Why WN Fails

by Ryu

Eradican is Occasionally, a Blonde and Also, Mrs. Ryu IRL

Why WN Fails

Simple question: is our current path taking us where we want to go?

I learn very little from most racist sites now. Our current model is a form
of masturbation just like the MRM is. Policemen do not fight crime by
reading about grievences. Soldiers do not take ground by reading field
manuals. Pushers don’t sell drugs by reading biographies. This world
belongs to those who take action. There is a caution.

I don’t advocate going……. off half-cocked. Piggy always used to say that I should go waste some negros if I believe as I do. Then I would be stupid enough to write about it, then Pigg could narc on me to the cops and get a pat on the back from the pigs.

The problem of course is that no one wants to get caught. That’s where the
training and preparation come into play.

54 Comments to “Why WN Fails”

  1. Some time ago I saw an old man driving on the freeway, in a battered truck with faded lettering advertising his stump-grinding services, pulling his stump-grinding machine.

    I thought, he goes out and grinds stumps all day. People need stumps ground. He can do it for cash, and the government might as well not know he exists. He doesn’t need us; we need him.

    Thinking about this now, was the old man happy? Did he have a healthy, happy marriage to an old white wife? Did he have healthy children not serving as slaves to the system? I’m not optimistic that he did.

    So, he needs us. We need him. We all need each other.

  2. Confession is a trope that White people in the Kwa can’t escape. Pick the “edgiest” and most degenerate television program, and people are confessing in it all the time. It’s central to the plot. Post-Christian confession segues into special-snowflakism. You can’t spell narcissist without narc. Sharks swim, Kwans talk.

    • ” the “edgiest” and most degenerate television program” One must always remember than 99% of what is on tv is NOT produced purely for entertainment purposes. TV shows are meant to influence behavior. Those watching are being trained in “how it works”. Thing is, guilty or innocent, when dealing with the law, you should lawyer up before answering questions. You DON’T have to talk.

      Someone I know had an enemy turn him and his wife into CPS (Child Protective Services) to try to get their kids taken away. They have two gorgeous blond children that would fetch a good price on the adoption market. CPS wanted to “interview” him and he said ok but said he would have to have his attorney check his schedule to see when it would be convenient for everyone to meet up. My acquaintance and his wife never heard from CPS again.

  3. Ryu – The picture of that chic above looks a lot one of those deadbeat ladies who owes me $$$ in fees, a discussion I took up with FP about women being cheap and not paying up.

    Many men would put a lady like her on a pedestal and give her a free pass. And yes, I do think women know this already, and have been taking advantage of the situation, where most men would kowtow to their needs and demands.

    • Men have (in modern times) been opportunists that way with weak-willed women, loving and leaving them. Now women are more like men and take advantage of weak-willed men in the same manner.

      I’m not defending this behavior, I’m just an observer.

  4. I’m glad to see an actual White woman pictured here for a change. Most of the other photos are of rather dark women.

    • Defending male lust?

      Excellent. You are learning. It’s not the woman on the bed who will lead. It’s the men willing to get to her that will. White men will have to steal their women back from minos.

      • Ryu – I dislike 2 group of people with a passion, and its BLACKS and WHITE LIBS, not other coloreds such as Hispanics, not Muzzies, or Hindus.

        A question you should ask:

        Why is it that White women are only paired up with black men in interracial relationships?

        And black men are all around, are the bottom losers compared to other men, White or other coloreds. They have the worse personalities, the worse work ethic, the worse you can find in a father figure, worst in everything. They neither deserve White women in a moral nor meritocratic sense. Yet, they are touted as the perfect male specimen for White women.

        I THINK THIS GLARING UNFAIRNESS (as a result of sinister liberal brainwashing) WILL BECOME APPARENT SOONER THAN LATER!

      • To answer your questions:

        White females are now the most desirable category in the feminized Murka. As you note, black males were the least desirable for the obvious reasons you state – and then some. The LNs seek to quickly dilute this “best” with the vilest mix available to produce mulatto spawn they want inheriting the peasant/prole ranks. It is a jewish media/BIGov program to neutralize those most likely to possess SO76 or put them in boxcars, then replace those with semi-dangerous illiterate animals mainly bought off with welfare.

        Miggers n’ Muzz are also dangerous. They may hate coloreds, but not as much as they hate Whites – especially White Men. MINOs have one thing in common: feminists, faggots and all coloreds are united in hatred of whites.
        To understand further:
        Liberal NAZISM Explained: Fist of Liberalism http://wp.me/p2kmGE-h4

      • And also, one may ask:

        Why are black males the ONLY prevalent token minority among a White crowd?

        [ed note: slaaaaaaaavery]

      • Note:

        I’m an very observative guy at a college setting. Most of the students are very studious and not sexual or romantic on the surface. One particular demographic who is severely underrepresented as students, especially good students, and yet are overrepresented as oversexed animals chasing women, White females to be specific, are black men at the campus.

        It never ceases to amaze me how young naive Whites seem to be oblivious to this!

        [ed note: whites are taught from birth to respect MINOs and hate whites. MORE whites think like this than think as we do]

      • LNs are actually an easy foe to defeat!

        But most people are brain dead to do anything.

      • Indeed and White women will need to make themselves worthy.

        Saw a rather fat White man with a “hot” Asian female yesterday. As he walked with her down the path he had his arm wrapped tightly around her neck as if he might never let go and he had the look of the cat who ate the canary on his face.

        Asian women are considered great prizes and it is breaking my heart. White women who care about the future of our race need to realize that creating a family involves competition, it’ can’t be left to chance. We must compete for the best men by being the most attractive , feminine women we can be. Unless you want to artificially inseminate yourself and be a single mother-a viable, although not ideal option.

        And the competition doesn’t end at “the altar” either. As your husband ages and becomes more financially successful, he will beome even more attractive to money grubbing whores.

        Gawd isn’t going to help you with this. I prayed for years to gawd and he was silent. A divorce and single parenthood was my greatest teacher. Perhaps a gal or reading this can learn from my mistakes.

        Women , if you are still interested, google What Women Never Hear blog.

      • Erin – I think most American women are a lost cause, especially the urban liberal types, who compete with men for useless, parasitic careers and live a parasitic life of consumption, random sex and other inane behaviors.

      • I would disagree with your assessment. Whites pander to black males and to black males only. Good look finding Jorge or Mohammed or even an Asian man among a crowd of moral posturing White shitheads!

      • It should read like this: Good luck finding Jorge or Mohammed or even an Asian man among a crowd of moral posturing White shitheads!

  5. Failure of action in today’s Murka is because life is too cushy.
    Our rulers know Bread & Circuses work – so they give us the best ever to placate the dangerous Mountain Of Guns.
    So, we suck our thumbs, go “goo-goo” then shit ourselves, lulled-off to happy wetdreams of The Next Great Pizza Feast.

    Only nations that suffer have Revolution.
    The rest fade away as Rome and Britain, into decline and ultimate fall.

    • Yes, too cushy, but most important, mostly brain dead conformists. Not an ounce of originality + daring against the status quo.

      • JS you are doing no more than what Stormweenies and other WN cowards (as you call them) do.

        You are extremely critical of Whites. Are you White? Are you part Jewish? Disclose please.

      • oops sorry, just saw your post below. “White Hispanic”. Any Murrano there?

      • Erin, why do you care if I have Marrano Jewish ancestry? It’s not even relevant to our discussion. In fact, many Spaniards were ex-Jews. The guy behind the Inquisition to stamp out Jews from Spain was a Jew. We’re talking about a whole different set of cultural dynamics, not pertinent to our American way of life.

      • Why do I care if someone is part Jewish? Because race and ethnicity mean something. If they didn’t Africa would be like Western nations and people wouldn’t hate Jews and expel them from their nations over and over and over again. Jews by now,having intermarried enough to be almost indistinguishable fro us physically should be fully integrated into our society but they PERSIST in pissing people off through their usurous banking systems,heir filthy films andteir lying propaganda, so YES it is important to confirm when I am talking to a Mischeling. You snakes are Never forthcoming with your Jewish background are you? I wonder why?

      • Why don’t you peruse other sites on the blogroll that are here, especially on LoftB, to determine if I’m a Jew?

        If you don’t think I hate blacks and their liberal panderizers, then so be it!

    • And FP: Not to become a spammer on your site like LoftB:

      What do you think of the Hispanics in California who tried to eradicate blacks out of existence?

      You, at least have to give them credit, unlike the Stormweenies and other WN cowards who do nothing, but complain that Mexicans are more of a threat to WNs than blacks.

      • JS are YOU doing anything?

        Whites are not weenies but they have been propagandized for decades to hate themselves and stand down. Mexicans have the a confidence born of being told that California etc belongs to them and having the support of their whole family and community in doing so. A Whitre who does what Mexicans do is reviled by all….even supposed dissidents.

      • I try to tell some of my White friends to become bold and speak up. Drop that Starbucks coffee, cut the Wholefoods habit and stop hanging out at the bars with your useless buddies. Go start a family and move out of the liberal cesspool, NYC and don’t even come back for anything.

      • FP:

        What do you think of the Hispanics in California who tried to eradicate blacks

        I either posted or commented on Oakland, CA – the home of gangbanginniggarappaz – shift from colored to Migger, as the encroaching cucarachas eradicated the black.

        Search Eradica for it

      • In California, Mexicans might be considered cucarachas foraging for food. Still, a more honorable lifeform, than the liberal White or Jew, who are parasitic tapeworms.

      • Then, the 5% of them – like the 3% “good” jews and blacks – are welcome to join our side as soon as I see evidence of their loyalty to a Greater America rather than a La Raza

        You will be our emissary, as it appears you are Hispanic.

      • I’m a White Hispanic with a direct ancestry from Spain, not a Mestizo type. I usually speak highly of Spain on LoftB.

        Just in, a Mestizo Hispanic killed his girlfriend at the college dorm, who happens to be a White female who got involved with a Migger.


        Don’t know who’s fault is it, now that many American White women are just disgustingly obnoxious, and are willing to interracial date undesirables.

        [ed note: glad that migger-fucking cunt is dead. LIUFY on Eradica: never mourn the death of PC liberals ]

      • I’m a White Hispanic with a direct ancestry from Spain

        Spaniards are not the problemic Miggers invading Murka. Mexicans have as much in common with European Spaniards as Canadians or OnceAmericans have in common with Englishmen.

        Still, I don’t care if even the fugliest hook-nosed Mestizo whose face looks like it belongs on an Incan temple wants to join our ranks – as long as said recruit has proven loyalty.

      • There’s no shame in that. Most Mex are not Catherine Zeta Jones, Shakira or Antonio Banderas. The average Mex I see is like a short, fat, indian. I like Spain and once considered moving there.

        White supremacy is a reality in Central and South America. Most Mexicans belong to the slave class. I’d let Salma join my camp.

      • Know that many S.American states are Portuguese – not Spanish. Ports dislike Spaniards.
        Why, here in Murka, a Portuguese descendent is totally denied Affirmative Action goodies the spick Migger gets. They are treated as white males.

        Brazil is Portuguese. They had the largest colored slave population in the world – even more than the Civil War USA.

      • I have no big issues with interracial dating in liberal cities, it’s expected!

        I just get upset with decent women who shag up with bottom of the barrel men, which seems to be a trend with college educated White women dating black men, who are often underachievers and morally undeserving to be with them.

      • And I say black males are losers whether in college or not. In college, most of them are coasters, no work ethic or good study habits, oversexed with a priority of chasing White females, as I see other guys bust their chops with grades. Further, blacks have nothing positive to contribute to American society, an entire lazy parasitic class, who are overrepresented in government and corporate retail jobs.

      • And Erin, I’ve said many times that Jews are parasitic on Lion’s blog. He’s a Jew and his lack of defense, means he has agreed with me, and so have some of his other Jew deflectors. He’s even posted a blog asking if Jews could ever leave the urban setting and survive on their own. The answer is a resounding “NO”. Besides the negro, the Jew is the only virulent parasite of the White Christian. Unlike Hispanics, Muzzies and Asians, Jews could never survive in their own nations if they wanted to. He has no industry, no physical work ethic, no endurance and also no humility to start on his own. That’s why the Mexican cockroach who needs to look for his food, is a lot more honorable than he is.

    • It’s important to remember that only the western half of the Roman Empire fell. The Eastern Roman Empire where the majority of the wealth/population was remained intact and lived on for another thousand years. In the end feudalism was an improvement over the ancient slave based warrior societies.

      Britain is in the same boat there is a historical process here which must be allowed to occur. Namely the demise of bourgeois capitalist society replaced by a dictatorship of the proletariat.

      • Yes, the Byzantines were actually free of miscreants, before their Western brethren (who were barbaric and suffered barbarian invasions), came into their land and caused all kinds of trouble.

        Sound familiar!

      • True, yet further understanding must grow from the already knowledgeable knowing of the eastern empire.

        When Western Rome fell, it was also nearly a thousand years old. Then, eastern empire glories never matched the west’s Portus, Pantheon or Coliseum, etc.

        Western Rome began with a small tribe scratching out territory, while Byzantium got a head start with all that money and tech.

        So, even a thousand years later with that edge, the Eastern Empire then fell to another form of barbarian – united by one religion, yet composed of diverse tribes from Bedouins to Syrians – but still barbarians.

        Both empires were felled by their own corrupt apathy and finally by hand of a dirty, colored invader.

  6. true but the point is to wake people up to the truth remember there is strenght in numbers and the msm and school are the only ones that must people gets so called facts from and sheeple tend to believe the lies

  7. It is not so much masturbation as letting off steam so the pressure doesnt build explosively.
    The question is whether they can fight back when the System does something horrible and they face annihilation.
    It may be an IRS attack, false sex charges, or homelessness as the economy is wound down. Then death will look like a relief. But there will be little time to act.

    • Letting off steam is a neutered equivalent to throwing tomatoes at the screen whenever UBL came on TV or jeering at Punch & Judy puppets mocking King George & Redcoats.

      It is all symbolic. Nothing is won by burning someone in effigy.

      A nation that ignores this does not deserve to survive. It deserves to be replaced by those who will.

      • The over-cliché saying that if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere, holds truth if you can eradicate the liberal vermin in the Big Apple, you can pretty much off them anywhere else.

        And liberals aren’t exactly the most intimidating people, so why hasn’t anyone taken any of them down or threaten them harmlessly? You want to hurt the conduits where it matters. The liberal nest centers are in the Northeast and the Californian state. But no one wants to be that sacrificial lamb, if anything goes wrong. As a Ryu would suggest, let push comes to shove, and that’s when people want to act, if it would ever happen!

      • the competition in nyc is difficult because it’s rigged. It favors jews and those who pander to them. Jews are the arbiters of standards there and the resulting sphere of influence provided by Manhattan.

        It’s all reversed now. It’s like a colored making it in 1855 Atlanta or a jew getting elected to office in Inquisition Spain.

        Liberal nazis are no more intimidating than perfumed Etruscan fops or District One citizens in Hunger Games.
        It is their jackbooted thug SS made of stupefied white Jordies persecuting their own race. They are Janissaries

      • Liberals ain’t standing up there alone. They are hiding behind the uniformed pig and soldier. THAT is why they are so brave.

        I don’t ask for sacrificial lambs. Get away with it FIRST, then act.

      • FP: To have a Jewish Catholic imposed the Inquisition towards his fellow Jews, was what made Spain a successful nation ridding itself of multiculturalism. Murka can’t even the convince the poor Jew proletariat that his wealthy co-ethnics are behind his poverty, and they need to be eradicated. He’ll tell you that we need to send more money to Is-not-real in the Middle East, to defend itself from the Muzzies, like much of our Christian Right and gentile White demographic in general.

        Liberal pandering in America involves mainly the Jew, the Negro (not the negress) and the self assassinating White gentile. Everyone else are just minor players.

      • Perhaps we need to fight a cold/covert war with liberals and their minions. And it’s even more direct by being indirect, just go right to the source indirectly, like food poisoning. A hot war would involved a head on collision with the uniformed pigs, who do their bidding and only protect them from physical harm.

      • Prudence – even Hollywood’s latest version of it – shows when outnumbered, those hiding as snipers perhaps one day, are made heroes by Clint.

  8. FP: The Anglosphere is a laughing stock when it comes to panderization of blacks and the assimilation of its “other”.

    Latin American nations have taught blacks to self hate themselves, their mestizo population and others, to hate blacks, because they are a scourge. Even Brazilian blacks are brainwashed that being black means you’re a disease. Not that this is a complete remedy. But in North America, the Anglo nations are doing the opposite.

    I can’t wait till Raul Castro dump his black population into Florida, once our Cuban embargo has been completely lifted!

    • JS…

      The “American” black is the “premier” anti-white Supremacist and so his lot here is destined to be different than anywhere else. Furthermore, only genuine white Supremacy can truly emanate from America thereby exacerbating the need of the anti-white Supremacist “coalition” to feverishly exalt the “black man’s” status.

      But at the end of the day, if one’s schtick is a focus on the pathology of the radical “black” collective then it must be squarely targeted at the manhood of the black male who is REQUIRED to attest PUBLICLY to his total distaste for Supremacy. So naturally, the attack starts with the rappers, athletes and actors WHO BELIEVE that they have obtained their status due do a natural superiority when they are, in fact, political stooges OF THE HIGHEST PAID GRADE.

  9. JS, dude I’m not going to look at other blogs for info about you. Who has time for that? The words you share here are the only ones that matter to me and for some reason, you tend to defend Jews.

    Okay, I’ll bite. Who is the Jew that harmed his fellow Jews during the inquisition? Sorry I’m not more knowledgeable on the topic.

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