Selma: Evidence of Decay

by Firepower

Stare at the shiny bauble…you are getting sleepy…sleeeeeepier…

The dangers of tolerance of prolonged exposure to MINO infestation is the growing threat presented by this vermin. Flavia might have done a snazzy photo-essay verifying this if not for over-indulging pizza and bonbons.

Two pictures are worth a couple thousand words – as an X-Ray of a malignant tumor. Pictures illustrate a threat in time, in the progress of growth – a growth that remains unchecked.

In old history, they are a threat that increases into a greater threat. So, if this is the trend – what do you project it is like in 20 years?

As with everything in the universe, America goes one of three ways, it:
1. Gets Better
2. Stays the same
3. Gets worse

This pseudo-event was ginned-up by a…Hollywood movie…a friggin’ Oprah movie: We all know by now, who….……. runs h’wood. Teh Oprah is a MINO threefer: A colored, a feminist – and a lesbian, Praise Her Most Holy Name!

No film critic would dare say one bad word aloud of her or her latest propaganda where today is really 1965 and nigras got to drink at separate water fountains. Every viewer will view the Media Propaganda as True History – history as presented by those Polish Peeps who run the California Propaganda Machine.  The degenerate viewers will be none the wiser and will not question blatant lies.

Coloreds use 1965 as a touchstone. If touchstones are not destroyed they keep their mysticism. Gods are made of evil men.

 1965 Selma

Even with a militant, colored racist elected President – with great aid by ignorant whites – the colored can still claim to itself a twisted validity in screaming “racism” at their faults despite faking ignorance when it is they who run & staff all levels of USG and BIGov.

Coloreds still get doublepower from having their boy as Our Historic Black Ruler and claiming Murka is still racist – even though fat, blubbering white housewives made Oprah rich and worship every thing she and her coloreds think, write and speak.

They refuse to agree they are the worst humans on Earth. Coloreds have produced nothing in their entire history but dependence, complaint, disease, epidemic, murder, crime and death.

In 1965, Whites had the courage to fight back against colored vermin. 1965 streets were safe from the congressional black caucus and Oprah/Jerry Springer Nation.

Not today. Not for a long time.

Despite the HateFest Millenials gleefully dump on Boomers & GENx to excuse their own current youthful Millenial Apathy – this proves my theory that Murka was already doomed in 1965. 

2015 Selma: note absence of US Flag compared to 1965

Today, colored rabble-rousers who destroyed every beautiful city White Americans built are propagandized and venerated as National Heroes. Fat colored lesbian billionaires who wouldn’t piss on the best part of you are now “our great leaders.”

If Oprah ran for President I bet ya she’d even defeat Sir Killary. Does not a nation of MINOs and white MINOLovers deserve that?

In the future, it will be Migger rabble-rousers elevated to Gods; this will naturally clash with the established Colored Gods. There will be too few whites remaining then to “help”.

If you can see a Loving Powerful God in all this, please – point him the fuck out to me.

As I see no countervailing actions from AmRen Activists, SBPDL Sharpies and Conservagina Pundits everywhere – nor even from the most rabid, Niggerspickiking trailerpark nazi. Not even mere convincing words, for the evidence sadly affirms that our Rome 2.0 is not “gonna collapse soon!” but has already, and long ago; we just didn’t realize it.













18 Responses to “Selma: Evidence of Decay”

  1. Within the logic of “equality” is the thoroughly ingrained idea that the modern “black” suffers equally to his slave ancestors. This belief then produces the notion that AA is a perpetual program that always strives for but never can quite “level the playing field.” So the niggers level the playing field. And the “white” self-annihilators are here to put 22″ dubs on the bulldozers driven by the ex-jordies.

    The first strike shall be aimed at the “black” rappers, athletes and entertainers…

    WHY, Winfrey, are YOU not considered a “black supremacist?”

    Most likely, one will hear the most uncreative, unimaginative, uninspiring and ideologically conforming answer to the question.

    Rulers versus leaders versus Paid posers…

    These are nigger stooges of the highest paid grade. Anti-white Supremacists to the last “black man.”

  2. The metaphysics of the radical autonomist STILL requires a valuing of the redundant phenomenon at the levels of absolute manipulation. The modern “black” along with the niggers that march hand and hand with them are anti-Supremacists –> anti-white Supremacists –> anti-Singularity = anti-singularities = believer in THE redundant phenomenon = believer in “equality” = liberationist. This is the algorithm for ALL radical liberationists. The paradox is that Selma is this oh-so most meaningless of meaningful of redundant phenomenon. Even the “event” that “sparked” Selma was merely the redundant phenomenon and in no way represented a singularity, i.e., a unique one time phenomenon. So what “we” observe is two-fold. “We” see the metaphysics of sheer redundancy… “We” see the raw machinations of the radical “black” autonomist. He follows the program DECADE AFTER DECADE and NEVER WAIVERS. He is a self-refutation. Simultaneously, “we” see in the “white” self-annihilator the same emerging perpetual conformity. “We” see a “white” self-annihilator conforming to a universe of the redundant phenomenon. So the “white” self-annihilator genuflects before these “Sell-meez” in utterly predictable fashion year after year after year. Radical autonomy is the dominant ethos amongst all people. White Supremacy is the ONLY solution for the white man.

  3. Wheel chair out front. Waaaaaahhhh!

    • Erin…

      The most curious aspect of “our” critique of the enemy is that it doesn’t start, stay and stop with radical autonomy, i.e., “our” enemy is forever seeking to maximize its autonomy even if only at “our” expense. A metaphysics that imposes a finite playing field necessitates a zero-sum game. I gain, you lose. I lose, you gain. Those are the indisputable axiomatic constraints. This is the belief by which the modern “black” can coherently equate his suffering of “racism,” i.e., white Supremacy, to his slave ancestors. The sum total of “black” grievances over time have not in any manner been adjudicated according to the modern “black.” In fact, the historic “debt load” is now it own form of racist oppression imposed upon modern “black.”

      This paradigm ^^^ does not have the white man on actual lock, though. But ALL of the “white” self-annihilators follow it to a tee. Such anti-white Supremacy REPRESENTS to own path to radical autonomy as being a WHITE anti-white Supremacist is doubly RADICAL, by definition.

    • I like that pic. All secret service, in uniform, wear sunglasses. I’d bet there’s 100 agents in that pic. It’s like Where’s Waldo.

  4. Everything’s got two sides.

    We are growing used to the colored presence. That’s the bad. The good is that maybe we absorb some of their ideas and immorality. The white man could use some rebellion. He’s served the Beast for a very long time, a loyal servant.

    [ed note: yes. youre describing The Liberation that comes from the decay of xtian “morals”]

  5. Colored in your context usually means you are talking about niggas, and not the cucarachas! Just blurt the word out.

    It’s Selma, and not Selena!

    [ed note: by scientific definition, anything not white is colored. i do not get bound my dogmatic jargon]

    • True. But here’s your statement about coloreds, when in fact, not all coloreds are niggas when it comes to this:

      Coloreds have produced nothing in their entire history but dependence, complaint, disease, epidemic, murder, crime and death.

      I can’t seem to find a restaurant in Manhattan that serves nigga food (besides the usual fast food joints, which are run by non-niggas). I’m surprised that liberals haven’t said a peep that everyone should be an equal opportunity business owner. In that case, niggas fail with their entrepreneurship!

      [ed note: all blacks are coloreds, but not all coloreds are blacks. all Miggers are coloreds, but not all coloreds are Miggers. spicks are all spanish, but not all spanish are spicks. FTFY. its just great seeing you talk about another branch of MINOs except jews.]

  6. Speaking of bridges, this video about suicide jumpers highdiving off the Golden Gate infuriates me with rage:

    So much wasted human potential. How many were hounded by San Transcisco’s liberal elitocracy as in the film ‘Pacific Heights’? They had nothing to lose, so they could have set fire to the local PC enforcement office at night or something and then shot themselves. About as likely to succeed.

    • I’ve watched that movie.

      Most will never fulfill their potential. It’s a rare man who does. There are so many distractions today.

      • Most people don’t have higher aspirations. Our consumer culture does exactly the opposite. It turns Americans into mere consumption pigs with no deep thoughts. Further, too many undesirables in America, and the numbers increase daily. Good for me tho…And good for WN, as the rest of the people self destruct themselves in way or the other.

      • Do you own a TV with cable, JS?

        I’m just curious. I own a TV, but have no cable. It’s just to watch movies.

      • No, I do not. I don’t watch any TV, none whatsoever. I haven’t been in a movie theater in ages. I try to educate myself as much as possible and network with people who are counter mainstream.

    • The answer to bullying isn’t hard but the system emasculates people from cradle to grave. People are also in subtle competition with each other nobody will give you permission to achieve anything great only the worthless is socially approved.

      • ^^^Call “it” anti-Supremacy.

      • The real issue is that most people in America don’t achieve anything great, because they are too lazy and cowardly to buck the trend, and most important, they are too self indulgent and satisfied with their petty pleasures. Further, most Americans are just perpetual kids, immature and lacking in any insight.

  7. As TD’ve mentioned, the disparate groups in America is what defines it. This confirms its cesspool status of disunity, distrust, dissonance, dysfunction and its ultimate dissolution.


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