Use of Fear in Capitalism

by Ryu

The older I get, the more cruel the American system seems. No matter the job, all are maintained by fear.

All Americans share a fundamental fear. If they become poor, their friends will leave them, their families will be disappointed and stop loving them, they will not find a mate, and no one will want to talk to them. There is nothing lower to an American than being poor and homeless. The homeless in this country are truly invisible.

Everyone, from the lowest janitor to the president himself, is replaceable. And the boss lets the employee know it. This whole country runs on fear. No wonder the population is so warped and neurotic – they behave like an abused child, and they are.

A man and his work – this is what communism is about. The language of communism is built around man, his labor, and revolution. Communism becomes a very useful weapon for….…. the nationalist.

Communism is not an evil system. Nothing in this world is all good or all bad. It is worth noting that despite America’s wealth, the Soviets put the first man into space, put the first satalite into space, and created the first hydrogen bomb.

What role does revolution play in capitalism?

I’ve not seen the word mentioned. Americans don’t recognize revolution. It is a foreign concept to them. Their country’s founding is forgotten, as well as the struggles of the white working man in the last century.

I invite WNs to study communism. Race is our issue, not religion or economics. There is nothing scary about the Commies. It helps tremendously in breaking ties with the Americans, who are now the greatest enemies to our race. Only when America is dead and fallen does our race stand a chance.

50 Comments to “Use of Fear in Capitalism”

  1. Labor and economics are intimately intertwined in procreation. Perpetuation is the First Law of white Supremacist economics. There is only one economic system whose logical outcome is perpetuation and that is “break even” economics. Credit where credit is due. “We” actually operate in an anti-Capitalist system only preceded by its MORE PARTICULAR INSTANCE historically known as communist Russia or USSR. To study communist Russia is to simply gaze upon a time that white man was NOT AS DEEP INTO the “infinite regress.” Just as “American Capitalism” is motivated by “exponential growth,” so to was communist Russia. In empirical terms, “exponential growth” = cancer = high mortality. And because “break-even” economics = perpetuation = REAL ECONOMICS then “we” observe that “exponential growth” occurs both in the “black market” and the world of high finance. Where the former is raw self-annihilation while the latter is a mechanized self-annihilation, scaled globally, both seamlessly regress in “symbiotic” action, transaction, interaction. What we have in “America” and what there was in communist Russia is/was a desire to realize “exponential growth” amongst the least worthy of individuals and investments. This is exactly what “we” have in America only more diverse. Credit WHERE credit IT IS NOT DUE. Anti-Capitalism being presented as Capitalism by duplicitous story-tellers. Credit where credit is due CANNOT BE DESTROYED as the self-evident psychological standard by which “economics” even gains existence in the white man’s mind. And because the “thing” relinquished rightfully so operates in the medium of man then Capitalism is the indestructible economic paradigm where Capital flows to THE MOST WORTHY of individuals and investments and the most worthy of individuals and investments have the most Capital…

    Who is the man with the most Capital?

    Bill Gates?

    Or The Perfect Man?

    Both modern “America” and communist Russia are/were anti-Capitalist “economic” systems.

    And in both instances, anti-white Supremacists “rule” at the “top.” Only now, the coalition is much more diverse and the idea of genuine white Supremacy MORE CONSCIOUSLY rejected.

  2. Seriously ? you chump change motherfuckers don’t know how good you have it. Americans have a raging hard on for anything they haven’t physically lived in – coping mechanism to escape direct confrontation. Try blatant phone tapping / eavesdropping, militzia at your door, restricted internet, etc. You have the means to do anything, a whole continent on your hands, yet are impotent. America and Russia are two sides of the same coin – both operate on the same principles.

  3. The climate of fear stems from Murkans losing America and all the Good, potential and power to change that it once possessed.

    Revolution for change was replaced by sexting & pizza.
    Thus, both the greatest nation and the greatest form of govt has perished from this Earth.

    • Yes, the only and worthy question to be asked is this: Is it worth it to change the current status quo, given our deadened masses being put into a lull from their petty activities?

      • The more experience I acquire, the more I believe there will be no “change”, only collapse – like Western Rome. It’s just an ugly, but real fact.

        Rome never experienced such a revolution or reform, it simply faded away and became Italy, so there’s no certainty simply because revolutionaries “feel” it so.

        Fantasists and agitators may call that pessimism and defeatism but that only proves them as wrong and deluded as they’ve always been; I know full well exactly what to do about it and how to fix it all in a year…but there’s simply no one to do it. There is no will from even 100,000 people.

      • People of the right mindset, leaders, are extremely rare. I think one in a million is a closer number. I’d expect about 300 in the USA right now.

        Fear is such a powerful force in the US. Everyone’s in on the scam now. Day in, day out, if you don’t xxx, something bad will happen….They are pushing the vaccine thing pretty hard now. If you don’t get the hotshot, you’ll get measles.

        I try to cure it by calling the bluff much of the time. If I ignore it, what happens? The US is mostly bluff now. The whole thing is built on air.

      • Yes – that they don’t back it up with tyrannical force is worrisome in a strange way; it shows they are incapable of any. This is why Murka’s foreign domestic enemies act with impunity.

        It is called being a
        Paper Tiger

        Conservaginas and PeterPanzers have their own version of hypocrite PC rules where they insist Happy Thoughts are mandatory so the 5th string shitheels don’t “lose hope”.

        THAT’S the same shit as POTUS and his SOTU declaring everything is awwwwwwwwwwwwesome!

      • Everything proceeds in stages. Liberty does not spring from tyranny. If we did win, by some miracle, it would take our own tyranny for awhile. We’d have to take the people by the hand and teach them how to live again.

      • Then America will implode. I don’t want to be part of it. I do however know if it does, most people will just panic, and that’s the only moment when they become awakened. Too late by then.

    • Ryu disagrees with me that being in a sociopath in America within the law works wonder. Either you become exploited, or you exploit others!

      [ed note: ryu only disagrees with you because… he is a sociopath]

      • I only disagree because I’m not “in.” I know I’m a sociopath, FP.

        I’ve only seen a very small part of what the elite do. What really goes on must be incredible.

      • Ryu said he would rather live honestly (than be part of the “in” crowd of pathological exploiters).

  4. Fear is mere psychological obstacle. PAIN is what “motivates” one into action/paralysis. That AND information overload. <–This is the real "value" of the Internet… The paralysis due to information overload and the "pain" inherent in the inability to put one's finger on the actual reality of things.

    Most people do not want a solution to their "paralysis" because the "pain" associated is neither acute enough OR the "pain" is so normalized as to be practically benign so that "fear" then becomes evidence that one is somewhat still conscious. But the fear is still rooted in the uncertainty of successfully gauging reality. White males today can not gauge the true potency or impotency of the anti-white Supremacist any more than they can decide whether to be genuine white Supremacists or come to the realization that a rejection renders them "white" anti-white Supremacists… Ergo, self-annihilators…

  5. Both the “good” “white” yes-“men”-ions and the mass of sheep CAN ONLY SEE Capitalism as merely the mechanics in which “capital goods/services” exist. By maintaining this STUNTED belief, the “elite” realize default status because the psychological mind game is to lock all lesser anti-white Supremacists in a degenerate real life soap opera centered around a broken people assessing and dispossessing proximate rivals in a game of “he deserves credit/he doesn’t deserve credit.” In other words, by believing Capitalism is simply the mechanics behind the movement of “capital goods/services,” knowing those “mechanics” are either wrong and/or seriously malfunctioning and then endlessly debating over the deforming of “our” own stunted “faith,” “we” CANNOT then a) focus on creating REAL Capital, i.e., seek to be MORE PERSONALLY CREDIBLE or b) expose the anti-Capitalist and the mass of those who believe that the white men who seek to be more credible, i.e., seek to gain more Capital, are pathological and evil.

    “We” operate in an anti-Capitalist system IN ORDER to PREVENT the creation of the genuine white Supremacist who, by definition, would be the white man with the most Capital and thus the most credibility in leading the masses.

    Who is the man with the most Capital?

    Bill Gates?




    The Perfect Man?

    “Old, crazy man… That last fool don’t exist!!!”

    Spoken like a true anti-Supremacist. Stuck in a stunted world where the Singularities just don’t exist.

    Capitalism is man’s pursuit of credibility and the masses’ influencing perception of who has it, who doesn’t, who deserves it and who should have it “stolen.”

    Capitalism as the mere mechanics is to testify to white man’s lack of free will.

    Communism is the pseudo-intellectual justification for the paradoxical “establishment” of a “default elite.” An “elite” by the mere fact that they do nothing elite. Pseudo-intellectual in that they fed the ego of a massive monster with tales of men who had the Capital they didn’t actually deserve. And then the massive monster got hungry and ate Capitalism wherever HE PERCEIVED IT… Became the anti-Capitalist… Slowly losing credibility over time, although hidden by his increasingly gluttonous status. “We” are in the same paradigm of a different variation here in Murka. Its roots originate in the rejection of genuine white Supremacy.

  6. Everywhere “we” see elite, “we” should automatically suspect “default elite which translates into not elite at all. So “our” basic assumption when “we” observe elite is guilty of diabolical posing until proven innocent by elite thought, belief, action. “We” must maintain this frame throughout. It is as applied to thordaddy as any other. AND should be… Better late than never… I delivered my most recent future white Supremacist with my bare hands. What if the next 50,000 white nationalist were done by the bare hands of the white father? Is that white Supremacy? A regression to something primitive? A leap of faith? What is it? The GOOD females of jihad breed self-annihilators. What do the GOOD women of white Supremacy brings forth? Is not the answer connected to the seed?

    The progression from WN 2.0 to white Supremacy is one’s mastery of his own timing. The power in action is in the perception of the delivery at this very moment.

  7. The metaphysics of the anti-Supremacist is General Entropy. From this, it logically maintains both the impossibility of objective Supremacy and thus the inevitability of self-annihilation while obscurantly “observing” a strict, self-servingly blindness TO ITS SELF-fulfilling prophetizing.

  8. I’d like to know what happened to the new post that was up this morning. ???? It was a good one.

    FP, as you know, the left wing group there in Israel has plenty of funding. Where would we get OUR funding?

    Does anyone besides me actually meet up with like-minded individuals in REAL LIFE yet? That would be a first step. You need people and a plan to sell your idea to donors.

    2nd Step : Anyone else besides TDaddy and I have children that they are pushing in the right direction? I’m going to have grandchildren soon. Can’t wait!

    Unless you are a direct action guy, it is time to organize and/or have children. What else is there once you push away from the computer?

    • Often, ryu and I write so much our gems get buried under other gems. This is why Eradican only posts now once every millennium.

      Whenever situations mandate I hold back a post to let current posts pan out I repub them later.

      Our funding should* come from those with money, but not the youth to act nor the reputation to destroy – folks like Mel Gibson, Pat Sajak, Jon Voight or the scads other rich repubbies with Koch $$$’s.

      I met up with lots of IRL folks and they posted here. I see no one else’s irls posting here.

      When I push away from the puter, I keep my time occupied wisely by pushing on top of the rascally Miss Jenni Bear

    • WNs should either devote themselves completely to themselves or become family men.

      Children are dicey today. I do not feel good about raising a kid in the USA. There’s the schools, vaccines, CPS, feminism, Adderall, divorce, etc. If I wanted a kid, I’d move to Eastern Europe or the Balkans.

      Meeting up in real life is a calculation, not an accomplishment. We cannot replace truly seasoned WNs, because it takes too long to make them. Every really good WN I know has spend at least 5-7 years. If the profit doesn’t exceed the cost, one shouldn’t do it. And most recruits don’t work out.

      • I don’t see meeting up as an accomplishment…just a necessary thing. Sure it’s risky but inaction is even riskier.

        Ryu there are plenty of people who raise kids without schools, vaccines, CPS, feminism, Adderall, divorce, etc. They are known by such names as homeschool families, Amish and probably many other lone wolves who choose not to associate with a group.

        You have said yourself that most people can’t do direct action and I agree so I think either organizing or family making should be advised for most.

        Regarding TDaddy’s quote: Everywhere “we” see elite, “we” should automatically suspect “default elite which translates into not elite at all. That was pretty much the gist of the first thought that crossed my mind when I first heard that term “elite” being bandied about. Elite to me means, brilliant, handsome, superior in behavior. It is certainly Jew doublespeak to call a low class, ugly half Black puppet Obama an elite.

      • “Children are dicey today.” If you want white westerners to survive into the future you have to raise as many as possible today. It’a best if you can train them to fight for their heritage. But aren’the sheer numbers at least second best? There need to be too many whites for LN/MMM to buy off with gov’t jobs. A white mass in which a few will rise to say, “We built this f—–g place. Why are we slaves?” Demography is destiny. Any white western child is better than none, eve if there’a a lot of waste and destruction. Look how the Irish succeeded here, for example.

  9. Capitalism and communism are essentially the same thing. There is little meaningful difference. In both systems a small number control all the material, financial and information resources, in one out of enlightened interest for the masses, in the other out of enlightened self-interest with regard to the masses.

    When I was a kid I wanted to run away to Alaska and homestead, live in a log cabin I built myself, hunt and fish, maybe grow some stuff in the summer. Hardly anyone can really live like that. The only antidote to fear is mutual assistance.

    • Capitalism most definitely does not equal communism. The results “we” see are the results of the anti-Capitalist… The anti-Supremacist… The results “we” see is a “default elite” and handsomely paid political “black” stooges at “elite” entertainment/music/athletic nexus. And grossly overpaid “white” “intellectual” self-annihilators throughout the “education” system. And tax-payer funded political whores without a loyal bone in their entire body. In the Capitalist paradigm, credibility flows to the most credible men and the capital eventually pays heed. Of course, the radical autonomist seeks to upend this order while he actually affirms it for this entire blogging realm is nothing but individuals seeking to gain greater credibility for themselves amongst the masses.

      • Communism is cargo cult capitalism. “If we build factories and produce concrete and steel and indoctrinate our kids in the schools like the capitalists do, we’ll be rich and powerful too!” The only good thing about Communism is giving a people a weapon against exploitation by local or foreign oppressors, but it always has delivered them to another, usually more criminal, gang of exploiters and oppressors, who are cargo cultists. We have our own revolutionary tradition that has fought threats and oppressors of every stamp, Spaniards, redcoats, papists, revenooers, reds, carpetbaggers, invading Mexicans, criminal blacks — Marxism focuses too narrowly on economic exploitation and exonerates our spiritual and cultural enemies. Now, our pervasive liberalism and secularism numbs us to the gnawing of our enemies. Given that the reds have supported every group out to destroy us, however, it’s hard to see any good in them. As a matter of propaganda, the sickle and hammer is about as popular as the swastika — appealing to none but alienated youth.

        Lenin and Mao as technologists of revolution, maybe. But not the blighting sham of class warfare that dissolves what little remains of nationhood. (I repeat Spengler’s judgment that Marx’s socialism is just capitalism for the workers, not a call to social solidarity.)

        Not ideology but an intuition of nationhood — “Ourselves, ourselves alone.”

    • I know about that one, PA. I have it saved. It is the first honest military article on killing I’ve seen. Some soldiers enjoy killing.

      • Does that profile fit you Ryu? Were you combative or involved in contact sports as a youngster?

      • The FBI’s and the legal system’s profiles are good, if read properly. They always try to place “crime” outside of themselves, which is a mental trick like calling Vietnamese gooks or Germans krauts during wartime.

        I have not changed since childhood. No one does. It’s just that more knowledge and experience sits on what you were born with. I was a typical latchkey kid who learned early how to get away with it. Paladin Press books were my bibles early on. All the cool kids of my era were the same.

  10. The homeless SHOULD be invisible.
    Because they don’t exist.
    Because they went down fighting.
    So many common fates are worse than death.

  11. What you guys think about this?

    A couple wanted to go into a mass shooting spree during Valentines Day in Anglophone Canada, Nova Scotia, but their plans were foiled by the authorities. It seems like the shooters were our beloved Americans up in the Great North. Their reasons citing a dislike for the holiday. Valentines Day and Christmas in the Anglosphere, are just “rub it in your face” holidays, that triumphs “dog eat dog” capitalism celebrating the positional goods of the haves, and none for the have nots.

    • I like that you are finding stories like this. These will teach you better than anything.

      Someone in that group narced or used facebook. I suspect the woman. This is a common problem today and the only safe group number is one. 20 years old, without the teaching of an older person, is way too young. They do not possess the emotional control and an understanding of people.

      They must have got the tip weds night or tues morning.

      The only thing I disapprove of is error. This was a suicide mission which is laziness. The action is nothing, less than 5%. The planning is everything, the other 95%. These people want to kill themselves because they are too damn lazy to do it right.

    • Off topic but what happened to my Kiss of Death post which was to be republished for Valentines? Nearly half the day has passed and it’s just sitting in the draft section. I’m angry and my entire Saturday has been ruined now.

      • Mistakes sometimes happen. I’ll talk to the manager.

        What are you mad about, Eradican? Chill out babe. Take the long term view; hang around awhile, put something together. People will disappoint you, even other WNs.

      • It was rescheduled but that’s pointless since it was a special occasion type post and it won’t have the same effect now. Remove it from from the draft/schedule menu and return it back to my archives. Firepower also needs to get his email address working again I contacted him more than a week on this matter.

      • If you get angry over Valentine’s Day
        and let it ruin your Saturday
        get a pacifier
        to suck on

      • It was a facetious comment so save your witty one liners for someone else.

        Do get your email working again it might help with the whole blogging stuff.

      • My email works. There is no excuse. Public disagreements are seen as insubordination and are prohibited. Those from low-output team members even more so.

        You lack integrity and discipline and – as with nearly all millennials – endurance to apply committed work.
        You have not produced an article since October, 2014: In YourSpeak, that is like, six months, man.
        Nor do you bring in readers anymore from even LOTB, so I presume you’ve been banned in most sites due to lack of hits on your articles.
        Thus, you have little value remaining to hold weight in judgement of, what you term, my blogging stuff. I gladly compare my work to yours.

        Millz cannot see even such blatant dichotomies as these, so visions of advancing your right-wing communist dream that pales in comparison to a massive, generational leftist one of OWS is still more fantastic granted that you won’t even write about it once every six months.

        One thing Millz indeed do well is absolve themselves of responsibility and shift the blame onto those who notice discrepancies such as this and then shift remedial action away from themselves to attack the words of their latest “tormenting oppressor”.

        It’s easier.
        (i’m sure this chiding will end with your sulking off into the sunset, never to be seen, like every youngster. but, you dont contrib shit anymore so wgaf)

      • I wasn’t aware your email worked and in the past you’ve said it doesn’t. I’ve contacted you several times and never received a reply. If you’ve resolved the issue good because otherwise it was nearly impossible to contact you.

        I have other life commitments I’m not 40+ and settled into a cushy lifestyle. Building a future on shifting sands like internet writing guarantees a lifetime of poverty. Besides blogging is a failure according to our own ethos. The less time online the better.

        How many times can the same issues be discussed? Blogging content is both articles and commentary. I provide both and have been doing so almost regularly here since you started.

        Nothing is more hated than communism and I can’t undo a lifetime of propaganda. Nobody else has a viable alternative and Red China is a modern superpower. Even when results stare people in the face they still make excuses.

        There is little to fear from you or anyone else online that’s not insubordination but fact.

        [ed note: is all propaganda lost on you? tell the eyeballs how you expect to promote Communism if you do not persuade people. it will not magically materialize]

      • Fear is not the issue.
        Your level of contribution is: If you have no value, no one heeds your words and all our efforts are wasted.

        Then, if these efforts be wasted, it’s better to cease wasting resources and indulge in Poolside.
        These are things you have yet to understand.

      • Slightly off topic and related to eradican and the millennial generation. Most millenials are completely brainwashed and are in complete obedience of the American corporate power structure like honeybees being kept subdue by the beekeeper. To goal of revolution is to turn them into a nest of stinging hornets, angry at the agitator.

        The Middle East, is as much a Chinese/Russian affair, as it is an American one via Israel in a sea of angry muzzies. The backing of the Shi’as by Iran, in turn supported by the Red Commies is a bulwark against the rising tide of insanity between the Israelis and the Arab Sunnis with their petty extremists (all manipulated like puppets by the American capitalists).

        I expect to write about this when I’m in Iran.

      • I want you to write of your trip to Iran for Eradica when you return, or when you feel safe. Your views are cloaked in anonymity here because Iranian Supercops will only see it is “Firepower’s” website.

      • What the “white” millenials cannot “see” and therefore will not counter-create is the degenerating relationship between increased die-versity and the PERCEPTION that ALL REMAINING whites are an extinguishable vestige of “white supremacy.”

        In very short order, the most radical of self-annihilating “white” liberationists will be the “poster boy” for that forever lingering “white supremacy.”

        Your communism is just the “intellectual” icing on a pile of dog scrap. Communism is just a “reinforcement” of the idea that Capitalism is a strictly material phenomenon and that man and his economics is rooted in purely tangible things. To attempt to bring communism to what amounts to a white man who desires free will is akin to trying force your dingaling on a white man with lady and children. It’s a nonstarter. It’s primitive. It ushers in a class of losers who think they deserve better BECAUSE they are the losers.

        What you fail to “see” Eradican is that all white males are either a) genuine white Supremacists OR b) anti-white Supremacists.

        There is no matrix or red/blue pills or neoreact-o-sphere. It’s tic-tac-toe. One or the other and everyone’s next step seems less invisible, more predictable and thus susceptible to correct integration or separation.

      • Racial chauvinism and national pride don’t threaten property relations. Anything is acceptable as long it doesn’t cost money or destabilize the system. You don’t like Marxism because you feel threatened by your social inferiors usurping your wealth/power. That’s the real reason communism is loathed because a new ruling class is created while the old is eradicated in the revolutionary holocaust.

      • Eradican…

        Once again, you purport to have “us” locked in a paradigm that has been completely usurped EVEN if the sheep still ACT as though it is the operational mechanism.

        YOU WILL BE seeking to gain credibility over these very words quite shortly. In other words, you will predictably play by the ordering of the Capitalist paradigm. Only once inside this paradigm, do you decide which “markets” to dabble in… Break-even markets, Exponential growth markets, or “black” markets? Communism is an exponential growth/black market economic philosophy.

        White Supremacy is racial in the substantive sense of origin and root of inspiration. But the real desire of the white man is a free will experienced in the recognition of objective Supremacy. Clearly, a voluntary collective of white men striving towards Supremacy would be a powerful collective by the mere fact of its frictionless coexistence let alone its set goal for a higher manner of living.

        Communism is poo-poo!

      • Eradican…

        Again, the economics of white Supremacy are rooted in perpetuation. Economics that can perpetuate are good economics. But ALL economies function inside a Capitalist paradigm, i.e., a universe of men competing for greater personal credibilty… Ergo, men seeking to be he with the most Capital.

        In an existential crisis, economies of perpetuation ARE THE MOST CREDIBLE economies. Exponential growth and “black” market economies are the most self-annihilating types of economies. “Communism” represents the “economic” expansion of the parasitic class to the BENEFIT of a smaller BUT WEALTHIER oligarchy and all at the expense of those that believe in the economic philosophy of “credit where credit is due.”

      • You’re what they call petty bourgeois. What you want is a society of minor traders, shopkeepers, and small landowners. That already exists in every crummy strip mall in Murka and we don’t need anymore. The parasitic class are the capitalists which their useful idiots defend. Capitalism also produces mass immigration, deviant normalization, radical feminism, and negro worship. You’ll find these rootless cosmopolitan pathologies only in capitalism.

    • What’s the psychological end-game in an event like the one linked other than CREATE an equality in the perception of terrorist crime. Just as “we” can discern when a newspaper hides the race of the perpetrator that that perpetrator is black, “we” can discern that the statement that this plot wasn’t terrorist related is intended to invoke a reaction that goes,, “oh yes it was… That be that ‘white privilege’ rearing it’s ugly mug! You don’t think this damn terrorism!?!?… Boy, you done lost your liberal mask and be showin’ that ‘white supremacy.'”

      Some fools, with foolish plans and now to be extravagantly perp-walked like a Gitmo-tribe with a black widow at the forefront. This event is part real and delusional and then the “fine-tuned” mechanics of our Hollywood theatrics.

  12. The first step in ordering our economics is to posit the proper economic order which is break even = perpetuation where a “business” that continuously “breaks even” IS PERPETUATING. The next step is to sever the idea of Capitalist = man with most “capital assets” = “physical” ownership of goods/services. So that even though Bill Gates is the “richest man” in the world, he IS NOT the man with the most Capital. This seemingly paradoxical truth is only paradoxical in the minds of those with a stunted view of reality. Gaining CREDIBILITY, i.e., INTANGIBLE Capital, IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Those who pose as destroyers of the Capitalist paradigm… The anti-Capitalists/anti-Supremacists… Only destroy the good and services and pervert the hierarchy of credibility… BUT IN the white Supremacist is still the correct understanding of the proper order of things…. In the idealized future, there is a land of white Supremacy. Instinctually, spiritually, intellectually, the white Supremacist assumes proper order as testament to higher order belief, thought, action. For mass white male, his economics are break even in an indestructible Capitalist paradigm… Perpetuation in a competition between men ALWAYS SEEKING greater credibilty.

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