Patterns of MINO Rulers

by Firepower

As the MINO infests a city, state or nation, a pattern unfolds similarly from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The last liberal white ruler is either a dem like Jerry Brown or conservagina*/RINO like Bush and McRomney. Party affiliation doesn’t matter; such repubbies are detectable by their willingness to pander to the MINO for votes that propel them into greater political power.

Usually, this naturally progresses from liberal white repubbi to replacement by liberal white dem. California had liberal repubbi Arnold then swiftly swung back to Moonbeam 2.0, but you’ll never see a Governor Ronald Reagan again.  The demographics forbid it (and now always will) because – duhh – coloreds vote colored, even though the Ballwasher Media instructs “dassnotrayciss!”

Next in the pattern comes the white liberal nazi, like Rahm Emmanuel and New York’s Bloomboig automatically elected sight-unseen on their liberal credentials alone; the reputation precedes the ruler. When a colored usurper finally gets….….a whiff of this rich gravy and wants a chunk, he then throws his hat in the ring – and the growing colored population the white traitor cultivated  instantly betray him for darker skin matching their own race, just as Rahm one day is replaced by a Migger or colored. Los Angeles suffered under El Villarlaragossa whose name actually combines his own and his wifeys. How precious. Rahm Emmanuel is a Clinton-Obamaite liberal, yet his color is now a handicap against a 300 lb. colored-female Teacha Union Bawss or actual Migger named Jesus~Chuy who equaled his election prospects. Rahm (a super-jew, if ya hadn’t already guessed) made it possible for illegals to get free college in Chicago. Do you white people get “free” college – of course not.  Lush freebies at white taxpayer expense guarantee votes forever, or until a beaner dem comes along. Either way, once the MINO takes over a city, county and state – on up to the entire nation – it votes itself power, riches, immunity and preference.

Once Banged Ryu

The vile white political conman must by necessity, out-liberal liberals (and especially MINO liberal competition) so that promised basket of freebies paid for by Evil Whitey tempts most of the lifetime free fried chicken n’ watermelon constituency. Manhattan’s Bloomberg was once a Democrat, then a Republican – and an Independent – to ensure covering all the bases. He was replaced by certified Red “Bill De Blasio” who makes Nancy Pelosi look like Anne Coulter. BDB is actually a German who changed his name in the 70s to cunningly capitalize on the then ruling, dominant Guido population in NYC during the 70s: Today, BDB would change his name to “Chuy Lincoln-Bey.”

Coloreds are primitives and that republican “R” symbol juu-juu eventually preys upon their innate primitive superstition like white skin always will. (More superstitious junk is passed-off as “fact” the more stupid, atavistic and colored the population grows.) This makes MINOrities easier to manipulate – the universal wetdream of Hillary~Obamas everywhere: A cocoa-brown population stripped of dangerous White SO76* – then even blackness or Miggerness, reducing even its racial militancy until….

Continued in PART II….

*see glossary – you lazyass


Patterns of MINO Rulers 2

40 Comments to “Patterns of MINO Rulers”

  1. This is good stuff. America is like a giant lab for observing these truths. South Africa and Rhodesia are just further along in the experiment.

    I saw a passage in an older book. It said anything passed to minos becomes dominated by superstition and charms.

    • anything passed to minos becomes dominated by superstition and charms.

      Good find. Maybe eradican will pull her head out of her snatch and “write an article” lol GENMillenn is amazing – rly

  2. And the liberal hipsters on Reddit are cheering all the way.

    If their family was raped brutally by illegals they would choose Mahatma Gandhi over Enoch Powell.

  3. A key ingredient to all the “progress” described above — white flight. We’d rather slink off one household at a time than work together and fight for the cities, the suburbs, or the rural towns. WN is either the wake-up call — or Taps.

    • Organizing is a difficult thing in the US. This is a police state.

      Really, the only WN organization are white prison gangs. The AB, Nazi Lowriders, Dead Men Inc, PE NY1. They are able to do this, because in prison, they have nothing left to lose. On the outside, they do have something to lose.

      • As least for the AB, it’s blood in, blood out. That’s a good way to keep rats out of your organization.

      • As least for the AB, it’s blood in, blood out. That’s a good way to keep rats out of your organization.

        BIBO is conducted to prove to the organization the initiate is not LEO.

      • And it weeds out the moderates. How many wns would we lose if wn instituted a BIBO policy? I bet we’d lose 90% +.

      • BIBO naturally exposes fact from fiction; prince from poser.
        If WN grows, it will be a necessity for every unknown candidate.

        If 90% moderates quit, fine. It’s like weeding 90% of the clerks and sissies from a Commando Squad; who needs them.
        A small unit needs action oriented men.
        Our HEROSEALs packed ZERO interior decorators on the ubl raid…

      • That SEAL team is more than just shooters though.

        The action is nothing. Planning, intel, logistics, transportation. There may have been 6 hitters, but there were probably 300 people in the background, doing boring stuff.

        Seal Team 6 does not fund, plan, and pull their own missions. There’s an enormous background of boring people sitting behind them. This is why I hold SP exmil gurus in contempt – the only thing they had to do is pull the trigger and not get shot.

        For one man, or a small group to do this is phenomenal. Most WNs cannot fathom how hard direct action is, when one man does all the work.

      • That SEAL team is more than just shooters though.

        DA BIBO is more than just HeroSEALs!
        DABIBO happens every single day when illiterate, tat00-faced Migger gangs pull drive-bys.
        When they sell $1 Mill in meth a week.

        Collectively, this causes more damage than any SuperSEAL Shenanigans of the past decade.

      • Which is exactly why random shootings of civilians doesn’t do anything, except it makes the masses sympathize with the victims.

      • Except when the victims are white. Do you think the Murkan media would cover an event where blacks went after whites in an organized fashion, like the South African farm murders? A modern Zebra killer?

      • Which is exactly why random shootings of civilians doesn’t do anything, except it makes the masses sympathize with the victims.

        Bull. It certainly does not interfere with ISIS winning. Nor did it have long-term harm on the Viet Cong who routinely filled pits with their victims. The only way these tactics fail is if not carried-out to the finish.

      • And the sympathy doesn’t last long.

        The American memory is very short. Homicie is an everyday occurance. It takes a truly henious act to stay in the mind for over a few days.

        It’s always on to the flashy new thing. Today, Lady Gaga is forgotten. Her time was up.

      • To ryu re organizing in a police state. Maybe organizing does not have to occur on racial lines. Any group that advocates self-rule, equality in contracting and college admissions, real suppression of crime, and immigration control (i.e., demographic self-rule), and anything else USG’s patrons oppose, is automatically 99% white. That’s our culture. It’s not their culture. Arming for self-defense and defense of public order is where it gets tricky, but you don’t have to tattoo KKK on your forehead.

      • More on organizing to ryu. What about this: work on developing constituencies for these issues — self-rule, equality in contracting and college admissions, real suppression of crime, and immigration control (i.e., demographic self-rule), and anything else USG’s patrons oppose — in existing organizations, the major parties, minor parties, schools, unions, and churches.

      • Ah, implicit WN. I support it. Right now, it’s not the right use of my time. But if someone wants to spend his time on it, good.

      • Just have a bunch of guys disguised as foodie workers for the liberal establishment, and that’ll take care of business. It could be a low level chump at Whole Foods preparing dishes (then adding the ricin ingredient to them or mixing the castor beans into their salads). Or a delivery boy bringing pizza into the media offices, contaminated with these toxins. Maybe mix it into a few drinks at the local watering hole.

        Scores of people become sick and go into panic mode. And ricin is a deadly poision that spreads like a virus or flu. Food poisoning makes authorities look for clues like finding a needle in a haystack.

    • According to me, I believe Murkans are a bunch of goddamned naive fools.
      It only shows jews really are smarter than Murkans.
      We must not expect jews to “love us” for dying for them.
      If they did it for me, I’d think them idiots.

      Expecting a pat on the ass for foolishness is like
      Expecting presents from Santie Claus
      For bein’ baaaad…

  4. Learn from your enemy:

    1. “Israelis grow up with the expression of ‘never be a freier,’ i.e., a push-over or loser, someone who can be taken for a ride,”

    2. Israelis have a reputation as hardcore bargainers, and they’re known to cheat on their taxes — both because they can and because they think they’re getting a bad deal from the government as it is.

    • Really Jews are like Americans in their low level of solidarity. Much bitter hatred among Jews, including hatred of Israel. In Israel Singer’s novel of German Jews in the 30’s, every social stratum of Jews thinks the Nazis’ Jew-hatred is directed at some other group, not themselves, so they do nothing. Possibly the existence of a direct relationship to God available to every individual (as in Protestantism) weakens the sense of dependence on the group for identity and survival. To survive the group doesn’t need everyone in the group to love each other — just a critical mass of those who will live and die for the group’s survival.

      • While St. Bibi was giving his Neocon Beebleiber boner-popping speech to “Congress” – FUXNews kinda sorty fergawt to “report” that simultaneously, tens of thousands of Israelis are protesting The Beeb in Tel Aviv.

        Whites are just as ignorant to Liberal nazis rounding them up for eradication, as jews were ignorant of Nazis doing the same.

      • Do not discount the Joos, they are still more cunning and resourceful than the average gentile, if the shit hits the fan, gentiles will die for them in critical masses.
        [ednote: then let gentiles die until the stupid are reduced and only WNs remain. do not mourn the death of PC-Jordies]

        Just look no further to 9-11, where only 15% of the dead were Joos: those twin buildings were towering structures for the Wall St parasites, owned by a Joo parasite called Silverstein, in the island of Joohattan.

        [jews have little to do with Patterns of MINO Rulers except they back whatever color is needed…]

      • Then they will die, JS.

        A smaller white race will be a stronger white race. The Holocaust purged the weak and stupid jews. They came back stronger than ever, and had their own country, within 20 years.

  5. “American” “blacks” are the archetype racial self-annihilators. IOW, “American” “blacks” show other races “best” how to dehumanize collectively. When one peers at the radical “black”/”white” self-annihilator “relationship,” one sees a symbiotic regression.

    But in this “parasitic” duo, who is the real host?

    • The 3 parasitic groups in America are the Joos (the foremost parasites who suck the lifeblood out of any nation), blacks, and WLNs, who are identical to Joos, in terms of consumption behavior, but are more readily to self-annihilate as parasites.

      The host is the infrastructure, built by Whites with blood, sweat and tears. Joos destroy them indirectly and blacks, directly. Look at Baltimore, Detroit and other White cities that become invaded by black locusts, they become decimated.

  6. Ryu said, “The Holocaust purged the weak and stupid jews. They came back stronger than ever, and had their own country, within 20 years.”

    And the strongest weapon in their arsenal is the Holohoax which is why many WNs believe in taking on a victim mentality-which is where News and Jews comes in. Problem is, Whites are the only ones that give a crap about The Other so this tactic isn’t going to work for us. We have to abandon the victim mentality which has only made us weaker mentally and in the eyes of potential allies.

    That’s why THIS is the only blog I read anymore.

    • Writers have to be brave and push the envelope too, Erin. Not just our direct action people.

      Many writers fail doing that. They make the safe move, NAJ, which earns the return what we’ve been getting.

      • You are so right. If one is too old or weak to take direct action, one can at least be brave enough to talk about it and write about it. And NOT using their real name (as you know). Perhaps you should have an article Ryu about how to hide your internet presence. I have touched on some of it in comments (I screwed up early on with some things but others can learn from my mistakes-and fortunately for me, I ‘m not dangerous enough to the system to bother with).

        Ryu and FP, I also would like to hear about how we can coalesce with other groups. It seems like we will have to be secretive or risk rejection ALTHOUGH occasionally I am surprised at the acceptance I receive in real life. Off the cuff I think WNs need to begin by improving their “pitch”. Many people get over-excited and talk too fast and too much about White issues. When we do this we run the risk of sounding crazy. With new people, we should probably only talk about one issue per conversation UNLESS the person indicates with questions and comments, that they are hungry for more information…Even then, proceed cautiously.

        One instance where I was well-received was when I told someone I was pro-White. The person (a Teapartier woman and a “leader”) asked what that meant and I said that something along the lines of Whites having issues and concerns that are different than those of other people. She said, “Yes, I think we need Pro-White people”. and then I shut up. For the record she was a White looking woman who I later found out was part Asian and I was in a car with her and others…one of whom might have been part Jewish. I was surprised that no one challenged me.

      • Propaganda and action have to be kept separate. Prop guys have to be squeaky clean, and action guys have to be secretive. Prop can form groups, action people can’t.

        The best wns have an inner need – almost like a priest. It’s a gift that only a few have. If someone has to be pushed or goaded into wn, they are already limited in how far they can rise. Because one day, the teacher is gone and the student has to learn on his own. It takes at least 5 years to make a good WN.

        My feeling is that WN as a whole profits when individual wns grow stronger. I could spend time bringing groups together, but there’s more profit in taking my own abilities to their limit. Others will learn from that. If I go to prison, I’ll join the best racist group and become a group person.

        Either join a group and grow the group, or be an individualist and go as far as you can. Those are the paths. And one has to discover what he’s best at.

      • Many writers fail doing that. They make the safe move, NAJ, which…..

        If TDO & NAJ worked, we’d have won already. In Google Age it is preposterous that dimwits still need MOAR examples of jew treachery and Colored HateCrimes against whites.

        TDO & NAJ was “supposed” to ignite Revolution by sounding an alarm. It is reduced to the local air raid siren and annoying neighbor’s car alarm no one pays attention to anymore. This prompts the TDO & Najjers to push harder, trying to spark a response – which is why you see the foaming twitter “wars” every new TDO. That increasing volume will either eventually work, or pile up as impotent venting, which is what I suspect happens with such an apathetic nation absorbed by foolish entertainment.

        Nobody writes the original, innovative concepts like Eradica; certainly not the quality of original observation I just wrote…

    • Caring for “the other” is christianity-based; the “turn the other cheek” and charity thing.

      As catholic-sized, organized xtianity falls it brings down smaller sects in a Domino Effect until what remains is the False Religion of USG-ordered dogmas of: Diversity Is Good. Amnesty is A Right!, etc.

      It is close now – at least, far, far closer than it was even ten years ago and accelerating. But, people are so stupid they still believe their Big Government School lessons, despite the contradicting evidence before their very eyes. When the tit runs dry, the fun begins.

      This is why Maobama desperately rammed through MaobamaCare and Amnesties, Inc. while grabbing .223 Greentip ammo. Bush had his MINOLuv programs also. What is telling is: Both ruling parties now see the necessity of bribing the mob as a stopgap to anarchy.

      • Also, FP, America is on the path of dysgenic breeding, where leftist oriented Whites (and also JOOs to a certain extent) are brainwashed to breed with undesirable coloreds in large numbers, as a form of total self annihilation. The WLs and JOOs got what they wanted. It’s already happening as we speak!

  7. The problem with implicit wn, is that any organization that is predominantly white and promotes the platform that ‘anon’ describes will be labeled and attacked as a racist organization. Look at the Tea Party for example.

    • lol. LOOK at the pic: niggers, spicks – MINOs of every stripe & combo mino poker hand. Black feminists. Migger feminists…

      The only whites = middle-aged pasty-faced older male version of liberal sissy PajamaBoy.

  8. “The action is nothing. Planning, intel, logistics, transportation. There may have been 6 hitters, but there were probably 300 people in the background, doing boring stuff.”

    This^^^^^ absolutely. James Bond has a goddamn bueracrat agency at his back hooking him up with everything. He just follows orders to execute like any football player having to memorize play routes.

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