50% of Children Are Minorities by 2020

by Firepower

For my latest magic of Fosetism, I will follow LOTB, who gets 124 comments with just half the words in this post.

According to the LN Census, the wetdream of Obama-Hillaryites everywhere arrives sooner than later.

32 Comments to “50% of Children Are Minorities by 2020”

  1. I’m scoping out other areas to live. Even a non-White country where Whites are welcome (they DO exist) will be better than a country full of rabid anti-Whites.

  2. That statistic is hiding an important fact, FP.

    The 50% mino kids are not equally distributed. Minos are already the majority in and near California. The Mex population is growing tremendously.

    Not long ago, I went to LA. I was shocked. There were very few unmixed whites, but every variety of mino from the mex-negro to the almost white mex. It is just as you prophesized: the rich areas are lily white, but everywhere else is like Brazil.

    • I know of an acquaintance born and raised in LA during The Golden Period who told me his shock, years ago, at seeing his once beautiful city destroyed by Miggs & niggs.

      Whites now act meekly around coloreds, like sheep hoping not to be eaten. One day, these MINOs will realize there is no penalty for eradicating them. For now, the eradicated are merely Hipsters foolishly seeking the “urban lifestyle”, looking to associate with coloreds so their deaths are an endless source of shits n giggles for me.

      • SoCal was a paradise in the 60s and 70s. Even into the early 80s. Obviously today, the valley girls are gone.

        Its far from “The Little Old Lady from Pasadena.” Just goes to show that one has to fight his paradise alive. Sometimes, I feel that I can detect the coming white weakness in that 50s music. It is too decadent and fun-loving.

        I read an interesting WN fiction once. In that story, the white retake land in Mexico, rather than the US. They wage war in order to take Baja California and down the Pacific coast. They note that the Mexican military is a joke and that they’d never expect an invasion. What do you think about that, FP?

      • It’s an interesting idea, but it’s been done already.

        1840’s Americans simply encroached into Mexico’s California province and took it all over. Read about the early history of Sacramento; it’s surprising. Yes, Whites stole land that far north.

        Now, filthy mex are repeating the cycle of Man. They stole it from native injuns, first.

        That fun-loving period is the natural state of a race that fought, bled, killed and strove for generations. The successive generations of Henry Ford & Conrad Hilton are profligate wastrels, useless as Christ’s Cock.

        It’s not the fun that’s at fault, but the misconception that it lasts forever and XBox playtime can continue while the house burns.

      • What about gookers (NEMOs – my term for them) in California? They’re about 30% of the population of the Golden State and I assume, their numbers are climbing. They’re relative harmless in a physical sense when comparing to the minorities, but they have taken all the institutions that defines materialistic America.

        [ed note: i prefer “gook” on that one. its short and simple – and gets gooks madder than fuck]

      • Seems high, JS. California, like NY, is really 2 states. The central valley + SoCal are all Mex. Maybe in Frisco there are a lot of gooks. But Frisco is an elite enclave, as FP has pointed out.

      • Also, we forgot to mention that NYC and much of California are elite regions controlled by Jews. As long as Whites are willing to become their materialistic lapdogs, Jews reign in like kings. I see consumption culture and materialism strictly a Jewish phenomenon that Whites have supported. Jewish landlords in NYC makes tons of fucking money renting their shitty apartments to those Gentile Whites who are enchanted with Manhattan.

        [theres the problem: if 3% jews can contaminate 75% of whites, does that ratio not determine whites deserve eradication? NObody has ever answered me on that one]

      • Yes, then whites would deserve eradication.

        I wonder how many whites are as jew-aware as wns. If real WNs, who make up probably 1% of the white population, can ever defeat the jews, then we show our own superiority.

        The average white isn’t as racially aware as the average jew. But a WN is far ahead of most jews in this.

      • America is clearly the only place in the world, where strength is not in the numbers. WNs in America are a small demographic. But if they could ally themselves with their co-racialists in Europe, could it be a game changer?

      • I’m not sure, JS. We have the guns, they have the group cohesion. Who has both? There’s no revolution without violence. Golden Dawn seems to be to have stalled, big time.

        I’ll support anyone who wants to make that his specialization. A man only has so much time. He’d have to specialize in recruiting internationals, just as FP, Eradican, and I specialize.

        To pick up and move to Spain, Italy, Hungary, or Slovenia is a big step. One most WNs cannot make.

      • Another good question to ask and elaborate are people like Giuliani. He hates MINOs, but is a Jew lover. SO…?

      • And now Jews basically are playing both sides of the coin and have completely taken over America, now that Republicans are in it with the Jew pandering.

  3. Ryu: Yes, uprooting is not easy and most people today in 1st world nations, take the path of the least resistance.

    • What do you think we can do for our comrades in Europe?

      We shall speak frankly, JS. American WNs have no money. No organizations. No experience in organizing. All I know how to do is live and operate in a totalitarian state. I know how not to be afraid or get caught in a police state.

      • The “Mortgage Crisis of ’08” plays into the hands of the Elites – who created it.

        It impoverished young white NRA males, reducing their spare cash to buy guns. Coupled with Affirmative Action designed by the LN to give their jobs to coloreds, it looks good for District 1 & 2 until such nefarious schemes pass the boiling point.

      • What I wonder is how the elite can control their greed. There must be a group who wants to push, and one who wants to hold back. The hold-backs must be winning now.

        There have been times they overreached. Ruby Ridge and Waco woke up many white Americans. Then Tim scared the Beast badly. They haven’t done a Waco since.

        Who do you think is smart enough to engineer such a plan? Someone like you must be working for the system.

      • The plans are not as complex as one would do for a master crime like a big bank robbery.

        Much of the hesitancy is from fear; belief in a political cause like revolution or Hoorah Jordyism erases most fear, as folks are taught to be “good” members of society, they are encouraged by acts (even violence) if they believe it benefits society and more “fearful” if they see their acts as harmful.

        ISIS does atrocities and vanishes into friendly territory, the way Jesse James robbed and terrorized people as a Confederate Raider. He was never caught. The war ended and his territory shifted, that’s all. The individual is capable of immense bloodshed during incredible danger if he believes it for the higher good of the group he fights for.

        It’s the diff between robbing an Iraqi bank of gold ala Kelly’s Heroes and sitting on a rooftop with a Barret .50 popping off Hadji like Killer Kyle. Kyle had it easy. There was little risk.

      • That’s a good comment. You have deep insight into how fear is erased. I appreciate you spending the time.

  4. The only way to even mention the race replacement process in polite company without them screeching like the pod people from the Bodysnatchers is by implying the race replacement process is thought to be a GOOD thing because of the horrible crimes white people have committed in the past.

    Like by casually quoting a made-up survey that 70% of whites feel that way.
    And then saying you think it is only 65% or something.

    • There are more effective ways. Subtlety is the magic seasoning in discussion for it lets the persuader imply to the persuaded it is their idea modifying their own belief. People are stupidly stubborn even when presented with undeniable fact because it makes their years of past behavior look foolish – and wrong.

      Such persuasion is highly comparable to using Game on today’s dumb bar bimbos who complain of being fuck n’ chucks for Guidos with 5-lb. watches and moan of “wanting a good” man…yet always pass on “good” men to spread their legs for another Guido.

      Combatting Liberals Effectively http://wp.me/p2kmGE-19A

      You need to quit focusing on making points aggressively for winning – instead focus on just winning. It doesn’t matter how you win, but that you win. Just win, baby.

      A battle is not won by aggression alone; it is won first by planning. Just as you would prepare weapons to arm yourself before entering a colored hood, prepare facts and stats as a trap for your target before you engage in these predictable confrontations.

      You can find these stats here on Eradica. PCL has many quick quips to use. Learn black hate crime stats against whites. Use one of my favorites and ask “why do you think Detroit/LA got so black/brown?” Let them ramble on. Then bring it around to “why do you think crime grew as colored population grew?”

      I use this Argument Judo on trolls here. I always win. I use it against enemies like Hipstard Ray. I use it on Frenemies like Pat Haniggin. I have little need to ban squawkers to silence them: They submit and retreat on their own.

  5. “[theres the problem: if 3% jews can contaminate 75% of whites, does that ratio not determine whites deserve eradication? NObody has ever answered me on that one]”

    Okay, I’ll try…
    When a person gets infected by HIV, what % is the virus? It is less than 3%, whether we consider the number of cells, or the weight of the person compared to the infection. The virus, however small it is, attacks the persons immune system, makes it inoperable, and the person will be killed by other infections.
    It does not mean that the person has to be eradicated, it means the a cure has to be found, and that cure will eradicate the virus from the person and the person will be healthy again. However, untill a cure is implemented, that person is a goner.

    • Good, but not great, because you’ve explained perfectly HIV’s diminutive size, but great impact as a disease, but not jews conquering thinking humans endowed with intellect and choice – no matter how clever satirists might want to compare jews to disease.

      I’ll play for a while:
      So, how does one mainly catch HIV?
      Do not homos practicing risky sex deserve HIV?

      Your comparison is pretty good, though.
      A clever Eradicationist might say such a disease needs a lethal dose of SuperEradicative Medicine until eliminated.

      Still, to further the iffy AIDS comparison, jews totally dominate Gentiles, while AIDS is the other way around…controllable.

      • The analogy or comparison is not perfect, naturally. No analogy ever is perfect. It has value as long as it helps to communicate or clarify a point.
        These are the two points I was trying to make:
        1. Just like a doctor does not want to kill a sick person instead of curing him, whites should not be eradicated, but cured.
        2. Just because a virus can seriously, even terminally harm someone, it does not mean that the virus is more advanced, more valuable, etc. Similarly, just because 3% now dominates the 75%, it does not mean that 3% is more advanced, more valuable, etc. Even if there is no available cure now, it does not mean that one cannot be developed in the future.

        When I wrote the analogy, I did not intend to take it any further than these two points. Having thought about it a bit more, it can be taken a lot further. Of course the purpose here is not to critique or defend a literary discourse. That is totally pointless when there is a very real problem we are facing. I definitely did not intend it as a satire.

        I am not a doctor, so my understanding of viruses, AIDS, diseases is limited. I am making this analogy based on my limited understanding, so if there is anything that is incorrect about viruses or AIDS or anything medical, that is fine. Treat the described disease as an imaginary disease from a novel. That imaginary diseas has certain characteristics, just for the sake of the analogy.

        “…but not jews conquering thinking humans endowed with intellect and choice…” – HIV attacks the immune system, gets into certain cells, and makes the cells work for HIV, producing more viruses. The basic immune system for thinking humans (as people, not individuals) is their intellect and choice. That is where they are attacked first. Anybody can be scammed, misled, fooled, thereby diminishing their defenses. That is exactly what happened, through indoctrination in schools, via the lying media, other propaganda means, many people have been turned, and now they are doing the bidding of the 3%. They may not even know it, they think they are doing the right thing, just like cells infected with viruses producing more viruses.
        The disease of the immune system makes the immune system turn agains itself, attacking what should be defended, and defending what should be attacked. Just like in real life: whites turning against whites, advocating more importation of junk DNA from the turd world, supporting multicult have all the backing of .gov, media, etc. When someone tries to come to the defense of whites, he is declared the enemy: he has to be arrested, sentenced, jailed, his life and livelyhood have to be destroyed.

        “jews totally dominate Gentiles, while AIDS is the other way around…controllable.” – The disease dominates the sick person, too. Sometimes it is under control, no real symptoms, but in the end, it is deadly. If you do not pay attention in the world, things seem fine: people going on with their life, going to work, consuming, having fun, without having any idea what is going on beneath the surface.
        The disease is controllable in another sense: not everyone gets infected. Just real life: not everyone got it, while it is pretty bad with whites, no other people seem to have too much problem with it. The Japanese, Koreans, etc have their own problems, but they seem to be immune to our disease. So it is controllable in that sense, too, we may just have to do what they are doing.

        As for the cure. When the virus tries to enter the body, and the immune system deals with it immediately, that is good enough. When whites smarten up, and learn how to deal with the tricks and machinations of the 3%, they become immunized. No further action is necessary. Some might argue that the virus has to be completely eradicated. Maybe. Sometimes when trying to cure a disease some body parts have to be sacrificed to save a life. Maybe that is the case in real life, too, some whites are beyond redemption.


        O/T question: there used to be a WN (?) blog with course notes, videos, etc. in various sciences. I used to like it a lot, but got distracted a while back, and now I cannot find it. Do you (or anybody here) know what it was called (maybe have a link)? Any help is much appreciated.

      • Very good and interesting observations.

        Curing whites was tried for fifty years: The results are Clinton, Bush & Obamao. Urban zones are more colored. Miggers get more amnesties. Whites play more xbox. Educating whites continues on “twitter” and social media; it also is failing.
        SEE: tweeeeeting is NOT Revolution http://wp.me/p2kmGE-3J2

        Mixing metaphoric comparisons imbues each with the characteristics of the other, sometimes erroneously. Most jews need eradication and we know full-well how eradicating threats is done historically, while eradicating HIV is still an unknown.

        Jews = HIV is good, but flawed, for the demonstrated response in reality to the clear threat of HIV is unilateral action of counterattack, while jews are still allowed to flourish unchecked. It’s as if the host sees itself weakening and changing color from the onset of AIDS and responds by donating its last $billion to Hillary and sending itself and its sons to enlist to fight ISIS.
        Liberal NAZISM Explained: http://wp.me/p2kmGE-h4

      • I used to read that blog too, Mordecai. I know where it is. Did you have an interest?

      • Mordecai-I believe you are speaking of WN Thinktank which is no longer an active blog. You CAN however find its pages cached by looking up “wnthinktank.wordpress.com” in google.

      • The analogy is a bad one because “we” want the anti-Supremacist Jewish collective to be in possession of God-ordained free will less they be REAL “parasites” and thus absolutely unaccountable. In a host/parasite relationship, the former ALWAYS represents the operating paradigm while the latter simply functions mechanically within that paradigm. What would it even mean for a parasite to take control of its host?

        The high IQ “white” male… The “man behind the curtain…” The “good” yes-“men”-ions DESIRE to pleasure themselves to death. And in one’s learned reductionism this equates to MGTOW… De facto homo lifestyle. No lady, no children, no loyalty. Radically sexually autonomous.

        So the game amongst the high IQs of WN is to dispute, obscure, deny, feign incredulity, mock and protest any suggestion that the operating paradigm across all white nations is to pleasure one’s self to death and although the Jewish collective embraces this very ethos, the idea that a parasitic “force” with NO free will can impose upon an intelligent HOST that which said host already desires seems to be a duplicitous misdirection.

  6. FP: One must learn to terrorize their real enemies directly. Eradicating high IQ liberal nazis is easy, to have them in range is the hard part.

  7. Firepower – Yes, the analogy is flawed. It was only meant to communicate the two points in my previous comment. At first I thought about using the bullet as an analogy, but that would have been flawed, too. I think the AIDS comparison is still the better one, because when the bullet attacks, it is obvious right away that there is a problem, and something has to be done to counter the attack. When HIV attacks the threat goes undetected for a while, and by the time the problem is noticed, the body’s immune system is hijacked, working for the virus. Just like how the majority of the population is unaware of the ongoing “silent war” against us, and even worse, many are working for the enemy. I think that is biggest problem: there is no clearly visible enemy. When there is an army marching into the territory, it is easy to rally the population and fight back. When the enemy is hidden, pretending to be part of us, it is almost, but not quite impossible to get the action going.
    I think the beginning of the end is the French revolution and the rise of liberalism, and the accompanying empancipation of the chosen. It started out slow, but then accelerated, like an avalanche. We haven’t hit rock bottom, it will get worse before it will get better. That does not mean all hope is lost, I believe the response will be similar, starting slowly, and then starting to accelerate faster and faster. We may be approaching the point where the exponintial growth really picks up, just look at Golden Dawn, Pegida, Jobbik, National Front in Europe.

    Erin – Yes, that is the one, thank you.

    Thordaddy – Yes, accountability and free will are very good points, and also what you say about MGTOW.
    You might find this zombie parasite interesting: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiocordyceps_unilateralis It takes over the host, and then controls its mind.

    Ryu – My initial interests are the courses, I want to improve on my limited knowledge of science, and then go deeper into narrower areas that become interesting. I have no interest in getting a degree, don’t care about that stuff. There were other interesting posts on that blog, too. If I am not mistaken the two minutes of hate idea was there, too. I found it bizarrely interesting.

    • I have spoken to an associate of ours. He will consider re-posting that site, under a different name, in a week or so.

    • Mordechai Cohenbergstein said:Just like how the majority of the population is unaware of the ongoing “silent war” against us,

      A wise man said “all analogies are false”… but they are helpful tools.

      There’s not much left to do if whites have not awakened. First (in chronological order), by newspaper accounts of local colored crime incursions, Rush, FOX News, Xlinton’s Impeachment, Blogging (a waste) and now SuperEXTREEM Twitter!

      All that got us was two terms of Our Historic Black President…

      All War has spies, but action is still carried out to project force and harm upon the enemy so their response to information gleaned from espionage is lessened because they are lessened by harm. Japs spied on the USA. Germans had extensive spy networks in London. The biggest Russian spy from WW2 to the Cold War was Kim Philby – LIUFY. The war still carries on. Action is still taken with regards to spies; it is not an excuse for non-action.

      Murka and The West have flung open wide their treasuries to waves of jabbering Muzz that speak sandnigger with zero accent, yet there are no enemy western spies or infiltration among ISIS; they appeared as a “total surprise” to dundering Western nations.

      I agree “hope is not lost” but the slow progress means you will never see The Victory. Nor will the millions, who think as we, replaced by the thoughtless generations of today – and the future.

      If you believe they are greater than we and will produce results, it must be comforting.

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