More on Communism: The 100 Happiest Children in the World

by Ryu

I recently read an interesting book. It was about an American who visited the mystical and forbidden areas of the world during the 1920s. Naturally he visited the USSR.

Soviet students were taught that history began with the Revolution of 1917. The mindset is that Western history is the story of kings and rulers – not the working man. Only in the Revolution did the working man rise up and take power. Young Soviets looked with revulsion at how the capitalists treated their strikers and in particular, the Bonus Army.

The Soviet system allowed for investment that would be impossible for the capitalists. In the USSR, kids who wanted to join the circus were taken seriously. From an early age, those selected would be allowed to study juggling, tightrope walking, etc at circus school.

No school ever had more…..…. enthusiastic students. The author wrote of how teachers worked to stop the students from practicing at night. All the children loved what they were doing.

In the American system, athletes are treated as gods and made rich. Naturally they look down on their fans, who are poor wretches in comparison. A rich American athlete has the same mind as a rich American boss. He is given priviliges that the workers can only dream of.

When I was young, I used to admire the Eastern bloc and Soviet athletes. Rather than being super-rich, they were regarded as national treasures. They never became rich in their own countries, but instead were well provided for by the state. All were disciplined and mentally tough.

Communism is not a perfect system. Yet, what emerges is strong. Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba are all powerful in their own ways. They have avoided the problems of Western decadence because they kept America out. It’s no coincidence that they will be the inheritors when the USA falls.

Communism made Barishnikov, Njinski, and Vasily Alexev who they were.

10 Comments to “More on Communism: The 100 Happiest Children in the World”

  1. That’s interesting. I long thought that communism was the way to go, that we simply haven’t seen a true version of it. Humans are VERY malleable, they simply need to be molded right from an early age.

  2. My understanding was always that you needed to show a minimum of aptitude and/or talent before going off to the special schools; eg, someone who wanted to play hockey had to at least be able to skate at a basic level consistently. That’s why the Soviet hockey team was always strong in the Olympics.

    This applies to most other disciplines as well. Someone strong in early-level biology classes may have been selected to study medicine at a “young” age, well before what Murka would consider “college” age, which would really be the way to go, as they could have a 10-year jump-start on their Murkan counterparts.(See EK’s comment)

    That, and murka went with a poorly conceived education model in the early 1900’s, one designed to create people who were cogs in the machine, good little consumers who could push the right buttons and pull the right levers in the industrial plants. Only, once we moved from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, the education model never changed. The current model is the same as what we had in 1920, even though the world has been turned on its head.

    • Dude, where is Simon Rierdon? That guy doesn’t write more than twice a year anymore. It’s disappointing.

      Yeah, those circus kids had to show some aptitude before 12 yo. But once accepted, they were set. Even if they didn’t make it to performer, they were given jobs in the field such as teacher.

      • Dude, where is Simon Rierdon?

        Note every former Eradican eradicated for lack of commitment – deserved their eradication.

        Dead wood is dead.
        Better for raiders/pirates to pack up camp and move down the road than tend a cripple.
        If they need a titty to suck on, there’s always Maureen Martin or a self-named “viking” bitch.

      • I’m open to the possiblility that people can still make progress without blogging. But it is highly unlikely. Usually someone working hard likes to leave a record.

        For me, blogging is somewhat like a journal. I can look at my posts and see where I was. I do it every single day.

        Doc Illusion now writes like 3x per year and he is stuck. There is certainly a relationship between number of posts and progress.

    • The problem with America is the black problem, the JOO problem, the cucaracha problem, the feminist problem, the several camps of Whites problem, and on and on.

      The disparate groups and ideologies with no sense of political unity whatsoever, is America’s PROBLEM. America is the sweetest nation on earth for any controlling megalomaniac who lives a life of divide and conquer. Putin, the Red Commies, the despots of the Middle East would love to have the keys to Washington DC and reign over a demographic pitting each other nonsensically on social media. Occasionally, rabble rousers like Rev. Sharpton are just a nuisance.

  3. The paradox is that America is the most radically autonomous entity on the globe (maximum autonomy/minimum accountability) while its most savage critiquers are, themselves, BOTH a forthright and just plain duplicitous practitioner of radical autonomy.

    The KEY INSIGHT is that the most duplicitous of radical autonomists are within WN/NS/alt-rite. They are the ones who are seemingly anti-radical autonomy (evidenced by their sheer distaste for the beastly autonomy of Murka) BUT ALSO anti-white Supremacist.

    What really sets Eradica apart from the rest is that those individuals ^^^ make a real strong showing HERE.

    One absolutely cannot desire radical autonomy while simultaneously condemning the very MODEL of radical autonomy that has “guided” him and not then simply show himself to be a child at war with his father.

    That’s what “communism” is… An ideology for radical autonomists… An ideology of a child to fight his father with…

  4. One cannot hate the radical autonomy of the Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist and not just hate radical autonomy lest one appear an ignorant fool and/OR the most slithery of snakes ESPECIALLY when said “ignorant” snake is also a “white” anti-white Supremacist.

    The contempt for those on the “right” who so proudly voice their hate for America is the contempt one has for the interloper who sows discord between father and child…

    Historically and physically, the white men of WN… The white men who proclaim white Supremacy, are sons of America.

    “Our” critique of America is equal to our critique of any radical liberationist.

    “You are self-annihilating and sweeping us up with you… White Supremacy IS THE ONLY SOLUTION.”

  5. There is nothing inherently good in observing an advanced proclivity in a child and then seeking to expand his growth only in that particular path. Any fool with children can foresee a complete disaster every bit as psychologically lethal as a zealous laisse faire-type parenting.

    And if “we” know one thing about “communist” Olympiads then “we” know of the advanced use of what were undoubtedly performance enhancement drugs BOTH amongst male and female.

    The scourge of “communism” IS THAT IT MUST ULTIMATELY BE anti-white Supremacy. And amongst the various European ethnicities is a real love/hate relationship with the “white man” and the “white race” AND white Supremacy.

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