Successful Graffiti Terrorism

by Firepower

DragunovsTold ya so: Murka is Twisted MM* Land where a tiny scribble about a jew is A 1st Degree A-1 Hate Crime – but Polarbearing Knockout Games on white Murkans?…meh.

In WW2 Naziville, drawing horns on Mr. Dolfi’s propaganda posters sent the SS & Gestapo scurrying in a tizzy to arrrrezst ze kulpritz!  That efficient use of manpower & resources sure was wise with the Red Army clawing at the Dnieper River – and Ike at the Atlantic Wall: Good job prioritizing, Dolfie!

The Ballwasher Liberal Media treats us to exhaustive investigative reporting on the last…… 40 years email of any  Graffiten Kulprittz – and how many hairs on his transgressing head – while completely scrubbing, then censoring, Letalvis Cobbins types.

Thus, in such a twisted country, even the slightest scribble causes Uncle Beast scrambling in frenzy to spend enormous cash and manpower resources to protect its favorite Citizen$ – especially in District TWO aka DC. This silly graffiti contributes more to “starving The Beast” than moving to the sticks and homeschooling your little future Slave-Farmerz 4 Big Brother & Hareem Girls for NBA Affleets.

Remember: Often, the oddest poisons bring down the Greatest of Beasts

Uncle Beast is scared shitless of the day when the MOG rumbles in awakening, NRA Whites at the triggers, ready for payback. It’s why USG does everything in its power to cheaply distract NRAWs* then punish them with life sentences for writing “Hymie is a Jew!” in the ancient, transparent indicator of using a bazooka on a flea.

Eradica is graffiti writ large. *LIUFY

13 Comments to “Successful Graffiti Terrorism”

    • Yes, it’s an outright copy of my Eradica Philosophy.

      If only Olde Sweet Lew would unite with original thinkers such as us instead of going for cheap bloghits from the TrailerPark Nazi set, maybe we would see advancement in a movement.

      Instead, it’s the cheap knockoff: “White Men” are just as greedy, copycat-ish and sneaky as jews. Do such folk deserve saving – by our blood?
      Now I have grown to say, no.

      • You want credit for the word “mundanes”? How silly. Do you give credit for every term you use? Of course not. You are no different than the piggy’s or whoever trying to get book deals and smart badges. Seriously.

      • fuck the word “mundanes”
        anybody can steal a patented product called “Windows” and re-label it “Dildows”

        especially when there’s so many stupid people who can’t see thru blatant shit like that.
        It’s the concept theft that matters girly – not the word itself.

        How’d you like it if I copied all your works on Aryan Street and put it on a blog called Aryan Avenue?
        How’d you like if somebody stole your Idols’ StormFront articles and published them re-named as StormShelter…
        Got it?
        jesus, you got to be hot to think like you do…It proves that the bigger the cans, the quicker she derails a thread.

        I gots me a kwl Reverse Psychology Espionage Trick: How about YOU trot them over to SPLC or any NBC News forum and “help” them plot the destruction of the formidable WN apparatus. In no time, you’d have Chris Matthews writing about cake recipes.

      • Nope not hot and not Aryanstreet. So you are saying you are the first person who has noticed the swat raids on normal citizens? Youtube is full, full, full of video of such things. Not that I watch videos anymore.

        To Ryu: AND

      • yuck. old. not hot and fat.
        fine: how bout u tell me wtf swat raids have to do with the topic, babe

        with attention spans like yours
        your wns will be wearing
        those snappy uniforms
        by early 2246

      • The Lew Rockwell article. You said he stole your Eradica philosophy. I don’t see it. Not that I’m a fan of his-if he’s a real person. This is the only WN blog I go on now.

        [ednote: at least you have some taste. maybe you should focus on the topic and spraypaint it on city hall and call it “White Artistic Expressionism”]

  1. Graffiti Turrism (GT) is cheap, low risk, and effective. It’s a great technique. Anything the system throws a lot of men and money at, works. They don’t devote manpower to stuff that doesn’t matter to them.

    Low risk, most important of all. Anyone can buy a marker, wash his hands, then throw it away.

    [can you imagine what would happen if tourists to far away cities graffitied the fuck out of the place – then flew back home? how on earth would HEROCops! track them to protect their LN elite?]

  2. The still mostly white voters of the socialist peopls democracy of Taxachussetts elected a Harvard-educated black Demoncrat as their governor for eight long years. They went Mormon to single mom.

    With even more experience in the diversity and affirmative action shakedown business than our own Pres. Hussein, he duly executed the full panoply of left wing bureaucratic boondoggles and PC shennanigans, including proposals to resettle illegal colonizers and refugees from the worlds many many hellholes.

    Blacks can be very careful at not offending existing interest groups, with the possible exception of Jews.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hillary gives him the VP nod next year, even though he said he won’t run.

    • Your account of changing rulership in Mass. is interesting. Other readers discussed this same issue and I finally wrote a long-postponed article addressing it that I shall publish early March.

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