Why Do Swatzis Wear Ski Masks and Biker Helmets?

by Ryu

THe number one reason is to inspire fear in both the public and the criminal. Also, like criminals, the police want to avoid identification. America has no secret police, because they are all secret.

SWAT uniforms are better thought of as costumes. Nothing is random about them.

The face is covered to cause dread in the viewer. They wish to be thought of as an unopposable force. Like a army of machines. Of course, this is not true. SWAT drinks beer, goes to strip clubs, .has…….. bet pools on the NFL and NBA, like all American men.

The color black is associated with darkness and evil. This is meant to cause fear as well. Children fear monsters under the bed. Are you afraid of the dark?

The uniforms are bulked up by all the armor underneath, giving an impression of mass. Carrying so much stuff, officers cannot walk like normal people.

There’s not much bare skin on a SWAT uniform – not even the hands or fingers. This too is purposeful. They are not to be though of a humans. The cop doesn’t think of himself as human, and neither does the criminal.

This all has an effect on the officer too. He’s cut off from the rest of humanity in this costume. Ordinary rules do not apply to him. He’s a machine carrying out an order.

However, you’ll notice that when an officer “falls”, the system is always sure to show him out of the Swatzi uniform, smiling with his family or fresh out of the academy. Flip a switch, boom, he’s a human being. Flip it again, fear him.

FP was kind enough to refer this movie, THX 1137. Even though this movie was made long ago, they got the costumes right. The police wear all black and masks over the face.

64 Comments to “Why Do Swatzis Wear Ski Masks and Biker Helmets?”

    • I’ve seen that book around. Ten bucks is too much for an outsider’s POV. I try to find books written by pigs themselves. They are teach a lot more.

      [ed note: both have their intrinsic benefits]

  1. Ryu…

    What you observe is an aspect of truth, but your contribution to the creation of the future narrative is still ambiguous. But this may be a feature and not a bug. As human or machines, it is the cop/pig operating system that is most critical. Most “white” cops OPERATE as radical liberals deeming it the most efficient manner in which to maximize their autonomy. The downside with taking this path is certain pig status. What “we” desire are white males in executive positions operating as white Supremacists. These are the kind of cops you need in the land of white Supremacy when one lays to rest all utopian worldviews and simply thinks the business of separation and regrouping and rebuilding/restructuring.

  2. Religious Jews like to wear black garb, and the ultra religious types also wear black, and try to act imitating, by banding like a pack of black rats when encountering gentiles.

    If WNs really want eradicate their enemies, their #1 hit list would be pest control of these folks. MINOs and Jews are ruthless in Murka, and so should WNs.

    • And now that Netanyahoo wants the Juden jews to leave the continent for Isrealhole, because of anti-Semitism, America should be next. The NYC Jew vermin ought to leave for Tel Aviv!

  3. Their appearance is meant to make their victims waste the last few seconds of freedom they will ever have.

  4. I like your blog but you’re a little naive when it comes to U.S. foreign policy.

    The 2003 Iraq war was about advancing Israel’s interests. If you look at who advanced it from the start, it was neocons who secretly had a passionate ethnic love for Israel:


    That’s also why the New York liberal media got behind it too. Bush & Cheney were just the fall guys.

    • We’re racists! We know all about the jews and Israel. In fact, we have to work to not make every post about the jews.

      • It’ll be great if all those notorious whiners pack their backs and head for Israel. That’s why the state was created!

      • Also, the Southern Euros have a long history. They are the most evolved and have dealt with Jews for the longest. The region is pretty much free of Jew dirt, unlike Northern Euro and the Anglosphere. Furthermore, with their long history of evolution, they understand that life isn’t always about money, which greedy Anglos and Jews don’t understand, and love to hoard fiat money and create dysfunctional societies all because of it.

      • You’ve done well to prove your case, and I think you’re right JS.

      • JS, it would be foolish for Jews to move to Israel. Israel needs the best & brightest Jews to stay in the U.S. where they can trick Americans into fighting Israel’s wars for them by controlling the media, the foreign policy establishment & the political campaign contributions.

        The media acted like Saddam Hussein was a problem for America but really he was only a problem for Israel (nuclear ambitions, funding Palestinan extremists, attacking Israel with scud missiles).

        But the media fooled dumb Americans into thinking he was a threat to America so that America could fight Israel’s battle for them.

        They tried to do the same with Iran, but Obama’s international background made him a bit harder for the Jewish neocons to manipulate. They had more success manipulating Bush & Cheney.

        The media acts like Israel is America’s best friend but really it’s America’s greatest liability. The reason America has so many enemies is largely its support for Israel including 2 wars in Iraq.

      • JS…

        There is the law of diminishing returns. Liberalism is just the kind of evidence “we” need in order to confirm such a law. At some point, tales of “jewish supremacy” reach that point of diminishing return. “We” are there BECAUSE the most salient fact about the Jew qua Jew, whether Orthodox or leftist, IS AN anti-Supremacist. And in fact, all the evidence suggests that the Jew qua Jew desires a perverted form of “supremacy.” Something akin to being the biggest, smelliest turd upon the global pile of poo… BUT… That’s not how the “anti-Semitic” “hard right” tell the story. “Their” fabulous narrative is far more crafty and full of intrigue and asserting near omnipotent power in the hands of Jews.

        They are called the “Chosen Ones” for a reason…

        It is because THEY ARE NOT Jewish Supremacists.

        “They” are some of the “best” of radical autonomists. Perpetuating self-annihilators.

      • ^^^ “….BECAUSE the most salient fact about the Jewqua Jew, whether Orthodox or leftist, IS [that he is] AN anti-Supremacist.”

      • Bottom line: WNs in America need to seek foreign allies, educate themselves and give the Jews and the LNs a run for their money as fierce rivals. Only in this situation, we would instill both fear and credibility.

        The current crop of conservatards/Republicans are more pro-Israel than the libtards, therefore WNs should not be associating with the right.

      • Lawrence Auster’s view was that if whites would assert their cultural leadership, Jews would be forced to fall in line and support the white culture as they did before. Jewish support of LN results from lack of white leadership. The social contract of white supremacy has been re-written, and whites have allowed that to happen. You can see it happening early on. Everyone that wants to be “above” racial strife is complicit in giving up white dominance. In the 1840s, Congress already had a profound distaste for reforming an extremely corrupt and destructive immigration regime, apparently because the elites represented by Congress did not want to soil themselves with demographic competition. Admittedly, that was white-on-white cultural struggle, but the same assertion of moral superiority is visible straight through to the present. If you show that you care about colored displacement of whites, you show that you are a delta or a gamma endangered by coloreds instead of an alpha or a beta secure behind police protection.

        Jeb Bush is a great symbol of such moral superiority. Maybe he will discredit it permanently!

      • anon said:

        Lawrence Auster’s view was that if whites would assert their cultural leadership, Jews would

        “Ifs” do not work in social organization.

        The social contract of white supremacy has been re-written, and whites have allowed that to happen…

        What does an 85% majority deserve when it allows a 3% minority to defeat it?

      • Of course, the first response of the Auster critics would be of the sort that mimicked a “blame the victim” retort. So that in the narrative of “jewish supremacy,” whites are victims only in search of an equality to his masters.

        When one identifies the major players correctly AS CAN ONLY BE DONE from a white Supremacist perspective…

        Anti-Supremacists = anti-white Supremacists = “white” anti-white Supremacists = self-annihilators = Equalists…

        Then you see how absolutely convoluted and perverted is reality…

        “Ours” is a cut-throat drama of self-annihilators ALWAYS recruiting AS A MATTER OF SURVIVAL/perpetuation. Coalescing in forced collectives that manifest and disappear, but always serving as catalyst for maximizing mob autonomy.

      • A fellow who enriches you, for whom you also feel sympathy, is powerfully alluring.

        It’s not complicated, it’s simple. It’s why most miss it: Jews thrived because long ago, they wangled sympathy from the WASP majority and also, grew its finances; they had a valuable commodity in a quid pro quo relationship.

        NRA Whites could* trade on their stocking and replenishing the War Cannonfodder Machine and feeding Murka with themtharr corn tractors but they are not as shrewd. Thus, it tells you who will rule the Brown Sea of MINOs on our former lands in 2055.


      • Whites lose because most are “white” anti-white Supremacists. Therefore, it’s nonsensical to believe that a) they can win with that ethos or b) that they should not lose with that same ethos.

        In other words… TO BE a “white” anti-white Supremacist is to concede defeat and inferiority and pronounce your imminent self-annihilation.

      • I think the elites that believe they are untouchable, like those Congressmen of the 1840’s, are white supremacists in the sense they believe themselves, their families, and their culture are the entitled leaders of lower class whites and coloreds, the lesser breeds without the law. They just lack any solidarity with the rest of us whites, and lack the imagination to see that their days are numbered if they sacrifice lower class whites. An MMM system will eventually crowd them out, which will be a rude awakening. But they will be white supremacists until that surprising day.

        In other words, for all his UNICEF happy talk, Jeb Bush and his ilk are still white supremacists. It’s just that to them, they embody high culture, which they made in their own image. They think they’re better off if we other whites have to compete with the coloreds for everything. They are above competition.

      • I think the elites that believe they are untouchable, like those Congressmen of the 1840’s…

        They are exempt.
        They do see themselves as supreme, but in a Harvard/Yale way with the imprimatur that stamp gives them.
        All fellow lower-class whites are to them is: Palace guards, Clodhopper Cannonfodder…Jordies to protect their financial empires and Castle Manhattans – the same way established Brits & Scots spat on the Irish.

        They keep Jordie and his brainless families occupied “Fightin’ Muzz Furr Murka!” because such NRA Whites are the only population segment with SO76 – and that presents the only true Revolutionary Threat to Establishment Elites.

      • Anon…

        I agree to an extent…

        But in a post-liberation society, one has several iterations for nearly all Things, things and “things.”

        Jeb Bush SHOULD BE a white Supremacist in that he is a white man who professes belief in the existence of objective Supremacy…

        In reality, Jeb Bush is “white supremacist” because he represents the “pinnacle” of white self-annihilation/white degeneracy. He is “white supremacy” because he is propheteering from white self-annihilation.

        In other words, Jeb Bush IS NOT a genuine white Supremacist, but a radical liberationist who then gets to hide behind “white supremacy” so that he can continue in his radical liberal ways. That he believes himself better than “racist” whites only goes to show that Jeb Bush and all the Bushes are anti-white Supremacists. They are believers in power over Truth.

      • Ha ha, TD. You are a subtle devil. So the white man who believes that he and his are endowed by their creator with the divine mission of global governance through white-created liberal capitalism is not the true white supremacist, because he is deluded about his true relationship to the objective reality of white supremacy. At that rate, we will need to open an Office of the Inquisition to separate the sheep from the goats!

      • Anon…

        I just take the evidence as is…

        If Jeb Bush was asked if he were a “white supremacist,” he would absolutely reject the assertion. My point is that a genuine white Supremacist could never do that…

        But “we” have to cultivate a different mindset in order to provoke the dividing lines that one needs in order to traverse his path…

        A white Supremacist is a white man who believes in objective Supremacy, ie, the backdrop in which white man’s free will is measured.

        Those who reject objective Supremacy as the operative paradigm are anti-Supremacist in the abstract and where it involves white Supremacy, “we” have anti-white Supremacists in particular.

      • Anon…

        Equating Jeb Bush with “white supremacy” is really just the manner in which YOU can escape be a white Supremacist. Jeb Bush appears to be a “white” self-annihilator. He seems to be on the path to assimilation. His ideology is soft “conservatism.” He would never utter the word “separation.”

        Jeb Bush… He is no white Supremacist… Even though he purports to worship objective Supremacy. One of those self-annihilate for salvation types.

    • dentist said:

      I like your blog but…

      Already got it covered…
      Reader Mail: Jews, Israel & US Wars http://wp.me/p2kmGE-e8
      War With Iran: The Saudi States of America http://wp.me/p2kmGE-Au

    • Heebs always stick together but trillions in contracts, subsidies, and oil was the real motive.

      Imperialism is the highest form of capitalism. US soldiers serve capitalism NOT “democracy”.

      • Jews only stick together in the right situations. Their collective “strategy” is merely a group understanding that Jews have been on the brink of annihilation since their conception. To be “The Chosen Ones” for 2000 years shows one to be the archetype anti-Supremacist. The Converted Ones = jewish Supremacists.

        Imperialism is a state of mind. Within a Capitalist paradigm, imperial minded men HAVE TO MAKE A CREDIBLE CASE… It is in an anti-Capitalist “environment” that one finds radical imperialism devoid of credible justification. It is the socialist gloss that invokes centralized power. So in the anti-Capitalist/socialist milieu, we have a “default elite” who launch incredulous imperial ambitions whose success or failure is then self-beneficially appropriated.

        Again, the Capitalist paradigm is indestructible. The desire of man to gain more credibility both within himself and amongst others is undeniable.

        And when asked, “who is the man with the most Capital?”

        No one EVER SAYS, “Bill Gates.”

        That’s one heck of an economic paradox???

      • Most Gentile White Elitists in Murka are also “Heebs”!

      • One thing I noticed about White gentile liberals (especially those in NYC), is that they are actually more obnoxious and condescending than Jews, when it comes to the derision of the poorer proletariat groups. Call it self hate to the nth degree!

      • I’ll give you a good example. I know of this White couple who lives in a tony neighborhood in NYC, and they send their kids to a private day school full of White elitists and then send their children to a mixed race after school program (mostly with poor colored students) located in a poorer neighborhood, as a way to demonstrate their fake moral high ground of equality and racial integration. They have this superiority complex over the proletariat Whites whose children also attend the same program not by choice, but because they happened to live in that neighborhood with those coloreds, due to their lower economic status.

      • The class aspect of WN is strong. It’s virtually all white workers. I can count the number of rich WNs on one hand. The trailer park is our best recruiting ground.

        In fact, I’m surprised to actually see a WN from NYC. The bulk of WNs are from the Southwest and Detroit.

      • The source of America’s problem stem from the liberal centers of the Northeast and California (to a certain extent). These are the regions where Jews, White Libs and Migs set the tone for greater America. These are the conduits of our dysfunctionalism. WNs don’t live in these areas, but that’s where you eradicate the problem, not in Birmingham, AL or Youngstown, OH.

      • FP in another post mentioned the collapse of the Byzantine Empire set upon by the coloreds (Turks and Mongols), similar to our modern day America. However, kudos to the barbarian hordes of the past, who put up a good fight to deserve their dominions. Our nation today is all smoke and mirrors, puffing, bluffing with no substance coming from all sides. The Ottoman Turks ultimately destroyed the Eastern Roman Empire – Byzantines, by cutting their food supply

      • The capitalist paradigm is hardly indestructible and self interest isn’t unique to capitalism.

      • Eradican,

        Only the extinction of man would render the Capitalist paradigm irrelevant. Short of that, “credit where credit is due” is the fundamental human economic transaction with “credit” being understood as “credibility,” i.e. Intangible Capital… The “stuff” that sets value in all tangible things. A Capitalist paradigm is a “credit is where credit is due” to be contrasted to an anti-Capitalist “paradigm” where “credit is where credit is not due.” So neither the corrupt windfall nor an equal social burden fall on those most beholden to the “credit where credit is due” paradigm. That is the essence of the anti-Capitalist/socialist/communist “economic” system.

        That’s why when one asks, “Who is the man with the most Capital…?” NO ONE EVER SAYS, “Bill Gates.”

        In other words, a seemingly economic paradox? ONLY due to a stunted conception of Capitalism.

      • Capitalism isn’t “credit where credit is due” but a class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie.

        The bourgeois were defeated in Russia/China & elsewhere with mostly positive results.

        [ed note: you must expand your knowledge and study the emormous influence the French Revolution played in Marx (AND Engels’) formulation on Communist theory. communism adheres to the euro weltgeist, while americans – an ocean away – have little empathy]

      • Eradican – You’re correct to a certain extent. But I see America as a chicken or an egg issue. Who’s to blame? The dumb proletariat (the American proletariat appears dumber than the ones from other Western Nations) or the devious bourgeois who are out to exploit them.

      • Eradica,

        You’re a Marxist so you think the only motive is money. Humans also evolved to pursue their ethnic tribal genetic interests. The primary motive for the Iraq war was Israel. It was conceived by pro-Israel intellectuals & supported by the New York liberal media. Capitalists only jumped on the bandwagon.

      • Eradican,

        Here’s a list of the academic intellectuals who pushed America into war with Iraq:


        They are not greedy oil capitalists but intellectuals with a deep obsessive genetic love for Israel.

        However oil contracts were probably how the neocons convinced Gentiles like Dick Cheney to support the war.

      • And the obsessively pro-Israel Princeton professor Bernard Lewis is credited with being the intellectual father of the Iraq war


        Even Israel itself urged America to invade Iraq:


        Imperialism is the highest form of capitalism. US soldiers serve capitalism NOT “democracy”.

        U.S. soldiers serve Israel while being told they serve American interests

      • See also:
        VETS As Renewable Meatbag http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2N5
        Reader Mail: Jews, Israel & US Wars http://wp.me/p2kmGE-e8

      • Will Jews ever apologize for taking America to war with Iraq? It’s cost America so much blood, treasure, security, & political capital.

        I know most Jews didn’t support the war, but they also didnt do enough to stop the pro-war organized Jewish leadership & all the Jewish neocons. An apology would be nice. Reparations would be even nicer.

      • This plea to “Jews” is equivalent to the collective “black” plea to whites… It’s worse than pointless because the point is to rip the white man’s destiny from his very hands.

        The anti-Supremacist Jewish collective can no more stop white Supremacy than can the sniveling socialist upend the Capitalist paradigm. What the social “engineers” can attempt to do is pervert one’s psychology to their own personal benefit. So one is “taught” to be a self-annihilator and the “other” profits from the vast array of mechanisms.

        “The Chosens One” are the archetype ethnic self-annihilators… Worships an autonomous god/outright rejects God, rejects The Perfect Man, matrilineal lineage, most vocal equalists… All BELIEFS that lead to self-annihilation AND THEN REQUIRE theological/ideological inventions to perpetuate physically (through conversion).

  5. Remember Robocop — the director makes you identify with the dehumanized robot-cop as a victim of, and ultimately a rebel against, a corrupt exploitative (white male) criminal gang. (See also District 9) When more people start seeing the white LN/MMM in the position of the exploiting criminal oligarchy, they will look to the robocops to rebel. Maybe the police unions will be a vehicle in some places, as the ICE union has accused the administration of subverting immigration law and making it impossible for the officers to do their job.

    • By the way. Great ad for the NRA up top. (I seem to recall the evil top exec in Robocop resembling GHWB.)

      • By the way. Great ad for the NRA up top.”

        thanks. Bushie 1 was so damn stupid, he knew as much about the TRUE meaning of the NRA as he did about supermarket shopping and price scanners.

        His is a mediated world where all danger is borne by expendable buffer people.

    • Have you read my post on Marxism? It has everything you want from dramatic storytelling to unlikely protagonists.


      • Thank you. I have read it and I plan to re-read it. I question the usefulness of your effort to rehabilitate Marxism. Like any ideology, it is a vast fantasy with only fortuitous connections to reality. At best it enables an armed gang to mobilize oppressed workers to assist the gang in crushing all rivals for political, economic, and cultural power. Working people themselves are as ruthlessly repressed under so-called Communism as under any other form of dictatorship. Marxist economies function at a low level, but it is plenty good enough for the gangs to live well.

        If you’re in the gang, you can get ahead. If you’re not, you’re nothing, with no recourse. That kind of politics is disgusting to the white westerner. It seems like sheer perversity that you insist on it. We cherish self-rule, except for those who refuse it or are incapable of it or who deny it to us. That is Our Gang.

      • Communism is best used as a disinfectant to eradicate what I label, “Materialistic Elites”.

        You see it in RED China; once you had Cultural Revolution, now you have: Super Big GIANT Moneygrab!
        You see it in Vietnam – the same thing.

        Over time, balance is restored from mass-guillotining elites like the French and, to a lesser extent, Cubans did, into a semi-capitalist economy and government. It takes lots of eradication to cleanse a nation of the sickness of money that blinds its higher nature of justice.

        In time, it all returns to greed. Just as we’re witnessing China doing.
        In the mean time, during the nascent Spring, National Socialism can take root – and take power.
        This inchoate government must be based on ruthless eradication of opposition – like Dolfi done did…

      • Good comment, FP. You’ve got it.

        [ed note: yep. it’s so fukking good, i’m gonna make an entire post out of it. somewhere in a trailer, erin just creamed]

      • I don’t look at it as our job to stop the cycles of history. All we can do is the task we’ve been given, which is to overthrow tyranny. Jefferson and Washington did as well as they could, and they knew it turn to shit eventually.

      • Perhaps a good way to start, is to obliterate your local Whole Foods market. The entire organic food movement in America is disgusting and elitist. Their motto is that anyone who can’t afford clean and healthy food can go to hell.

        FP: It’s hard to take out the LNs, because of their uniformed thug guards. It’s only a covert war at the moment. I say food poisoning in the Liberal Cities is a good start.

  6. JS you are afraid to face the government head on so you want to go after a soft target of crunchy granola moms. Really? There is nothing elitist about wanting to eat food without poison on it and many of these people have been fighting Monsanto for a long time. Right now they are trying to get a law passed that all genetically modified food has to be labeled. THEY are responsible for organically grown food being more available to all. Major grocery chains carry organic food now and it’s gone way down in cost.

    You’ve got the wrong target.

    • Why not? Only liberal minded folks (or sheep) eat the garbage from Whole Foods. Further, poisoning the food supply of NYC would be a milestone, and a serious wake-up call for everyone. No one gives a fuck about a lone wolf shooting up a bunch of random people after the shock subsides.

      • This happened once, JS, long in the past.

        Wiki calls it “the Chicago Tylenol murders.” This dude put cyanide into bottles of Tylenol and some people died. There was massive panic. That company hopped to like nothing you’ve seen.

      • A covert war of disrupting/poisoning the food supply followed by sewage overflows/stoppage in the liberal centers would trigger considerable amount of panic/longer bouts of shock/mayhem that a few gunmen shooting people would not do (which doesn’t make sense anyway, because shooting low level citizens doesn’t hurt the inaccessible elites). Of course, this requires high level infiltration and impersonation. Then the guns and firepower would come into the scene as cleanup, where the thug squad lower their guards by the mass hysteria.

      • Good work, JS. I like the way you think.

        Make this your specialty, throw a year or two at it. You can write here, if you’re serious. We already have the high level infiltration and impersonation skills. That’s no problem. We need someone to sell and work the idea.

        Look into Dr Chaos:

      • Points of conduits and disruption I say, would strictly be NYC, DC, Chicago and Los Angeles. They are the most populated, and all of them are liberal blue cities and power centers of influence.

      • One would think such a plan would exist in the minds of thousands amidst the millions who tweeeeeeeeeeeet for Revolution 2.0.

        There are many choke-points in Murka’s decrepit infrastructure. I’m sure Putin and RED China know more about them than White Nooz-reel Nazis playing dress-up in PeterPanzer jammies living 4 blocks away from one.

  7. Convincing the demographic that holds the MOG to accept an interim Communist authority would be challenging.

    • Convincing those NRA Whites to eradicate MINOs will be, perhaps easier as the economy and nation eventually collapse, but will still be difficult…
      Because the only thing they easily accept is flying 10,000 miles to invade some 3rd world shithole any latest 8-year King tells them to.

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