Reader Mail: AmRen, Dumbasses & Conservaginas

by Firepower

Jack Donovan: Early Transitions

Today’s reader mail comes from John Wayne Junior, a regular at American Reconnaissance (which should* be more aptly named Murkan Not-So-Fucking-Much-Rennaissance Happening…)

I quit posting at amren – for many years ago it degraded into a one-stop Fap Station for whiny Conservagina™ gripes on NigrObama etc. It’s just a sad duplicate of blossoming (MRMM) Men’s Rights Movement Mangina sites where endless, bottomless comments about the same old shit that butt-raped them years ago inadvertently reveal the magnitude of impotence by the daily display of thousands of “comments” showing how much the same problems remain, despite…

….their voluminous “efforts” to rectify The Problem. As I’ve stated prior: tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeting is not revolution. Gee. No wonder bitches  (and Obamao) don’t worry about their opponents and just keep fucking them up the ass.

Powerful groups do not complain. They don’t have to.


I keep in contact with many guys from the Alternative Right through Facebook and one of them is of course ……..Jack Donovan. Recently, Donovan posted his opinion on Chris Kyle on FB. This of course generated numerous comments. However, a guy by the name of Paul Bingham posted your article on Chris Kyle from Eradica and denounced soldiers as pawns. A few ex-military/PMC took offense to this angle and even challenged Paul to fight. Currently, money is being raised to fly Paul all the way to California from Missouri to fight this ex-Marine by the name of Ross. Aside from that drama, I was curious to hear how Donovanites would respond to your article and Paul’s argument, which I believe is similar to your own. I have included the interchange in this email from where Paul shares the article to where it is now.”

First off, when JWJ supplies a link to the thread, I’ll post it. I scanned the .rtf file sent and it gives me a headache.

Otherwise, I never heard of Bingham; he doesn’t post here. If you don’t post here you don’t exist. Discovering Eradican Treasure then burying your comment gold in the Sea of Shit that is amren, shows a certain…gullible froth. Like something a chick does when she wants to “feel political” and stuff.

I’ve even told JWJ to comment more on Eradica. Ain’t seen much wordcount. Sure, I’m a scary prick but I’m fair.

Welmer, Without His Glasses

This issue is already pre-illustrated by the stupidity of Mr. Hee-ro Ex-Marine fighting over an…internet comment. They don’t have the balls or brains to come here and challenge me – the original author. This is a prime symptom of TDO. They can suck a fart out of my asshole. It also shows how stupid one is to join the Murkan Military to die for Bush, Obama and Killary then call it “fighting for your country”. They’re fighting for Killary’s Kountry

Next, Donovanites themselves don’t have the courage or any nutsack to post a response here. That’s because Jack Donovan himself was reamed (no-homo!) by yours truly a few years ago on an interim GI Jordie Worship blog he and some Ex-VetHero!™ posted; I can’t even remember the name, all I do recall is jd skulked away from my nascent Jordie Philosophy and I was disappointed, for I admired him in a way.  (If anyone recalls the name of that jd co-op site, I’ll post it when they send a link. I think it was called So Fuckin’ What or Fuckin’ Aay or whatev… 0

It proves the theory I created then: that Donovan is mainly motivated as an attention-whore seeking SuperFamous Writing Gigs™ and exposure. There exists a strange, vestigial urge among denizens of The Internets; a legacy to write the Next Great American Novel, become the Next Norman Mailer, go on Johnny Carson, fuck Jill St.John all to the approval of The New York Times’ cooing your genius: Not happenin’

Mom Often Wore Lavender

People with such illusions are suspect: Even Gawd came up with something useful for once and told his slaves “not to build your house on shifting sands”. Gawd is like Aesop without the value – and a vengeful hard-on for Man. Such authors are shifting sands swept by the topical tides of opinion.

Obviously, amren (plus all Jackybooks) ain’t shit because nobody’s heard a fucking thing about him (or even amren) despite all the hucksterism. Even Fred Durst is still MOAR FAYMUSS!

I am developed to the point of delighting in the suffering of Conservaginas™ the way I relished the agonies of Dadginas™ on MRM whinetasting parties like SpoorHead.

I run The Academy. If you want to attend, you’re welcome. But, school will not be open forever. Not even for a Gore Vidal, Jr.


Any questions? Curious about the definitions of acronyms and neologisms? Read the fucking Glossary of Firepowerisms

12 Comments to “Reader Mail: AmRen, Dumbasses & Conservaginas”

  1. Amren has sucked for along time. Yesterday a real life WN friend told me that Jared Taylor went to ISRAEL and told his friends there that Israelis and WNs have common interests. Must be trying to get some money out of them….if he hasn’t already. What a piece of crap.

    [ed note: yep. it’s why I stopped posting on amren prolly since, 2010]

    • That’s not a reason why I mock amren-ites.

      I wrote a while back showing why our Liberal Jewish Elite hates Israelis so much. If they are hated by our most despised MINO, what does that tell you?

      • oh excuuuse me. I get the Israel-first Palestinian genociders mixed up with the Israel-first Neo-Cons who send our young men and women to fight their wars mixed up. I don’t even know WHAT liberal Jews have to do with Amren? Provide the link please as I am sure there are many of us who were unaware that liberal Jews are involved with Amren.

        [ed note: using your habitual logic – for a gal who hates jewwwws so much, you sure dont do shit about the ones living 2 miles from your trailer…]

    • You once again, proved me right as to why American Whites come off as stupid, self annihilators.

      WNs need to support Euro nations from the rising tide of Islam and other multicultural filth, NOT ISRAEL!

    • JT has to be very careful. He uses his real name and he’s aboveground.

      He has to walk on water and dance between the raindrops. One wrong move, and he’s in prison. I admire his “courage” but realize that he has to be extremely moderate. Almost apologetically WN.

    • @ Erin

      Nothing is all good or all bad there is always something to learn.

      • Please don’t overrate the power of the Jews and especially Israelis. I will say again, Greece is the shittiest and lowest order nation of the Eurot Union (EU), and has defeated the Israelis in soccer and basketball many times over. Southern Europe’s bourgeois are our WNs, they hate Jews and they know it’s best not to associate with them on an intimate level. Anything touched by the Jews, heavy handed, become 2nd rate quality at best. America is a good example. No Jew could ever produce a Michelangelo or a Tesla, only an E=MC2 plagiarizer, like Einstein and the rest of his atomic bomb, jew boys.

  2. Ha. I do enjoy those online threats.

    It’s a different ball game when the Marine SuperSEALs have to pay their own way and plan their own ops. Far different!

    No soldier is going to reach into his pocket; $500 for a plane ticket, 100 to rent a car, 100 for hotel, another 100 for misc, to go and fight someone. No American soldier ever would do that.

  3. JT is a real name?? He writes like TDaddy and he is protectecting Jews. Anyone who still denier the Jew problem is still A SLEEPY SHEEPY.

    • Erin…

      I hope you aren’t insinuating that I “protect” the archetype ethnic self-annihilator? In fact, as far as I know, I am the only one that has a) enlightened you to the fact that the Jew qua Jew is the archetype ethnic self-annihilator and b) that the “hard” “anti-Semitic” “right” are the most prolific and persistent AUTHORS of supposed “Jewish supremacy.” And need I say that YOU will vociferously quibble with (a) and AGREE with the authors of point (b)?

      And I moved past Jared “white man has no free will” Taylor many, many, many years ago as it became clear that the “white” HBD nerds proffer their paradigm for the sole purpose of not holding either the Jew or any of the “others” accountable. For if one has no genuine free will then one cannot actually be accountable.

  4. A million blog posts are worth one act of resistance. Not completely without value if nothing else seems possible.

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