A Million for Your Hacksaw

by Firepower

When two bucks costs two million, it’s called Victory.

Uncle Ho knew this in Nam, when one AK round would bring down a Huey…and all its crew.

And as such, then…

sparked concerns that a domestic or international terrorist could tamper with U.S. infrastructure, throwing state and federal governments into disarray.”


would-be terrorists could attack these sites with relative ease.

“It’s a desert area, so it’s very remote, extremely remote,”

What a shame,

“The Phoenix outage tells us that terrorists and otherwise hostile groups don’t have to probe our defenses to find soft targets in our electrical infrastructure when vandals can do it for them,”


12 Comments to “A Million for Your Hacksaw”

  1. So FP: You must agree with me now that a cold, covert operation beats the shit out of America, than a hot, bang bang bang session!

    Taking down the infrastructure, disrupt public utilities including waste management, and food poisoning eliminates your enemies more efficiently and nicely than a pow wow gun slinging fest. I say a concerted effort of both methods, eradicates fully to the core, and causes massive upheaval not seen in America since the days of frontier expansion.

    [ed note: you must read my many, many previous articles on this matter]

    • I’m with you, JS. You must develop this topic as a specialty.

      Look into Dr Chaos.

      • I really like this blog, it’s deep, dark, yet with a serious intent to eliminate the glaring problems of Murka. It’s not really for the faint of heart here. Lion’s blog is all fun and games, but eradica is the next level that separates the men from the boys.

        Here is the Godfather scene of what I’m talking about:

        This is a good technique to treat your LN enemies: Just a bunch of guys having a good time with you, before your business with them is taken care of. However the scene should have ended as “take the gun and leave the pastries alone”!

      • It’s true. Eradica is not for entertainment.

        WN demands a certain amount of respect and seriousness. America is a police state today. But in this game, we’re the jews. We find out what someone is made of when they are on the bottom. Everyone looks good when they have the power.

  2. I saw this story in the queue and asked a comrade about it. We agreed that it was an inside job, as it is unlikely that someone could just stumble upon the location.

    You can see a manhole cover near the site. Those manhole covers are quite heavy and uncomfortable to lift. It takes a special tool.

    They don’t have the money to spend on security. Americans are greedy pigs, and money is almost everything to them. Like a blankie, it makes them feel safe.

    • I can assure you that it takes NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT to get access to such critical utility equipment. You can open pretty much any manhole with a pick-ax and tile spade, or a hay hook. If a manhole lid is stuck, just pound on it with a sledge hammer a couple of times to loosen it up. Sometimes a manhole lid will be bolted down – then you just need a set of sockets & a wrench. These sort of facilities are so easy to locate!

      Our whole country was conceived & built by White men for White people. There really was, and is currently, VERY LITTLE thought given to security. The people who design this stuff are upper middle class White men who litterally cannot conceive of why people would harm these facilities. They live in a White world and still have the mindset of “leaving the front door unlocked”. ‘Murika is WIDE OPEN for disruption. All of the utilities we take for granted are absurdly easy to get to and cut/plug/burn/blow. Would it even matter?

  3. Satellite recon pix of hidden facilities are available the Good Old Fashioned American Way: To those who want to pay for pictures.

  4. “A few years ago the German Minister of Justice—kind of like the Attorney General here in the United States—he was pushing very hard for Germans to have biometric data on their national ID cards, and he wanted all Germans to be fingerprinted. And the Germans pushed back, particularly privacy advocates and those in the Chaos Computer Club. And so what they did is when the German Minister of Justice was out at a restaurant, they went ahead and after he left they got the glass that he had left behind, and they were able to lift his fingerprint off of the glass. They then took a photograph, brought it into Photoshop, cleaned it up, and then were able to replicate it on 3D printers, in latex. … [They] included it as a handout in their Chaos Computer Club magazine that went out to 5,000 people, and they encouraged their readers to leave the Justice Minister’s fingerprints at crime scenes all over Germany, which they did.”

    • I’ve heard about this, J. They say that one can get prints off pictures if it’s close enough.

      The corporations have totally sold out to the USG. They got their 30 pieces of silver. I am not surprised that only private citizens and criminals resisted.

  5. If there ever is a mass energy outage this shit society is going to change.
    Not sure if the masses will become less uptight or more violent.
    Depends on whether there still is a society, or just mindless globo-financial forces.

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