Conspiracy Theory: Reader Mail

by Firepower

Today’s TV email funtime comes from GWAR fan Homunculus Stupendicus-Jones who queries:

“FP, were you ever a conspiracy theorist as you grew? How did you overcome it?”

I’ve actually studied CT formally. It gave a quite unexpected discipline of temperance. serendipitously beneficial in its balance. It once was called: Critical Thinking Skills.

Most of it is true – BUT not as harmful to the entire population as hyped by each proponent. The Hype leads to emotionalism, a deadly enemy in Logic. Each CTist has their own esoteric vocab – like a hobbyist – as different as Golf is from Painting.

Hopped-up on this juice, they often fall back on their own versions of….…. Niggerspickiking – as if that makes them right…wrong.

It taught me to apply the invaluable skill of Critical Thinking. To ask questions of its proponents that promptly get me “reprimanded” censored and banned by…idiots. The SpoorHood included.

Questions such as: If CTs are real, who’s in charge among competing conspiracies? Such completion is unavoidable n human existence. If Goldman-Sachs competes against CitiGroup who competes against Morgan Stanley who competes against JP Morgan who competes against…

Does The Illuminati control The Rothschilds or do they run The Bohemian Grove who runs the Council on Foreign Relations?

Konspiracy Kooks get…vewwy angwy at this line of questioning…which is precisely why I use it.

The best leavener is moderation. Moderation in all things. It opens up The Mind to alternative thought patterns that are themselves, likewise expected to be tempered with countering moderation upon them: That in itself is the path to True Wisdom. This is what many errant commenters must learn lest they be branded Fo0lS – successfully – by enemies.

I expect all of this to fall upon deaf ears even at Eradica – except for you, querier of this questino.
He that hath ears to hear, let him hear…

12 Comments to “Conspiracy Theory: Reader Mail”

  1. It’s a weird consensus. A radically autonomous mass beholden to a belief in entrenched earthly power while possessing a deep cynicism that nonetheless generally rejects conspiracies?

    So we have a mass of sheepwalkers who do not believe that the entrenched powers that be conspire AND readily serve as a psychological media mob ready to debunk any emerging conspiracy theory.

  2. What is weirder are omnipotent, temporal, earthly cabals immune from “Poor People’s” wrath, while they pray to mass religions of competing Yahweh/Allahs etc. who are supposed to be champions of the downtrodden.

    • America ALL WESTERN CIVILIZATION is just one big toy store where mobs of childish cretins run around, grabbing as many toys they can, and fight amongst themselves whenever some item appears desirable or low in availability.

      [ed note: FTFY]

    • The people are so busy working 9 hours a day, preparing and driving 3 hours a day, so they have no time for deep thinking and calculating how the world works. The very rich do not need to work. That is the essence of where the imbalance comes from.

      What could you do with another 12 hours per day, everyday?

      We were sold that “technology” would create tremendous amounts of time and leisure. Didn’t happen. Won’t ever happen. True leisure would give the people time to consider their situation. Americans work longer, and harder, than they ever have before.

      The slaves are kept a-hopping. If left alone for long enough, they would resist.

    • FP, have you read Jack London’s Scarlet Plague? It is an “atavistic” book. It reminds me of our future.

      • I can’t recall; I’ve read so much that now, some works blend into the others.
        Add Blu-Rays and writing for Eradica and I have some pretty groovy dreams…

      • Ha. Do you often have the experience of picking up a book, only to find you’ve already read it? I find it profitable to go back.

  3. First, America is a truly humongous place with an extraordinary amount of variant lifestyles. There are still vast expanses of uninhabited land without marauding suspicion that could be found in Russia, China or South America. The desire to paint an entirely bleak picture of blithering America idiots is to truly have no conceptional imagination for the paradigmic backdrop of “white supremacy.” It is truly an immaterial “thing” susceptible to “prophetable” bludgeoning, BUT NONETHELESS, an incessantly indestructible paradigm to all sentient radical liberationists.

    The beauty of the future for the white male of the West is that the slots opening up for “white Supremacist” are exponentially increasing.

    • Yes, you’re correct. How many chumps today (because of liberal brainwashing and a lack of initiative with self entitlement issues) believe in self reliance and conquering unchartered territories (which America has many)? They’re busy complaining why MINOs are promoted as the petty bourgeoisie with social programs where I don’t get any.

    • America is a very large country. Probably the white supremacist does belong in the country, standing alone.

      • They’re a small demographic. Much of the infrastructure in America were built by Whites before they became softies by liberal propaganda. It’s not that they are incapable of building a state such as Montana that looks like NYC. Of course, the powers to be are anti-White.

  4. When I was young I didn’t believe Conspiracy theories or simply dismissed it, but after a few years seeing how the media is controlled by a little tribe and their useful idiots made me more a critical thinker.

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