Cops Who Go Bad

by Ryu

There are only three ways to make money in this world. Earn it, steal it, or print it. The last two methods are only legal for governments.

It’s always interesting to see how cops who go off the reservation act. Often money is the big motivator. The bad cops realize that the only way they can make real money quickly is by breaking the law.

We have in the past, and will continue in the future, harp about how its easier to break the law when you’ve got that badge or that uniform. Those doing it on their own always have to spend 95% of their effort on planning, with only 5% on the action itself.

A criminal would find becoming a cop or soldier easier than a cop would find becoming criminal.

5 Comments to “Cops Who Go Bad”

  1. Or by being a bureaucrat in a corrupt society (all of Africa, Latin America, and Asia except a few outposts on the periphery).
    In the few rich countries the corruption moves to a higher level of well-connected power brokers and behind the scenes manipulators.

    • Migger gangs have infiltrated BOTH UNCLEBeast-Army AND HEROCops!™ for decades.

      You never hear about it because it’s embarrassing for Dagon and his little jewish media helpers – and that “embarrassment” would reveal much of the beast’s weakness. You hardly ever see “hispanic gangs” get taken down in LA, even though there’s 200x more than there were whop Mafiosi. Gee whiz.

  2. Cop=corruption takes two basic forms.

    1st World types, where highly placed tyrants do the bidding of the highest-placed tyrant, as Sir Ereich Das Holder and his minions obeying Our Historic Black President’s IRS~POGROM against the TParty.

    and –
    2nd World Type where the slovenly, sweaty stubbled Federale takes a few pesos at customs to ignore your sketchy passport. This type is only differentiated by the luxurious, Byzantine palaces the Head Security Man occupies at the whim of the Junta Strongman.

    Murka is in transition from the 1st World Model to the latter.

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