Great Deeds

by Ryu

WN would change overnight if each member decided upon one great thing to do for his people. Far more pass the test of the word than the test of the deed. As far as anyone knows, that includes me also.

Every direct action hero one can name has already did this. For most, it was the very best thing they did in their lives. What an insult it is for them when critics misunderstand.

There’s no need to make it publicly known what it is or to take credit. Most right now couldn’t read the street properly anyways. Eric Frein is quite frank in his letter that he is a revolutionary, but no one sees it.

There are far more white mercenaries today than warriors. Most need permission and do it for the dollar. It is rare today for a white man to ……be truly selfish; selfish beyond what the USG approves of, so selfish he will act for himself and his people.

We answer to a higher power. God himself gives out the missions. The mind will dwell upon it. It will fit into the story of a person’s life. He does not ask turtles to fly, nor eagles to be patient. He knows what manner of animal you are.

It may take years; the more one is given, the more is expected. Anders took 10 years to complete his action. 4 years in a life that is 60 years old is nothing at all.

Most WNs today are living someone else’s life. Copying someone else’s work. That’s fine in the beginning, but as one gains experience, he ought to pursue his own interests.

3 Comments to “Great Deeds”

  1. Based on my time on Reddit it seems the liberal majority is committed to the peaceful replacement of the white race with a new brown race.

    • In their multicultural vision, future generations will have a good laugh at today’s uncool honkies while playing midnight basketball next to the local mosque/organic co-op.

  2. Excellent topic… And yet all the “great deeds” of our time are rooted one’s “love” of something or rather. This perverted domination of the origins of good deeds thrn provokes an “equal and opposite reaction” where all “good deeds” originate from insatiable wrath and barbaric fury. Thus, the massive middle, so heavily ridiculed for their inaction, remain psychologically paralyzed by the intellectual extremists.

    What is a truly good deed and what motivates one to bring good deeds to reality?

    It seems that the mere striving towards Supremacy is a good deed neither hamstrung by fallacious “love” nor haunted by erroneous hate.

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