Federal Judge Shooting

by Firepower

It seems Detroit’s “safe northern” suburb-type streets are also magnets for colored criminals: What the fuck else is there left to steal – and WHERE is it located?

It’s a good thing our Royal Judge is not above The Little People and lives among those poor Detroit coloreds and whites he rules over – and dispenses law equally to them. The Honorable Mr. Berg is a loyalist. To defend Holy†Diversity one simply must live in a $300,000 fixer-upper in an all-white hood…

I’ll bet ya it was two coloreds. If two moronic colored druggies can have at it…well – it’s a GOOD THING these Honorable Federal Judges who protect Our IRS etc., have round-the-clock SS (Secret Sex Service) protection: Especially our highly placed, ensconced jewish ruling overseers. We all know – and accept – jews need and deserve more protection than regular people.

Good job, boys!

8 Comments to “Federal Judge Shooting”

  1. I suppose if this “judge” closed his eyes before each defendant entered into his courtroom to submit their plea, said “judge” could then not manage to guess the race of the defendant by the mere sound of their voices. So apparently, with just dark clothes, no apparent masks and VOCALLY demanding entry into the home, this federal “judge” can not tell the public at large that two deadly niggers are on the loose.


    Self-annihilators. From top to bottom.

  2. Really though… I imagine these niggers laughing like hyenas at the sheer lunacy of these “lily whites” mandated to publicly lie from “elite” to prole and back with undoubtedly deadly future consequence FOR ALL!

  3. Think of the lineup of conspirators in this near miss murder? Police, judge, journalists, neigbors… Every single one of them PURPOSELY withholding a crucial identifying feature of some wanna-be murderers of a FEDERAL “judge.”

  4. What is the final analysis?

    For this “judge,” his is an impeachable offense in my estimation.

    The first words out of his mouth should have been, “Two blacks males on the loose, armed and extremely dangerous.”

    • Do my ears deceive me? You approve of this barbarism, TD?

      • Ryu…

        In the land of white Supremacy, this type of event would ideally never happen so “no” I don’t approve of it. BUT, because “we” operate in the land of radical autonomy, this type of event is inevitably predictable TO THE POINT that even a “judge” CANNOT AND WILL NOT cast an identifying JUDGEMENT on his would-be killers.

        This scenario in particular now seems grounds for actual political impeachment of this “judge” if this is indeed an option.

        Radical autonomy says that even judges can almost be murdered and then face impeachment for that very fact that they are unwillingly to inform the larger public of two potentially killer niggers on the loose.

  5. Well, well!

    Looks like the USG wants to actually catch the perps. They are offering a 25K reward. I still think that’s cheap for one of their own. Betcha have to pay taxes on that reward too.

    He was shot March 5th. It is now March 30th. Over 3 weeks. It’s hard to clear a case like that. They need a confession, which is possible with 2 perps. They’ve got to find one and get some leverage.

    These sort of cases are hard to work. The perp and victim don’t know each other. It was an unplanned attack. And there were probably no to weak witnesses.

  6. Another shit day in a shit society, but sometimes there are moments of unintentional justice.

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