Keeping Up With The Fly Farmers

by Firepower

So, ya’ll Fly-Farmurz think you’ll be struttin’ around Mt. Carmel 2.0 all by yer lonesome, swaggering around “your” newly private 40 acres with carefree impunity as “them nigras” pillage aging libtard hippie enclaves…

The Elite are feeling the heat. They know they’ve done naughty things they dread paying for. A $50 billion yacht with a solid mink shower? No problem, but paying the piper is scary.

Whatcha Flyy-Farmoors gonna do when Bernie Goldstein and Winthrop Lawrence VI decide they still got to haz caviar (and minor sex-slave poontang) in the truly bomb-proof, Migger-proof Minuteman Silo and you’re still left out in the open – subject to raiders. What if the Steingoldbergs and Sir Snivlingtons hire raiders as protection – maybe even ex-Jordies? They can afford the best…

I know what to do, Worm~Wranglers…

Whathca gonna do if the Post-MINO Apocalypse creates a world with the same hierarchy as before WTSHTF, but with actual feudal castles again protected by armored thugs – what we once glorified as “knights?”

When Rome 2.0 falls, do you really think it’ll be like “in the movies?”

12 Comments to “Keeping Up With The Fly Farmers”

  1. You’re right. More and more super-elite are coming out with articles about wealth inequality. They want to ‘do something about it.”

    I find it a little bit odd. They are on top but it’s too one sided now. They know “someone” is coming for them, but they can’t make out the threat and nail it down. They can sense that the system is out of balance and as usual, they want to bet on both sides. The type of man who would actually fight back is gonna want alot more than just crumbs for the risk he takes.

    There’s no peaceful solution. Any revolutionary party like TEA or OWS just gets infiltrated and they sic white cops on the group members. Operating in the open in suicide.

    I support a people’s underground revolutionary movement. We just need a Lenin or Stalin with the right mind to do it.

    • The Elite conduct tests.
      Bill Xlinton’s fascist Heydrich-like Janet Reno overstepped their bounds on Waco and got Oklahomacitied.

      So, they’ve defined their boundaries better to decide it’s safer using tried and true Bread & Circus methods (welfare & football) instead of open, armed assault that activates NRA Whites.

      Better to let sentries fall asleep and slit their throats by fucking the white out of them, importing Miggers and piling on the Facebook Sexting.

  2. Psychological war is overt/covert/subvert/invert/revert/pervert/vertical/horizontal/spiritual/intellectual/biological/logical/ill logic too.

    “We” have a “default elite” that is puppeteered as purely ideological creatures. Their “elite” status is based on a predicted perversion of mind infecting the masses. So “our” “elite” are actually degenerates of all stripes with “our” most gracious words penning them as total political stooges. From Bill Gates to Mark Suckerberg to Jay Z to Bill Maher to the Fresh Prince to Marshawn Lynch to Katy Perry to Obama and on and on…. ON SCRIPT… Never waivering… Hit all the keywords… Suboptimal AI… Elite by the fact that they represent nothing elite. Default elite.

    But the real grumbling is no more enlightened than the degenerate state of one radical liberal bemoaning the more “luxurious” degeneracy of his “masters.” So it’s just stupid squared. “We” not only have an elite that is not really elite (and vocally rejects eliteness), but a very degenerate class that believes “it” deserves elite living for being degenerately poor (and vocally rejecting eliteness).

    [ed note: ugh. they ARE Elites because they control finance, banking, military and propaganda. you seem to confuse “elite” with the word “superior” and that is not what it means or even implies…]

  3. I expect mass suicides by the tens of millions if that ever happens, and starvation by the hundreds of millions, Skeleton mountains in Africa and Asia.

    • The USG will prevent that mass starvation and do exactly what it does now: Send billions in food bucks to save the coloreds in Ebolafrica despite our mountainous deficits and debt.

      Whites existence has THREE purposes for the MM:
      1. Operating Manhattan’s financial empire
      2. Operating STEM jobs benefiting the MM
      3. Farm jobs to feed the perpetually growing colored mob

      Besides, when have you ever seen a colored commit suicide…

      • Of the three, I hold the white scientists most accountable.

        They “should” be smart enough to know who they serve. Like the builders of the atom bomb or the NSA engineers, they are always shocked when their inventions are misused. A soldier just sells his ass. A scientist sells his mind.

        WN reminds me of a racial Atlas Shrugged. But it is the white worker working against his own interests. Ayn Rand taught me a lot.

      • Yes, but it must be faced that few read Ayn Rand. Less know wtf she was.
        It also must be faced that no progress has been made in wn despite the proliferation of the net and totally unique venues like Eradica.

        It’s all stayed the same…while MINO population grows and gets more powerful.

      • I believe in true diversity and generating diversity within WN. We have too few varieties, so no one style has been able to triumph.

        As you have seen FP, it is the white traitor who must be destroyed. The whole edifice depends upon the white soldier, the white banker and the white scientist.

        Similarly, in Atlas Shrugged, John Galt does not fight the parasites – he fights those who support the system. If all whites were purged from South Africa, the country would fall in a year. WE must become the great destroyers of the white race.

      • You are 100% correct.

        …Just as ISIS is the #1 killer of muzz it deems unclean.
        Contaminated whites (SWPLs, leftists, Conservaginas,etc.) must be eradicated.

      • Sometimes they do kill themselves after they try to live like whites in white societies, but does not happen very often.

      • “Sometimes” means it is an exception.
        Exceptions do not prove the rule.

        Therefore, my original statement is valid – and correct.

  4. FP: It seems like you have a cucaracha hottie in your pic. What gives?

    [ed note: you must have mestizo-on-the-brain lol SPECTACULAR ASS (and legs) know no la racisme]

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