What is the Best Your Life has Produced?

by Ryu

Americans truly do not understand ISIS, the Taliban and al Queda. Why fight so hard? Why not become capitalists and live just like the Americans? The average American cannot imagine fighting that hard for anything.

Something given has no value. The blacks didn’t acquire their freedom after the Civil War, because they didn’t fight. It was the people’s revolution of the 1960s, the so-called “civil rights movement” that secured the blacks’ future.

We cannot ever “save” the white race. They must save themselves.

If the people don’t “feel” their servitude, then they are…….. unworthy of freedom. They are slaves who love and serve their master willingly.

Individual wns have earned their freedom. A moment of clarity is worth alot – for some, it’s worth everything. One reason why direct action activists are stuck in ADX Florence is so that their knowledge is locked up too. They have looked through the fog of misinformation and have seen how easy action is. The USG is capable of defeat.

Direct action and personal revolution are the best things that some can offer. It is a grave disservice to dismiss them as fancy or the actions of a madman. Ted Kaczynski was still a genius when he fought the system. The same IQ that taught at Harvard dedicated itself to the destruction of the USG. Sane people DO fight back.

21 Comments to “What is the Best Your Life has Produced?”

  1. Islam lovers have said for decade, The Moslems need to go through a reformation. Here it is!

  2. There is a fine line between erroneously profiling the archetype jihadist and ever so subtly crafting a heroic narrative of archetype jihadist.

    When one commits an act of murderous self-annihilation then it can be ascertained that one is truly motivated by what he perceives as a REAL reward for his indisputable conversion act.

    The paradoxical irony is that the de facto homos of the West cannot comprehend such silliness EVEN as they pursue their equivalent of radical sexual autonomy (de facto homo) in our worldly realm only to be rewarded with total annihilation.

    Jihadist –> reward — > Liberationist

    Annihilation –> reward/reward –> annihilation…

    Jihadist is to “white” liberal what glove is to hand OR hand is to glove.

    Jihadists are “top-notch” radical autonomists bound to a motivating reward that quells the perpetual identity crisis of radical autonomy.

    • TD, what would you do if your own child became a jihadist, a direct action revolutionary?

      • Obviously, given my analysis, the breakdown would suggest an identity crisis quelled by an irrational reward. In other words, there would be some kind of dysfunctional sexual relationship with females that MADE REAL the reward of conversion to Islam.

        But… I don’t think this necessarily carries to white kids raised in the West who seek conversion.

        I would have to hear his arguments… His rationalizations and justifications. Ask why he rejects white Supremacy? Ask why he rejects objective Supremacy in his god? Ask IF HE ACTUALLY SEEKS JIHAD and believes in the REWARD? Tell him that there is just something inherently anti-white man in such a procedural belief system such as Islam. Tell him that it “flourished” ONLY amongst a certain male population with their own distinct features AND THAT DOESN’T really include him even though Islam is pathologically deracinated for purposes of ideological perpetuation.

        At the end of the day, all I want is for the jihadist to define himself truthfully same as I would demand of the Western liberationist.

      • “Dad, the reward is a feeling.

        A man atop a mountain can see further than a man on the ground. This mountain is fear. Many will not attempt the climb, or even try. Only a few reach the summit.

        For a few brief moments, the jihadist sees that the system CAN be beaten. Instead of himself being afraid, the entire system, from cops, the military, the lawmakers to the ordinary citizens, feel afraid. They then realize that one man can make a difference.

        Jihad is the only war worth waging. The American version of war is killing for pay. Their soldiers have no investment in the outcome. A jihadi invests it all.

        A true white supremacist stands outside of it all. He only answers to equals, who are few on this Earth. A few minutes of supremacy is better to him than a lifetime of servitude.”

      • Ryu…

        You have to get down to brass tacks.

        The REWARD of conversion of Isam through jihad is REAL or it is not real (to its vocal adherents).

        The truth of HBD is real or not real (to its vocal adherents).

        The REWARD from Allah is alien to white man’s thinking. The reward from Allah is in providing for the radical sexual autonomy of the jihadist. Islam can only take hold of a certain type of “nature,” i.e., the radically autonomous “nature.” A nature that doesn’t know its true nature. A perpetual identity crisis. One who is always annihilating that last failed self-creation.

      • Jihadis gain belonging to a group, a reason to live.

        Feelings are vital for human beings. Drugs give people feelings. Work, the gym, even blogging give feelings. Human beings are not always logical or reasonable but they do chase what they perceive as good.

      • ^^^ The REWARD [for] conversion [to Islam] through jihad is REAL or it is not real (to its vocal adherents).

      • “Son, it would be a terrible limitation on your free will to reduce your life to mere good feeling.”

        But you are not seeing the belonging/identity crisis/radical autonomy of jihad all located at one place in the said jihadi all at once.

        The fact of Islam speaks for itself… Radical “white” liberal dissimulate for their own self-annihilating aims. Conversion to jihad MUST BE MOTIVATED by the perception of getting to bash 72 virgins for eternity AS IT PERSUADES ONE to commit acts of murderous self-annihilation IN ORDER TO SHOW INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF of conversion to Islam.

        It’s a tidy little program geared especially towards the ME mind and not very amicable to the white man’s mind.

      • Self annihilation is an interesting thing, TD. How many things in your life are all profitable, truly good?

        It’s a small, narrow thing. Even going to the gym has bad things – time wasted, being tired afterwards. Studying similarly. Having children and being proud of them, there’s a lot of ego involved.

        I believe that destruction and creation go together. To change a part of himself, a man has to annihilate another part of himself.

        Even your philosophy tries to “annihilate” radical liberation. I find it curious that you don’t tell others to push through radical liberation, all the way to the other side.

      • Liberalism IS PROOF of the law of diminishing return. I came to white Supremacy through radical (sexual) autonomy. And I’ve mentioned that the logical progression of radical autonomy is self-annihilation/white Supremacy for any and all white males. The self-annihilation of the individual white male most definitely runs part and parcel with his frustrated drive to find a suitable self-created identity. Wherein Richardson’s “autonomy theory,” the self-creation is primary and evidence of “liberation,” my radical autonomy says the self-creation is evidence of STATIC particularity in need of annihilation so as to evidence one’s genuine autonomy where perpetual change is the closest to true autonomy to be found in the physical world. This ultimate desire for perpetual change/continuous self-annihilation is evidence of either a sheer hatred of reality and the self as is or a methodical desire to manipulate and creature future realities via a player without any loyalty other than to the self.

  3. The only fundamental dispute between jihadist and “white” liberal is in the opposing order of reward/annihilation-annihilation/reward.

    Jihadist seeks annihilation/reward.

    “White” liberationist seeks reward/annihilation (final liberation).

    Islam + Liberalism = Symbiotic regression.

  4. If the reward for jihad is not perceived as real then Islam cannot be perceived as real. Ergo, the reward for jihad is instinctively anti-white man… Anti-white Supremacy. The reward for jihad is suited towards a “nature” something more akin to the base preference of the “white” homosexual.

  5. “Why not become capitalists and live just like the Americans?” They have been taught from birth that “our” way of life sucks…and they are being taught correctly. This Jew lifestyle drives people to drink, drug, sext, porn, etc.

    “We cannot ever “save” the white race. They must save themselves.” Yup, but I be one of them.

    “They have looked through the fog of misinformation and have seen how easy action is. The USG is capable of defeat.” The Turner Diaries are a guide.

    “Sane people DO fight back.” And I suppose there are many ways to fight. Just succeeding in teaching your children not to screw up their lives (especially with regard to race-mixing), and have a few White children, in this day and age can be a small victory for many. It actually takes courage to finagle, especially if your spouse isn’t in agreement.

    • I firmly believe that if one white man saved himself, totally freed himself, it would motivate others. That is my “perfect man” as TD would see it.

      I imagine Anders Brevik, who got away with it and wrote about it, holding nothing back, with no regrets, beyond the reach of the system.

      • The jihadist is motivated by rewards. I motivate people by warning for eternal damnation. If you fear hell, you do not fear the system anymore. The free man only fears God. MY God…

      • The reality is, whites appear more inclined to Bread & Circus than any colored or MINO. Any talk of things ugly, but real, causes them to stick their heads deeper into sand, all the while la-la-la-ing with their fingers stuck inside their ears like 5 year olds…whites simply have more toys to play with in the children’s nursery onboard the Titanic.

        …poolside doth fast approacheth

  6. The trick is to get away with it, whether IT is direct action or raising a tribe of proud, brilliant White children.

  7. The negro didn’t earn his freedom it was given to him by the supreme court proving again that humans act only when given permission. Centuries of tradition, laws, and culture swept away by elite decree and the masses just accepted it. That gives me hope for the future because once a new elite seizes power everyone will fall in line or pay the price.

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