Dead Bodies

by Ryu

Years ago, STEM comrades encouraged me to develop my medical abilities, so I started studying anatomy and physiology. It was there that I saw the first of many dead bodies.

There’s a secret out there that only medical people know. Once a person dies, all that’s left is meat. It’s not any more special than beef, chicken or turkey. A corpse isn’t special, unique or worthy of veneration. The “human part” has left the building.

Instructors give speeches on “respect” but one quickly get used to corpses. After they’ve been sterilized, it’s not so unpleasant. Very quickly, I could eat pizza and chicken inches from a dissected cadaver.

Body decomposition or “decomp” can be quite unpleasant. All dead bodies follow …..…a progression until nothing but the bones are left. They turn all different colors. A variety of bugs and beatles feast on the corpse.

Some things you can’t learn from books. The problem with using vicks or cologne is that instead of breathing through the nose, you breath with the mouth. Then you taste the body, not smell it.

A decomposing body can burst if hit wrong. Gases accumulate and can produce a variety of body noises. They get hot from all the energy released by the bugs.

The pig is a good model for the human body. A decomposing body generates alot of heat; espcially near minute 3. This video shows what awaits us all:

8 Comments to “Dead Bodies”

  1. The squirming maggots are the worst part, actually.
    The fat grey pulsing mass is stomach turning and makes one a believer in cremation.
    The stench is horrendous and assaults you but I find it is the sight of the exposed decomposing bodies that really hits you.
    As for the stench, use Vicks, and spit frequently.

    The bursting of a dead body at the stomach is surprising and disgusting; the body looks solid, yet it bursts, or to be more accurate, it stretches and tears like an overloaded paper bag, and warm fluids pour out.

    Then you have to get rid of the mess.
    Even if the body doesn’t burst/tear it generally oozes fluids so one must disinfect.
    Digging is hard work if it is raining or the soil is stony, or has a lot of clay.
    Burning is good if you have a place for it; douse with kerosene and light ; the smell will go in an hour or so…

    • Good comment. I find it interesting rather than disgusting, Marlon.

      What is human is the mind, not the body. The body, even the face, is not humanity. I could imagine a true white supremacist laughing at the corpse, as if it was everything. The Eastern religions are very appealing, if adopted by the white man.

  2. All rotting meat is nauseating to carnivores.

    Plants, however, love it. You can bury the foulest rotting fish and carcasses in the lushest garden and the sweetest tomatoes etc, spring forth in abundance from the rapidly growing lush and hap-happy plants. I suppose it makes them the ultimate carnivore/scavenger. Down with The Conqueror Worm, up with The Conquering Cucumber…

    It’s been said the way to avoid putrid gas bags from organ sacs is to perforate them all well beforehand.
    Once saw a program on Our Lord Christ Obama’s Father, Nelson Mandela (hallowed be His name)
    …where burning tires burn at 1800 degrees – like a crematorium – and can obliterate all but a small percentage of even thickest bones.
    Provided it’s rested on a wheel hub, like a grill.


    • Yes, life is not only human life. Plants, bacteria and fungi are decomposers. They are as necessary as life at the top of the pyramid.

      I have been studying the French Revolution, FP. You’re right, there is a lot there.

  3. Even the professionals are nervous when there’s a stiff around. They don’t like it when you sneak up on them at least. Lot of solemn standing about is involved.

  4. “What is human is the mind, not the body.”

    True. The change is shocking. The body deflates and the essence is gone, leaving others to clean up.

    Eastern religions tend to breed passivity but in these times a sharp agile mind is required.

  5. Very interesting indeed. I wonder what the conditions were for thebaby pig video… temperature, humidity, general location. Seemed to draw a lot of local wildlife to chew the tasty parts. In the winter, animal corpses can last weeks with no human intervention, so I’m guessing at least a warm late spring night, if not dead of summer. Also, what were those purplish-white dots that suddenly popped up out of nowhere? Mushrooms of the really-fast life cycle kind? Strange that they popped up on one side all of a sudden.

    Another in the “mental human” camp. I don’t know that eastern religions are an answer unto themselves, but there’s some good stuff to be learned if you pay attention. A lot of it is about finding the right positive mindset to get through life… useful for the aspiring revolutionary, but in modeation. Too much of it, in the wrong context (looking at you, hippies), creates nonsense like “no-fault parenting” and “multiculturalism”. It’s hard to be an ascetic in 21st century Murka, with all its first-world problems, ie, whether to get the 6″ iPad or the 7″ iPad; the “zen masters” of old basically lived the hobo lifestyle. But sometimes it creates masterpieces like “The Book of Five Rings”, which is more of a philosophical treatise on the warrior mind. Musashi creating a blueprint for dual-wielding swords on the premise that two swords allow you to kill twice as many people, then built an entire philosophy around it. Deep stuff. I endorse the position as one of many exercises of my 2nd Amendment Rights, and a good way to maintain a sharp mind;;; it’s not as easy as it looks in the movies, very unnatural for a sapient body to do. This is where the mind comes in.

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