The .22 Caliber Killer

by Ryu

So many direct action heros have been forgotten. It’s as if anything more than that happened before 2000 never occurred.

One mistake is all it takes to get caught. One has to be very good to even consider acting in that way.

26 Comments to “The .22 Caliber Killer”

  1. Mw has talked about the rather tragic heroic trait of White men and how they want to be like the heroes on television who go out in a blaze of glory. This self annilating tendency should be eradicated from our culture. Also the the perfectionism that tells you that you could not possibly properly raise children in the current political climate.

    [ed note: mw talks about nothing anymore. not even one comment on Eradica, where he is free to speak. to be silenced by the splc on a site you do not control is to submit completely to the enemy you swore to eradicate]

    • I don’t promote “going out in a blaze.” THAT is why one emphasizes getting away with it first.

      Many WNs don’t feel like they are worthy. I like TD’s white supremacy concept. You’ve got to believe in your heart that you are better. That’s why we stay in the shadows and avoid the TV. A real WS doesn’t need outside approval.

      I knew exactly what I was seeing this. It’s most direct action WNs talking:

    • MW wanted people to become the new Jews. He hated Jews but in reality worshiped them.

    • @ ryu

      Key to getting away is crossing borders and international experience something most lack.

  2. I wonder if he was practicing on coloreds before transitioning to something more complex.

    • I wrote this to eulogize him, but I don’t think he had his head on straight.

      I could spend a lot of time on this case, I may do it. Look at the patterns:
      Sept 22 1
      sept 23 1,2
      sept 24 1

      Oct 8 1
      Oct 9 1

      Dec 22 5,1,
      Dec 30 1

      Jan 1 2

      That’s a lot of actions in a short period of time. It is too many. He was exceeding his own personal speed limit. A man has to operate at about 30% to be “comfortable.” Too high and he loses control and acts the cowboy.

      He would have been caught eventually. He talked to that nurse. He didn’t collect the shell casings, he didn’t get rid of the gun. He was able to get away with it in the short term. Again, he failed in the long term.

      I look at him as a emotionally driven, disorganized killer. There’s little planning, though he varied his methods.

    • I wonder if he was practicing on coloreds before

      It is impossible for a mental case
      lacking total sense of reality
      to plan for anything more complex than
      a ride on a flying unicorn

      If nationalists elevate mentals as motivational posterboys for action, then the movement sank into irredeemable Crazyville.

      Focus on the perp’s mistakes and The System’s threat response.

  3. What really is the tragic flaw is bringing up a defeated, silent mw and derailing ryu’s thread right off the bat…

    Important points in ryu’s links:

    The local black community was verging on a state of panic…

    This shows how easy it is to scare animals with sub-human reasoning capacity.

    The case broke when Pvt. Joseph Christopher was arrested at Fort Benning, charged with slashing a black GI

    This shows how blatantly stupid the perp was. The Army would have made a good cover instead, had he bopped-back to the base after every adventure and kept his idiot mouth shut. .22’s are cheap and easy to replace.

    But he was insane, so it explains his idiocy: Nuts live in their own make-believe world where they “believe” they won’t be caught. Bragging to the bigtit nurse…priceless.

    More interesting is the Ballwasher Media’s reluctance to publicize this as “r-r-r-r-ayciss!”
    It scores no points for the LN, but instead, shows whitey how easy it really is.

    • I learned of this case in the archives of a long-forgotten wn writer, FP. The past disappears every day. I did find a video, which I added.

  4. The silliness of murdering a self-annihilating enemy is self-evident. But if you also scream “genocide” then you are necessarily exempt from taking things into your own hands. Mimicking the self-annihilating tendencies of niggers, homos, miggers, jews and jihadists DOES NOT THEN mean one is controlled by said collective or said collective is evidence of “supremacy.” It just means “we” have embraced the spiritual and intellectual self-annihilation of the Jew (archetype ethnic self-annihilator/The Chosen Ones) WITHOUT copying his mechanism of perpetuation.

    When the frame is changed from “genocide” to self-annihilation then the white man has his free will back “in hand.” “Genocide” is the wolf cry of the radical liberationist.

    White Supremacy = separation from degeneracy…

  5. Ryu…

    One thing about white Supremacists as compared to heroes is that there just aren’t going to be too many of either BUT every time presses a different set of needs. Yet, who is an authority to define “heroes” or white Supremacist? I don’t “see” this killer as someone that could go down in the annals of white Supremacy as a “hero.” Once again, “we” get these individuals that do “revolutionary” things without providing an articulate motivation to counter what will be the predicted media response. So this guy is a “serial killer” of the racist-type BUT provides no justifiable anger to help explain his deeds. He might as well been a junky stooge that needed a cot and three squares for the rest of his life. I know “white boys” looking for that deal.

    • I’d declare him a hero, TD. I’ll take all the risk – if I’m wrong, I’ll take the loss. If right, I get all the profits…100%. The best don’t need a roadmap. They can read the streets and read between the lines.

      Most would not recognize a white supremacist or a hero when they see him. Remember Jesus? He came to save the world. His “followers” stuck him up on that cross and spit on him.

      If you have any questions about him, ask me. I will answer for him.

  6. I beg your pardon Ryu and all. I gave the wrong impression. I completely agree with Ryu’s emphasis on not getting caught which is why I memtioned the blaze of glory scenario. I learned after JT Ready was murdered that being an open WN is suicide not only in the physical realm but also because those that control the narative managed to make him persona non grata even with hardcore WNs. I learned there can be no ego in this and that stealth is the name of the game. I am also coming around to the WS idea otherwise we are all equal right?

    • All Nationalists can be equal.
      All have the potential.

      What is then required in coming steps: Creating an environment where Nationalism is freed to express the full desires of its true platform. This happens by creating a movement so large the USG fears to trample it.

      Only intimidation works on a Liberal nazi tyranny.

      This is why Eradica exists: the philosophy, examples and links I provide in each article are designed for use. They are not designed as TDO.

      Often, the simplest concepts are the hardest to reveal because they were buried in Mountains of Talk for decades. Again, it also often occurs the most complex issues are never revealed because of the difficulty in articulating them; I do a balance of both – for both layman and leader alike.

      I’ve disturbed and damaged many liberals by simply applying simple, repeatable propaganda (based on pure truth) such as asking them why they love coloreds so much, but refuse to live within 20 miles of them.

    • If we were all equal, there would be no point in being a WN. The outcome would be the same under any system.

  7. If we were all equal Africa and Detroit would be much desired places to live. Brown territories are poor, dirty, crime-ridden and uncivilized. Anyway as far as MW goes, I believe he posts once in a while at Aryan Skynet.

    [ednote: now, i dont know wtf youre talking about. be specific. define your terms then. who said anything about being equal to african/detroit coloreds. sheeshus khrist]

    • Well, I am saying that White Supremacy (to me at least) means first, knowing that Whites, as a whole are better at creating and maintaining our superior civilizations and not shying away from that fact(even in my own mind). Second, TD would take it one step further (if I understand correctly) by saying that WS is striving to be the best that we can be, modeling ourselves after the “Perfect Man” (whether the ideal man actually exists or is just an ideal to work toward matters not). A Black can strive but never be White and can never come close to being the perfect man.

      • Striving for personal perfection is an all-encompassing discipline. Striving to be the perfect man is most admirable, yet I do not care to do so as it is unbearable in a leader, who must by extension then eradicate even his loyal followers who will, eventually, fail the leader’s standards.

        Leaders with power elevate allies and eradicate enemies.
        Thus, I prefer leading the Perfect Man.

        Note The Dolfi did not even exercise or study Deep Thoughts.

      • Erin…

        White man is in an existential crisis…

        And not one consisting of a diabolical “genocide,” but one where the white man himself questions his own right to exist.

        The most “intelligent” “whites” will tell YOU that they have no right to exist (after conception). In other words, THE MOST PATHOLOGICAL “whites” will tell YOU that their mothers had a “right” to abort them in utero. Ergo, high IQ “white” males are, by and large, self-annihilators. And not just a variant of self-annihilator: ethnic, racial, religious, intellectual sexual… BUT ALL THE ABOVE!!! Including biological. Existential crisis.

        White Supremacy represents a solution to the infinite regress… The General Entropy… The fall of civilization. White self-annihilation.

        Omnipotence is defined in two manners and in these definitions lies the great psychological battle.

        He who will do all right… Perfection…

        He who can do anything… Absolute transgressive power…

        Which represents omnipotence?

        ^^^ That’s the difference between the white Supremacist and all the variants of radical liberationists.

        White Supremacy = white degeneracy. Projection, my friend.

        Perfection is the answer to the Infinite Regress. White Supremacy is a mindset. A psychological orientation that grants the existence of The Perfect Man BECAUSE it is the belief to which one can enjoy and experience free will… To reject The Perfect Man is to reject the experience of genuine free will.

        And that is the real battle for the white man… To once again experience true free will.

  8. Successful and popular people join the liberal elites. To hell with them.
    The most effective resistors failed at conforming to the Mainstream.
    Others may have considered them losers before they became well known, if they thought of them at all.
    Losers do not attract much attention.

    • There is no such thing as a “liberal elite.” “We” have a “default elite” that play acts “first world” politics for a mass of self-annihilators who will borrow now for a new “freedom” that will cost even more down the road.

      Talk of eliteness REQUIRES a conception of objective Supremacy. To be liberal is to reject objective Supremacy. Ergo, “liberal elite” is a false social construction whose purpose in the inversion of reality to the benefit of the anti-white Supremacist.

      • There is no such thing as a “liberal elite.”

        You indulge in sophistry and semantics. There is a liberal elite. There is a conservative elite and there is an apolitical elite – and all kinds of elites of different stripes if you want to split hairs.


      • FP…

        I disagree… First, the phrase “conservative elite” is virtually never uttered by anyone with political awareness as though it had no existence whatsoever. Secondly, “liberal elite” IS ONLY UTTERED by the “intellectual right” and is done so out of a political ignorance and/or a lack of recognizing what a “liberal” actually is… Anti-elite… Anti-Supremacy.

        In fact, both liberals and conservatives are anti-Supremacist… Anti-elite.

        “We” have a “default elite.”

        [ed note: if only you’d reduce your semantics and pedagogic humbug by 50% you’d be quite interpretable…]

      • Lol…

        In a radically autonomous society, one’s strength is their weakness and one’s weakness is their strength and so the trends is to “cultivate” one’s weaknesses and ruthlessly bury one’s strengths.

        For the high IQ “white” male (convert class) their strength IS THEIR WEAKNESS for they get no benefit of ignorance. They cannot claim to not understand. They cannot fail to “see” true and false equations. Yet, because of that same high IQ, “they” have become just that… Ignorant nerds… Anti-nerds… Nerds that desire self-annihilation.

        What exists and what does not exist is very much up to perceptual debate. I “see” no elite anywhere because there is nothing but anti-white Supremacy all about.

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