Conservative Equivalents of PC

by Firepower

Call it a… FOX problem.

Grecycling* demands sticking to a story then switching details to avoid plagiarism charges. It’s a sad real-life skit played out as when Jon Stewart or his ConservaFOX doppelgangers run clips mocking enemy talking heads repeating the catchphrase loop of the moment.

There’s a gun show on one of the White Guy Huntin’ Fishin’ Channels describing how to defend yourself from the Knockout Game PolarBearing as practiced by “our nation’s youth” aka coloreds.  They’re not my youth. This ain’t my nation. I share it neither with monkeys or white buffoons who refuse to call a….…. spade a nigger thug.  These white, rural bumpkin dorks then go so far as to cleanse the criminal and scrub him sooooo hard, they scrape all the nigger off him, leaving him as white as they are. Aha! So that’s why they calls it Polar Bearing dag-gummit!

FOX shamefully uses the same ploy rather than take the time and use their giant propaganda machine to change hearts & minds. They sweetly described PolarBearing assaulting whites as “random incidents by urban yoofs!”

You cannot trust a machine influencing you by withholding simple truths.

36 Comments to “Conservative Equivalents of PC”

  1. He is just one of a long list. Have you a group photo? No. There are too many of us to allow the few to continue with the farce. The day will come and many will wonder why it took so long to rid US of the prasites.

  2. The yearly G8 Summit brings a lot of our evil overlords together.

  3. There is a big market in repetition in the USA. It’s everywhere.

    Magazines are what I focus on. Every month, Muscle and Fitness has the same articles: add an inch to your arms, torch fat, squat. CosmoGirl has the same junk about sex, clothes and career. Same with Newsweek, Time, or any publication.

    Their aim is survival and a steady market rather than real change. A certain amount of repetition is necessary for learning. After a time, it becomes TDO, meaningless activity. No serious student spends his life learning and re-learning the ABCs.

    • ryu wrote: There is a big market in repetition in the USA. It’s…

      Good to see Osiris spared you – praise be Hisis name…I told you superior Nordic Genes would beat a dose of the Myanmar Clap.
      Grecycling IS Murka.
      Murka…IS grecycling now.

      There is an actual formula for COSMO I read long ago – before online articles. Cosmo works it like this: Put up an article pointing out a flaw in a female.
      1. “10 Things Your Boyfriend WON’T Tell You!” {neg}
      2. Show a Perfect Woman: “Kim Kardashian’s Fabulous Billionaire Life With St. Kanye!” {hook}
      3. Show how to fix the flaw: “LOSE 5 LBS OF BABYFAT OFF YOUR HIPS IN 10 DAYS!”
      4. Collect Mad Manhattan jew publishing $$$ from the suckers who buy the mag to get the answer…

      Men’s mags run on Game too:
      1. “END Your Skinny Calves – NOW!”
      2. “Dave Draper’s INSANE 1960 Delts!”
      3. “EASY New Bicep Routine!”

      blah blah

  4. Ah….and the “nice” magazines add in some recipes. YES you can bake and eat cheesecake and STILL lose five pounds a week and have fifty orgasms a night.

    Go just one year withou television, then watch some and you will see what jews are obsessed with and what they want YOU to be obsessed with.

    Ps. I remember PA from Roissy’s site and it’s true that you pushed that Jew toward race realism PA. Always keep in mind that Roissy is a jew though. He is just trying to cash in on rising anti-jewism, that’s all.

    • I was never convinced roissy is a jew. I know his real name. He could be, he may not be.

      I DO remember he pubbed a good anti-jew post – then swiftly removed and totally erased it after his financial jew bosses got wind of it.

      It reduced my opinion of his stature considerably.

      That his jew masters “let” him keep his job after daring to utter: Some jews are greedy! might prove his jewness…
      Such Aborting/Erasers of Their OWN Thoughts are useless when FOX does the same.
      PA was/is a disappointment. He oddly championed Chuck Ross – a gullible hack – as if he had a personal stake in Piggi’s future. Maybe he’s The Bottom?

      PA was/is free to post his opinions on Eradica but quickly wussed-out when questioned. I do not need that kind; I revile them. You’ll notice he’s not been around. He prefers TECOF and HATSOFF.

      PA is a true grecycling piggi-lette of the TDO Tit.

      • If you love money, and moah money, because you live a petty consumerist lifestyle, then Jews are your calling. And America is your calling. This country, as we speak now, is nothing but a big corporate outfit, where money hungry winners take all by lying, cheating and stealing. Apparently, many Whites have been bitten by the consumer vampire.

        You figure chumps who moved to NYC and live in some old dingy apartment clocking at $3K month, then bending over for their corporate masters is much easier than that!

      • And also, I said many White youths move to NYC, not to work, but to play. The rent money has to come from somewhere, at the expense of their parents.

      • JS said:
        The rent money has to come from somewhere, at the expense of their parents…This country, as we speak now, is nothing but a big corporate outfit…

        …same with England vis a vis London.

        And all large western cities: Paris, Rome, Stockholm and Madrid…your hatred for America blinds you into only seeing fault with it while ignoring identical flaws in European culture.

      • FP: Yes, I forgot to mention the entire Anglo world, rife with degeneracy, multicult, petty consumerism and bad women. It’s worse in the English tradition than anywhere else of the 1st world universe!

      • JS wrote
        FP: Yes, I forgot to mention the entire Anglo world, rife with degeneracy, multicult, petty consumerism and

        Yes. As a likely Catholic, you must acknowledge both sins of commission and omission.

        Remember England fucked itself; its whites buried the nation in foreign colored shitholes like India. Brit whites RAN to meddle in both WW1 and WW2 and that destroyed Great Britain to this very day.

        Murka is the same, but with niggers and miggers.

      • The Anglosphere is in the process of being eradicated or taken over by a non-English domain. It’s a matter of time.

        If I were you and the the other readers here, pushing an anti-American agenda into non-English speaking nations is a good first start.

        The first and closet place for me to start is French Canada, which by the way has its own problems of immigration and MINOs, but their racism is a lot healthier and saner that of Anglo Canada, and certainly here in the United States, where minorities are kept in their place and must respect the dominant force, as to not contaminate the majority’s cultural output!

      • If I were you and the the other readers here, pushing an anti-American agenda into non-English speaking nations is a good first start.

        You should* translate Eradica articles into your native language, publish and promote them.

      • The only non-English language I speak is German, JS. Germany and Austria are American playthings, as of right now. It would be interesting to translate them into Arabic or Pashtu, and pub them for the Iraqis or Stanis. I’ve love to hook up with them.

      • I will and I promise you once I’m out of the Murky nation.

        I’m looking forward to have a dialogue with the French Separatists in Quebec, who hates Anglo Canada and its multiculturalism, and they probably hate everything about us, because of the same.

      • Why wait until you leave??

        Translate an article and send it to ryu.
        It will be pubbed HERE. Eurotyrants don’t scare me. Especially after I’ve lived this long under Murkan LNs publishing Eradica

        As for Quebec, their solitary fixation on Anglo-Canada’s fall – to the detriment of seeing The Fall of All WHITE Civilization – reminds me of someone…

      • Jesus. Bring on those Eurotyrants, JS. No other country is as tyrannical as the US.

      • I would be writing from outside of the country in a place that shares similar problems, and yet also anti-American.

        What is there for me to offer in terms of an unique writing piece, when I’m currently here in the US?

        It makes sense that Quebecois hate their fellow Whites who are Anglo. They’re the main instigators of multicult filth in the Western world. And cities such as Montreal is multicult like NYC, mainly because of the Anglo element, and not the French.

        [you misunderstood: TRANSLATE an Eradica post into YOUR lang THEN PUB IT HERE]

    • Then you can always leave Ryu, and it’s not like the Murkan tyrants are stopping you!

      • You can always leave and come back stronger, and more effective with allies. The Ottoman Turks didn’t take over Constantinople after their 1st attempt, but they did so the next time!

      • I like to be near the action. The US is the belly of the Beast. Anywhere else I go, it’s easier than this place.

        Have you ever felt…the fear of the USG and of the American people?

        I remember the Washington Area Sniper. That dude was badass. He had all 300 million Americans in this country a-hopping.

        It’s tremendouly educational. The US reminds me of an elephant. If the mouse comes, he scares the elephant. Then the elephant has to cook up a bad punishment, because no one is allowed to scare elephants. I think one rumor, or one harsh word could destroy this country.

      • If you want to slay the “beast” by yourself, then shall be it. Having co-slayers will be easier. A few mice will scare the elephant shitless. I didn’t say you should leave Murka permanently. An exile can come back or you can pounce from the outside, when time is ripe.

        I live in NYC, one of the most competitive cities in the world. I use to think like you, I want to conquer the city and outcompete everyone around me. I realize most New Yorkers are status whores and aren’t even all that impressive. What do you really want in life remains the only question you need to answer? Do you want all toys that the rich have? Stealing it from the rich isn’t the answer.

        My philosophy is to think like Machiavelli. Think outside of the box. Most Americans can’t think outside of the box.

      • What I want in life is to be a WN. It’s the greatest challenge.

        Tell me something about New Yorkers. How competitive are they? Would they kill to win? Would they wade through blood and guts to do it? They talk about greed but I don’t feel it from them. Greed, hate and anger all come together at the top.

        New Yorkers are soft. I see them in those suits, their haircuts with those briefcases. These aren’t soldiers. Every great soldier I know, to a man, is poor. I’ve never seen a rich man who can train for squat. They don’t have the inner need.

      • Ryu: New Yorkers are soft.

        I agree. That “tough, hypa-competitive Nooyawka” is a tired myth. It was true once – until 1970 when the city turned into a ghetto and fell.

        Today, they simply have the controls of MurkaMEGABankCo and pass insider knowledge to their kids.

        Same with “stock market/banking titans”: It’s all cheating, connections and inside information.
        Anybody can do it who’s in The Club.
        Elites are not smarter than us. They’re probably dumber from generations of inbred laziness.
        They’re just more connected.

      • Yes, it depends on what you want and what kind of comparisons are we making. I don’t understand why you would even call Murka an intimidating tyrannical beast, when much of its demographic resemble that of New Yorkers, who are materialistic, shallow and soft.

      • js: i don’t understand why you would even call Murka an intimidating tyrannical beast, when much of

        Murka perfected the Art of Bullying. Intimidating the weaker.
        Rah-rah Jordi-TV blares about “our victory” shattering shithole Iraq. Pummeling Panama, etc.
        The same fascist swine do the same on an individual scale with its own citizens – white ones like Ted K. and Timmay McV.

        If an ISIS/Syrian insurgent outbreak ever broke-out here UNCLEBeast would totally collapse in a year.
        Who sexts Kardashian pix when the gas storage tanks are blown?
        Who buys iPhones when the cell towers are toppled?
        Who’d drive truck-fulls of them on Sniper freeways?

        MOG is a terrible thing.

  5. I prefer my evil raw and pure, which is why I only watch CNN on the rare occasions I peruse cable news.
    BTW forensic diginalysis confirms that is not actual photo of TexMex cocatease above.

  6. NYC was a wasteland for the poor and colored miscreants. It’s now becoming the exclusive “well to do” and those “who want to be” shitting dump. It was never a pleasing city in an aesthetic sense, and still it holds true today!

    There isn’t anything envious about this place nor its residents, whose life revolves around the stores at the street blocks. Plenty of idiots of wealth, plenty of dumb millienial brandons, plenty of liberal shitheads of all stripes and colors, essentially, a cesspool filth of disparate zombies, whose life revolves around ceaseless consumption of all kinds. You have women who could afford an expensive manicure, but can’t pay me on time when it comes to essential services.

    • And NYC is a micro of macro America. So Ryu, look at what I’ve just described. What do you want to do with the people around you? Popping a few bullets into them doesn’t do anything. To be fair, we have less coloreds than previously; they’ve been driven out of the neighborhood as residents, but remain servants for the rich.

      • It’s yet another article that needs to be written. I will get to it: Direct Action as a Path of Self Development.

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