Kiss of Death

by eradican

The charms of women can be irresistible. Tales past and present have chronicled their seductive power. If the legends are true even entire nations have gone to war over their affection. Nature gives all creatures the ability to survive even thrive. Women are given superabundant beauty in their youth for a purpose.

As in the animal kingdom for millions of years women ruled mankind through sexual fiat. It was only with the rise of religion, private property, and organized warfare that patriarchy was established five thousand years ago creating civilization. Male rule is therefore artificial and very shaky. Its upkeep dependent on male values like courage, individualism, strength, integrity, and ambition. When these things decline in importance society drifts back to its matriarchy roots as it has in Murka.

Women are permanent residents of a community. Men however are the transients who must prove …… their worth. Women can also switch tribes, clans, countries, and continents with ease. They are natural born traitors. Women have no trouble finding companionship whatsoever. They can fit in anywhere. All those worthless degrees in queer theory are no setback if you’re a chick.

Women therefore make excellent spies. Have you seen how much information they collect just by gossiping? The sisterhood is almost like an intelligence agency. Women can work others easily almost like professional field agents. Men being totally clueless are used like an asset. Mothers and sisters won’t even share how the game is played with their male relatives. The sisterhood is a cartel after all and is very aware about the need to protect its interests.

A femme fatale is a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations.

One of the most infamous femme fatales was Mata Hari. She was an exotic dancer and double agent executed by the French for espionage in WW1. Even today a century later she retains her worldwide fame and allure. Eradica’s very own jenibear was affectionately referred to as our Mata Hari for her ability to snoop on our e-enemies. Women especially attractive women are almost never banned from forums/blogs.

The nuclear scientist whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu revealed the existence of Israel’s atomic weapons program back in the 1980s. He had already fled Israel beforehand much like Edward Snowden recently. However a pretty Jewess he later began dating won his trust. One day she led him to a location where he was kidnapped, beaten, and smuggled out of Europe back into Israel. He would spend the next two decades in prison half of which were in solitary confinement. The only reason he wasn’t killed was that it would look bad.

Historically female assassins used their charms to ingratiate themselves with men. When the target least suspected it they’d slip poison into their food and drink. Poisons can be concealed in pens today so this dark art may be in its golden age. The KGB also invented a lipstick gun that could fire a single round into an agent’s target. In close quarters and aimed at the head it worked well.

Even people who should know better have been worked. I read several Murkan generals unknowingly accepted Facebook friend requests from women who were foreign agents. These dopes posted all types of stuff that wasn’t necessarily classified but was  compromising nonetheless anyway. The story was quickly buried in the news cycle but I was stunned at how naive they were.

Facebook is a cesspool of beta male orbiters who worship women. These guys are hopelessly deluded. PUA and its offshoots are the only real countermeasure. Ancient wisdom regarding female nature found in religion has been eradicated by liberationists of all stripes.


The Cold War was a period where female espionage thrived. Unlike previous eras of history where it was more limited the mid to late 20th century was pretty modern. This was more common in Europe as well where foreign capitals are everywhere and escape back to opposite sides of the iron curtain was easy.

In the post Soviet separatist conflicts in the North Caucasus Russia has been on the front line of a new trend; the female suicide bomber. These women are called “Shadika” or black widows. They are wives and relatives of rebels killed in the two major wars and ongoing insurgency. Sometimes the term is used to identify any woman active in the rebellion. They’ve been involved in numerous attacks against police, soldiers, bureaucrats, politicians, and civilians. One of their most high profile bombings killed the Russian commander of all federal forces in Chechnya. There are still many questions about that incident including suspicion that the woman was romantically involved with him or someone in his entourage and was turned by the rebels. Another major incident occurred when two packed Russian airliners were blown up simultaneously in Moscow. Investigators identified two black widows.

Increasingly police forces including the FBI use female undercover agents and interrogators. Men too easily let their guard down with women. Those info babes dominating newscasts are there because men and women alike naturally prefer to trust other women.

Women are high on the pecking order but they’re not at the top. Alpha males can and do resist their charms. Female lust is also uncontrollable in the presence of them. Women only have as much power as you give them. You can beat them at their own game.

26 Comments to “Kiss of Death”

  1. Good stuff. The only one who has cooked up a good solution was David Lane in KD Rebel. I firmly believe that women wns could be more powerful than males. But no woman has been able to do it yet. I’m willing to show them, but no one has taken me up.

  2. The easiest prey are of course software geeks. The sexy Chinese intern will not even have to put out in order to get backdoor access so the nerd can secretly text chat with her, ie a very patient PLA dude in a Beijing basement.

  3. Great article.

    Now you know why Germany lost WW 1 and 2 they truly lacked female spies. True.

    I have a grand Aunt that was one.

    The Fascists had it right and NS wrong IMO.

  4. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “Women can also switch tribes, clans, countries, and continents with ease. They are natural born traitors.” Women of Color are women, too. What will happen if you are TOO attractive to women?

    • I have never fucked a woman of colour.

      Walked straight past that road many times from Fijian, Pino, Aboriginal many times, even a poof one wanted to suck my dick, eeww thanks for helping me remember that. My granddad’s voice plays back in my mind, it’s like we’re linked and I feel his own disgust and disappoint. They say gays and killers are natural born (well at least gays). I was born a white supremacist, as were my ancestors who conquered Spain and France, till greener pastures in Scotland arose. I have seen paintings of one of my paternal Ancestors from 1450, blond hair blue eyes, Nordic. The race or ethnic ladder still existed back then.

      PS. The best way to let down any sexual tensions with something you don’t want to touch, is to play dumb, simple as that. By fuck I have done it many times even to white women.

  5. The Kiwi Maori are actually the worse for it, they have Red headed white people in their ancestor stories who they exterminated after learning how to catch fish with nets off the whites. Red headed Maori are a sign of Royal blood, the first Colonial whites to discover NZ also mentioned the red headed Maori leaders. There women and men were Polygamous out breeders anyway, so they already have an ancestral fetish for us whites. The first Maori chick who wanted to be my girlfriend at school told me these stories, I turned her down to.

    The Aboriginals were also Polygamous Out breeders IMO.

  6. Thought provoking words as usual E.

    Females developed what I call, covert skills of aggression. They’re physically weaker than males and use strategies of manipulation to neutralize that difference.

    This was from The Real Days when we’re talking real violence as a male strategy with Men who used swords to actually, really, fer sure kill people over stuff like honor…or meanness or just plain fun. Not today’s world of Pajama Boi Boy and the interpersonal relationships with Girl CEOs.

    Firepower says:
    Thus, there’s NO palace an attractive female can’t fuck her way into nor ANY problem she can’t fuck her way out of.

    PUA failed because despite its prominence on the net and Mighty VH-1…there’s still TONS OF Beta Male Orbiters on FB and even Mighty Rooisshy can’t fix it. Even Twitter is infested with AFC.

    Firepower says: If you have a vaccine that only works 30% of the time…that’s not a fucking vaccine.

    • Another good business sense is to market towards beta/omega males with pretty display women. I’ve been to conferences, seminars, training programs…and the facilitators showcase sexy ladies, enticing those men to sign faulty contracts and agreements without hesitation.

      • Mythology and fantasy works especially well on an infantilized populace; an infantilized and feminized one – more so.

        Thus, Today’s Brandon! is bewitched by the simplistic meme cliche of the HotGirl who brags “I’m a nerd, too!”

        It is as fictionalized as Beauty & The Beast or any fairy tale where a stunning princess chooses to kiss a frog and turn him into a prince.

      • FP: I recommended a new term for the yellow Gookers for your glossary. Please check out my comment.

      • Eh. thats obvious, like defining nigger

        However you should define what Juden is. How is it different from “jew?”
        Pat Haniggen awaits, with pants dropped around his ankles…heh

      • The Juden word designates the Askhenazi Jews of Europe, the proletariat poor who originated in the Germanic Rhineland, then becoming the slimesteins and ratbergs through different parasitical activities, where their underhanded behavior, wealth and influence expand like a cancer causing much grief in their host country, ultimately spreading into many regions. Think of them as a band of marauding vermin feasting voraciously on scraps and then leaving a large repository of germ infested feces.

        The Spanish Sephardic Judio is a more of a honorable being. Although vile relatively comparing to their more honest Catholic neighbors, they have more noble causes, operating as the parasitic middleman with cleaner principles and within the law.

        Think of the Spanish Sephardic sociopath who tries to make people happy, while the Ashkenazi variant pisses everybody off.

        [ed note: then you should* call an Ashkenazi an Ashkenazi, though you make it still appear there’s no diff between them and …Sephallis™. Jews are jews unless they are “on” our side. the same as Sunni or Shia muzz: muzz is muzz. no need to complicate a word with silly jargon making WN look like Klown wn PeterPanZers. the same as ZOG merely measn the United States Government. plain and simple: the USG]

  7. Yes gentlemen after billions of words in the manosphere what is basically being described is NATURE, but that is just my opinion. Now civilization and now post civilization have created much wordism and fantasy but if a man knows NATURE then this man can hit the pressure points and guide those two legged beasts to the bed.

    I get a kick out of the idiot libtards who bellow about manbeasts & chickbeasts unable to give up sex because its natural then at the same time being so puritanical that you swear they are capons and drygina spinsters. (FTR unlike a contard I have no respect for libtards or their authority figure “Everyone Knows”)

  8. Prepare to be outraged: Women always do what they are told, but you might not like who is telling them what to do.

    Bitches crave authority, if you want to see this in movie form watch the Tom Cruise scifi movie “Oblivion” and spot the authority worshipper in it.

  9. What was the point of posting this AGAINST my wishes when the proper deadline was missed?

    Put it back into my archives where it was originally and let’s hope Eradica gets it right next year.

    I want it restored in chronological order after Nothing To Lose and b4 Cowboy Commie. Got it?

    • You must write an article (any article) on those “several Murkan generals [who] unknowingly accepted Facebook friend requests from women who were foreign agents” and prove credibility through citing research.

      Or, better yet: peddle your own hot little avv on blogs and lure readers back to your post

  10. “The Kiwi Maori are actually the worse for it, they have Red headed white people in their ancestor stories ”

    Myths about Red Hair can be found everywhere, King David and Judas Iscariot are said to have red hair, in medieval Europe red hair was associated with jews, the Inquisition targeted red haired people for this reason, some Pharaoh had red hair, its associated the with the Evil Egyptian God Set who killed Osiris.

  11. Women may not be as physically strong as men, but they make up for it by being more vicious. Back before Germany was united, there were still leftist groups (Red Army Faction, etc.) running around making a nuisance of themselves. From what I have read, the standing order for the West German Anti-terrorist forces was to always shoot the female terrorists first. They were considered more vicious and unpredictable than their male counterparts.

    • Very true.
      It is females lust to fight over social slights and other petty issues that make them combative.
      They are also trained from childhood to get others to fight for them; once they discover the Powwer of the Pussy, they use it to get others to fight their battles.
      That is a singular danger for Murka, which thrives on whipping up CannonFodder Clodhoppers to die for Elite Causes.
      I noted this to many during Queen Hilary’s 2008 feminazi VS colored Presidential nomination battle.
      Predictably, it mattered little to Murkans.

  12. Problem is made worse by the effective penis surplus caused by mass illegal and legal immigration. The USSA is turning into a sausage festival worse than China and India IMO.
    The balance is also skewed by all those wrinkled oldsters hanging on courtesy of Medicare.
    That is why I have nothing against gay males if they stay away from me.

    • Thus, Robert Pattinson-types have harems of 100 desirable females while 99 males, seen as modern losers for not being famous, are sentenced to fap to internet porn or take up with WarPigs.

      This surplus of excess males is desired by the LN (and all plutocracies) as the expendable military cannonfodder …primarily to defend the elite from encroachments by other foreign elites coveting their wealth.

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