Thordaddy Explained: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

by Ryu

$5.99 at Ryus R Us

Thordaddy has created one of the more powerful versions of wn. He deserves alot of credit in a world where many wns are the same. Few have understood TD.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull (JLS) was written in 1970, so it has been forgotten. It is a short book that only takes 20 minutes to read. Reading JLS makes it possible to understand TD. It is about a seagull learns how to do more than just squack and catch fish.

Plato’s theory of forms is about perfection. There is a perfect circle; all other circles are just representations of the perfect circle. There is a perfect tree and a perfect man. What we see most of the time is…..…. shadows dancing on the cave wall, not the thing itself.

Perfection is a real thing. For brief periods of time in different areas, I have been perfect. For 4 hours in a sports career of 10 years, I was the best in the world and could not miss. I remember how that felt. Some call this “being in the zone.”

WN can be a means of perfecting yourself. There’s a perfect white man. For a time, Hitler was perfect. He was Germany, the perfect representatation of the German people. Nowhere is the quest for perfection more evident than in an area with so many obstacles as white nationalism.

This audiobook is not as good as the book, but it is a passable substitute for those not wishing to spend the money.

13 Comments to “Thordaddy Explained: Jonathan Livingstone Seagull”

  1. Perfectionism can be a double edged sword for White men (and some women). If employed working for others at a job it can work against you. You will either be used up and thrown out when they are through with you or you will be pushed out by the flashier, trendier, funner, non-workers (usually non-White).

    BUT used in the right endeavors we are unstoppable. We are the creators of everything good in this world. We have so much potential. We must shut out the clamor the Jews have created around us and laser-focus on what will help our descendents survive and thrive.

  2. Thanks Ryu… It’s seems the mental battle for the individual white man is the unimpeded freedom to seek Perfection versus the desire for an absolutely “perfect” freedom. This is the primary psychological war being waged within the individual mind of the above average IQ white man who has a grasp of the writing on the wall. It is white Supremacy versus radical autonomy. Freedom to seek Supremacy (culturally and socially verboten in all the Anglosphere) versus autonomy without consequence (umm… “Radical” freedom).

    That your average “white” male (and “white” female) chooses radical freedom (or at least the manufactured illusion rooted in no sexual restraint) over genuine white Supremacy should neither be shocking nor unexpected. When one lacks SPIRIT (not IQ) then one’s default position is seeking a life of pleasure and comfortability. The spirited white man understands that such a personal scenario indicates the need for righteous engagement with the world. Only as a genuine white Supremacist can the individual white man battle the world and his enemies with any real conviction. To “battle” this world as a radical autonomist is to put on one’s best act in order to obscure the simple fact that one only really desires degenerate “luxury” and “comfort.”

  3. Does a genuine White Supremacist pay tribute to his enemies in the form of taxes?

    • The reality is that tax “evasion” for the average WN will only demand back taxes plus interest following a usually drawn out time period of letter exchange with Uncle Beast’s IRS. Obviously, I advise a break even economic model that minimizes tax liability. If one is asking about not paying at all??? That’s a risk you will have to take. The repercussions could range from nothing at all to perhaps suicidal despair. One can’t know how Uncle Beast will act until he acts within your personal sphere.

    • Erin,

      Unless you are envisioning a government-free society only consisting of private property then one will necessary submit to some for of tax regime. The current debate over taxes is really the same one it has always been and that is the idea of being taxed without any benefit and/or that tax benefit going to the “other.” BUT, all your taxes are not simply going to benefit others. Some taxes paid by you still benefit you, however indirectly or subtly that may be. I think anyone prepared to not pay taxes should at least be knowledgeable AND reasonable in their rationale if or when it comes time to defend their acts.

  4. The divide is at the metaphysical level AND ONLY within the mind of the genuine white Supremacist. The Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist simply serves as additional psychological weight to the side of radical autonomy. The synthesis of “white” pathological altruism and “white genocide” is IMITATION of self-annihilation. For some “whites,” a SINCERE form of flattery.

  5. High IQ white male has been swayed by the weight of the Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist and “its'” metaphysical conceptualization of Power. Interestly, in over ten years of intense jihad debate, not once was it mentioned that Muslims reference Mohammed as the “perfect man.” This fact alone suggests that Muslims at least conceptualize objective Supremacy. But alas, the reality is that Muslims “see” Perfection as LESS THAN Unfettered Will. The Liberationist “sees” Unfettered Will as GREATER THAN and MORE POWERFUL than Perfection.

    The will to do anything (transgress at every chance) is more powerful than the will to do all right (be perfect)…

    He who is absolutely evil is more powerful than He who wills all right.

    This ^^^ is the metaphysical divide that exists only in the mind of the white man with the “other” tipping the scales most heavily in favor of all out radical autonomy.

    So white man necessarily finds himself on the verge of total self-annihilation.

  6. To the radical liberationist, Perfection DOES NOT EXIST. There is pleasure and pain. That’s the extent of their “right” and “wrong.” And because pain persists as evidenced by the insatiable desire for pleasure, the radical liberationist’s “first principle” is verified. There is no Perfection because I suffer in pursuit of insatiable pleasure. This is the psychology of the enemy, both external and the one in the mirror.

  7. The best manner in which to visualize Perfection and thus white Supremacy is through the lense of radical autonomy. That’s the paradox of the radical liberationist who seeks a “perfect” freedom in the rejection of Perfection. This translates into “white” self-annihilation. Final Liberation. Anti-perpetuation. For ONLY perpetuation can determine the ULTIMATE winner of the war.

  8. He has said many insightful things if sometimes inscrutable like REM lyrics.

    • If I have in fact used “REM lyrics” — and I’m assuming REM = band from 80’s — then such usage was employed while thordaddy was in a state of radical autonomy. In other words, I cannot even think of a lyric from an REM song nor can I even think of an REM song, period. Please help thordaddy resolve this total detachment from his asserted words?

  9. The perennial question is how “Roman” are the roaming “Catholics” and whether the racist believer in (S)upremacy can also be a global preacher of “universal equality” AND NOT suffer the consequence of a self-annihilation?

    Johnathan Livingstone Seagull flies high because anything less is certain existential death… An explicit admission of clipped wings and crimped rings. His desire for the perfected flight is eternal suffering no ill-fated passengers. And because he will not crash, he is visible to all who will peek to the above. A model plane, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, reaching ever greater height as is his essence, lays bare the mundane plainness of desire for (P)erfection.

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