Hillary, Jebbush & Goldman Sachs

by Firepower

*Note proper usage of the word “should”.

You should* feel the hair stand up on the back of your neck when pondering why the richest Manhattan bank supports both Killary and Jebbush.  Too many warnings – even blatant ones, like this – go unheeded in Today’s Murka: That’s called apathy and you can feel the cement hardening around your ankles…

One infallible true-truism for learning an absolute real truth is…….. more useful than even god, who sends you looking for fairy tales. That True-Truth is: Always follow the money.

Read for yourself. The hap-happy quotes are from a magazine that lovey-loves jews. Imagine if they didn’t hobknob with them and make money together.

Goldman likes to play both sides of the fence and that’s especially true of a race like this where either of these two candidates — Bush and Clinton — could ultimately be helpful to them,” said Charles Geisst, a Wall Street historian at Manhattan College.”

The Grande Revelation and thrust of my article was to be: Feudal Manhattan Lords don’t really give a shit, the way you do, about who gets elected eight-year King.  You’d expect somebody with more money than Yidweh to care more than you. But it’s the opposite – they don’t. They figured out how to make money either way, so neither makes a diff; it’s how jews run the western world. It’s a tactic of theirs. Learn.

The key for Goldman is to have its bets hedged both in its businesses and in politics,” said William Cohan, a journalist and former banker who wrote a history of Goldman. “And you can’t get any better for them than Jeb and Hillary, it’s a dream come true, they would win either way.”

Imagine going to Vegas to play blackjack and you made special rules for yourself that busting doesn’t apply to your hand; standing on 14 is a winner; in fact, every hand you hold beats the house. You’d be happy as say, a jew in Manhattan.

Bush’s first Goldman event next Wednesday will take place at the Ritz Carlton and is being organized by Dina Powell, who heads the Goldman Sachs Foundation and served in the White House under George W. Bush.”

Lloyd Blankfein, the Irish ruler of Goldman-Sachs says he’d be happy with either Bush or Hillary as President. Would you? What kind of agenda must someone have to be satisfied by either one of two ostensibly disparate future rulers? I’ll tell ya: It’s determined by how much money Blanki’s gonna make. Eitha vey, he’ll be satisfied, bubbie.

Here’s The Payoff:
Elites fear just two primary domestic threats – colored nationalism movements and NRA Whites. They fear La Raza marches in LA with miggers screaming Spanish threats, waving Mexican flags and Ferguson coloreds burning shit down. They fear the basic, undeveloped NRA whites and are most frightened by the idea of that mutating into Nazi Germany 2.0 where jews (who deserve it) are rounded-up again, regardless of safety net wealth, and gassed.

The non-jew elite allies also fear the Robespierrian model of the French Revolution, where richies are mass-guillotined by a justifiably outraged peasantry.

Pay attention: When this Combined Elite feels heat from coloreds, they use their Trillion$ to support a Repubbie. When elites fear guys in camo, they support Gun-Grabbing Democrats like Obama – or Clintonite scum.  They keep each side in check by periodically playing favorites.

The reason Murka suffers so in a crazytown atmosphere is America was never meant to be controlled by jews. It’s as foreign to our once Constitutional Republic as rule by Sharia Law or Roman-style plutocracy.  It seems amazingly unreal because it is, for Nietzsche once said:

Hell is the absence of reason.”



33 Comments to “Hillary, Jebbush & Goldman Sachs”

  1. I really think we’re reaching the endgame, how far they can go from here?

    • It hinges on who “they” is.

      I now suppose it is not
      The Stupid Politicians (on whom we loooove placing blame)
      …who are entirely to blame.

      They represent a people In Love With pizza, porn & texting; so they are reflective of Murka’s National Value Standard of crap. Insipid drones choose leaders who “entertain” them, on that basis alone.

      So: Never – ever – underestimate the depraved, degenerate depths Murkans will plummet.

      • “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

        — H.L. Mencken

      • True, but:

        “Those common people have foolishly ignored Mencken since 1981 and now, don’t know wtf he even is.”
        — H.L. Firepower

      • America has reached its apex. It doesn’t seem that way, because propaganda tells you have to work the rodent wheel and spend wastefully, which many do with out consideration.

      • I think America was finished off by the early 1990s. After that, everything became complete cognitive dissonance, and MINOs got things that they didn’t deserve. They were happy without them, but the LNs told than they needed to be like everyone else when they couldn’t.

      • Contradictions can’t exist for long. Temporarily, yes. Just as a man can jump off a cliff and live…until he hits the ground.

  2. Wow. Another good article, FP.

    Perhaps we are taking the wrong track. I too have considered helping black or mex nationalists. It’s a simpler job than wn. If only they’d legalize cloning, I’d do it myself.

    [ed note: i’m undecided re; aiding our enemies]

    I am no longer shocked by the elites playing both sides of the equation. Every gov agency now does this: the Marshalls runs witpro and the manhunts. The CIA combats, and fights turrism. If WN becomes strong enough, they will hedge with us too.

    Similar to your blackjack analogy, casinos fear only two manner of players: the professional advantage player and the well-heeled maniac.

    Casinos invite the very rich to their dens, sending planes for a few. If these guys get hot, and press, they can damage the casino or even fold it up. But these gamblers have no mathematical advantage, and depend upon luck. If the casino can “wait them out” and get into the long term, they’ll bust the whale.

    • I found this article, FP. Feebs make 120K/year after only 5 years on the job. Unca Beast pays very well, apparently.

      • I no longer work for others and I’m proud of it. Spending 40+ hours/wk, at a job for the USG, is pro-American as you can be, and this is meant as a bad thing.

        All these money junkies can stash all the cash they want, and consume like drunken pigs. I make good use of my time instead.

      • Congratulations! Teach us how to do it.

      • 1) Most important and foremost, one must sacrifice the consumption habits that are inherently wasteful for most Americans, which means you will spend very little and live a disciplined spartan lifestyle, which DOESN’T MEAN, you can’t enjoy a good meal, a good drink, a good book, and a good company. It does mean, however, any of these pleasures are secondary to what I will say next.

        2) Find something that you are passionate about, where it could take you to another level of human evolution. This will consume and perhaps take away much of your time, your love/sex life, and even your family. You must override all these feelings of uncertainty and even loneliness, because your passion/goal is the most important to you.

        3) If your endeavors bring you income, then you’ve got it made, if it doesn’t, live off the government either full time or part time and take advantage of what it has to offer as you pursue your passion full time. To me being creative with life is important. America is very dynamic nation with untapped sources of opportunities and social networks, where other individuals might share your similar outlook and even offer assistance, yet the average American doesn’t want to be dynamic. He’s lazy, incurious, and not insightful.

        4) You must not succumb to envy or jealously that others appear to be better off than you financially. Your goals are different from theirs and you’re dedicated to excellence, and trying to be a top dog in what you do, while not rubbing it at anyone’s face. People know if you’re good by your actions.

      • Nice. Why or how have you chosen NYC to live in? It is a strange place to find such a philosophy. Are you a survivalist?

      • Not a survivalist. I think I have outlived American society, even in NYC, which has become an expensive cultural wasteland. The city is ugly, dirty, rotting in many areas and its citizens worked to be pleasured induced, at a big price.

        Read below:

        NYC is a microcosm of Greater America, with all of its problems that are mentioned on this site. Most Americans don’t strive for excellence with what they do, but for ease, comfort and self indulgence, and everything we do is focused on these things, and many will do whatever get to them. The American elites understand the dynamics of this, and have carved out a society catering to the baser and more primal behaviors of man to control them. You see it with MINOs 1st hand, because their profiles are more adapted to it than Whites.

      • Many white men seem happier after they leave the West.

        There are groups of white men who might be considered racists who move to SEA, south east asia. They like it. Claim it is like Murka was in the 1920s. It is hard to blame them. The tendency is to move to SEA or Central/South America. I will not chastise you if you want to do it.

      • Good advice JS. I live by a similar philosophy.

      • Ryu: Other Western countries are good too. Those with a few MINOs.

        I look at America, and much of the nation is rotting. We have so many ugly buildings, ugly streets, ugly this and that. Essentially, we are living in a wasteland. Also, just look at the people, so many are out of shape, dress and talk badly. It’s really disgusting!

      • Where would you go?

        You are fond of the PIGS. The Beast is not done yet, though. They have enormous unemployment in Greece and Spain. No future for the youth generations.

        The only countries that are reasonably safe are unknown, like Paraguay or Uruguay. Europe is going to be hopping for awhile.

      • I have my horizons set on the French Canadian province. It’s nice up there, sort of a French New York, but they dislike Americans and English speakers in general. They do however a strong WN separatist movement, at least they have shown this with their rhetoric many times, where they want to break away from Anglo Canada. How many separatists in America have come up aggressively, demanding secession? I can think of a moment!

      • Also, in the PIGs Nations, the unemployed youth can find like minded individuals, including women and have a good time. How many American young men are socially connected with their friends in a face to face moment, let alone being friendly with the opposite sex in real mode? Not many!

      • There is a recent explosion in NYC, from a gas leak, 2 crusty old buildings were lit up flames and one fell down. People are now scratching their heads if America is a 3rd world rotting Shithole.

        I have been saying all along….

        [ed note: no. they are not dilapidated buildings; they are approx. 1840 vintage and owned by jews.]

  3. Also health insurance is WAY overrated.
    Why pay a fortune in advance for the privilege of being tortured by the medical-industrial complex.

    Death is underrated.

    • True. The body heals itself, in all but the most dramatic acute injuries.

    • I agree 100%. I’m not looking to die but things have to be serious for me to deal with the Jew/Asian/Indians who call themselves doctors. I had an Iranian (aren’t we supposed to hate them?) tell me that I should only look to “reputable” sites like the Mayo clinic for medical information. YEAH RIGHT.

  4. Interesting that Lubitz didnt aim for one of the many French nuclear power stations, could have diverted to Marcoule Phenix, Tricastin, or Cruas in under fifteen minutes.

    • It is a good story. Few understand the importance of one’s last act on Earth.

      If Lubitz had not crashed the plane, there would be no story. The pilots, crew and passengers would just live their lives, forgotten. Now, they will be remembered forever. Martyrs one might say.

      The guy doesn’t look like a Muzz or Jew. In any event, he has helped destroy the current order. Everything has to go down. It is the only way to get back to zero.

  5. hasn’t the rotchilds been doing that in every election and world war

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