Liberal Nazism: Control of Internet Media Propaganda

by Firepower

Told ya so.

Fascism did get reborn – but not with your fap-visions of rightwing emulation in snappy SS II uniforms and goosestepping whiteys. Today’s Fascism is liberal – run by the very people you wanted rounded-up into boxcars, only they’re gonna round you up.

Now that GENBrandon & Today’s Britnee!™ are so fucking stupid they automatically drool spit in Pavlovian fashion at the mere comparison of…..…. MLK as The Greatest American in Human History to Geo. Washington: Baby African-American Slave Raper & National Criminal.

America goes only one of three ways: It gets better, worse – or stays the same. Figure it out for yourself.

Think about it: The sheeple emerging from the liberal academies around the country in the 1960s and ‘70s didn’t move to the countryside to smoke pot, escape Nixon and raise lambs. No, they went into media. They became writers, reporters and television news anchors.”

Instead, it’s today’s Flyy-Farmurrz that are the ones surrendering, moving to the country to smoke RepubliCrack and raise worms. All those WW2 German bumpkins who moved into the sticks near Poland to escape politics were treated soooo nicely by the Red Shock Army.

Liberal nazis are the Nationalists now. They stole your dream and got to the levers of Imperial Government Power before you did. Their idealized superman is the Halfrican-Mestizo Ubermënsch following Susan Rice’s Final Solution to the letter.

The Liberal nazis have come to call. Will you be ready to answer the door?


22 Comments to “Liberal Nazism: Control of Internet Media Propaganda”

  1. I don’t answer the door ever. Person doing the knocking is most unlikely to resemble hippiechick in photo. Maybe her pimp though.

  2. White liberals are the easiest to defeat!

    FP: I have a lot of female friends, all White and naive. To even bring up WN is worse than asking if their parents would allow them to date a colored miscreant. In regards to White guys, it’s worse than asking them about their sex life.

    • If naive, they are susceptible to propaganda.

      Tell them:

      “I heard some well-dressed, Professional-Wondrous-African-Americans in RAO’s discussing 9/11, the Wondrous-Surgeon-African-American asked “how many Manhattan jews enlisted 9/12 to avenge Our Most-Fabulous City IN THE WORLD – and fight4murka in the “war on terror?”

      If your Manhattan Poon is so stupid they don’t rise to the bait, ask them if they know how many enlisted to “serve Israel their country”

      You gotta learn how to Game bitches. Gotta learn how to game all people.

      • They have already fallen for the propaganda.

        I could tell and ask them all these things, but it’s a waste of time. They have plenty of spending money coming from daddy’s bank account as to not worry about anything. They do not need to think nor do they want to. All I tell them is that I’m fleeing this country shortly, because it sucks living in a wasteland such as ours. Some of them scratch their heads and wonder, but they aren’t aware of anything. I expect to crap on this country once I’m out of it very soon. French Canada and Iran sounds like the very right places for such endeavors. Both are Anti-American.

      • If you do not counter-propaganda people you must eradicate them.
        But if you are not ready to eradicate them
        You must counter-propaganda them
        Or else ignore the decline
        And be Silent

        “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” George Orwell

      • True story: I saw a colored MINO in NYC today raising a sign that says this: “Jews have already infiltrated China”. People just walked by and ignored him. Of course, this doesn’t discount anything about coloreds, gookers and Joos.

      • That is clumsy propaganda.
        1. Manhattanites don’t care about coloreds; they just care about them on TV. They don’t have to live near coloreds.
        2. Manhattanites love China. They make Billion$ with China.
        3. No jew/manhattanite will initiate contact with such a colored protester for fear of physical violence

        Use propaganda the way I showed you. The way I mediated and extrapolated it from jewish/LN prop.

      • Manhattanites do care about coloreds, only if they are part of the LN agenda in 2 forms. The token black guy who screws White women or the down trodden welfare ghetto thug.

    • JS…

      If one desires self-annihilation and as a part of that process also desires to propagate that desire then the “easiest to defeat” ethos is a misframe. The radical “white” self-annihilator puts copious amounts of effort into appearing to save the “other” while such antics only serve as misdirection for a long, ideologically-driven process of self-annihilation.

      One doesn’t need to defeat the self-annihilator/anti-Supremacist. They are already self-defeated. It is their ethos and those that preach this ethos knowing its logical outcome so as to avoid it that need to be defeated. These latter charlatans are a part of what I call the “default elite” and operate as radical autonomists, ie., those whom attempt to maximize their autonomy without consequence.

      Forget the minions… The only way to speak to the “default elite” is through electronic distribution.

      • TD: Yes, that’s right. However, it’s all about expediting the process. Get rid of the WLNs, then MINOs and Jews are naked and unprotected, and they become easy targets.

  3. I think about these 21-26 year old liberated females grinding to some new stupid rapture and 9/11 probably doesnt even register as an event of any significance. These females were 7-12 years old when it happened. Same for the male liberationists.

    Murka is a place with a disparate peoples living in entirely different spheres.

    [ed note: right on, if youre saying hit em with the self-annihilating-defacto-homo rap. that’ll git ’em moist]

    • You wouldn’t believe how many “white” males “bend it over and touch they toes.” One could hardly get more explicit evidence of the inherent self-annihilation of the de facto homo lifestyle embraced by “white” males.

      • Prisoners go homo for protection in the violent environment of prison.

        It’s no different on the outside. Whitey’s getting beat down, so either he joins a WN gang or goes homo. Anyone who isn’t a wn has made his choice.

  4. I found an interesting movie, FP. “Warheads on the foreheads.”

  5. FP you don’t speak for WN. For the record, most WNs do not want our enemies rounded-up into boxcars, only deported to Israel or wherever they belong. Buses would work just fine…then airplanes.

    Supposedly, many Jews are fleeing European countries to “return” to Israel so apparently SOMEONE is intimidating them. Anything good/successful done by one of us will be either denounced or ignored. People like yourself FP need to learn to read between the lines. You believe everything your read/hear.

    [ed note: you always derail an original topic that’s not ever been discussed anywhere else in your Nazi Grass Izalwayzgreena magic lady kaleidoscope view of StrumFrunt Iz Betta! – to try and bust my balls and The FP sees you as a tiresome harridan]

    • Both FP and Ryu thinks too much about the Joos is not good for WN!

      [derailing threads about Liberal nazi control of internet media propaganda is not good for you]

      • I think writing too much about any outsider is harmful – any mino at all.

        They are not the problem. We are. Whites have allowed this situation to come into being. It’s an internal issue. I do not blame the jews or blacks for what they are doing. They are simply following their own interests.

        If it were up to me, I’d outlaw any mention of minos. What is lacking is practice, not theory. The how, not the why. The biggest roadblock by far is inside the head of white people.

        You can prove this yourself easily, JS. Imagine a world without jews…does that solve our problems? A world without blacks…solved yet?

    • But yes, I’ve been saying all along that anti-Semitism in Europe is a good thing, many Jews leaving for Israel is a good thing. Jews in American aren’t leaving in Israel, not significantly that is. Further, many WLNs are in fact the new Jews with their odious behaviors.

    • I’m sure your StormPoopers will be giggled silly to let you and The Gals “run things” in a new order of FeministWN.

      But for those who forget that thingie called “History” (but love to <strong>re-enact it with Nazi Fashion show costumes)…
      A giant portion of jews, gypsies, etc. on Mr. Hitla’s 1939 Things To DO List fled Germany long before moving into their new dorms at Auschwitzville.

      Your problem, missy, is you believe everything you read and hear – and from stupids…

    • I correct errors.

  6. Oh and tribunals for the ringleaders would be in order. (going back to my first paragraph)

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