Here a Jew, There a Jew EVERYWHERE A WHOJew

by Firepower

Fucked Bill Xlinton to Death – twice!

Here’s an invaluable reference site to use as research proof before you make yourself look like a fool and stick your Kuntry Klodhopper trailerparknazi foot in your big aryan mouth, thereby dragging even genius Whites like me down to your Jerry Springer trailerpark, branding us all as dumb, dismissable hicks.


When you make inflammatory arguments based on fact, no one can refute you based even on the most outrageous racist beliefs. I just got banned for merely saying “Obama is a black racist” on a hardcore Rightist site: Gatewaypundit. Not “nigger Obama is a dirty niggerjew loving niggy-niggerrr!!!!”

With friends like that… how can “our side” lose? I can smell the Victory!

The Rightist version of PC is just as dense as the Left. Always note: ‘grecycling refuses to Call A Spade a Spade. Not a “nigger” but simply a racist. You will always sniff it out. It’s the Gripin’ With Greta Show!© where she slyly infers

there’s kind of something… ‘not right’ with… Murka today!”

… as if she’s discovered something great after seven years of a colored Liberal nazi reign. That’s like her waking up with seven filled condoms stuffed inside her cunt and saying “Gee whiz!…I think I mighta been… molested!!!” Good one Greta. Good thing YOU make $4 Million a year to enlighten us.

It’s simply fact. Instead of falling into their trap whereby they make you the issue instead of the Issue, use….… your head for something besides scratching…or getting buzzkuts with swastikas. Those may look great on Pat Haniggen, but you? meh.

Another (h/t Erin) JewOrNotJew?

The outrageous, inflammatory (and factual) statements you make only serve to make the lesson memorable.

Find out who’s a real jew: Leave the hillbilly banjos, impotent Niggerspickiking and NoozReelNazi videos to the pikers…

13 Comments to “Here a Jew, There a Jew EVERYWHERE A WHOJew”

  1. Jew, nigger, dyke, homo, migger, jihadist,”white” self-annihilator…

    Do these archetypes exist?

    Are they personified?

    It’s not about the individual Jewniggermiggerdykehomojihadist… “white” self-annihilator. It’s about the archetype and the particular variant of radical autonomy that is sought by said archetype. The above liberationist archetypes are FRACTURED by their particular desire for radical sexual autonomy (ergo, at root is a perverted orientation in conflict with other perverted orientations) and BOUND by a universal fear, loathing and murderous hatred for white Supremacy. In this analysis, the Jew = nigger = migger = dyke = homo = jihadist = “white” self-annihilator…

    The Jew archetype is anti-Supremacy, in general. And in particular, a virulent anti-white Supremacist every bit as ruthless and savage as the nigger or jihadist or “Butch.”

  2. The Jihadist belongs into a category on its own. He shares a similar hatred with the WN, when it comes to the other groups.

    • JS

      The jihadist’s hatred for the “white” self-annihilator is no deeper than a conflict of perversion. Whereas the jihadist seeks murderous self-annihilation in order to be REWARDED 72 virgins for “eternal” smashings, the “white” self-annihilation seeks maximum sexual pleasure (radical sexual autonomy, total hedonism, de facto homo) only to be REWARDED total annihilation. Literally, sides of same coin. Both hate reality with side devising their own liberationist solution only varied by metaphysical difference.

      Jihadist –> murderous self-annihilation –> “eternal” sexual pleasure…

      “White” self-annihilator –> maximum worldly pleasure –> total annihilation…

      But the key is to EQUATE all radical liberationists and this is achieved by recognizing their univeral desire and hatred.

      Desirous of radical sexual autonomy.

      Pure hatred for genuine white Supremacy.

      A Jew is a jihadist is a nigger is a migger is a homo-dyke… The “white” self-annihilator. The Palm that keeps the fingers “alive.”

      [ed note: if neither of you can pay attention for 4 seconds, wtf is it all for? do not derail this thread, either of you]

  3. Flush out your headgear, conspiracy guys: This is simply an article on a reference tool telling you who IS – and who AIN’T.

    • Gina Gershon, a Californian Kikess!

      Ok, I get it. West Coast Kikes are generally a lesser nusiance of the 2 evils, compared to their hard charging, Northeastern, Manhattan, power fanatical types, this I could understand. Los Angeles and NYC, are symbolic Hymie shit towns of decadence, opulence, corruption and social degradation. The sun baked, Golden State however makes Jews softer,more sensual and hedonistic like Gina, and not the crackling, Manhattan Yenta types, who complain much ado about nothing, like most New Yorkers.

      [ed note: so. how do you plan on using the info in the link i provided for you. i kind of already know Niggerspickikes are evil icky-doodie so-and-sos]

      • Many high profile Jews, I know, are Jews. Even quarter baked kikes, like actor Harrison Ford, is a Jew in my book. He’s loud, obnoxious, condescending, self serving, shifty, just all around negative traits associated with Jews.

        Then there are WL gentiles who marry Jews and absorb their evil, disgusting habits. Anyway, WLs are the 1st to be eradicated, then MINOs and the JOOs in the order of priority. WLs are the sacrificial lambs for the bigger prizes.

  4. There used to be an excellent site called The Seductive Jewess. It cataloged various strains of the jewess, from the half European to the black ones, with pictures. I wish MajikFireHornet would put it back up. It was the very best site on jews I’ve seen, and I learned a lot.

    • Elizabeth Berkeley is a Jewess, the co-star in the movie Showgirls with Gershon. She of course, looks much more like a gentile shiksa than Gershon, and was dating the cucahracha Mario Lopez, fellow actor in the kid’s primetime show SBTB, which was big surprise to anyone. A kikess dating a day laborer is non-Kosher as you can get.

      • Jewish women becoming mudsharks is a big tabooo….But anyway, a bit of good news, is that JOOs and WLs share something in common. They are all degenerates, who are now practicing miscegenation in large numbers, and thus are self annihilating increasingly with MINOs.

  5. Good resource. I’ve been using this.

  6. I think it is run by Jews.

  7. Real Jew = genetic Jew = Jew convert = Jew program???

    The whole JQ revolves around the Jewish identity…

    The Jewish Identity is radically autonomous. Period. Anti-Supremacy. Self-annihilating.

    And “white” self-annihilators believe in the sincerest form of flattery BECAUSE he desires radical autonomy.

    There is no men’s movement.

    There is only white man’s movement towards objective Supremacy. This is how one out-jews the Jews.

    • The jews are self-annihilators. They will bring about their own. Even the term, “anti-Semitism” is too intellectual today.”

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