. Pres.Hussein is going for a Kafkaesque/Machiavellian motif like a late Roman emperor. The girlfriend selfie is inspiring though.

    • King Hussein I could never have achieved national US Kafkaesque proportions unless Murkans themselves were as debased as latter Roman citizens who tolerated such bizarre lunacy.

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