The New Motto of the Direct Action Activist

by Ryu

“First, be free from arrest or prison. Only then proceed.”

Sun Tzu said the masters of old put themselves beyond the reach of defeat FIRST, then attacked. That way, the only possible outcomes were a victory or a tie.

Too many direct action guys are getting caught. I cannot remember one who got away with it, in the long term. This causes fear in the eyes of many WNs, who begin to believe that action is wrong.

There is nothing wrong with action. But the action part only …..…..comprises less than 5% of the time. Often, far less. Preparation and escape form the other 95%.

“Magical thinking” pervades the US today. WN is the same as all other areas in this. It’s the same as a man who wants to sleep with a girl. Sex makes up less than 1% of the time he will spend with her. The work is getting her into bed. He may spend 10 hours to get her into bed for 10 minutes of sex…yet he’s focused on the sex!

This is the secret to failure. It is why direct action WN has failed time and time again.


Work! Like anything else. Brevik took 10 years preparing for his action. God damn him to hell – if he had only spent a year preparing for his escape, he’d be free right now.

5 Comments to “The New Motto of the Direct Action Activist”

  1. McVeigh otoh wanted to be caught. As he said at the end, There is nothing for me in this world.
    Too much despair can be liberating. I always wondered about the moment he made his decision. My guess is it really happened months earlier.
    His political views were well known, but he had bought an isolated piece of land somewhere.
    Maybe he could have bought a few years of canned and powdered food in advance, chlorine tablets, fuel, etc.

  2. For the high IQ “white” male, do not get caught = make all right moves = perfection = omnipotence = total brain meltdown.

    There is a pathological desire amongst the high IQ “white” male to be perceived as one who can make no right moves and is perpetually being “caught.”

  3. TD, this is where your theme of orientation comes in. It’s not a simple matter. Liberal programming has been blaring at us for x years. How do we de-program, really? Rebellion from it doesn’t necessarily eradicate it. A rebel, deep down, may still believe he’s evil and deserves to be punished. The hard-bitten racists in James Ellroy novels ultimately want to throw down their burden and sleep with black or commie women. It’s like 1984. “I love Big Brother!”

    • Anon…

      In the psychological war, words are your weapons and having total command of the language is paramount.

      So first, the white Supremacist is not in rebellion or merely reacting. He is attempting to ascend. And not because he possesses a sense of self superior to the ignorant masses, BUT because it is simply right to ascend. ALL PEOPLE should attempt to ascend. Period. Of course, the debate over the definition of “ascend” will proceed as expected fueled by those that prophet “our” descent, profit from “our” descent and bolstered by those that simply desire descent..

      The white Supremacist, if he so inclined, takes pleasure in psychological engineering ESPECIALLY when geared towards persuading white males to ascend towards Perfection and reject self-annihilation.

    • FIRST we all have to unplug from most forms of media. Second, if you are SO weak that you have to watch/read lies everyday (strange addiction) you need to KNOW most of it is lies. Too many WNs STILL trust the media too much. I use my own eyes and ears now to gauge what’s going on in the world.

      How many times have you all watched the 9-11 video footage where the plane crashes into the trade center? I have probably seen it twice (about 10 seconds of it) in my lifetime and both times were MANY years after it supposedly happened and I was with people and it just came on the tv. I don’t feed my mind the things the government wants me to see. Haven’t for years. Try it. You will be amazed at what you learn about the world.

      [ed note: if one is so stupidly impressionable to TOTE Propaganda, then it’s only proof why those make the best ISIS strap-on bombers]

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