Escape This Quest

by Ryu

This is a cool idea. People pay to be locked into a room and then have to get out. It is exactly the same as starting in prison, then working to get out. Working backwards has advantages over the conventional method.

2 Comments to “Escape This Quest”

  1. It seems like this well to do American White family was poisoned by coloreds in the Virgin Islands. They call it a pesticide poisoning. Who’s really surprised by the fact that coloreds vehemently hate White folks? More coloreds turning against White Libs, let the fun begin!

    [ed note: meh. doubtful is deliberate. that’s silly paranoia. more likely an illiterate colored slave working for $4.43 a day in VI fucked up. besides, i dgaf about rich white suburbanite Obama voters who spend more on 23 weeks vacation than donations to WNs.]

  2. Surviving family members will probably make a donation to the teeming islander masses for tax-deductible liberal status points.

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