Second Chances

by Ryu

Why does the system jail direct action guys?

There’s the obvious answer, to punish their actions and make an example of them. There is a second, more subtle reason – to keep their knowledge locked up.

Someone like Frein or Kaczynski won’t make the same mistake twice. They truly are the best in the world. Frein’s mistake was standing upright in an open field during the day. Kaz’s mistake was trusting his little brother.

What the system fears the most is someone who can act and get away with it. Someone unfrightened by its bluster and storm. Someone who can call all the system’s bluffs and have a life afterward.

The USG is beaten every single day. The difference is, they don’t publicize their losses. They reason that if it’s not on TV, it doesn’t exist. For the vast majority, that reasoning is sound. For the rest, they end up here.

The most valuable document I can imagine is a testimonial from a direct action activist. What they felt, their impressions. What it finally took for them to act. What they thought their mistakes were.

3 Comments to “Second Chances”

  1. The default assumption is that ALL are guilty until proven innocent.

    NONE of your direct action guys SPOKE in the name of “white supremacy,” whether genuinely or with malice, AND SO the bottom line assumption is PAID STOOGE for Uncle Beast. SOME of our “own” will seek “freedom” behind bars and STILL serve the protocol you envision.

    • Freedom is a mental state. The physical follows from it.

      I’m proud of our people, TD. Naturally, I’d be happier if they didn’t have to go to prison as well.

  2. They are the apex of the pyramid. Most resisters against intolerable evil sacrifice their lives to fight back in a fundamentally irrational way. China is so fucked up the only way to fight back was to stab classes of kindergartners to death, until they increased security. The level of global hate is unprecedented, second only to fear. If they ever invent an absolutely foolproof suicide method, the number of spontaneous last stand acts of resistance will explode.

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