Learning Strategy From ISIS

by Firepower

There’s so little worth in Yahoo!’s routine, disgusting LN propaganda, it’s a minor miracle (praise Allah) when you can learn even a tidbit; it’s phenomenal when you get a big dose of chewy goodness.

Note ISIS is way, waaaaaaaaaay more successful and much younger than wn and mrm, who’ve been sputtering for decades. That should tell you something. Whatever it is, you figure it out.

In Murka, Today’s Brandon!™ and 30% of his cohort still live with mommy at age 34 while ISIS youth conquer territory despite opposition from Murka, the USSR and even Red China.  They’re like America’s kids who were Mustang aces in 1944.

It’s nearly impossible when…… non-jew non-Manhattan Media™ captures public fascination without jewish cooperation and still more so when their Ballwasher Media is in fierce opposition. Nearly impossible…but maybe ya’ll Flyy Farmurz could learn how it’s done:

Spreading extremist ideology doesn’t need to start with religious screeds and beheadings. It starts — as a social media 101 instructor might say — by simply taking part in the conversation.”


35 Comments to “Learning Strategy From ISIS”

  1. ISIS is doing great. They have the ethnostate we desire right now.

    In my opinion, ISIS learned propaganda from the CIA. The USG funded and trained ISIS to fight Assad. But like Osama, when they stopped obeying the boss, the USG went after them.

    Everyone should specialize according to their ability. Various American agencies have separate department for propaganda. No one WN can do all tasks well.

    • * note – ISIS is also multinational, and multiracial in certain instances, in the name of Jihadism/Islam.

      • Whatever ISIS is, it works.

        WN is in theory multinational, but I don’t have the time to network with Russian, Ozzie and other WNs as often as I’d like. I’m willing to admit other races. The Aryan Brotherhood had to do this out of necessity, and admitting a few non-whites makes certain tasks much easier. It’s about getting things done, not ideological purity.

        Does the woman in the picture please you? You may have her. The infatuation would not last long. In the end, you would find your way back to white women.

      • That’s a Muzzchick.

        ISIS finds no problem banging the B-G-Ziss out of captured Xtian girls, marrying them and pumping out Janissaries.
        The greatest conquerors in history fucked the Scotsman out of Scotland – ala Braveheart – and turned them into…Janissaries to fight Napoleon, Boers and dotheads.

        Mongols were the greatest. They even conquered all the important lands of Muzzdom. The key is to loot and destroy, not occupy.

      • Yep. There’s diversity in ISIS from African spearchuckers all the way to US white boys from Los Angeles, California.

        They don’t waste time quibbling over the meaning of true vs. false self-annihilators; who’s the whitest cracka – or who’s the darkest nigger in the woodpile.

        They are focused on eradicating their enemy. From every Niggerian muzz to new white surfer dude Jihadi convert they are united in ONE thing: Hatred of an enemy…the same way the LN/MMM unites coloreds, Miggers, faggots and feminazis by hating ONE enemy – White Males.

      • We may question if wn progresses, FP. But I have no doubt that individual wns do make progress. I was thinking about your complaint, and this is what I have come up with.

      • I found an amusing article on Maobama’s school lunch initiative. It’s hilarious.
        “What,,,,,,,,,, Lobster Again”…………..Obama girls 2015

      • Lol…

        JIhadists are not “united,” let alone “united” by hatred of enemy…

        Jihadists are “united” by a desire for radical sexual autonomy AND ONLY the genuine white Supremacist understands the self-annihilating RESULT in realizing said desire. That EVERY color and stripe of “human” being has shown submission to jihad does not make Islam true, it only CONFIRMS that the super-majority are anti-white Supremacists.

        ISIS is the #1 killer of Muslims BECAUSE Islam is self-annihilating (thereby necessitating Islamic females BE prolific breeders of future self-annihilators/converts), BUT THIS IS A strategy to win over the West (because “we” are self-annihilators, too!). The entire last 20 years of entanglement in the ME has shown us that America can be beaten by an enemy that can continuously SLAUGHTER ITSELF, flip the script to the “genocide” tip and then slaughter abroad, slaughter a broad, behead your white’s girlfriend’s dog, raw dog a hog in the fog of the white man’s decadent smog…

        ISIS are sexually-degenerate savages of the most depraved mind. Their actions SCREAM the need for total annihilation. JUSTIFIABLY SO… That’s the lesson a white Supremacist should take away from ISIS. Uncontained depravity necessitates total annihilation.


        [ed note: i bet you did not even read the linked article… i also bet the wiring in your house looks like Doc Brown’s experiments in Back to the Future]

      • Yes, or our conservatards, saying that Islam is a problem because of ISIS. Rather, their motives are all about social inequality which moves them to react. At least, our libtards got it right, when they said we ought to provide “job training” for ISIS members.

      • But then ISIS can be conceived of as a CIA backed movement that then the purpose of ???

        The first order of business it to get as many of the deadliest and fiercest “white boys” overseas to take out all that killer instinct. A group like ISIS is like steak to a pit bull. Those who heed the call to fight ISIS understand an unspoken protocol that is no more complex than give them exactly what they desire… Total annihilation. Islam does not reward the living. Islam rewards those who commit acts of self-annihilating mass murder of “infidels.” This latter act is the ONLY PROOF POSITIVE that one has converted to Jihad.

        The only malfunction of the “white” soldier is that he is not oriented to fight AS A genuine white Supremacist. In other words, the malfunction of the modern “white” soldier is his willing to be annihilated for a mere paycheck.

      • ISIS doesn’t just kill its enemies. ISIS kills everything. That’s how it is “winning.” But its “winning” will be short-lived just the same as any movement that tries to “win” by killing everything. Because underneath that radical movement to “kill’m all” IS DESIRE for total self-annihilation. That is ISIS… And there is an abundant amount of this ethos to be found across the ME fueled and fired up around the real paucity of female affection on the broad scale and the subsequent desire for a reward of 72 virgins for eternal smashings…

      • Islam and ISIS are where they are because the primitive material is in great supply. But this then should not provoke one into a Pavlonian bark that indicates a desire to equate the idea that Christianity is where it is because the rejected material is in great supply. “We” do not have Christianity OF THE white Supremacy denomination here or anywhere else ALTHOUGH “we” do have “white supremacy” as the all-encompassing “progressive” backdrop that serves as universal justification and rationalization to act by any means necessary in the name of liberation from “white supremacy”.

        Why so many high IQ “white” males fail to play along in this master/puppet role is for them to answer? You can be rewarded for playing master while you are now be hated for failing to take the white Supremacist mantle. You will be slaughtered as an anti-white Supremacist most likely by your own when you could be, at least, slaughtered as a white Supremacist by a barbarically irrational enemy doomed to Hell.

        If high IQ “white” males ARE NOT white Supremacists, what could “they” possibly be and why would their supposed high IQ have any meaning? Only as white Supremacist does high IQ white male have any relevance or meaning.

      • There is something I’m curious about, TD.

        How do you integrate your white supremecy idea into your daily living?

      • A WN cannot coherently take action until he obtains a principled orientation. There are only two competing orientations… The one that believes that The Perfect Man was empirical fact (objective Supremacy… Logical “object”
        of worship) and all others who do not. Both sides are motivated to free will WHILE embracing different conceptions. The white Supremacist is enveloped by Perfection which represents absolutely no inhibition on his desire for free will while the radical liberationist imposes upon himself a self-refuting paradigm that then invokes all sorts of rationalizations and justifications to recover lost freedom. So the radical liberationist creates his own increasingly strict mental prison that provokes ever more radical attempts at liberation.

        White Supremacy is the solution to this infinite regress.

      • Ryu…

        Right now… One only “sees” “white supremacy” in my “look.” This is mainly because my “act” isn’t of the Hollywood construct. My public demeanor is highly controlled. That’s part hereditary and part job requirement. But I’m clearly white, chiseled head to toe, German/Irish/English, blue eyes… I “look” like white Supremacy when understood correctly. I’m fairly respected at work and wherever I train. No doubt that one would look at me and say “he would most definitely back all his words up with knuckles.” I have kids… I used to run four deep… Things have changed… That example of “white Supremacy” may not be there anymore…

        It just about representing the best way you can in accord with reality.

        I don’t envision a movement of white men… That’s how not how “we” do it… “We” don’t need to quibble over givens. YOU CHOOSE white Supremacy OR YOU ARE an anti-white Supremacist…

        That’s the paradigm that ALL white males ARE LOCKED INTO!!!

      • I find it strange that your notion of WS does not match mine more closely. It is supposed to be an objective value.

        How does a white supremacist respond to tyranny?

      • Certainly Ryu knows when he has taken an appropriate step versus a detrimental one OR he at least knows that both potential steps exist and he could easily take one or the other all predicated on a true or false orientation.

        For all human beings, one’s true orientation is set by the empirical fact of The Perfect Man WHILE ALL false orientations are the creation of “men” seeking to “perfect” Man.

        High IQ “white” males are the convert class and the core within the alt-rite/neoreact-o-sphere. “They” are the “white” anti-white Supremacists… The racist anti-racists… The ungodly “conservative” racists… “They” are a virtual reality seeking imminent collapse then transmogrification into a “liberation from ‘white supremacy!'”

      • Ryu…

        You are failing to define objective Supremacy in the only way a materialist can actually muster. Objective Supremacy… The “thing” that is empirical. That “thing” that is tangible. That “thing” is The Perfect Man… And there is, in reality, only one person to debate over the very question. Where you see The Perfect Man as oppressive and therefore relegated to nonexistence , the white Supremacist sees The Perfect Man as inspiring a free will whether he is REAL or man’s highest conception of Man. You are searching for all manner of justification to act liberally (act without consequence… Maximized autonomy) when you could orient yourself as a white Supremacist and feel no need to justify your actions (indicative of a truly free will). Such viscerally-provoking actions should then be the obvious actions of a white Supremacist. They are self-evidently justifying actions; the kind of actions that allow one to experience a true free will.

        The first order of business for the nascent WS is psychological detachment from racial relativism. Yes, “they” want to embroil us in this degenerate relationship BUT this represents only a reinforcing mechanism to the primary goal which is an absolute free will. White Supremacy is the self-evident action of a white man detaching himself from all degenerate relations. The racial aspect represents the unique position/origin that the white male occupies. He is an alien in his own house. How does he counter such a standing as a radical liberationist?

      • Ryu…

        “Our” belief in The Perfect Man and the understanding that such a belief renders “us” white Supremacists, i.e., those who believe in objective Supremacy and white man’s free will, AND THIS IS NO WAY need be related to superiority over blacks or any other. “We” simply believe in a higher manner of living and such belief manifests separation. And any violence that is used to keep “us” from natural separation shall be met with equal and opposite violence. Forced integration is an evil thing and does not exist within white Supremacy. You choose to be a loyal white Supremacist or you don’t.

      • Ryu…

        White Supremacy is a paychological oreintation that believes in white man’s free will. The white Supremacist believes he can experience a true free will. Next comes right action UNLESS YOUR ARGUMENT is wrong action can generate a sense of free will or that there is no right or wrong action and therefore “free will” is an illusion.

        Whatever you choose… Consequences must be forthcoming. As a white Supremacist, one can impose consequences on anti-white Supremacists, especially “white” ones who claim WN. That is just how it is…

      • For the white male of the West, white Supremacist = something in particular and anti-white Supremacist = nothing particular at all. So in the current paradigm, the white male role is to be nothing particular at all… A self-annihilator… One who annihilates the Self so as to be nothing particular at all… Very logically coherent… And this DESIRE IS BOTH learned and synonymous with a pathological “first principle” which is stated as thus:

        I, white male, could have been righteously terminated by my mother in utero.

        So now you have a more clear profile of the “white” self-annihilator… High IQ “white” male who concedes his mother’s right to abortion which manifests a perpetual identity crisis which then necessitates radical action and always results in the annihilation of the last hated, old “self.” The only lingering question is whether the next act of self-annihilation is FINAL Liberation or just show and tell arm slashing?

        The only coherent and unifying identity for white males of the West is to be found in orienting oneself as a genuine white Supremacist and through trial and error gauging which right actions produce true free will.

      • The white Supremacist despises the radical liberationist for the very reason that the latter shamelessly insists and shows willingness to use state force to coercively induce one to participate in his degenerate ways. Even the white Supremacist who continuously finds himself amongst the most degenerate of temptations does not then set about to introduce these degenerate temptations to others. The ways of perpetuation for the radical autonomists are analogous to the ways that a virus perpetuates. “We” have reached a state of stealth stimuli in which sheer volume elicits mass psychological paralysis. Information overload carries a psychological weight that can render physiological operations INCONCEIVABLE.

      • Men in their true natures, do not care about screwing women of other races, tribes etc…and taking them as wives.

        Middle Eastern women come in all shades and phenotypes, and a quite a number of them are passably “White”. American Actress, Jennifer Lawrence, looks typically Middle Eastern, as her phenotype is typical of places such as North Africa. The Middle East is just another miscegenated cesspool, very similar to Latin America, and soon, North America, if we last as a civilization.

      • Whites today have too much impulse control. There’s a fine balance between guts and brains. One has to have both.

        Many see what we see and are disgusted. What can we do, they ask? They already know what to do, but lie to themselves. If it’s too hard to do, OK. But they act like they don’t know.

        I’ve made two resolutions: never to chastise a white man for what he wants, and never to betray direct action guys.

        There’s enough holding white men back externally. He shouldn’t be ashamed for what he desires. Anyone can see that a white 10 is superior to a non-white 10. As long as they keep climbing the ladder, they will return to white women.

  2. You do know a lot of evidence points to ISIS being a Mossad/jew movement, dont you? Why do you think israel is immune to the ‘choas’?

    Also, you bring up some interesting points about america favoring minorities, but what about the fact most enlisted are blacks, therefore the ones that are most likely to get killed?

    • You’ve been propagandized by the GO-ARMY.com commercials, Hollywood and TeeVee Shows presenting coloreds as those bearing the brunt of combat danger.
      Most are not coloreds; simply look at the roster of dead glorified in your local paper. That is reality.

      Saying ISIS is a joo-moo-vement
      Is like saying
      WN & KKK are also jooMoos
      Because white racists help
      Grow the Police State
      In Murka…

      Apply Occam’s Razor vigorously
      In every situation

      think about it

      • Yeah, and whats more likely with isis, that its some organic movement that sprang up from nowhere in a few months to rival the whole region while somehow ignoring its stated enemy; OR that its funded/controlled by us/israel as an excuse to keep the war machine going as it always been in the past?

      • That’s nonsense: You think Saudi oil money isn’t involved, or that israel controls that, too.

        you might as well go Full Tinfoil to claim thordaddy’s convoluted tarbaby sophistries come straight outta Tel Aviv to confound poor wn Bufords or…Hol o’caust Hitler was a jew conspiracy created to get sympathy & bucks for the little hooknosed critters

      • I agree that the USG had a hand in making ISIS. It is the same as the USG backing Saddam Hussein in 1980, Osama bin Laden, and Noriega. It’s only when these guys get their own ideas that the USG calls in the troops.

        I do not think they are “controlled” by the US anymore. They’ve got their own money sources, like those oilfields they have taken. Similarly, by the time Osama kicked off 9-11, he was off the CIA’s payroll.

      • Erudite Knight…

        It doesn’t have to be either/or from the white Supremacist perspective. It can be a symbiotic regression where all sides are held accountable. Both Jews and Jihadists are self-annihillators and the neocons understand that everyone hates them for THEIR freedom… The white Supremacist has to redefine freedom so that he retains most of it relative to all others. I support neither Jihadist nor Jew as BOTH are anti-white Supremacists.

      • FP…

        There is no deception. I have offered up my stab at reality using mere equations…

        Liberal = radical liberal = radical autonomist = anti-Supremacist = self-annihilator…

        Liberal BELIEVES…

        White Supremacy = white degeneracy…

        Anti-Supremacist BELIEVES…

        Supremacy = degeneracy…

        Such that,

        The degerenate life = “god”

        Liberal = anti-white Supremacist…

        ^^^ This is the enemy in a series of simple equations.

        ALL WHITE MALES are either going to be white Supremacist OR “white” anti-white Supremacist…

        There is no inbetween area of frolicking floatation for any white male going forward.

        This is the cold, hard truth. It is not easy to swallow ESPECIALLY WHEN:

        White Supremacist = white man who believes in objective Supremacy…

        Now, high IQ “white” males are on the stand, fully aware of a liberal frame AND THE TRUE FRAME as it concerns white Supremacy and the simply, unarguable and impenetrable definition that has been put forth…

        Then, once “we” offer up the following equation:

        Objective Supremacy = The Perfect Man…

        Again, high IQ “white” male is in a quandary BECAUSE he understands the consequences of rejecting objective Supremacy…

        And yet, he will reach the same fate in failing to embrace the obvious.

        ALL WHITE MALES are either white Supremacist or “white” anti-white Supremacist… The latter being #1 on the list of justifiable eradication.

      • Here’s another REAL TRUTHFUL equation:

        Equality = anti-Supremacy = anti-white Supremacy = white self-annihilation…

        Equality = white self-annihilation…

        Yes… Formulated for your 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter… Or your 22 year old millenial… Or gramps…

    • Islamic State didn’t come out of nowhere, they were battle hardened insurgents with political experience from their defeats in Iraq. They were nearly wiped out after their Sunni allies betrayed them for US cash. In Syria they had an opportunity to renew themselves and capitalized on it. The massive influx of foreign cash, fighters, and weapons allowed them to rebuild. Their main strength comes from their focus on consolidating gains, terrorizing the population, and ruthlessly snuffing out rival groups. Their momentum resulted in major victories against the Iraqi government. Israel hardly matters to them and just because the two remain neutral toward each other doesn’t mean they’re allies.

  3. FP mentioned that America will fall to the wayside, and just become another Rome. However, if WNs are prone to act accordingly, I would view America similarly to the post-golden age of the Islamic empire, where the Caliphate dissipates, and the different tribal affiliations form their own dominions, which later evolved into cultural wastelands that now one finds in the Middle East. And comparing America to the Islamic Caliphate (instead of Rome) is a good one. Multiculturalism and tribal rivalries are what we seeing today in our country. It could be a good or bad thing, depending on the outcomes.

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