Insights and Observations – Introductions

by eurybates

Currently Still Fucking a God

I enjoy reading the different translations of Greek literature.  The tragedies don’t change and remain a point of reference whereas our interpretation of them is constantly changing.  I have been reading the various Greek playwrights and philosophers for a couple of years now and by no means would I consider myself and expert or scholar.  I have just discovered how enjoyable and inspiring they are and can be.

The most exact translations and the ones that I enjoy the most are those which were published in the 19th century.  The rhetoric of the 19th century and their style of writing is superior as well.  The introductions really reflect a different society than….…. the one that we live in.  The authors/translators are more polite, more gracious, and are more humble.

I have also read quite a bit of Roman literature and history.  You can really see the difference in their literature as it progresses.  I have really enjoyed reading the speeches of the different generals and politicians that have been preserved over the years.  When you read these guys speeches you can help but realize that our current crop of leaders are degenerate retards.


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  1. I adore literature from the late eighteen hundreds. I hate those that have bastardized our language and customs.

  2. greetings.
    i hope* you will write posts and contribute with voluminous, thoughtful comments on other staff’s efforts, for we all work here – not for money – but for pure ideology and any laxness will certainly be interpreted as you not giving a squirt of piss

  3. My favorite Greek writer was the comic playwright Aristophanes. Humor is a nice way to lambaste your enemies. The Greek playwrights all wrote with a philosophical undertone.

    And slightly off topic, the looney and perverted leftist academics will tell you that the Muslims in the Medieval ages, preserved the Greek classics. Give credit to where it’s due, the Muslims didn’t care about Greek literature at all, or else Islam wouldn’t be the way it is today. Translating a few works of Hippocrates and Aristotle from Greek into Arabic doesn’t mean the Muslims were a great people.

    • I advise eradicans to do just that: Use a mix of humor and facts to eviscerate enemies. Using humor on someone you despise becomes quite satisfying, like Michael Madsen slicing off the cop’s ear in Reservoir Dogs.

      Think of me, that way ❤

      • Good scene. I didn’t remember that one. I’ll have to watch that movie again.

      • I found a funny story, FP. This pig’s wife was going to divorce him, so he kills himself and the kids.

        This cop spends his life defending the feminists, then gets screwed over by them. Priceless. Maybe all these cops and soldiers will just commit suicide and the problem will be solved.

      • ONLY in the LH/MMM Murka can a cop “be retired” at the advanced age of 52.
        Typical goldbricking and nestfeathering from a BIGov Employee exempt from the Laws of the Little People.

        In all likelihood, Mr. Hapless HEROCop! was collecting his FAT $77,000 a hear pension from his city pig job while paid $87,000 from his new county-mountie job.

        His loving wifey ballbuster bitching she wants a second summer “cottage” as Mr. Bulleteater discovers she’s committing vigorous adultery with a younger GuidoCop version of himself before the three tons of Dunkins…

      • If Muzz can create complicated backpack nukes, Muzz will use simple drones bought off the rack, or any tech USG bumbles around deluding itself it monopolizes exclusively.

        Odd how The Smartest People In The World (whites, according to PeterPanzers) never seem to figgerout how to use themthar drone thingies…

      • So, of course Feudal Manhattan – District 1 – demands IT BE the FIRST castle to ban drones:

        …which proves how dangerous a threat they are.

      • Ryu…

        In one instance, you are lamenting the decline in the written word and in the next instance, you are mangling our vocabulary beyond comprehension. Nothing so dastardly can be “funny” UNLESS one is a) pathological or b) liberal.

        Now, you will assert that the “funny” part was the system betraying the “father” and not the “father” betraying his children. But you cannot assume an audience that will make the distinction ESPECIALLY when you know the audience to be mostly liberals of one sort or the other.

        In other words, you are taking a truly dastardly deed and making it “funny” to the liberal masses.

        [ed note: let’s all squirt a few for the Victim of Feminism Spearhead Style,. you musta missed the predictable 4-week Greek Chorus eulogy-fest there]

      • I can adjust my mental attitude to whatever the situation requires, TD. You forget Manson was my teacher.

        That pig served the USG. He’d go after your family if ordered. He’d do anything if ordered.

        They’ve got a new trick. What they do is kick down the door and hook up the dad. He goes into the cruiser and jail. The cops freeze the bank accounts, then they call CPS. They tell the wife to narc on the husband, or she’s going to jail and they’ll take the kids. It works.

      • Ryu…

        Adjusting one’s “mental attitude to whatever the situation requires” IS THE WEAKNESS of the strength of radical autonomy. To radically autonomous is to have no loyalty. That is your strength AND weakness.

        I cannot believe that you are so utopian as to believe that there were not the equivalent of police officers in the land of white Supremacy. Inside all the executive institutions are a conflicted convert class of moderately above average intelligent “white” liberationists who serve a liberal “default elite” in exchange for a financially conservative livelihood.

        But this dastardly deed in particular was an act of self-annihilation at the alter of one’s master. And the murder of white daughters WAS A TRANSGRESSIONS against white Supremacy from what amounted to a “white” self-annihilator.

        So the proper frame is…

        Look at the dastardly consequences of radical autonomy!!!

        To say, “Look at the funny consequences of radical autonomy” is to facilitate in “white” self-annihilation.

        The separation inherent to white Supremacy is a total rejection of self-annihilation and the understanding that all coercive collectives sentence the individual adherent to spiritual and intellectual self-annihilation upon entry…

        Right at that blue wall is where one needs to lob the message. Cops that operate by the laws of white Supremacy are legitimate. Cops who operate by the laws of Liberalism are pigs.

      • No good, TD. I have looked into turning cops.

        It’s dangerous business. If it goes wrong, a cop will blow you out in a nanosecond. It’s got to be a 100% certain conversion or it’s not worth it.

        I’m what a cop in the land of white supremacy looks and acts like. WNs are the defenders of the white race.

      • ^^^To [be] radically autonomous is to have no loyalty. That is your strength AND weakness.

      • FP: Some of your readers might think NYC is an impressive and enviable place, mostly reserved for the rich and soon free of coloreds, to be solely resided by the wealthy. There is only a grain of truth to this.

        Coming from a person who’s lived through NYC during its different phases, from the shit town of the 80s, including under the black mayor Dingaling, to the Giuliani cleanup of the 90s, then the Jewberg era of the 2000s, and now this liberal clown de Bumbling fuck, who wants to bring NYC back to its colored crime days, let’s call it a mental ward experience with baggage (strings attached). I call it an obsolete amusement park ride for idiots who have a lot of money to spend on it, which could be used for something else more useful. The typical NY city view is disgustingly old with a lot of holdover dirt, and to boot, overpriced if you want it.

        Don’t place your bet against drones in NYC flying into a mansion pig castle. It will happen, as they become the new toys for the rich, spy hopping on others for fun, like a kid playing with his remote controlled plane flying in mid air.

        [ed note: i’m curious: how many of my Manhattan/NYC articles have you read]

      • Ryu…

        High IQ “white” males fall upon the entire age spectrum.

        Cop = criminal is UTOPIAN…

        There will be cops in our reality. The only task of the white Supremacist is to inform those whites standing at the blue wall that their next step automatically makes them “white” until proven otherwise. That this is the first step from the cop –> pig transformation that occurs when operatimg as a radical liberal.

        It’s not a matter of success or failure. The reality simply needs to be pounded into the heads of all “white” males.

        Operate as a white Supremacist or be pig.

      • FP: I haven’t read many of your Manhattan articles. I do however live in Manhattan and know what goes on here on day to day basis.

        NYC’s Mansion Pig Status is semi truth, but it can happen very soon, if they kick all the Miggers out, drive all the White parasites out with them, and replace them with foreign elites who hate these American liberals and their colored minions. Also, with our current political climate, and the MINOs getting a foothold in it, it will be delayed for another 20 years or so. I will be long gone from this place, and who knows what this country has in store by then!

        Manhattan’s median income is only about $60,000. That’s a paltry number compared to the more ritzy areas of the Golden State and the outlying wealthy suburbs of NYC.

        From a liberal source in NYC (unfortunately, it is correct):

      • What’s the deal on your Iran thing?

        I hope you’re not flying right into Tehran, if such a thing is possible. That would be a big red flag. Going to Turkey or Azerbaijan and taking the border is a better play. The most interesting place IMO in Iran is the north coast.

      • @JS

        FP: I haven’t read many of your Manhattan articles.

        Curious: You live on the Enchanted Isle – can you afford it?
        The income may be 60k but that means those folks hop on the Brooklyn Bridge to sleep in the bronx after a long day of walking poodles.

        Lying with statistics is easy, but difficult when wise folks combine variables i.e. what is the net worth of those with Feudal Manhattan addies.

        Maybe you do not see One57 as rich because you can’t get within a mile of its defenses to peer into the reality.
        I remember the first time I set foot inside a rich person’s dwelling.
        The wonders of God were hidden from the street view, behind the outside facade of the house; only until I saw did I realize what lay behind those walls…

      • I hate to shop at the big box corporate retail stores, but the nearly all the White staff (usually polite in manner) in many areas of greater America makes it more a pleasant experience.

        Most low skilled labor in these businesses in NYC, including Manhattan, are staffed by rude negros.

      • Ryu: Not going to Tehran, in terms of a direct trip, but to the region north of it, that attracts tourists in terms of foreigners. I don’t think visiting Tehran is a problem. The average Iranian (a few whom I call friends) is more affable than your average sand Arab.

        I promised FP that I would write about it when I get there.

      • I have a few requests.

        Pay special attention to how they respond to you being American. Look for security, the undercovers, and the religious police. The attitude of the people toward the Iranian government. Finally, if they are accepting any westernization of the men/women.

  4. And yet… None of these creations (novels, movies, poems, paintings, piano, etc.) are off limit to the “conservative” concerning the matter of ressurecting the higher things. But, most “conservatives” are simply content to lament the degenerate art of the radical liberals and leave it at that (and then hopefully get to destroy). So “we” operate within this unpredecented schism where “greatness” of all sorts is at our technologically-advanced mind’s eye while “we” are swimming in a sea of total degeneracy. The result is that those in the near future who merely wipe their rears after a bowel movement will be considered the “elite” because the simple “act” itself shows more “life” than what is shown by the mass of walking self-annihilators. This is the future whether one embraces white Supremacy or not.

    Action, FOR SOME, should be with a paintbrush or pencil.

  5. Are you still active, Eurybates?

    I too have known about the degradation with time. I read books from the late 1800s and the early 1900s. The difference is quite stark, and a high school education back then is equal to a few PhDs today.

  6. Its sad that only Greek and Latin literature has survived, the Phoenicians who invented the consonantal alphabet (was the Greeks who created the vowels) have no surviving book.

    Reading Ancient writters made me realize that “antisemitism” wasn’t something that begin with Christianity, the jews had the same Modus Operandi back them that they have now. In Cicero’s Pro Flacco you can see that there was a ‘Judean Lobby’ already active in 1st century BC Rome, openly intimidating anyone who didn’t followed their agenda.

    • Jews were actually one of the largest minorities in ancient Rome.
      That’s not spread around, for that reduces the sympathy jews get out of the Bible implying they were some poor, tiny people picked-on by Wicked Romans.

      Jews were big in Romes highly profitable glass-making monopoly and – tada! – gold, gems and jewelry.

      What’s also strange is the Gospels don’t even mention the big, cosmopolitan Roman cities near Jesus’ stomping grounds, Sepphoris in Galilee for example, and Caesarea. Apparently, he never went near either it to preach. Odd, because these cities were larger than any other except Jerusalem. It’s like writing a biography of Jay-Z and never mentioning Brooklyn, just Manhattan.


    • To be fair, the Jews were under Roman domain and were the most rebellious of the barbarians. What one needs to understand is that the Jew is inferior and incapable of assimilation and civilization like the other barbarians such as the Visigoths. They’re also physically weaker than most. No warriors among them (except in biblical writing), unlike the fierce Huns, Mongols, Carthaginians, etc… Furthermore, they do not have a seafaring tradition like the Phoenicians.

  7. I wouldn’t at all discourage one from investing intellect into the classics especially in times of leisure. Such a state of things seems self-evident in a Land of white Supremacy. But this is only an aspect of day in the life of a white Supremacist. One must transmit that intellectual investment either righteously or liberally. “We” may stand on shoulders of giants, but let ours stand on our shoulders who “see” only stunted “men” selling all sorts of self-annihilation/anti-white Supremacy.

    Where are the artists of white Supremacy? Do they exist?

  8. You will like this Ryu. The difference between the criminal and police mentality. “They don’t think like you do.”

    • Bullshit artists. Everything criminals do, cops also do. It’s not bad for a system writer, but that’s always their blind spot.

      This guy uses the mental trick of placing “criminals” outside of himself. All Americans are criminals, all the time. How many laws, directives, statutes and codes are there – 100K? 300K?

      Cop breach – criminal home invasion
      cop detention/handcuff technique – criminal armed robbery tech
      cop high performance driving – criminal wheel man
      SWAT black swatzi uniform = criminal bank robber outfit

      Cops and cons are BROTHERS. And as WNS, we are elites without state power. A good WN is almost exactly like a system elite.

      We don’t need to use words like “bad guy” or “good guy” here. That’s for children. The advantage a cop has is system backing. The advantage a con has is honesty and knowing exactly what he wants.

    • HEROCops! of the MM swagger around with megatude, bustin’ haids – on whites.
      When they run into a colored, their LN brain immediately calcs the risk of a career-ending Sharpton Scrimination’ Lawsuit

  9. Meanwhile isn’t it funny how completely the mainstream media have covered up the black bitch burning the white boy to death with a blowtorch.

    • I wrote of it here, but nobody white (or capital “W” White, for that matter) cares either because you see no reaction and nothing ever happens.

      • The problem is that too many degenerates do think it “funny” and so the question creates a real cognitive dissonance in the minds of the subconscious anti-white Supremacist.

      • I do think it’s funny, TD. And I continue to find it funny.

        You’ve never understood the strongest of WNs, the direct action activists. Not once have you voiced admiration or respect for any of them, though there are thousands of examples.

        They have to believe in nothing but themselves. It is literally them, and God. They are the true white supremacists on this planet, because they do it without permissions. A true WS doesn’t answer to anyone other than himself.

        You invented the white supremacist concept, which is a credit to you. But you cannot wield the weapon yourself. It takes a tremendous confidence that only a few ever possess. God didn’t ask permission, hold conferences, or send emails when creating the universe – he just did it.

      • td fails to see the flaw in his Godogma Philosophy:
        One must believe in the Objective Truth of Science to maintain his stance and therefore, by extension, scientific Anthropological fact stating all men originated from Black Africa.

        So, if Man was created in God’s image, then God must be a nigger.
        It certainly explains the perplexing strangeness of why you see the MINOization of Murka – it’s all going to God’s greater nigger plan. It explains Obama – and Miggers – as His new Chosen People.

        If God is a nigger, then it explains why He can go fuck Himself; I’ll take no part helping a nigger God.
        Therefore, Man needs no God that stands for niggers.

        Freed from an Evil God that promotes niggers because He Himself is a nigger, then Man doesn’t need His permission to eradicate. Nor is there any attending guilt for eradicating millions…

      • There’s some question on that, FP. Some specialize in this. The Neanderthal was the original white man, our “native European.”

        I am not entirely clear on everything. The suggestion is that the thals were massively outnumbered by sapiens. The women were taken as slaves, gang-raped and forced to breed with the invaders. The children became janissaries against the thals. The thal/sap half breeds were soldiers and tool-makers for the saps.

        Elite enclaves were set up on Malta, like your model.

      • Indeed, much of that area is pseudo-science contaminated by both sides. One side promotes the Black as the Father of Man, and the other uses Nazi-type science to champion the White Man.

        Thus, it is best to read a few crucial texts yourself and write your own – the same way I pointed you toward compiling an up to date list of jewish media barons. If “our side” keeps publishing outdated info it makes us look bad, the same as Libtards and coloreds forcing the notion that astounding ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs were colored. It just makes the proponent look stupid.

        But…it would be a great article for you or – Eradican – to write.

      • Yes… Ryu… I understand exactly what you are saying.

        You are still WRONG.

        Orientation COMES BEFORE action…

        Action without orientation DOES NOT EXIST.

        Omnipotence = power = ???


        Absolutely transgressive?

        Right now, YOUR “white supremacy” and YOUR “god” are radically autonomous “things” BECAUSE YOU DESIRE radical autonomy/self-annihilation/perpetual change of orientation.

        When your “god” and your “white supremacy” become real things then YOU will become a real thing. One whose actions are conceived in a true orientation. For the high IQ “white” male, the logic dictates an orientation towards Perfection… Singularity… ALL right MOVES, henceforth.

        The modus operandi of white Supremacy is the resurrection of white man’s free will.

        PS I have not read a single thing written about white Supremacy that wasn’t simply an acknowledgement of the liberal frame or an acquiescing testament to the false equation of white supremacy = white degeneracy.

      • A white man must liberate himself, in every way possible. Everywhere there are chains.

        I do desire freedom. If I progress far enough, I will have it. Far off, many decades in the future, rules may have to be re-instituted.

        You are a strong nationalist, but very obtuse. It reminds me of Manson.

      • Any definition of white Supremacy that aides and abets anti-white Supremacy is, by definition, NOT the definition of white Supremacy.

      • But let’s go back to the literal point…

        What is “funny” about a media not reporting a clearly horrendously racially motivated crime?

        “Funny” is the WRONG WORD…

        But “our” default assumption…

        Is that “funny” is the wrong word ON PURPOSE.

        “Funny” is the wrong word on purpose because the audience is super-majority liberal and “funny” is the next step in the behavioral modification.

        It is now “funny” to radical liberationists that the media does not report about a nigress who savagely murders an innocent white child.

        This shows a total lack of orientation towards white Supremacy.

      • That cop spend his life as a “force professional”, TD.

        He used his gun, taser and baton to bully the people. But he was retired. Then, his wife wants a divorce. So this ex-force professional then uses force on his own family. He lived by the sword, and he died by the sword. And his own skillset killed his family.

        That is the humor. Just like Chris Kyle, the assassin, being in turn assassinated. You can see this.

      • Ryu…

        But you must define your terms.

        Absolute freedom in a finite universe = self-annihilation…

        Or a “leap of faith” for there is an undeniable schism not to be bridged.

        Reality dictates a limit on physical free will while possessing no such limitations on the experience of spiritual free will.

        It makes NO SENSE for the white man not to be led by his spirit… His real spirit… Not some abstract, intellectual construct.

        White Supremacy is first and foremost a mind SET.

        But ultimately, each “white” male must set his own mind…

        On white Supremacy…

        Or “white” anti-white Supremacy…

        Everyone is under indictment.

      • Ryu…

        Don’t forget… Before I was a white Supremacist, I was a radical autonomist… The “best” radical autonomist… And I still am… When I want to be.

      • Interesting. I’d like to see that.

      • FP…

        That’s silly talk…

        The white man should worship The Perfect Man by mere logic alone…

        Unless he makes a case against “worship” itself THUS undercutting the idea of credible leadership…


        He can argue over the contested fact AS THOUGH the conceptual reality wasn’t settled.

        All action to be taken by the WN is, was and will be WITHIN the context of white Supremacy… Any actions taken outside thIs paradigm are the acts of radical liberationists in WN cloak.

        The Perfect Man MOST DEFINITELY did not preach anti-white Supremacy…

        That the radical liberationist is always attempting to make this case is but the infection of “equality.”

      • Silly? Perhaps, to you.

        If God created Man out of His image and Man originated in Africa…you say God looks like Bridgitte Neilsen?


      • Ryu…

        Thal is a psychological mindset that has overlap with racial whites. So a white Thal is basically an high IQ “white” male introvert paralyzed by the massive stimuli of the extroverted modern world. Many of these “nerds” self-impose this regime of information overload/psychological paralysis with their computer/Internet “addiction.”

        Within radical autonomy is the process of self-creation/self-annihilation. High IQ individuals recognize that the “radical” in the autonomy is the self-annihilation aspect… That the new self-creation is now old and need of change.

        This is WN is a nutshell… Always seeking to change itself without any awareness of its perpetuating self-annihilation.

      • You know about it? Thals and all of it? Which author did you learn it from?

      • @ryu: Which author did you learn it from?

        I can’t tell if you mean me, as I use the dashboard, not the fancy grfx load of Eradica.

        i learned it from numerous college texts. they’re actually reliable because Anthropology is science and they find it sacrilegious to fudge scientific data – much the same excruciating feelings td has about admitting his Gawd – instead of Jesus – looks like Yeezus, or writing a cogent sentence…

      • Well….they might have once.

        Scientists are people too. There are no unbiased scientists, just like there are no unbiased cops or soldiers. Science is a business today, like everything else.

        A scientist who publishes results contrary to the liberal Nazi ideology, doesn’t get funded. His career will be over, truth or not. Scientists form the priest class which serves the king. There are virtually zero independent scientists alive today.

        In the USSR, they had “Soviet science” and here today we have “American science.”

      • No, you’d need to understand that science is replicable and certain even in Leftist Colleges – like DNA evidence – so it is risky to twist it into propaganda for both sides.

        Today, you see even Ballwasher Media Leftists getting crucified for supporting global warming.
        Science always wins out in the end, leaving prevaricators hung out to dry like those once promoting Flat Earth.

        If Mankind originated from Africa…
        And Xtians believe Gawd
        Created their asses in His image

      • I read Tex-Arcane and Koranic Soul… Two extremely intelligent “white” males that somehow can’t come around to the logic of radical autonomy –> white Supremacy.

        It’s really the unlimited nature of introversion that serves as the catalyst for a superfluous supply of paralyzing external stimuli.

        Many a nerd fails to see his hand in the machinations.

      • I’m impressed. You’re a strong WN. I read both of them also.

        There are some ideas that only a few can understand. In STEM, there are things only 10 people in the world can get. You seem to be the only wn on the planet who now understands white supremacy.

        What was your progression? Who did you read and how long did it take?

      • I read koanic soal’s articles twice – years ago; they are pedogogic, stilted and dense.

        Funny, they now remind me of someone…

      • FP…

        I’m not of the man out of Africa believe…

        I reject the evolutionary paradigm as rampant self-annihilation amongst the most “evolved” organisms requires such rejection.

        There is no empirical evidence for abiogenesis either in one “point” or at multiple “points,” but the concept is plausible even if mathematical improbable.

        There is NOTHING is the physics that cannot allow for a literal Genesis only to be revealed to some intelligence while other intelligence “see” in the physics a 14 billion year old universe that came from nothing. The side that “sees” a 14 billion years old universe is the side that gives to illusions about reality while rejecting revelation.

        So OF COURSE, he will ONLY SEE a 14 billion year old universe that came from nothing.

        Again, nothing in Christianity teaches “white” self-annihilation. White Christianity and other Christianity is not equal and the racial aspect provides the substantive context. Self-annihilating “Christians” are no such thing. An oxymoron. A paradox. A liberal social construction. A false equation.

        The rejection of The Perfect Man is a rejection of your racial creation and not the embrace of “it.”

        All the deracinated religions and ideologies REJECT The Perfect Man BOTH IN concept and empirically.

        [ed note: 14 billion years is a plenty frikkin enough time – even for your Xtian Gawd to get around to “creating Earth in a week”]

      • FP…

        Only Christianity teaches of The Perfect Man as revelation of The Perfect Creator God.

        We fast forward 2000 years and high IQ “white” male REJECTS the mere concept of The Perfect Man and uses this rejection as justification and rationalization of increasing degeneracy… Self-annihilation…

        The strength of the high IQ “white” male is his weakness… He gets no benefit of ignorance…

        One can “see” the logical progression from radical autonomy –> white Supremacy AND LEAVE all the nigels out of it and stands clear of the historical debate…

        The PROBLEM is high IQ “white” male WILL NOT progress to white Supremacy BECAUSE HE ABHORS the standard set by The Perfect Man WHETHER REAL OR CONCEIVED.

        Getting bogged down in the liberal narrative is for FP TO DO ???

        White man who believes in objective Supremacy (The Perfect Man, empirically and/or conceptually)… Recognizing the proto-sin of self-annihilation = white Supremacist.

        Simple as that… No stronger foundation to make the case for WN.

      • The reality of science is that it cannot observe, measure and predict Singularities and so “they” do not exist when the physics assert no such thing. Unique one time universe wide phenomenon are infinitesimally improbable UNTIL one simply flips the script and asserts that Singularities are all that materially exist and the “science” tells “us” as much when “they” get to the edge of the universe and look back to “see” nothing or when “they” dig deep into the quantum foam and “find” something from nothing.

      • Modern science has imposed an equality of redundant phenomenon… Infinite Regress… General Entropy… A universe devoid of The Singularity and all subsequent singularities.

        This ethos is the product of the high IQ “white” male self-annihilator. He is mostly in “communion” with his “mother” concerning her “right” to annihilate her children in utero. This is the genesis of the pathology of the high IQ “white” male. There is logic in the creation and destruction of redundancy. It’s like a self-inflicted psychological vaccine. One is an aspect of the infinite regress… Part of the General Entropy… Self-annihilation is Final Liberation in this paradigm.

        A belief in objective Supremacy is the belief in The Singularity… A belief that “we” are not a redundant phenomenon inside a redundant phenomenon inside a redun…

      • That’s amazing
        but what does it have to do with god
        voting for Obama

      • Ryu…

        I came to white Supremacy from radical autonomy.

        In the attainment of radical autonomy is self-annihilation.

        White Supremacy is the antithesis of radical autonomy and self-annihilation.

        It is “all the right moves” versus “absolute transgression.”

        High IQ “white” males know both options are on the table and there is no symbiosis. He knows one represents the conceptual definition of Perfection and the other the modern definition of omnipotence. He knows one is a path to ascension and one is a path to degeneracy. He knows one is always about being “caught” and the other is a mere matter of not being caught by the wrong people. He knows one means success and one means failure and neither can mean both things in the big picture. Ultimately, one is not rewarded for degeneracy and punished for righteousness.

      • I thought a bunch anti-white Supremacists voted for Obama? Including the nerdy Silly-con valley dyke type?

      • FP…

        You’re getting bogged down in your own little pet peeves.

        White males ARE NOT TO BE white Supremacists…

        Can you acknowledge this simple truth and then proceed to tell “us” why?

      • …and the Syllogism of The Year Award goes to:

        White males ARE NOT TO BE white Supremacists…

        I’m glad the pedantry is clogging up a long-fired author’s works on Eradica and not mine. The sophistry in here’s getting so thick,you can cut it with a knife.

        Let’s Try Logic!:
        Science and the Fossil Record prove the oldest human remains come from Africa.
        Africans are black.
        God created Man in His image.

        Your abstruse gyrations actually inadvertently prove it’s Nietzsche who is correct:
        God is a thing that makes straight paths crooked.

      • TD has something useful to say, FP. Maybe a few missing pieces of the puzzle. I have learned a part of it. His work is only for advanced WNs.

        That pig who killed his family yesterday. He was an anti-WS and if you asked him, he’d say he was entirely against white supremacists. An white male anti-WS is a self-annihilator. Therefore, he killed both himself and his family. It was poetic.

        Is that right, TD? Have I got it?

      • Sweeet. when you come back with an interpretation in english, I’d love to see it.

      • Ryu…

        I think the evidence speaks for itself. A radical autonomist who logically concluded that self-annihilation was the only path to Final Liberation. And the murdering of his daughters was not only more evidence of a self-annihilator BUT a last ditch effort to crush the psychological autonomy of their mother/ex-wife.

        Although, I don’t see poetry. I see radical autonomy running its course.

      • Yes. Anti-supremacy is what Eradica is all about; a thousand works devoted to Negro Upliftment while degrading whites. Rev. Al & Eric Holder are our idols.

        You display these same typical peculiarities of self-immolating adversarial tendencies inherent to all White Movements. It explains with fresh example why the only successful action from wn is…splintering.

        Switching the focus from the question I asked means you are desperate, deluded or a nut.

        So adam n eve were white,
        then their descendents went to Africa
        where God turned them into black africans,
        and when some moved out, he made some white again.
        Simple. Pure genius.

        Placing adam in eve in africa in the first place to make them black was too easy. God wanted to sweep up the Fossil Record of every White Skeleton in Eden from the billion years it took to go from white to black, back to white again.
        As Nietzsche said, God is a thing that makes straight paths crooked.

        You are the type god seeks to follow him.
        He and you have done Such Wonders for America the past 50 years.

        But what’s curious is how you need a Mystery Man with these “qualities”
        to bestow “supremacy” on you
        that grants permission to eradicate the enemy.

      • The gathering, FP. All red pill groups will come together with time. Jared Taylor is writing about Rooshie.

        Ferd got on lewrockwell, a big libertarian center.

      • Oh man, you should write a piece on this – or get that lazy slut Eradican to do it.
        lol didn’t rooshie ban you for discussing race? Or were you still into the heavy Niggerspickiking bomb-tossin’ that gave His Imperial Iranian Majesty the facile, ready excuse to swiftly censorban you.

        Holy shit: I accused teh Velizideh of being a hypocrite on race what, six, seven years ago? Long before I aimed the laser at that fat fuck Ferdi’s identical self-hating PC whiteboi schtick.

        Only roosh was a greater hypocrite on race than ferdi. Ferdi wet his pants every time a commenter said “maybe blacks commit more crime than whites” and banned the fuck out of them. At least Welmer on Spearhead let a few truths slip out, but as we determined all those years ago, he was The All-Time Champeen woman-realist, but utterly blind to identical crimes when committed by coloreds and MINOs.

        And you wrote a bunch of pieces on roosh that exposed him for the same shit: Looks like Jared either didn’t get around to reading them, or…read every word.

        That’s the first amren piece I’ve read in years. Good to see their usual sheeplecrowd can lose focus by the third comment, thus proving to Hilary Alinskyites the bottomless stupidity of sub-whites as they natter on distractedly about “is PUA kwl?!?” instead of Taylor’s topic.

        PS go into your editor tools and read the pieces i wrote long ago – but havent pubbed yet – on Rooshi & Soupstone game

      • No “red pill” teacher can ignore race – because all their students are white males! Roosh himself doesn’t care much about race, but he isn’t white. It’s only an issue for white men.

        It just becomes a bigger and bigger issue. Exposing feminism is just the beginning. Eventually, if they follow it down the line, comes to us. And a WN without knowing PUA is blind.

        The big change I want to see is applause for direct action guys. WNs must get over their fear of the big bad wolf. They don’t have to like Kaz or McVeigh, just as long as they don’t apologize or quiver.

      • It’s the same as I told you way back in our Spoorhead days: mras are fixated on the feminist knife fight while MINOs shoot them in the back.

        Likewise, Niggerspickiking PeterPanzers foam about jew/nigger cocksuckfuckfaggot!!…aaargh! …while their precious whiteknighted ladies stab them in the back…

        The complete 21st Century Eradican Man is free from the simplistic illusion of only one enemy and acknowledges he has multiple, diverse enemies ala the Five-Fingers of Liberalism.

      • Nietzsche believed that the weak and less evolved should be obliterated and not be uplifted. However, because Whites are so compassionate, not only do they sympathize with the “do no good” Niggers, they go out of their way to dress them up and say they are equally superior to us. In Africa, negroes would have been killed by their more savage co-racialists in a hairs breadth upon encounter.

  10. FP: A few very elite areas in Manhattan, notably Madison and Park Avenues are where the mega-millionaires and billionaires reside. The upper East and West side nearby, are home to mostly the upper middle class, not the upper class. One57, on the upper West Side, is a recent phenomenon, where the foreign elites buy their swanky pads in Manhattan. All together, these well to do areas represent 1/4 of Manhattan’s land area. The other 1/4 are for the striver parasite types, guys and gals who overpay their rent for a 1000 sf ft apartment with 3 other people for inhabitable residence just to showcase to their friends of their status in Manhattan. The rest of the 3/4, are holdover colored miscreants living in affordable housing, who have been there before Giuliani came to power. The elites are at a crossroads, when it comes to getting rid of them. Currently, we’re stuck with a liberal clown mayor who wants to keep them here.

    I’m fortunate to live in an affordable unit and despite this, I would be able to live in apt that one of those striver types would call home. This being said, living comfortably in the isle for me would be almost impossible, but living like a megalomaniac striver with delusions of greatness, I could.

    • Ryu: Women in Iran need to cover their heads. I’m fortunate to know an Iranian hottie to give me more feedback.

      Are the Iranians anti-American? Just tell them that America is a pain in the arse for the world, and you’re fine!

      [do so with a spanish accent and passport and youre GOLD]

      • Iranians overall are a better breed of people than their Arab neighbors. Further, their language, Persian is Indo European, and Persians made up most of the Islamic intellectuals in the past. There’s something to say about them vs the sand n*ggers west of them, who could only brag about Mohammad, because he was one of their own, and left nothing else worthy of mention.

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