Patterns of MINO Rulers 2

by Firepower


Coloreds are easier to manipulate. That makes them the universal wetdream of Hillary~Obamaites everywhere: A cocoa-brown population stripped of dangerous White SO76* – then even blackness or Miggerness, reducing even its racial militancy until….docile, sucking on their Matrix Welfare Tit.

The MINO voter quickly discards all last, sole surviving white candidates and chooses from the several coloreds promising eternal freebies. Blood is thicker than water – race is thicker than demsludge. Race is the dissolving solvent of the once “melting pot” now promising future fun n’ fireworks for Murkans of all ages! (Just not elderly whiteys, though!)

The winner is usually reflective of racial composition in the cities: In Los Angeles it’s usually Miggers; Chicago and Detroit elect coloreds and the varying race-demographics in each city play a significant part. Still, every MINO population eventually votes ABW – Anybody But White: Any colored will do – preferably a combination plate of Brown Racial Stew appealing to the general public and their lowest common racial denominator. It eventually is easy to win over every white candidate – even an extreme Rahm-O-Liberal – if the MINO is the right colored mix of Hispanic-African-American; that’s the fundamental flaw with …..……Emerging Third World Murka. Toss in a wheelchair and lust for licking the same sex organs and it will be elected King of Christ.

Detroit selected & elected creepy Coleman Young and his scandalous Caligulan Empire for decades. Eventually, those race-loyalist darkies even got fed-up with his robbing them blind, wiping his dick on their tablecloth, and quickly switched gears for the eventual “articulate black man”. Dennis Archer – just as Obama – got in with ease. Detroit then immediately tired of ostensible “Uncle Toms” like Archer asking they maybe, kinda consider maybe working ten hours a week at a job while simultaneously reducing ten hours of their usual monkey crackhouse raping. Of course the coloreds booted-out Archie and gave Kwame Kilpatrick landslide victories, ended only by his conviction for blatant crackhouse monkey-raping.

As a city and state decline from the growth of MINOs, the greater the niggerish/spickish behavior from The Elected Ruler. It’s Junta Strongman Dictator Game as played in Africa/South America but writ “wiff cibil rites!” for the Murkan palate.

Eventually, as the MINO numbers grow in Murka, you’ll never see a white conservative elected President again. Only extreme white liberals like Jerry Brown with the will to destroy their own race get elected and even then, they’ll quickly be discarded by any militant colored lusting for power: The colored militant has greater appeal from City Hall to Governor’s Mansion to White House to the colored voter.

Only when the Migger begins to detach itself from the colored nexus and symbiosis to seek its own goodies will these disparate camps of coloreds clash viiolently as they do in Oakland, California. The liberal propaganda media religiously covers-up this Migger eradication of coloreds to not split their allies who are too illiterate to read. By then, I sadly envision whites limited to only two places: Growing crops in BFE hayseed country for the future MINO Majority or fortunate dynasties of financial/Ivy League elites safely snug in Feudal Financial Manhattan penthouses.

In the future, it won’t be necessary to discriminate against Whites – it’s already legal now.

When Western Rome fell, it was long-ruled by its own latter day version of Miggers: Syrians, Spaniards and Goths, etc. The original tough Romans who made Rome what it was were long gone, replaced by Trajan or Elagabalus for example.

Because Murkans are fools, it all swings wildly like a drunken pendulum out of control on a slick road, going from one over-correction steer to the next. It’s the only sensible explanation how the nation wildly votes in liberal filth like Clinton, then a bible-thumping Pantload of Bush to a colored Liberal nazi such as Obama.

The only certainty is it gets dumber and crazier until it all ends looking like Detroit.


SEE: Patterns of MINO Rulers

38 Comments to “Patterns of MINO Rulers 2”

  1. Don’t compare our modern day nigga scum with Europe’s talented barbarians of the past!

    • There will be no time in history that niggas will be on the same level of worthy recognition as the Goths, Huns or Mongols. The legacy of Ancient Greece was and is still more evolved than any African tribal dump that we have today. Even the Barbary Pirates were elegant thieves, who made ransoming of captives, a consummate art form of bargaining. Your nigga in America steals only petty merchandise out of a store at best.

    • Yeah, Vandals migrated to Spain after trashing Rome.

      Spaniards today, don’t even know they existed; they’re never mentioned.

      Stay on topic.

  2. And FP: America is already a cesspool filth with no cleanup in site. It only gets dirtier going forward, and that includes Feudal Manhattan. Modern day slavery of coloreds couldn’t be more apparent anywhere else than in Manhattan, where wealthy Whites live like kings, as they order the black bell boy to bring them their stuff. The niggarization of our workforce is in full swing.

    • I know that murka is a filth cesspool, JS.
      This article explains why.

      You must learn it is not all “murka’s fault”
      Euros and ozzies like to bash it.
      You all must learn to blame the entire Western Civilization.

      Until you realize full truth, you will be stuck bashing Murka and standing still.
      And thus, of no use to the future.

      • The Anglosphere in particular, is the main culprit of unfettered immigration, feminism, dysfunctional multiculturalism, out of sync-miscegenation and other forms of degeneracy, we could come up with.

        It will look like a Detroit sometime in the future. The only difference, is that feral mulattoes, instead of blacks would be running around as troublemakers. The only silver lining from all of this.

        I look at the spectacular rise of White women dating black men (most of them who are no different from the usual nigga street thug) and many White men with gooker ladies, and ALSO black women as the new current fad, a suicide process is already happening, as we comment on this site

  3. What does Detroit become? Detroit’s future?

    I look to Rhodesia, South Africa, and the third world in general for clues. I see no hope for a people’s revolution in any third world country. The people become too stupid. There are various coups and such in Africa, but there’s no real change.

    That Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, was a nefarious dude. He was eventually overthrown. But today, Uganda is just a tourist paradise and they grow coffee for starbucks. Many African nations have a similar story.

    In Mexico, the people organized to counter the cartels, and the gov who works for the cartels. They were called vigilante groups. When these became too effective, the gov itself swooped in and arrested…the vigilantes, not the cartels.

    • What does Detroit become? Detroit’s future?

      Perhaps similar patterns of detroit will manifest throughout the rest of Murka. It seems detroit elected a Do Nothing white mayor that speaks whitey language – to more easily pick the pockets of whitey for BIGov NigraBUX.

      When the Colored Junta Strongman fails, gutter coloreds elect an even more Liberal nazi white out of pure…confusion: The guy in Detroit; Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago and Jerry Brown 2.0 in Cali. As goes California, so goes America Murka.

      The pattern is

    • white establishment ruler/hack
    • smooth nigga “civil rights” champeen who’ll “stick it to da Man!”
    • crazy nigga rappa: Kwame Kilpatrick, Jesse Jackoff Junior
    • “well-spoken” Uncka Tom Reformer
    • even crazier nigga
    • white ultra-liberal bagman
    • …repeat cycle from top…
    • The colored Nigga/Migga Mix ebbs and flows as Miggers invade and eradicate coloreds in close proximity (i.e.Oakland, CA) and said coloreds flee to White Burbs to repeat the cylce.

  • My theory is that minos will also make better corporate consumers than whites. They don’t save their money, indulge in buying all kinds of cheap corporate crap, and are largely oblivious to manipulative marketing schemes. Why wouldn’t corporations want more of that type of individual around? These people literally riot for overly-priced corporate products (e.g. Air Jordans). A growing demographic of whites on the other hand challenge these wasteful consumer habits- shopping at Goodwill, purchasing non-corporate merchandise, or simply saving their money. Those trends can’t be good for business hence corporate interests to have more mino consumers.

    I also believe that regardless of political stripe, Whites are the most dissident group within the United States. You have lefties living off the grid on their communes farming organically and screaming “down with US Imperialism!” On the other side of the spectrum you have anti-government types rejecting the system, homeschooling and refusing to pay their taxes. Whites as a whole are just an enormous pain in the ass if the system wants complicit citizens. I have never heard of dissident minos pooling their resources together to start a self-sufficient farming operation far away from oppressive, evil whitey and the system. That would actually take work and sacrifice, and it really just proves the point that they are nothing more than dependents. There is actually quite of few successful, independent models established by whites in this country. The Hutterites and Mennonites come to mind. If they’re so oppressed, why don’t they try to replicate one of these models?

    • Yes. Today’s Migger is just as predictable to control as Tomorrow’s Migger: Give them a Bud to suck on with their ESPN. They do not want to think and so, are easy to control.

      You answered your own question before you asked it. Humans take the path of least resistance. The growing Murkan Colored Demo takes the path of zero resistance – provided whitey’s paying the Welfare. That ends when the money runs out and the chimps need pizza to feed los bambinos.

    • Corporate retail is increasingly a MINO thing, staffed by MINOs, and consumed by MINOs, at the expense of the welfare system that puts them there.

      • of course, most of that shit is marketed towards minos as well. The sheer amount of “men’s” shoes in metrosexual flourescents and pastels astounds me. You can get basketball shoes in every color except… white. Hmm, subliminal message much? I guess all those “fresh” colors are supposed to appeal to the peacock in aspiring PUAs, but really, I just assume that anyone wearing them will be on Craigslist looking for an encounter on the “down-low”.

  • My mother’s wealthy neighborhood is full of elderly whites.
    No young families getting started there, except a few overworked power couples who are as often Asian/Indian.
    They’re trying to keep up their insane covenants, but things may be starting to fray at the edges as the owners become more incapacitated.
    All that talk about keeping up property values, but who is going to buy their overpriced McMansions when aspiring middle class young adults crippled by college debt can barely afford a mobile home, or worse an apartment with scary neighbors.
    It’s neighborhoods like my mother’s which may get immigration reform passed.

    • No one can afford it. Only old people with many years and who grew up in another area have the cash and trust funders.

      The middle ground is no place to be today. Either devote yourself entirely to work and be rich, or be poor and lazy.

  • The ATF director is a mino, as is the ICE director. Both are Obama appointees.

    Regarding Manhattan: I have lived in places I would describe as less than tidy, but I’ve never had to deal with a whiff of rotting trash like I have there. New Yorkers like to brag about muh culture, but you don’t need to live in NYC to go to the museums.

    • Manhattan is also black slavery 2.0. There is no other place and time in modern day America, where black turds float around serving their wealthy White masters. The last time was before the emancipation of niggas, and that was a looong time ago.

      [ed note: darkies making $67,000 a year to walk Massa’s Yorkie is not slavery]

      • 99% of darkies don’t make anything near $60K in NYC, more like pittance wages that prevents them from being neighbors of Massa.

        The last rhetoric from our current dumbfuk mayor, de blah..blah..o, wants to turn NYC with a semi-Ferguson outskirt to house his beloved colored minions with cheap apartments, who will eventually gnaw away the fortress of the Manhattan Castle Pigs.

        [it appears abstract hyperbole is lost on spaniards, the fathers of picasso of all people]

      • I understood your gist. I wanted to elaborate the current situation in NYC, especially in Manhattan. niggas work for menial wages to serve their idle white masters. if that’s not modern slavery, than what is.

      • Slavery is a state of mind, FP. Not how much cashola ole’ Massa kicks down to the po’ niggas. Some slaves in this world make $500K/year.

        The slave binds himself to his master. His dominant characteristic is obediance. And today, it is the white soldier and white scientists who are the most slavish.

      • The objectionable part of black slavery is that they’re around at all, not that they’re enslaved. Unfortunately Honest Abe didn’t stick around to deport them all to Liberia.

  • This is what WNs could do, to upset the current dysfunctional status quo:

    Food poisoning of LNs and their Whole Foods sheep, is another Food for Thought!

    • Ideas of combating tyrannical government oppressors always provide relieving entertainment – like Southern slaves imagining themselves throwing off their chains, going Full Mandingo the next time Massa calls their woman into the master’s bedchamber for a night of fuckin’ n’ suckin’ – Plantation Style.

      I’ve grown to suspect UncleBEAST is just too powerful for whites to do anything but imagine such things…as they devour the latest TDO on AmRen and SBPDL.

      Even Spain, who slaughtered the shit out of Moors, only rolls out your nation’s red carpet for every grubby descendent of Islam.

      • Or the fact, that people take the path of least resistance. Further, people get their petty goods and are happy as a result, and thus there is no need to complain.

      • PeterPanzers LUV2 Niggerspickike: “Niggers IZ slaves to bread & circus!!!”

        …yet shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring whites are bribed
        to sleep with pizza and DWTS of their own.

        If whites are the race most apt to slumber because of Toys, then there is zero hope they awaken.
        One day, the last one will – only to be surrounded by 700 million coloreds.
        By then, it will be too late.
        I won’t give a shit.
        I’ll be gone

      • And yes, Whites are docile, and the MINOs are not. Perhaps, White privilege COULD be the reason, if you know what I mean.

      • FP: Whites have essentially become the New Gookers, and I’m sure you know what this means. Gookers are just mere consumption pigs in America, without any rights or power.

        My term: Non-effective Minority Outlier seems about right.

  • It seems like blacks are a problem everywhere, even in a place in California, where a cesspool of gookers, cucarachas, who are more of a emminent threat, seem to be tolerated, but your nigga minority among other coloreds is always a stinking vermin, that every sane person wants to rat out as 1st priority.

  • While SpoorHaid Welmurr and Piggy Ross anxiously suck the cock of the NYT for validation…
    The NYT copies ME:

    It takes them 40,000 words to dance around the simple truth in MINO Ruler Patterns: As colored population grows, the winner of Ruler LOTTO is the LN who out liberals the liberals holding the highest hand in Racial Poker and promising the MOAST Welfare Freebies.

    • Chicago, similar to Manhattan, will probably invite their nigga pests to gnaw their way into the center of town.

      Manhattan is already infested with more nigga turds, as we speak by the minute.

      • Chicago, similar to Manhattan, will probably invite their nigga pests to gnaw

        Murka survives only from LN demagogues serial throwing of new white burbs to the black mold; if coloreds were left without shelter after they destroyed it all, coloreds would go ApeShit, accidentally sparking The Final Rev.

        See: The Black Begins The Final Revolution

      • Yes… The “true crime” of segregation is near-instant “black” self-annihilation.

        IN FACT…

        IF one is a “parasite” THEN the modus operandi is liberation without separation BECAUSE separation = self-annihilation.

        The radical “black” collective is only the most viscerally extreme of the liberationists movements who seemingly understand the “crime” of white separatism… White Supremacy. It is in allowing this radical collective such a diabolical “freedom” of conscience that “we” are distracted from the fact that all the Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist operate by the same ideology.

      • TD: Yes, let all these LN miscreants destroy themselves, because everything to do is about self annihilation.

      • FP: Coloreds as in niggas. I find it fascinating how liberals, as TD would have said over again, that self annihilation is their modus operandi. Liberalism in America is all about bailing out the nigga scum, who has nothing positive to contribute, but parasite dependency at every level.

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