Eradicating Whites LN/Obamao Style

by Firepower

YES: All Miggeritas Look LIKE This!

Fosetism at its best! I encourage all readers to read the Brietbart piece

If Today’s Brandon!™ barely survives with the safety net of “mom’s basement”, how will Tomorrow’s JUSTIN!™ fare as the minority in hostile La NewMINO Land? Do I care? Not one squirt of piss.

One quarter of current U.S. population is comprised of first and second-generation immigrants, including the offspring of illegal aliens who were automatically granted U.S. citizenship regardless of their parents’ lawlessness. That’s 81 million foreigners.

Both Bush and Obama administrations, along with Congressional members of both parties, encouraged mass immigration, especially low-skilled foreign labor. Under President George W. Bush, Congress failed to pass a 2007 immigration reform act that would have cost American taxpayers $2.6 trillion dollars, paved a pathway to citizenship for as many 20 million illegal aliens, and slammed programs such as Medicare and Medicaid with sudden, extreme ……. financial burdens. A related bill that would have created a “Z visa” to likewise grant 12 to 20 million or more illegal aliens a permanent right to U.S. residency and a Social Security number, also failed to reach Bush’s desk.

After Democrats lost a congressional majority in the 2014 elections, Obama used an executive order to grant 5 million illegal aliens a stay from deportation, plus Social Security numbers and tax refunds that will cost taxpayers $175 million in 2015 alone. Despite their electoral victory, Republicans folded and agreed to fund an order that Obama himself declared illegal.

(There’s a bunch of links in this article well-worth your while to investigate. If not, don’t act so shocked you’re an ignorant, illiterate slave…)

Obama also told illegal aliens that they should expect to seize control of the highest branches of American government. At a Florida town hall, Obama told the beneficiaries of amnesty that Americans do not have a right to decide who enters their country and Republicans should stop opposing his executive amnesty order.

“Over the long-term, this is going to get solved, because at some point there’s going to be a President Rodriguez or there’s going to be a President Chen,” Obama told his audience, hosted by Telemundo and MSNBC. “The country is a nation of immigrants, and ultimately it will reflect who we are and its politics are going to reflect who we are.”

The U.S. saw all of its new jobs from 2007 to 2014 go to foreigners rather than unemployed Americans, Breitbart News has reported. In the past twelve months alone, Hispanics have enjoyed five percent job growth — while non-Hispanic whites saw only 1.4 percent growth, and black Americans 3.8 percent. Legal and illegal Hispanic immigrants will take 75 percent of every new American job by 2020.

Hispanics will continue to enjoy explosive population growth and will number 119 million by 2060, up from 55 million in 2014, according to the Census Bureau. The total foreign-born population will increase an astonishing 85 percent by 2060. Non-Hispanic, native-born whites, however, will see their numbers fall by 16 million and their fertility rates decline by 23 percent. They will be a minority in the country founded by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and other statesmen within the next 45 years if current immigration levels continue, making up 44 percent of the population by 2060.

These dramatic demographic changes transformed the country a mere 50 years after Congress introduced TED KENNEDY & LBJ’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. Native-born Americans of every ethnicity are struggling to compete in an economy that brings in two immigrants for every job it creates.

7 Comments to “Eradicating Whites LN/Obamao Style”

  1. The fundamental “principle” is radical autonomy, i.e., the “right” to travel wherever one pleases and transverse the private property of any individual or nation without consequence that isn’t then politically transformed into reward. And implicit to this idea of unimpeded migration is the “house” without locks on doors or windows. So “we” see with so many “rights” of the radical liberationist a clearcut case of deadly imposition. The “right” to unimpeded migration REALLY MEANS leaving our house wide open with absolutely no locks on any doors or windows. “Procedurally-principled” self-annihilation.

    A decent meme might be a hostel campaign with one of the big door/window lock manufacturers who has undoubtedly experienced an increase in sales for his product since Obama-elect. The product marketing is naturally rooted in fear. Now one needs to tie it to the radical autonomy of the migger-nigger nexus. Who buys door/window locks for any other reason when one is forced to think about it?

  2. Maybe there will be a President Cheech.

    [ed note: do not placate yourself: there WILL be an El Presidente Cheech]

    • all u need do is watch Idiocracy.

      • ROK is entering wn territory and talking about race. But they are tiptoeing into it and use only mino writers.

        They posted this video, which was MINT. It’s the OJ verdict with black reaction versus white.

      • meh.

        OJ is…a story twenty years old. Rok’s writers then were still sucking their daddi’s tit. If murkans didn’t get the message in over 20 years it aint happening.

        Using MINO writers “ta preech da troof” PROVES there’s no free speech: if only a colored has such Free Speech – it ain’t free – they are a Separate Class. That is called discrimination; it is the essence of discrimination.

        Being scared/intimidated to call a spade a spade is what got us to this degraded point in murka. It’s not just teeny rok, even ginormous FOX is scared to even show actual Black Hate Attack Crimes against whites – yet there are thousands every year.

        The Ace Scoop Reporter then “finishes” with the Stupid Conservative Question

        are blacks more racist than white honky crackaz?!?”

        As if THE ANSWER is supposed to clang with Zeus thunder and illuminate us all…

      • But recognize the insoluble dispute that carries on decade after decade BECAUSE of faulty translation?

        If racist = white supremacist then clearly THERE IS NO DEBATE as to whether “blacks” are more “white supremacist” than “whites.”

        When one wastes his time falsely lamenting how “blacks” are more “white supremacist” than himself THEN what he is actually doing is escaping from the mandate of genuine white Supremacy BY ENSURING that the debate leads to EVERYONE being anti-racist/anti-white Supremacist.

        [ed note: this IS ABOUT eradicating whites LN/Obamao Style. not “radical radish supremacy” from TD 3:16…]

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