Lack of Passion

by Ryu

To do anything in this world takes conviction; to act without permission takes much more conviction. This is recognized when system muscle are given medals of honor, but forgotten when “criminals” are mentioned. Cops and cons do exactly the same deeds but they just work for different masters.

The way things are set up today, single issue movements fail. One cannot isolate MRM, racial or economic issues. There’s so much resistance that it’s cheaper to go all the way rather than piecemeal. The revolutionary approach deals with feminism, multiculturalism, and capitalism all in one stroke. It is more risky and more difficult, but the profits are higher.

What the USG looks for in its elite hitmen, Special Operations, is …

….absolute loyalty to the USA. They are to fulfill orders to the letter and they are to say nothing about what they do, even after retirement. The loyalty has to hold even when the paychecks stop.

There are many who “sympathize” with WN. It’s always been other whites who oppose WN the most. But sympathy isn’t worth much – women won’t lust after it and men don’t respect it. Sympathy is what the beggar has when his tin cup is empty.

Everything else in WN is negotiable. Enthusiasm is not. It is far easier to moderate an extremist than to turn up a moderate.

WN shares a similarity with the USG. Both value loyalty above all else. We can repair incompetence. We cannot repair a lack of loyalty to the cause; it seems to be fixed.


61 Comments to “Lack of Passion”

  1. The 5-fingered fist of liberalism is a coalition of diverse groups united against their solitary enemy: Whites. Specifically, white males.

    Each finger of feminists and coloreds etc. has at most 5% “disloyal” party members like Dr. Ben Carson and Anne Coulter. Whites have much larger numbers of dissolving loyalty; maybe 55% are for “our side”.

    Mewl all you want, readers, about “positive thinking!” but this is a recipe for disaster against a breeding, strengthening and growing MINO population. After you’ve wiped away the boo-hoo tears, tell me: When a race lets MINOs win, what does that race deserve?

    It’s almost Poolside Time…

    • Amen! The death of White America is the undoing of White themselves. Here is the comment from the often long winded, peterike on Loftb and Lion’s response:

      I’ll tell you the saddest thing for me. Read Netanyahu’s statement word-for-word, only replace “Jewish” with “white.” Well there isn’t a single nation in the world that statement would apply to, nor a single national leader. — peterike

      March 3, 2015 at 7:30 pm


      No one is trying to kill whites but themselves. — Lion of the Blogosphere

      March 3, 2015 at 11:38 pm

      What a timely discussion!

      Peterike is one of those guys who enjoys fine dining in cesspool liberal cities such as NYC, where a colored waiter brings him a plate of $300 Italian pasta, and then he goes on LoftB and complains about White annihilation.

      • lol, for a european spaniard, your Niggerspicking is at the Maureen Martn/Alabaman KlanKompound level.

        You must remember: It is not only jewjewjews who are your enemy. You face violent MINOs who actually put you in physical danger, you just don’t see them on The Enchanted Isle

      • Speaking of Alabama, I have met quite a few White Southerners from that state who’ve relocated to NYC. Their reason to be up here, Cesspool Jew York is more exciting than Nigga Birmingham.

    • There’s advantages and disadvantages.

      The USA is a very complicated and interconnected country. The greater the complexity, the greater the sensitivity to disruption. It’s the same as a hedge fund manager who goes bust if the market turns 0.5% against him.

      The disadvantages are obvious, you know them all. And it’s very hard to do what is necessary. First, one has to overcome the system lies. Second, lies to oneself. Last of all, one has to do the work necessary to win.

      • The USA is entangled all thanks to the Jews. This is what happens when you provide these miscreants hospitality and generosity, 2 virtues missing in their culture. Greedy parasites or snakes, or whatever you call them, Jews exist to take advantage of others. Notice Jews have an exceptional word for a man of principles – mensch, to distinguish the sucker nice guy from their majority assholes.

  2. Slightly O/T – Jews like this guy are sworn enemies of the WN, who are the quintessential self serving, situational opportunists (like most Jews in general), who will jump back and forth between the right and left ideologies when the moment is ripe to serve their agenda.

    I heard this guy on the radio, and he’s barely coherent, like a retard who stutters with his Yale Law School credentials. He’s a Democrat and he now hates Obama, because he doesn’t give a fuck about Isnotreal. He’s looking forward to making new friends with Boehner and Company.

    • Not o/t. When liberalism crashes, i.e., is no longer a tool for gaining security, wealth, and power, Jews will abandon it. Though it will take a lot. They’re still not supporting Marine Le Pen.

      • I wish all the Jews in the world will pack their bags from wherever and live in Israel. A parasite by nature, that sucks on barren land might evolved into a creature that can self sustain itself!

      • I wish
        I had a happy pink
        Unicorn Ranch
        Shitting me
        Gold nuggets!

        You are a well-traveled, educated International European Man.
        Wishes are for kiddies.

      • Wishing is good, and natural.

        The juice is in the doing. The human world teaches that if you want something right, do it yourself. It is the journey in learning to do, that one gains the ability. Be the change you want to see in others.

        Human order is quite fragile. A man on a losing streak thinks he’ll never win again. A man on a hot streak thinks he’ll never lose. Whites today don’t know what it’s like to win and this explains their pessimism. Something the jew has forgotten is true fear.

        Please invest in yourself, JS. Raise you own level and develop your own gifts. No one can do this for you.

        I found a lot of profit in this:

      • Bernard Goetz is a Manhattan Jew who shot a few coloreds.

      • You’re not getting it quite.
        You seem fixated only on jews.
        You have far more enemies than just them.

      • I’m not concerned with the jews very much. WNs emphasize it so much, it’s a default for us. We know how to deal with them. It seems as if another hurdle for WNs is not to become aware of the jews, but to get over that awareness.

      • It seems as if another hurdle for WNs

        It’s why I’m more interested in answers to: How does a despised 3% MINOrity turn the tables on WASP pricks, then fuck the majority for decades – and make trillion$ doing it?

        Then, does that conquered majority deserve anything but slavery and eventual death?
        “Conquered Majority” … a term I never thought I’d hear in America. Sickening.

      • I have a wish that is more attainable. If we could align our selves with the old world WNs, as they are forcing their Jewish populations into Israel. Our rats will never leave in America in large numbers, given our current state of affairs.

      • Jews are the most serious pests, and thus they need to be dealt with heavy handed. MINOs come in second. White liberals are perhaps the last and easiest.

      • Always start with the easiest. Uncle dolfie started with Belgium, then got into Russia.

        Don’t vent about enemies behind 50 ft. bunkers and 400 cams when enemies abound in colored hoods in thin shacks and zero cams.

        It is disjointed.

      • Growing Anti-Semitism in Europe is a good thing. More Jews leave for Israel.

        The typical lazy Jew parasite needs to learn that nations are built by blood, sweat and tears, not by whining. Like a spoiled rich boy, who doesn’t know the value of money, he needs to be stripped of his indulgences. Therefore for them to live in Israel, is a good thing.

      • FP: Good call, you’re correct on that one!

        Bugs are killed by spray or crushing by foot, and that’s easy. Taking out the rat in your home, that’s a bigger task for later.

      • It’s logic my friend. You will see the light as well.

        btw, here’s some FACTUAL JewSpew u gonnnnna luuuuuuuuv:

      • And yes FP, America will likely sink into the ocean floor, due the undoing of the Jews and their non-Jewish enablers. The only silver lining we get from this, is that they’ll sink with everybody else. But I’m thinking they will abandon ship for Israel, when it sinks to a level requiring lifeboats and the Israeli forces will come to rescue them, leaving others to their own devices.

      • Jews aren’t in hiding. You live amid the very heart of their hive. You have access to them.
        You cannot cocoon in the safe habit of railing against those in penthouses when coloreds are a greater immediate proximity threat.

        It’s like a U-Boat captain focused on cursing Churchill as the Royal Navy’s dropping depth charges on his head.

  3. I’m sorry all I can offer is boundless hate.

    • There are uses for all; from deep thinkers to mindless haters fitting into a warrior class.

      But, you must always offer more.

    • Boundless hate is enough.

      All you have to do is convert some of the hate into a more useful currency. Hate can be turned into guts and discipline.

      • thordaddy is absent.
        i must’ve hurt his feelings
        Sulking, laying in his daughter’s
        Pink Party Dress
        Oh well…

        if he were here, he’d accuse the concept of “Hate Currency”
        of jejune radical autonomism inextricably “linked” to
        quasi “masturbation” ritualists…

      • Hate is a wonderful weapon. Because it’s so good, the USG declared a “war on hate.” Like gun control, they want “hate control.”

        They’ll let the minos hate us, but we are not allowed to hate back. The system response reveals all.

        [ed note: excellent observation. a GREAT weapon to use in arguments]

      • Lol…

        I’m the one that says HATE the self-annihilators.

        It’s too fugging commonsensical for the high IQs of The De Facto Homo lifestyle.

      • damn. forgot the ubiquitous “de facto homeau” verse.

      • De Facto Homo = one who desires to pleasure himself to death = Radical sexual autonomist…

        [ed note: thx4 the refresher…]

  4. On topic:

    Courage (n.) .1300, from Old French corage (12c., Modern French courage) “heart, innermost feelings; temper,” from Vulgar Latin *coraticum (source of Italian coraggio, Spanish coraje), from Latin cor “heart” (see heart) which remains a common metaphor for inner strength.

  5. FYI: Spain has produced some classy individuals, including anti-semites with intelligence and rationalism.

    The award-winning 83-year-old starts off by arguing that the Jewish people “could have done a lot of good for humanity: for their prudence, endurance, apparent religious fidelity and proven administration of money”.

    He then claims that what has always happened is that they end up troubling those they live with, “as if they weren’t made to coexist”.

    “No matter what (the Jews) call their civil or military leaders” they always end up creating problems, he argues.

    [ed note: only jews live to sue people for Free Speech, then claim anti-semitism, wondering why they’re hated]

    • But then the Jew is born a mentally ill, delusional supremacist.

      [you really Really REALLY hate jews]

      • Traveling to several countries throughout the world, especially to Eurot, the idea of Americans being exceptionally superior is a fallacy, and Jews being superior over others is a CANARD, which is just as bad, as saying fluoride in the water makes people stupid. NYC’s water is fluorinated, which is why elite Jews in NYC are among the smartest in the world.

        You have a demographic who parasitizes via Wall St, the Media, the USG and Hollywood, essentially making fictional Dracula a gentleman with principles in comparision, where Gentiles are stupid enough to call these vampires talented, high IQ and compassionate. Have you seen things produced by these miscreants? Kosher food, schizo paintings and Hollywood just to name a few.

        The most anti-Semitic 1st world nations are in fact the most functional and talented. Spain is one of them, Italy is another. You can even say Japan is another one, despite the Japanese being a gooker nation capable of seeing thru the façade of the Jews.

      • JS said
        Traveling to several countries throughout the world, especially to……

        Spain did not fight ww2 then anachronistically ignore Pearl Harbor then re-write it as all about “the holocaust” nor did Spain fling open its doors and import as many jews as it could to satisfy the us/hollywood jew elite.

        Spain had a civil war won by fascists and dictator rule by Franco.
        Your problem today is Spain spreads its asscheeks to muzz who blow you up.

      • FP: It all goes back to this, is what I said in the thread above, in regards to the Jew helmsman behind our mighty “American Exceptionalism”:

        But then the Jew is born a mentally ill, delusional supremacist.

        [ed note: its not imperative to always scorn TOTE, but it is to know them. if 3% jews took over Murka and ALL Western Europe more than mr.hitler did, then they are certainly not delusional.]

  6. I earnestly hope someone has tipped off the authorities about ME. I is clearly a lunatic and me’s looking more and more like the sort who will try to “DO something.”

    • You are a good little Liberal nazi: Scouting around, expecting “Informants” to tattle on Free Speech to the SS Secret Polezei.

      Tell me, little comrade: I write/wrote far more radical works than ryu – if your Secret SS can do nothing about that, where does that place you?

      • I KNOW you’re not a liberal. you are a patriot concerned with whites raping and murdering coloreds and taking over Detroit & LA as they deport a hundred million Miggers back to Mexico. ryu and I make you cranky when we “diss” Bush and GI Jordies dying for Israel.
        VETS As Renewable Meatbag

        fwiw, I’m not a “white national socialist or rayciss!” – The internet says so. Writing original concepts never revealed before is often seen as “babbling” by Catholic-types who prefer Earth as comfy and flat. I know I should not be a “malcontent” and instead, be quite content at Murka’s “growth” in electing Our Historic Black President – and Detroit & LA’s “growth” and improvement since 1964.

  7. I’ll be happy to see Ryu’s trance-eyed mug on repeats of american gladiators, muscles gleaming, bulge intact whilst commentators comb lickable, curly pubic hairs – whatever the hell that means.

    • It’s more likely than seeing Al. Rev. Sharpton. brought up on tax-evasion; IRS jews only persecute White Conservatives.

      Who’d ever want to see Maj. Hassan El-Nidal Abdullah charged and tried for killing tons of white gomers at an Army base?
      Who’d ever want to hear of Letalvis Cobbins with
      Blacks Rape-Murdering Whites

      OR sex/torture gang-rape murders of couples:

      We don’t need to hear of it, for The Media covers such crimes incessantly – with Brian Williams editorializing on the injustice every night!

    • I’m surprised that so many WNs mistake me for what you are.

      What’s your greatest fear, JJ?

      • jj’s Great Fear is:
        Jebbosh won’t be elected

        jj wont comment; it appears I’ve scared it off

      • FP, were you ever a conspiracy theorist as you advanced? How did you overcome it?

      • FP, were you ever a conspiracy theorist as you advanced? How did you overcome it?

        I’ve actually studied CT formally. It gave a discipline of temperance serendipitously beneficial in balance.
        Most of it is true – BUT not as harmful to the entire population as hyped by each proponent.

        The Hype leads to emotionalism, a deadly enemy in Logic. Each CTist has their own vocab. Hopped-up on this juice, they often fall back on versions of Niggerspickiking – as if that makes them right…wrong.

        It taught me to apply the invaluable skill of Critical Thinking. To ask questions of its proponents that promptly get me “reprimanded” censored and banned by…idiots. The SpoorHood included.

        Questions such as: If CTs are real, who’s in charge among competing conspiracies? Such completion is unavoidable n human existence. So, for example Goldman-Sachs competes against CitiGroup who competes against Morgan Stanley who competes against JP Morgan who competes against…

        Does The Illuminati control The Rothschilds or do they run The Bohemian Grove who runs the Council on Foreign Relations?

        Konspiracy Kooks get…very angwy at this line…which is precisely why I use it.

        The best leavener is moderation. Moderation in all things. It opens up The Mind to alternative thought patterns that are themselves, likewise expected to be tempered with countering moderation upon them: That in itself is the path to True Wisdom. This is what many errant commenters must learn lest they be branded Fo0lS – successfully – by enemies.

        I expect all of this to fall upon deaf ears even at Eradica – except for you.
        He that hath ears to hear, let him hear…

      • Nice. It’s easy to go too far. But I find, it’s necessary. It seems as if one has to moderate an extremist rather than pushing a moderate.

      • HIs greatest fear is that he is a coward. I hate men who are ok with this $hit sandwich we have been offered. LAME.

  8. To answer your question Ryu, yes, Jews have been over discussed in other WN sites, and it makes no sense to shit on them on this site. However, most posters from the other sites haven’t discussed about eliminating them from power. It’s all circle jerking. FP has finally laid out who are our enemies are, in terms of 1st priority. You work your way up, not down, from the weakest, to the strongest.

    1) Jews # 1 – foremost enemies of WNs

    2) MINOs (blacks, the key group)

    3) White liberals (including your average SWPL sheep)

    This morning as I walked out, I encountered two female SWPLs, one with a dog (a typical demographic in NYC), discussing about plans tonight for a party at a high end bar where they’ll get drunk, and then chuck and fuck. These people live solely a life for pleasure and hedonistic purposes. Basically, useless pieces of garbage. And I say this because none of these girls are self sufficient, despite their feminism crap. They live off their parents, while they’re doing it. Earning a yearly salary of 50K doesn’t pay for a 3K monthly apartment in Manhattan. I’ve seen enough of these wasteful people and it confirms over again, why this country will just fall to the wayside. Eradicating them, means accelerating the process, so we can start anew ASAP.

    • We have lost many good WNs to jew-mania, JS. It is a madness that overtakes the mind and the senses. Instead of being WNs, they became anti-semites.

      That fate won’t happen to this site. We may cover them from time to time, but there will be no obsession.

      • White liberals are WN immediate enemies. So it does makes sense to contaminate the food supply in the liberals cities, if damage needs to be done.

      • Worth Repeating:

        We have lost many good WNs to jew-mania, JS. It is a madness that overtakes the mind and the senses. Instead of being WNs, they became anti-semites

    • Ranking TOTE by threat is fine for chats and propagandizing new converts for each is a danger in its own right.

      As time has elapsed I classify them as equal threats – as I would if attacked in my home by MS-13, La Eme and a Crip.
      The closest at hand is the worst enemy at the moment.

      You are learning lol

      • They are all closest at hand.

        White libs are the least protected species, hence the easiest and the most efficient to eliminate. MINOS and Jews are also more racially aware and they care about their own as 1st priority. They HAVE THE BACKING of White libs.

  9. Ryu, one of my favorite movies is The Crossing. About Washington’s army. Jeff Daniels playes George Washington.

    It opens with the dispirited men in Glover’s brigade seizing boats. They are mostly armed with pikes, and have only a few muskets.

    They’ve lost battle after battle.
    The civilian population are derisive and hateful. The Continentals are seen as insurgents, rather than “freedom-fighters.” They are seizing private property to escape from the British, abandoning their artillery and giving up all along the line.

    Washington is laughed at for his lack of military experience and defeats. He comes up with a bold plan to strike the German forces across the river on Christmas night.

    That would be considered terrorism today. The German troops were the finest soldiers in the world at that time. Washington’s troops are mortally afraid of them. So he plans a night attack.

    The movie is great because it shows all Washington’s failings, and how the strategy failed even though the battle won. Only a few units were able to cross the river and the crossing took longer than they planned.

    The German commander rises, and coolly prepares to launch a counter-attack which might have succeeded, but he’s shot down by a rifle-man

    [ed note: indeed, ONE great SHOT can change the course of history]

  10. My ancestor was Washington’s surgeon-general for awhile.

    • I watched The Crossing, J. It was excellent.

      Human history seems to live by a thread. If Washington hadn’t attacked the Hessians, he’d have lost the day. If he stayed on the other side, he’d have lost to the Brits. What a rare person he must have been to perceive this.

      Washington had to take a risk. If he did nothing, he’d lose. If he acted, he might have lost. I admire what he did.

  11. FP once mentioned that Italian Americans are shun by WNs. Rightly so, I have been saying negative things about them on LoftB.

    Italian Americans are the most sheep minded ethnic groups in America. They also act like Jews with their obnoxious behaviors, perhaps by associating with them as neighbors in NYC for many generations. They also show support for their Jewish “brethren” more so than anyone who is an anti-semite or anti-American establishment. You’ll get more backing from a Latino Cucaracha than from an Northeastern WOP ball.

    [ed note: iirc, i didnt say that about dagos. if i did, lmk where]

    • Your last comment on this section of the website:

      [ednote: i wrote “’aryans’ and trailerparknazis offend Irish, Italians…”]

      • I’ll add to that from my observations and encounters. Aryans and Trailerpark nazis are more rational and perceptive than your average Dago bigot from the Northeast, who think all Jews are their friends and all non-Whites are their enemies. The world doesn’t revolve around a black/white paradigm. Only fools believe otherwise!

        Dagos are not smart enough to join the elite and not smart enough to get support from their supposedly WN allies.

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