How to Grow Marijuana

by Ryu

Anything anti-system can help wns learn. In video, an ex-pig teaches guerrillas how to grow their own pot. In the process, he exposes many DEA and pig tricks.

Barry teaches us how to spot undercover officers. How to make a buy. Knock and talks, tap and wraps. You’ll learn how police……. bully citizens into signing constent waivers. How to canine-proof your house.

Barry is the rarest animal of them all; an ex-cop turned anti-cop. And you know it would happen, his old buds went after him too. The cop brotherhood only lasts as long as everyone stays quiet.

10 Comments to “How to Grow Marijuana”

  1. Many criminal organizations farm pot as a funding source for martial activity.

    As SWATZIs relaxed their $$$ fascism over this fake State crime, the grower has more to beware from fake friends’ betrayals; that’s one of the few time Fat SWATZIs will get off their paperpushing asses is for The Sure Bust.

  2. >Many criminal organizations farm pot as a funding source for martial activity.

    Drug money is what keeps everyone, from Columbian drug cartels, over the mujahedin, to American street gangs in business, it is THE one common factor which would fold this house of cards if removed.
    That’s why it’s such a farce when people oppose drug legalization on the grounds of safety, what a colossal joke.

    And speaking of videos, the classic “Don’t Talk to Police” is always worth mentioning:

    “A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. ”

  3. Oh and the follow up “Don’t Talk to Cops Part 2” by a police officer!

    Anything you say can and WILL be used against you indeed…

  4. Growing pot isn’t hard at all. Growing good pot takes a bit of effort. Growing pot (good or bad) and NOT getting busted is the trick.

    The good news is that many of the steps involved growing good pot are also useful in avoiding detection.

    I don’t suppose you think the slow push towards legalization has to do with taking the money out of it for the “criminals” and putting said money in the hands of the gubmint…???

    • niggas are not at all likely to grow pot and hispanics the most likely. this as a measuring stick to determine what groups of people in america can get off their welfare dependency.

    • I have asked around about this. They say that once the gov starts taking money, it doesn’t stop. Legalization of MJ across the US is inevitable.

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