When to Quit WN

by Ryu

Eradican, Circa 2013

…when you lose your nerve.

You can’t gamble with scared money. In WN, one gambles with his life and his freedom. It’s a high stakes game that only a few can play. It is a game for power and the future of our race on this planet.

Quitting at the right time is no disgrace. It will protect yourself and others. The most dangerous WNs to their comrades are those who do it halfway. There’s such a thing as too predictable and too conservative.

It’s all about handling heat, knowing what trouble is. A man can lose his feel and this is when he starts to make mistakes. We find out very quickly what a man’s level is when the heat is on.

As the USG’s position weakens, it will become more tyrannical. More and more they will use…….. the stick, not the carrot. The penalties for being a WN will rise dramatically. As the risk rises, so do the potential profits.

You can see it every time. Hesitation kills. For those who watch this video, note the mistakes made by both parties.

44 Comments to “When to Quit WN”

  1. Goldwater said (I paraphrase), “extremism for the sake of liberty is no vice.”

    This is a popular saying – and proper, for the level of effort must match the integrity of the goal.
    Yet, no such attitude exists today and it’s quite the opposite:
    “Apathy for the sake of entertainment is no shame.”

    There are fine enough leaders, but no worthy followers. At the finish, those that lead must feel no shame weighed down by the ocean of shame felt by those who sat.

    Still, I doubt they’ll ever be cognizant enough to feel anything but carpal tunnel from their gamepad.

  2. You’re going to win or you’re going to go a jail and come back or you’re going to die or be imprisoned for life. Once you’re good with these options, you’re good to go.

  3. a leader will get all the men he needs and ensure their loyalty simply by arranging to obtain some of the men currently behind bars.

  4. One isnt a leader becaure he thinks he is. By the very definition of the word you must have men to lead FP. WN suffers from too many chiefs not enough Indians.

    [ed note: i keep waiting for you to develop but you disappoint me; you always have nothing to say. you are simply too dim. you are ineducable. gals need to stfu and be breeders for wn. leave thinking to Men]

    • I don’t think the injuns trust their chiefs. The blacks trust Sharpton and Jesse because of their loyalty. They are unapologetic. Too many wn leaders have one foot still on the land.

      Without even a visible threat, many wn leaders have already “denounced” violence. If they bend when no threat is present, what could happen in the interrogation room or on the street?

      • Violence is another given. The “white” male will either meet violence head on or be curb-stomped by it and made to rejoice in his semi-comatose state that, “the real victims won a victory for liberation from white supremacy, today!”

        The monster of white Supremacy will rain down on the head of “white” liberals at the hands of their lesser liberationists. “They,” too, believe white Supremacy = white degeneracy…

        And the “white” self-annihilators will say, “thank you, nigger.”

      • @ryu
        It’s true many wn leaders fight with one hand tied behind their back, a hand they bound themselves.

        Yet, if leaders are to be the piggis, forneys and roooshes…that leaves us in poor company for the next 40 years as they lead us sloging thru the very same quagmire today, we had yesterday.

        The interwebz, is no longer Our Saviour…

      • I’d like Roosh if he actually joined his comrades in the Middle East. He should become a jihadi.

        The piggies and Forneys cannot stand up to us. That’s why we always got banned. They write wn-lite, the meatless hamburger. They’ll let the USG use violence, but no one else.

      • I am pretty clear on the issue of violence. I condone the methods of Anders Behring Breivik, although he is somewhat confused in his ideology, opposing a triad of Islam, promiscuity and feminism.

    • If I were developing as is suggested here, I would be out making history rather than posting ad infinitum.

      [ed note: i bet you dont even fucking cook]

    • Feminism consists of two parts. Women being “uppity” and women not wanting to breed. Only the second can be a problem, although it is very easy to use feminism to break up one’s enemies, e.g. holding rallies to legalize (or to expand legalization of) abortion.

  5. Hey Ryu, what do you think of this? http://www.dailystormer.com/the-jews-of-the-pick-up-artist-industry/
    I was surprised, it makes me question some things. PUA helped me wake up, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given a fairly culturally destructive behavior pua espouses.

    • It is self-annihilating. Roosh likes to go to Poland because the girls are unspoiled, yet his own behavior Americanizes them more quickly. Eventually the supply of unspoiled girls runs out.

      I do support learning PUA. The way out is the way through. To cure a drunk, give him more to drink. The excesses will teach him better than any argument.

      Self-annihilators must be allowed to take it all the way. That fight club authors said you can’t do anything until you hit rock bottom. America has not hit bottom. Then when you’re at bottom, you can no longer lie to yourself.

      Sometimes WNs see jews behind every rock and tree. The PUA movement is not a “jewish movement.” Eric Weber was doing it in the 70s, I have his books.

      • Ryu, with all due respect, I very much believe that PUA was brought forth by White men but like many institutions was quickly infiltrated by greedy Jews, crypto and otherwise.

      • The only way out is through.

      • Like fighting a fire, EK.

        One can either “do something” or let it burn itself out. When it’s too big and out of control, we set a perimeter and contain it.

      • Neil Strauss seems to be the guy who paved way for PUA. And the dude is you know what, an unattractive, Ivy League educated J–w from Shitcago (a 2nd tier Jew York), then moving on to the real Jewhattan.

      • And also, Paul Janka is likely a Jew boy.

      • The only solution to America is dissolution, if not, secession of the red and some of the flyover states, from the rest of America, and this would be an initial stage for the formation of WN states.

      • I support secession, as long as people don’t BS themselves that voting will work. I’m not aware of any modern vote – whether Quebec, Scotland, or Texas – that has succeeded. But ISIS and Boko Haram have their ethnostates today.

      • That was a great series. It’s a hard thing to watch, like a movie that never ends. The long it takes, the more complete the ruin. And even after it’s done, it’s still there. One can visit Rome and Athens today, they’re tourist towns.

        You remind me of Solon the Athenian, FP. Particularly his ending. I look forward to your hacksaw story.

      • You remind me of Solon the Athenian, FP

        That is high praise, thanks. I’m indeed more Solon of Athens than Heron of Alexandria.
        Perhaps you shall be a Peisistratos to Solon, if there be a god.

      • One can visit Rome and Athens today, they’re tourist towns.

        France once made all Europe tremble; in 50 years they were Brie-eating sissy toilet paper for the Continentals.
        China once ruled its world, then wound up having its natural resources and labor plundered when occupied by Britain, France, Germany, Russia – and the USA – along with many others until just a century ago.

        Then Japan carved the living flesh from China – just the choicest, tenderest coastal bits – in the earliest days of WW2.
        What was once great, fell in the ebb and tide of History. Today, imagine France, Japan – or even the USA – occupying Beijing and ordering the Chinese Emperor around like a child…

        China knows of what I write’ Murka does not – there’s the diff.
        We think we’ll be King Shit forever. GENBrandon can’t even comprehend being a future field slave to Chinese Overlords. It and GENJustin were only taught MLK Worship.

      • The logistics of a realistic Chinese takeover are dramatic EVEN with the probable success of a nuclear arsenal-destroying nanotechnology that can “make” nuclear distinctions between “their” nuclear arsenal and our “own.”

        In the Chinese diaspora, one can find many a LIBERATED Chinese desirous of war with white Supremacy.

  6. Best way to quit is by going out taking a final stand against an implacably evil all-destroying opponent.

    • I don’t like suicide missions. They are bad examples because they are lazy. One’s own death is not necessary. Is it conviction or laziness? In most cases, it’s laziness. They can’t live with the aftermath.

      • I absolutely believe no White man should die of old age. Suicide missions, no. Taking as many enemies out while accepting the possibility the current mission is a suicide mission, yes. If there was a movement of older White men going “full jihad” on anti-Whites the overreaction of the LN’s would be epic and would very likely radicalize younger White men. Imagine if all young White men were facing forced internment at age 50. They would be forced to think “Why Not?”.

      • That’s good. Von Brunn did this. I have no problem with jihad.

      • Ryu…

        Jihad IS self-annihilating mass murder…

        This “act” is PROOF OF CONVERSION to Islam…

        It is the “highest” act because it is irrefutable evidence of conversion.

        The act is exercised because it entails reward.

        72 virgins for eternal smashings… Radical sexual autonomy… An eternal life of pleasure.

        Islam fits the individual jihadist like a glove.

        So what kind of white man fits coherently into white Supremacy?

      • So what kind of white man fits coherently into white Supremacy?

        If you tell me how you reconcile A Loving Trinity
        With eradicating coloreds & MINOs
        Maybe I’ll

      • God despises evil just as does the white Supremacist… Killing evil is justifiable. Anti-white Supremacist who “preach” white self-annihilation are evil. “They” are consciously invoking eradication.

        To destroy those “humans” that destroy souls is an act of love.

      • God despises evil just as does the white Supremacist… Killing evil is justifiable.

        To destroy those “humans” that destroy souls is an act of love.

        I don’t want to burst the bubble and thus, shatter your psyche, but yer Lovin’ Perfect G-Ziss Man instructed you to love thy nay-bore – and turn the other cheek – not eradicate MINO scum lol.

        See, I need no God to grant me “permission” to eradicate and ease my conscience, thus I possess the Ultimate Free Will and am therefore both autonomous and sovereign – free from the limitations any God imposes, even Mr. Allahlala.

      • Yes… But now you have no real identity. You are in the process of self-annihilation. You have conceded that your next written word may as well be anything or nothing at all as it shall be the right words.

        “We” already know the allure of a god-less “free will.” Unaccountability, my queer Watson.

        god-less “free will” makes for a strange place indeed, BUT NOT unforseeable.

        The “enemy” will self-annihilate if only “we” would stop helping it perpetuate.

      • And loving thy neighbor and turning the other cheek is no prohibition against destroying evil. Nor is it an explicit or implicit call to self-annihilate. Common sense says it’s a lesson to be applied to those amongst your community…

        [ed note: loved how G-Ziss, from the Cross, destroyed evil Romans & jews with the Holy Hand Grenades…]

        Separation and secession are necessary BUT cohesion amongst each other is what is desired. In this context, the lesson makes perfect sense. Now, “our” reality is a “neighbor” who is the enemy that slaps you in the face. So the narrative is that Christianity is just the type of self-annihilating doctrine that would have one submit to a “neighborhood” enemy of Christianity.

        And apparently you don’t “see” your part in the narrative creation and social engineering?

        [hard to see in here, with the bullshit up to my neck. told ya: dont try to game me: use the Koresh stuff to bring me Davidians]

        Christians are not really Supremacists, but self-annihilators just as the rest of the radical liberationists.

        This ^^^ is the “equality” doctrine rearing its ugly face!

  7. One doesn’t start, stop, join, quit or retire from WN…

    WN is a GIVEN… It is an assertion uttered by an individual long ago that still resonates among white men desirous of free will.

    WN is embraced or rejected and thus exists for those that embrace it and nonexistent to those that reject it.

    WN is where the white Supremacist resides.

    WN is an ideal that is not utopian.

    One either believes that the white man can righteously reject coercive integration or he doesn’t?

    This game is all about the players (white Supremacists vs all anti-Supremacists)… These players are shaped in the ways that their masters want to shape the environment.

  8. Sounds like a good retirement plan to me Woodsman. I think sitting around and waiting for a caregiver to feed me and change my diaper is the most undignified way to go out.

    • There is an illogic in eradicating self-annihilators while presenting no moral dilemma UNLESS one is a white Supremacist where the first step in identifying the enemy is deciding “preacher” or simple practitioner?

      “Preachers” of white self-annihilation elicit an eradicating response. This is a normal, healthy-minded response of a white male to anti-white Supremacy.

  9. Ryu…

    You have to “see” the memetic coercion inflicted upon your readers and then how to remove them from the false conflict so as to put their mind on the true conflict.

    What you have introduced is an unnecessary choice provoking unintended consequences.

    Simply put… There is no starting or stopping WN. WN is an unassailable assertion that will resonate as long as white Supremacy resonates.

    Non-WNs will know WN exists BECAUSE the white Supremacist exists. Right now, non-WNs scoff at the existence of WN because even WNs only speak of their desire in the future tense.

    WN is a given. WN’s assertion is irrevocable. WN’s ideal in now, here and not utopian. Now WN needs white Supremacists to cover its playing fields.

  10. “WN is a given. WN’s assertion is irrevocable. WN’s ideal in now, here and not utopian. Now WN needs white Supremacists to cover its playing fields.”

    For what it’s worth, I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement.

  11. FP: I just spam this on LoftB:

    Most American chumps DON’T KNOW who their enemies are and waver between a love/hate relationship with Jews and other groups. A good example is that many hardcore patriotic Americans (especially the bible thumpers) love Israel and dislike secular Jews in general (especially those in the NYC/DC/Hollywood power halls), whenever a new enemy like the Muslims come to the fore.

    It sums up much of the Murkan masses, who should just glue their eyes on reality TV as to clear their insanity.

    • Just imagine what would happen if they didn’t have drugs, booze, TV or internet. This country would be on fire in 3 days.

      • FP is the best site (because you guys are serious) of all of Lion’s blogroll. I only spam 3 sites, Loftb, Pumpkin and FP, all with similar content when it comes to the objective of this site.

        LoftB has a commentator by the name of “Yakov”, a delusional Jew who believes in Jewish supremacy, which I have refuted him several times. Pumpkin Person is a site about HBD, and there was a section where he talked about schizophrenia, a mental disease that afflicts both blacks and jews in large numbers, coincidentally, they are the 2 most disliked groups in America with their delusions of supremacy: for those normal beings who see through their facade of repugnance and obnoxiousness.

        Why do Jews think they’re the chosen ones? I guess mental illness has something to do with it.


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